Pancake Day: Scene 1: You’ll be Battered to Death:

The screen starts black, then with a sudden whoosh the lights come on. The camera is focused on an attractive 20 something brunette, with saloon styled hair. Shes wearing an elegant navy blue dress, that still reveals enough flesh to be suggestive.
She is currently sitting in a solid looking steel, throne like chair. Heavy steel straps hold her arms to the arms of the chair and her ankles to the legs. The camera zooms out to reveal this is resting on some sort of fairground roundabout, but the wooden animals have been painted more vivid and demented colours than normal. As the girl in the chair looks around in panic an unknown voice speaks from off camera;

Porcelain: Hello Clarity. Its playtime.

The camera cuts to our villainess, Porcelain. The camera starts at her feet, on a pair of black, knee high go-go boots, with a seven inch stiletto platform heel. As the camera pans up it shows her opaque red tights, leading to a pair of tight black leather hot pants. Above that she is wearing a red and black hooded leather jacket. As the camera pans up she removes her hood to reveal her face. She has mid length black hair, tied into pigtails at the side. Her face is painted pure white, with delicate red lips pink rosy cheeks and perfectly shaped eye painted on, giving her a doll like appearance.
The camera cuts back to Clarity. Still struggling in the chair.

Clarity: You let me out right now. If you dont my Daddys going to sue you.
Porcelain: If your mums as slutty as you Clarity youll need to do a DNA test before that happens.
Clarity: Stop it! Let me out right now!
Porcelain: Oh Clarity your never any fun. Every year you take the baking completion so seriously. Youre always so determined to win everything you enter, even to the point that youll sabotage your competition, and your always extra nice to the judges, if you know what I mean.
Clarity: Last year I won fare and square.
Porcelain: And you never think of anything else. This is supposed to be a carnival Look I brought balloons. What fun.

Porcelain holds up 3 brightly coloured balloons in her left hand. Rather than being full of air though they appear to be full of a thick dark liquid. In her right hand she is holding a long knitting needle. She holds the balloons above a prone Clarity, and then bursts them, one after another. As she does this a thick light brown pancake batter bursts from the balloons and falls down onto Clarity, covering her hair and face in batter.

Clarity: When I get out of here Im going to kill you.
Porcelain: What you dont like my balloons? Thats such a shame, and I arranged for an extra special balloon for you up there.

As Clarity looks up the camera shots to a shot of a huge weather balloon, five foot across, trembling slightly due to all the liquid inside it, hanging from the ceiling.

Porcelain: Dont worry Clarity. Its not just balloons youll get to play with. You also get a go on my carrousel.

Suddenly a loud fairground organ starts playing. Lights light up, and Clarity starts to slowly move around on a large turntable. At the same time the weather balloon also moves, always swaying above Claritys head.

Clarity: What are you doing?
Porcelain: Dont worry Clarity. Soon everyone will see what fun your having.

The camera cuts to a wide red velvet curtain on one side of the turntable.

Porcelain: When you reach that curtain it will drop, and everyone at the fair will see the fun you have when the balloon bursts.
Clarity: Look the jokes over. Just let me go.
Porcelain: What? You still want out? Im afraid I cant let you out. Those straps are held in place by an electric circuit. You can only release it by completing the circuit. Now how would you do that?

The camera cuts to a large plastic funnel, located next to Clarity.

Porcelain: Oh, I know. You need to drop 5 metal ball bearings into that funnel to complete the electrical circuit. Now where could you find those.

The camera shows a shot of Clarity as a huge metal tub, 18 inches across, 6 inches deep swings from around the back of the chair, and in front of Clarity. The camera zooms into the tub to show it is filled with flour.

Clarity: How am I supposed to search in there?
Porcelain: Well if you cant use your hands youll have to use your teeth.
Clarity: You expect me to put my face in that.
Porcelain: What you dont want to play with me. Well if you really, really dont want to you dont have to. You could just stay there, and let everyone at the fair see you get completely covered in batter.
Clarity: What kind of choice is that?
Porcelain: One youd better hurry up and make. As for me, I cant waste time talking to you all day. Ive got lots of other fun games planned for the rest of your friends.

With that Porcelain walks out leaving Clarity on her own as the music plays, and she slowly gets closer to the curtains. She pulls on the restraints one last time, before with a grunt of annoyance she sticks her face in the flour.
The camera remains in close up on Clarity for the next 30 seconds, as she digs deeper and deeper, until her head is almost completely sunk into the flour. She raises her head taking a deep breath, revealing the combination of the batter and the flour has left her face and hair covered in a thick sticky mess.
The camera cuts to the deep hole Clarity has dug in the flour. You can just about see one of the ball bearings sticking out from the flour. Clarity digs her face deep into the flour, and just about reaches with her lips to grab the ball. The camera cuts to a long shot of Clarity as she drops the first ball into the funnel. You see Clarity getting close to the curtain. The camera zooms in to Claritys face, now completely covered in flour. She plunges her face into the flour again, this time frantically searching, displacing large amounts of flour over the side of the tub in her haste. She raises her head with another ball bearing in her mouth, that she drops into the funnel. As she does this you see shes almost at the curtain.

The camera cuts to outside. A lively carnival is taking place. Large numbers of people are gathered around, watching and playing the games. Suddenly a loud siren blares above the sound of the crowd, and a bright spotlight shines on a red curtain. The whole crowd is focused on it as it drops and reveals a still bound, bedraggled looking Clarity. We hear her scream above the crowd as the camera pans in;

Clarity: No! No! No!

Its in vain though. A loud pop is heard as the giant weather balloon bursts, raining thick, sticky white batter down on her, instantly leaving her completely covered in batter. The camera focuses on her as the batter drips off her. She raises her head and opens her eyes, looking out in shock. The camera cuts to see what she sees, a huge crowd of people staring at her. A few look around in panic, some take out their camera phones, some just gasp. A couple come forward, trying in vain to free her from the chair.

Cut to opening titles.
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About Black Opera

A WAM lover living on the South coast of England. As well as WAM I also use a lot of master/sub style bondage in a lot of my stories.
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