Pancake Day: Intro and Trailer: Holy Crepe:


This series is a collection of linked short WAM scenes, with a continuous thread that plays throughout. Rather than write an intro for each section I think it will work a lot better to write a single intro for the whole series here. I’ll also be republishing the trailer, which I originally published at the end of my last Paradise by the Fairground Light series, for those who missed it, and to refresh memories, as it does set up the basic story.

The origins of this story go back a long way. It was several years ago when I had the idea of a mess based slasher film. The idea I had was for a gamesman style killer, who would kidnap their victim, and subject them to a messy task they had to complete to avoid a worse, more humiliating messy experience.
I had some good ideas for some scenes, but struggled to come up with anything to link the scenes together, so in the end this scene got put aside as I moved on to Bianca’s Messy Awakening, you might notice a few similarities between the first scene here and the first scene in that story, as I did reuse some of the ideas.

It was while writing my last series I came up with the idea of writing up the scenes as a series of short stories as a fun distraction, skipping the scenes between the messy scenes. This is why each section skips forward a number of scenes, as it’s the mostly non messy scenes between each main messy scene.

Also as it’s based around the idea of a film I have added some elements to make it like a film script:

Black Opera: For instance when the characters speak their name is placed at the beginning, before they speak.

I also refer to the camera at various points, with what it’s focusing on, to help tell the story. I think the end result is a good fun series that I had a lot of fun writing.

Pancake Day Trailer:

The camera shows a beautiful brunette girl in a navy blue dress, as she comes out of a front door with a suggestive smile on her face. The camera continues to track her, staying a few feet in front of her as she walks down the road as we hear a voice over play.

Voice Over Guy: Clarity Lemon thought she had it all. Head cheerleader. Dating the captain of the football team. Hot favourite in the Southbrook Carnival baking competition this year. Then …..

Clarity is suddenly struck square in the face with a large pie with a thick white foam filling. The camera cuts to a close up of her foam covered face, before quickly cutting again to Clarity, now securely restrained in a solid looking steel chair. As she looks around in panic we hear a mysterious voice from off screen.

Mysterious Voice: Hello Clarity. It’s playtime.

The camera then cuts to an office in a police station, where a Detective Briggs and a Detective Louis are talking:

Briggs: So whos our suspect?
Louis: Helen Mathews.
Briggs: I recognise that name from somewhere.

We see a quick cut of a womans feet. Shes wearing a daring pair of 7 inch stiletto boots.

Louis: She won the Southbrook Carnival baking contest three years in a row, until last year.
Briggs: Was she the one who had the accident.
Louis: Well the records say it was an accident. There was suspicion of sabotage.
Briggs: Remind me. Exactly what happened.

We see a quick cut of a woman searching through a large cupcake with her face.

Louis: She was finishing her entry in the baking tent, when the oven exploded. She wasnt seriously hurt, but she was covered in all sorts of baking ingredients. Eggs, flour, treacle, batter, she was completely covered in front of the whole carnival.
Briggs: Then what happened?

We see a quick cut of a woman plunging into a pool of thick white pancake batter.

Louis. Helen then disappeared. Word was she felt to humiliated to show her face here again.

Briggs: And now someone’s kidnapping girls, and subjecting them to humiliating public gungings.

We see a quick cut of a woman covered in melted ice cream.

Louis: It appears that way.
Briggs: Well put out an alert to all officers. I want this Helen Mathews found.

The camera cuts away one last time, finally seeing Helens face, which has been painted pure white, with red lipstick and pink blusher.

Helen: My names not Helen! Its Princess Porcelain!

The screen the fades to black, then the title appears on the screen in giant letter. It says: Pancake Day, in smaller letters underneath it says: this October. We then hear Princess Porcelains voice one last time:

Porcelain: Its Playtime.

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A WAM lover living on the South coast of England. As well as WAM I also use a lot of master/sub style bondage in a lot of my stories.
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