Discussion – Improving the Classics

This is a pretty simple idea – take an old gunge show, suggest a way to make its gungings better than they were. Could be a small tweak, could be a massive overhaul. Here are a few that come to mind for me.

Ministry of Mayhem’s Thank You Desk: Thicker gunge. Not much to say on that one, I’ve made my thoughts on MoM as a whole pretty clear in the past and they haven’t shifted. Still, the Thank You Desk was an amazing way of gunging someone, at least in theory.

Get Your Own Back’s Gunk Dunk: Transparent sides. While I could suggest improvements to the various individual Gunk Dunks, this one’s pretty universal. Usually on GYOB, particularly after they switched over to using the ramps, the gungee would end up at the front edge of the pool. You also wouldn’t be able to see the gungee from about the shoulders downward. While the former wasn’t a problem as such, it does make having at least a single transparent wall of the Gunk Dunk an interesting prospect as it directly addresses the latter.

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7 Responses to Discussion – Improving the Classics

  1. TG says:

    GYOB with a better gender ratio getting the gunge. Sounds facetious but it was the factor that turned potential ecstasy into a weekly dose of misery. I’m still very, very bitter about it. And I don’t think it was pure chance that week after week the fit young girls escaped and the detestable dads went in. White knight syndrome, perhaps? It’s worth noting that the gender ratio improved when the double ramp format was brought in and the fate was put largely out of the adults’ hands (but in those later series the gunge was a crap, watery shadow of its former self, which is the other thing I’d improve).

    Your transparent sides idea is interesting, but I’m not sure it would be good for anything. The gunge is (meant to be) opaque, right?

    NHP, I wouldn’t change that much. They tried a lot of different things and some things worked like a dream and others flopped. Can’t really ask for much more. I would however do a blondes versus brunettes vote with some actual females, rather than Gary Bushell and Peter Stringfellow. Oh, and I would gunge Michelle Collins. Spare bendy girl if I really had to, but no way would Michelle get out of that tank clean.

    Mom. Thicker gunge. Nuff said. No complaints about the gender ratio, though. 😉

    Japanese shows – use something other than dry flour on its own. Pro-tip: it isn’t that messy.

    I could also discuss how to improve South American pie shows, but better not…

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    • On the subject of NHP, I did have an interesting idea regarding gunge tanks as a whole, and it involves using that stuff that repels water/dirt/mess etc.

      No, I’m not suggesting the gungees put it on their clothes, don’t worry! I’m suggesting that one could line the insides of the tank with it, making any gunge that hits the inside walls just run down into the bottom. This would not only create a bigger puddle at the bottom (especially good if the gungee is barefoot!) but also keep the windows clear for better aftershots.


    • henrylee1 says:

      On your “White Knight” point I genuinely believe that men try less hard to avoid the gunge than women do. Can’t prove it of course, but it’s one of the factors I’d highlight to explain the shit gender ratio in mainstream gungings.

      An ‘improvement’ I’d like to have seen for GYOB would have been having the contestants be adults too. I know that wouldn’t have happened due to it being on, you know, CBBC but I think it’d be great. DBP hinted at doing something like that on TV during one of his interviews doing the Fringe.

      Can’t thing of much to improve really in NHP as in my view they were the best mainstream gungings of all time (except for the sad lack of barefoot victims). Just more of everything- more panel beaters, more votes, more number cruncher.


  2. yuck53 says:

    I’m not sure the gender ratio was that much better on the later series really and their were certain children trying to get women who did look like they threw it deliberately but I, also, can’t prove it.

    On the White Knight syndrome, is it a White Knight syndrome? What if it’s the opposite?

    Is there an effective difference between a man trying half as hard as his female opponent to fall on his sword as it were and a women trying twice as hard as her male opponent because she wants to avoid the gunge a lot more.

    Of course, holding this up as something we can change to make the show better is only meaningful if somehow it genuinely is fixed.

    I agree that Noel’s House Party and, for the most part, Noel Edmund’s Saturday Roadshow and mainly flawless these changes I would suggest put gunge where it was reduced or removed. Get rid of the mass audience gungings and replace them with further more directed gungings. And get some women or that Pop Stars/X Factor precursor that only ever gunged men.

    This topic obviously has the legs to run and run. There’s so much that could be improved we could go crazy, perhaps some parameters could be set out.


  3. Max Odrive says:

    No kids. Prettier women.

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