Just a quick question. did any female Celebrities get gunged barefoot?

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12 Responses to NHP

  1. henrylee1 says:

    Sadly (to my tastes) I don’t think there were any barefoot gungings on NHP.


  2. To my knowledge, there were no barefoot gungees on Noel’s House Party – male, female, civilian or celebrity.

    For future reference, I would appreciate it if little questions like this were posted in the General WAM Discussion area and if short posts in general were posted as an aside.


  3. TG says:

    Because the gungings on NHP were generally “walk in”, I doubt that any were barefoot.


  4. What about the roadshow where the person was already in the tank?


  5. Groot says:

    Anneka rice car wash


    • OneTimePoster says:

      Not true.

      It looks like she’s bare foot, but she’s got a pair of tan hiking boots on that look the same colour as her legs. In this “after” clip, you can see it much more clearly (she’s in the same outfit and still soaking wet – she must have just had a quick shower):

      It’s hard to see, due to the poor quality, but if you study the 4/5 second mark of this clip, you can see the gap between the heel and the toe of her boot. So she either has massive arches, or it’s a shoe.

      Pity, though!


  6. grandmasterjellytot says:

    Sue Lawley took her shoes off though is wearing tights. Other than guess it’s case of use your imagination that when Anneka & Vorderman were sent on the trip around the house they were shoeless/bare foot.


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