Paradise by the Fairground Light: Chapters 44 – 50:

Hello, and welcome to what after 2 months of uploading is the final instalment of my Paradise by the Fairground Light story. Now obviously this means SPOILERS, revealing the ending and a few other surprises before that so if you don’t want these ruined you might want to start further back. Normally I would write a little more here, but instead I’m going to write a big outro at the end so I don’t have to stay spoiler free. For those interested see you in 7 chapters time.

Chapter 44:

It was a little under 24 hours later, and we were gathered around the campfire after the first day of working at the Prague Exhibition Grounds. As well as the usual banter and gossip there was one thing a lot of people were asking about.
I still cant believe you knew all that time and didnt say anything.
That was Hayley, referring back to the events of last week that had led up to Lilly and Kelly getting engaged. Quite a bit had passed since then. After the big event wed stayed at the Plzensky later than wed initially planned in order to celebrate the occasion, before heading into the Old Town where we all stayed out pretty late. That did come back to haunt us later as after only 4 hours sleep we had to get up in order to check out, and be picked up by Lilly and Kelly in the van.
Our destination was the Prague Exhibition Ground. A large park a little outside the main city centre, with a large complex of buildings on one side housing attractions like theatres, museums, an aquarium, a planetarium and funfair rides, as well as regularly being host to lots of temporary events, including the one us Wild Cats, and Katherine and a load of her rides and staff where working from this week. A few years ago someone had had the bright idea of holding a large beer festival here, like the ones held in Germany, to appeal to both locals and the many visitors Prague got at this time of year. Being a little away from the centre, and a little awkward to get to if you didnt know the public transport system, it wasnt an ideal location, but thanks to a lot of work promoting it, and a load of cheap shuttle busses laid on by the organisers, things were a big success. In fact it was the busiest place wed operated from in the last couple of months, with a couple of thousand people present at the busiest times here to check out the giant beer halls, temporary food courts, giant funfair rides, games and of course the side shows.
Of course it was a few days before we got to explore all this out properly as we were busy with the show. As soon as wed signed in and got to our plot we had to start setting up the theatre almost immediately. With all of that done we only had about an hours respite before having to get ready for the first show.
Our method of operation wasnt that dissimilar to Budapest. With the large crowds it wasnt to difficult to draw in a large number to watch a cheap half hour show, so we did plenty of them every day. Despite the rigorous pace the events of last night meant the mood remained very buoyant amongst us. It helped that once Hayley had told Katherine about it news soon got round everyone else we knew at the fairground, and many had passed by to offer their congratulations, and more people had offered them during our post closing time drinks together.

I still cant believe you knew all that time and didnt say anything said Hayley.
Well Kelly made me promise I said. She said she wanted to keep it a surprise.
What said Hayley. How could you not trust me?
Hayley. Do you remember what happened on both occasions I told you I was organising a surprise birthday party for Lilly? Asked Kelly.
Oh alright said Hayley.
It was worth it for the end result smiled Lilly, who was currently sitting on Kellys lap with her arms around her while they continuously looked at each other affectionately. This in itself was notable, as although their relationships was already known about by most of the people here, they didnt usually display affection to one another so publicly.
So when is the big day? asked Katherine.
Weve not decided yet said Kelly. Lillys always liked the idea of a Christmas wedding, so around that time seems likely.
Yeah a beautiful fairytale wedding smiled Lilly. Ill be marrying my perfect Princess. Then its the honeymoon, and having babies.
Have you talked about adoption or IVF then? I asked.
The plan is for Lilly to have a baby via IVF one day, who well both be parents to replied Kelly.
Or if that doesnt work Ill keep a turkey baster handy next time Haley gives Mathew a handy said Lilly.
Lilly cried Hayley. How much have you had to drink?
Quite a bit she smiled. Well its mine and Kellys first night in the van as an engaged couple. She said snuggling even closer to Kelly.
Just dont have too much said Kelly. I want you to be able to remember tonight.
Oh, Im not planning to get blottoed replied Lilly. Just enough to have some wild uninhibited drunk sex later.
Now Hayley, I know you usually turn this offer down, but if you and Mathew need somewhere a bit more peaceful to sleep, there is a sofa bed in my living trailer you can use said Katherine.
I might take you up on that offer said Hayley. Im pretty worn out after the excitement and work of the last 24 hours. Im not sure I want to have them disturbing me.
All the more fun for us smiled Lilly.

Chapter 45:

In the end we took Katherine up on her offer, and left Kelly and Lilly to their own devices. We woke up and had breakfast together and then me and Hayley accompanied Katherine on her mourning rounds as she made sure the various operators where in place, and they all did the necessary safety checks until it was time we had to make our way over to the Wild Cats tent. We found Lilly and Kelly still in bed together, having opted to enjoy breakfast together there. Judging by the sex toys still left out they had quite a night, but they had to get up at that point though to be ready for the first show of the day.

The next big incident took place on Wednesday, on our last show of the night. I was backstage on the phone to Katherine. There was a reason for this. She had phoned because a group of 6 tourists had been causing trouble, and after a dispute where one of them had thrown there drink over one of the stall operators security was going to escort them off the premises. Unfortunately before this happened theyd brought tickets to our show and were now in the audience. Rather than cause a scene in a crowded tent the plan was to wait until they left, but we were keeping in contact with Katherine in case more urgent action was required.
So far theyd been a bit more boisterous than average, but nothing really over the top. I was just watching as the 3 girls were finishing the bloodbath routine. They were up on stage taking their final bows, normally I would join them, but given the circumstances I opted to stay in contact on the phone, which was an incredibly wise decision.
Rather than leave with the rest the audience the 6 trouble makers were coming up to the stage, shouting a number of lewd comments, and even grabbing at the them. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted one heading to the steps at the side of the stage.
Code red Katherine I said. Get security here as soon as possible.
Im right on it she replied.
Looking around quickly I spotted a couple of the flaming torches and some paraffin still left in the glass from the fire breathing act. I took a mouthful of all the remaining paraffin and grabbed both torches, and burst through the curtain. I strode right over to the stairs, and spat out the paraffin, causing a huge ball of flame to shoot out just over the head of the man trying to make his way up the steps. This caused him to fall back down the steps onto his back, not exactly what I was aiming for, but I was happy to take this result.
There was a brief pause by everyone as the trouble makers, and the members of the audience still at the back who stopped to watch got over the surprise. I felt my heart pounding, and felt my hands trembling as adrenalin pumped through my veins.
Right. Fun times over I called. Its time for you to leave.
Or what? one of them called.
We paid to see some tits another called.
At this point another tried to climb up on stage, but I scared him off by swiping at him with one of the flaming torches. To my side I saw Kelly having to deter another one with a kick aimed at his head. While dealing with this I saw the one at the steps getting up, and he seemed determined to give it another try.
Back off! I shouted. Securitys already on its way.
What the hell is going on here?
Thankfully the cavalry had arrived just in time, in the form of Katherine and 5 other men who worked with the funfair. They were all carrying some sort of heavy tool in the form of a hammer or spanner, except Katherine who was brandishing an 18 inch long crowbar. This site of this was enough to sober up, or at least calm down some of the trouble makers. Sadly not all of them though.
Oh yeah. Do you want some.
The more sensible members rushed to grab the mouthy one before he rushed forward and got them all into a mountain of trouble. By the look on Katherines face she was more than happy to oblige. Thankfully before things could escalate any further the security team arrived, consisting of 8 uniformed men, all carrying batons, including a senior member who was wearing a gun, still in its holster. They ordered all the hangers on at the back out the tent, and soon had the mouthy one pinned down and cuffed, while the others kept their distance with their hands above their heads.
While this happened I went over to Hayley, who had put her arms round Katherine. I also noticed Lilly with her arms around Kelly, understandably shaken up by things.

It was about an hour later. The troublemakers had been escorted off site, and warned theyd be arrested on site if they came back. Still a little shaken wed passed on the mass gathering by the campfire, and were all gathered for a more subdued gathering in Katherines living trailer.
Thankfully incidents like that are very rare said Katherine.
Glad to hear it I said.
Well done for how you handled things Mathew said Kelly. It would have been a lot harder to handle if you hadnt been there.
Its not something I want to repeat again anytime soon. I said.
Well at least youve got a good story to tell said Hayley. You can tell how you came to the rescue of 3 beautiful women when you get home.
It feels really weird thinking about that I said. After the last 2 months its going to be odd to be back home this time next week.
I know what you mean said Lilly. So much has happened these last few weeks I notice her look at her new engagement ring as she said that.
So what are your plans for when we get back? I asked.
Lots of rest, and catching up with people weve not seen for a while said Hayley.
Weve got a few weeks off, then well be doing quite a few weekend events, until our next big festival over in Germany at the end of October said Kelly.
I imagine youll both be spending quite a bit of time planning your wedding I said.
Of course smiled Lilly. Youll be invited of course.
Well we can hardly not invite him after he helped with the proposal said Kelly.
Looking forward to accompanying the chief bridesmaid? Asked Hayley.
Wow. Its going to be fun to see my daughter as a bridesmaid said Katherine.
It wont be that much longer until shes a bride I imagine smiled Lilly.
I flushed a little as she said this.
Lets not put any pressure on them said Kelly. Im sure theyll know when the times right.
Well your welcome to stay at our place any time you want Mathew said Katherine. Well have to organise a barbeque or something and invite all your family over so everyone can meet one another.

Chapter 46:

Fast forward to Friday night, and I was suspiciously nervous. This wasnt helped by the sound of female laughter emanating from outside the shower cubicle, laughter I suspected was at my expense. Wed just done the last show of the night, which ended with me and Hayley doing a bloodbath routine together, shed already showered before I did, and I was now cleaning myself up.

We were a little nervous after the drama of Wednesday night, and Katherine had insisted a member of the security team keep watch during our shows for the next few nights, just to make sure there was no repeats of what happened. Once wed been out a few times though we started to feel better, and wed put it behind us.
Since then I had noticed a few quiet conversations between the 3 other Wild Cats and even Katherine, including a few quiet giggles and a glance at me. As soon as I approached them though theyd gone all quiet, and not even the normally loose lipped Lilly hadnt said anything to me. Not that I was worried. It was coming up to the last Friday in Prague, and of the tour as a whole, and the last 4 final Fridays had been some of the high points of what was already an amazing couple of months.
I wasnt that surprised when I stepped out of the show and Kelly and Lilly were waiting for me. What did surprise me a little was what they were wearing. It was reminiscent of what they wore in the show. They were both wearing matching leopard skin chemise style dresses, with an underwired bust, with a leather like trim accentuating a fair amount of exposed cleavage. The skirt wasnt any more modest being made from transparent black lace, and barely short enough to cover their bums. Through the lace I could see they were both wearing matching black lacy thongs, which was unlike the show where they would have worn something more modest underneath. These dresses were accessorised with black heels, a black leather collar, and a cat ear headband. Theyd both made an effort with their hair and make up, Kelly going for dark pink lipstick, Lilly opting for blood red.
Ah, your out at last smiled Kelly.
As youve probably guessed weve got a little something special planned for you. As its your last weekend of your first trip it seems the right time to initiate you as both part of the fairground family, and as a member of the Wild Cats properly explained Lilly. They both took me by an arm each and led me to the van.
If your wondering where Hayley is, shes doing some important finishing touches to your initiation said Kelly.
Didnt I already do an initiation back in Vienna? I asked.
Yeah to join the Prater showgirls said Kelly. Your not properly initiated into the Wild Cats yet.
Now before you can be a Wild Cat youve got to look and dress like a Wild Cat. Thats why weve got a costume for you in the van said Lilly.

Lilly and Kelly waited outside as I stepped in. I let out a cry of shock as I saw what I had to wear. In the middle of the van two hangers hung from the ceiling. On one was a spandex, leopard skin micro dress, complete with a micro skirt and tail accessory. On the other hanger was a set of black womans underwear, in the form of a bra, thong and a pair of hold up stockings. Resting on the floor with them was a cat ears headband, two large grapefruits and a pair of chunky high heeled, black ankle boots.
Have I really got to wear all this? I called out.
Thats right answered Kelly. Dont keep us waiting.
I was tempted to give a sarcastic answer about how annoying waiting for someone to put a dress on could be, but thought better of it.
Look on the bright side said Lilly. Normally you have to wait until the end of the evening to get into Hayleys underwear.A quick insp
ection did confirm this was a set of Hayleys underwear. Feeling more than a little self conscious I slipped on the knickers, and the bra, using the grapefruits to fill the cups. I then pulled on the stockings, and pulled the dress on over my head. It was skin hugging tight, and partially see through, at least so the underwear could be seen through it. Lastly I sat down and put on the boots, which appeared to be brand new, which made sense as my shoe size was larger than any of the other Wild Cats. I then stood up and cautiously took a few steps. I was just about OK walking slowly as long as I concentrated on it. My difficulty in walking was a clear source of amusement for the other two as I walked outside.
Its not easy walking in heels is it laughed Kelly.
Why do you girls wear these? I asked.
Theyre a great confidence boost, and increase your sex appeal replied Lilly. At least they do once youve mastered them.
Come on said Kelly, offering an arm to steady me. Weve got to do your hair and make-up.
What? I said.
If you want to be a Wild Cat youve got to look the part replied Kelly.
I reluctantly went over and sat down at the dressing table, where Kelly took out a can of hair spray and turned my hair into a styled bob. Lilly meanwhile applied make up to my face, going all out with pink blusher, mascara and blue eye shadow and finishing with glittery red lip gloss. As they finished I looked at myself in the mirror, it felt a little strange to see myself dressed and made up as a woman looking back.
Well, you could definitely make it as a Wild Cat said Lilly.
Ive slept with much worse than you said Kelly.
Thanks. I think I replied.
Come on said Lilly. Lets take a photo and get out there. Hayley must be ready by now.
Your not taking photos? I asked.
Oh were not going to put them online or anything said Kelly. Believe me, your going to want something to remember tonight by.

After a quick photo I was led to the curtain, that led out on to the stage. With Lilly and Kelly holding an arm each I stepped through the curtain. We were immediately greeted with a loud cheer and round of applause. I gasped in shock as I looked out and saw a sea of people sitting in the audience, all looking at me dressed as one of the female Wild Cats. Scanning around I quickly recognised everyone, it was all the mechanics, operators, vendors and security staff who also lived on site and joined us at the campfire most evenings.

Chapter 47:

Ah, good to see you at last Mathew. We thought you might have chickened out.
I looked over and saw Katherine on stage with me, wearing one of her smarter t-shirts and jeans. Despite her talking to me my eyes were much more focused on Hayley, who was standing by one of the folding chairs positioned in the paddling pool we used in bloodbaths. The fact Hayley was holding a roll of silver duct tape gave me a big clue about what was going to happen.
The most striking thing about Hayley at that moment was her outfit. Shed done her hair especially and put on glittery red lipstick, not unlike what Lilly had put on me. She was wearing a very revealing black mesh chemise. The back was completely transparent apart from a few flower designs in black thread, and where she was wearing a black lacy pair of French knickers. The front was a little more modest, with a sequined leopard skin design covering breasts, that continued as a 6 inch wide strip down to the bottom of her high hemmed skirt. From the skirt dangled a pair of suspenders, that held up an elaborate pair of stockings. I smiled as I spotted the same 6 inch stiletto platform pumps, decorated with black and white leopard print she was wearing the first time we met on her feet.
Hello everyone Katherine called out. As Im sure you all know is this weekend is the last weekend of Mathews first big tour, and tonight weve got a joint initiation where hes going to properly graduate as a member of our fairground family and as a member of the Wild Cats. Ladies, why dont you show him his, or should that be her, seat.
I was led over to the chair in the centre of the stage by Lilly and Kelly and sat down. I had my hands manoeuvred behind my back, and soon felt a load of duct tape being wrapped around my wrists by Hayley.
I hope youre up for some real fun tonight she said.
With my writs secured she handed a couple of long lengths of tape to Lilly and Kelly who bound my knees and ankles together, while Haley wrapped the remaining tape around my waist, securing me to the chair. As this went on I spotted Katherine talking to the crowd, pointing to what looked like a serving trolley, on which were a load of white foam pies.
Since when have you and your mum worked in cahoots on this sort of thing Hayley? I whispered.
Katherine laid down the law murmured Kelly. She said everyone gets involved in someones initiation, so Hayley either shared you nicely, or she wouldnt get a say.
Law laid down or not this didnt stop Hayley putting her arms around me and giving me a kiss on the cheek for good luck.
Right. Is he secure? asked Katherine.
Hes not going anywhere replied Lilly.
Well you three might want to get away from there, as I think everyone wants to give him his presents replied Katherine.
I saw people start to get up and head towards the trolley were all the pies were. I shuddered a little as they all slowly made their way up the steps and towards me. First in line was Stu, who I’d chatted with a couple of times around the campfire. He held the pie in front of my fast for a few seconds, before slamming it hard into my face. As the paper plate dropped I gasped in shock, my face now engulfed with thick foam. I wasn’t given a chance to recover though, as I barely got my mouth shut in time before the next pie was slammed into my face. This added even more foam to my face, meaning I now had to keep my eyes closed. This meant I couldnt even properly anticipate the third pie that slammed into my face in quick succession. Thankfully I got a little respite with the next pie as that was splattered onto the top of my head, being slowly wiped into my hair. The next two pies weren’t quite as merciful, both being pushed into the side of my face simultaneously, and held firmly in place, completely engulfing my head in foam.
That was how things continued for the next 3 or 4 minutes as I continued to be pelted with a merciless barrage of pies, causing an ever increasing pile to grow on my lap, until they finally ran out. Even then I had to wait a minute or so with my eyes closed before the next stage of my initiation. I felt a soft pair of hands carefully wipe my eyes. I opened them, and inches in front of my face I saw Lilly’s features.
“Now they’ve had their fun it’s time for us two to have ours” grinned Lilly.
I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders and saw Kelly who was standing behind me lean in to whisper in my ear.
“Now don’t forget your girlfriend is watching” she said. “So you best try not to look like your enjoying this too much.”
A catchy upbeat rock tune started to play over the theatre’s sound system. Lilly started to slow gyrate her hips in time with the music. She slowly writhed up and down, rubbing her body against mine, raising her cleavage up to just in front of my face. Meanwhile Kelly was slowly rubbing in the foam, turning it from an airy foam, into a much thicker cream. As Lilly continued to dance, Kelly rubbed the foam all over my face and hair, and all over the top half of my torso until the only part not covered in a layer of thick cream was my eyes. I found myself cringing in response, as much as I appreciated Lilly and Kellys female allure, I saw them more as good mates, so doing this made me feel a little awkward, which is probably why they were doing it. At this point Lilly decided to up my embarrassment by turning around and bending over allowing her barely long enough skirt to ride up and exposed her thong sheathed arse. As she wriggled this closer and closer to my face the temptation of this became too much for Kelly to resist, as she gave it a hard smack, splattering a large handful of foam onto it. I saw Lilly respond by reaching down to where one of the paper plates, still with a fair amount of foam on it was, and then twisting round to hit Kelly with it. She just avoided a direct hit to the face, but still got a fair smattering to the side of her face. They both then forgot about me as they both reached down for another large handful of foam. After a bit of playful dodging around they were both kneeling down to my right, engaging in a playful foam fight.
“Are you two quite done”
I looked over and saw it was Hayley, sat next to Katherine in the front row of the audience who called this out.
“Hey. Doing this sort of thing was how you first pulled him” Kelly replied.
“Well as much as I’m sure everyone’s enjoying your little foam fight, do you two want to get back on script” called out Katherine.
Rather reluctantly they both stood up, and wiped themselves off a little, before heading through the backstage curtain. As they did Hayley got up from her seat, and onto stage to address the audience.
“Hello everyone” she said. “I want to say a big thank you to you all for coming. We’re here tonight to officially induct Mathew, or as you may know him Bengal into our big family, not just as a member of the team, but also as my boyfriend. It seems like forever now since I last saw this beautiful man walking down the midway at Brighton Carnival, where I gave him a special invite to our show, and a backstage invite afterwards. Now I couldn’t tell you exactly what is was what drew me to him, but something did, so I took a chance, and my instincts were proven right. All four of us have had numerous great times together over the last few months, during which he has become a great friend to Kelly and Lilly, an integral part of the team and a wonderful boyfriend. I want to say thank you now for becoming all those things.”
A huge cheer followed, which left me a little awestruck by the adulation shown. Hayley came over, to wipe off my cheek, before kissing it, before continuing.
“Of course as his girlfriend I get a say in what his initiation rituals going to be. Don’t worry though, I’m not going to go easy on him because he’s my boyfriend.” She then leaned in and quietly whispered in my ear “especially after what you did to me in Budapest Mr Green.

Chapter 48:

Looking over I saw a slightly cleaner Lilly and Kelly rejoin us, holding a large box which they placed on the floor. All 3 of them went over and pulled out numerous cartons of custard. As they came over I counted 10 cartons they were holding between them. They placed most of them down, but took a carton each. Hayley held hers above my head, while Lilly positioned hers to pour down the inside of my dress, while Kelly positioned hers to pour down my back. With an unspoken signal they all started to pour simultaneously. It formed a thick cold layer as it slowly seeped out over my head, while at the same time my dress gradually filled up, creating an incredible sensation as the custard squelched between my skin and the spandex. After ensuring they’d squeezed every drop out they reached for the next carton. This time Hayley pushed my face into position first, to ensure my face was covered with a custard facemask, while Kelly and Lilly filled up my dress even more. This caused a huge pool to start to appear, above the duct tape around my waist, that sloshed teasingly against my skin as it wriggled.
With the second set of cartons emptied there was a brief pause as they reloaded. With my eyes now closed due to the custard coating to my face I had to wait nervously. I shuddered as the next stream started, another one being poured over my head, and the other two being poured onto each of my thighs, soaking into my stockings as it was slowly drizzled back and forth, and dripped across, causing a cold pool to form between my legs where they were taped together.
When the pouring stopped I thought that might by over, but then felt my skirt being lifted up, exposing the knickers Id been made to wear. I then heard a squelching sound, and gasped in shock as a large amount of cold custard fell onto my lap. I breathed heavily in shock from the cold liquid now covering my crotch.
Not too cold is it? Grinned Hayley as she wiped my eyes, and placed her hands on my shoulder and gave them a gentle massage. Dont worry, Ill warm it back up again later.
As she said this Kelly and Hayley had picked up the last carton of custard, and were kneeling down in the pool of custard and foam around me, and unzipped the boots I was wearing. Placing them down they poured custard from the carton into each one of my boots. Lilly then held onto my right leg as Kelly slowly slid the boot back onto my right foot. It made a loud squelching sound as my foot was slowly pushed into it, causing custard to slowly seep over the top of the boots. Kelly then zipped the boot back up, leaving my toes squelching in the thick custard. She then picked up the left boot to repeat what she just did with the other foot.

So are you enjoying yourself Mathew? Katherine called out.
Well Ive had worse I replied.
Im afraid the worst is about to happen said Hayley with evident glee in her voice.
I looked back over to the box, and this time saw Kelly and Lilly holding 6 red tins and a dinner knife between them. They came over and passed the knife and one of the tins to Hayley. She held the tin in front of me, and levered the lid off with the knife to reveal it was filled with thick black treacle. I let out a little shiver as Hayley passed the knife over, so the other two could open the other tins. I nervously risked looking up and saw all 6 tins being held above me. I closed my eyes and braced myself as best I could. After a tense nervous wait the top of my head was suddenly covered in a huge blob of thick cold and sticky treacle, that was soon slowly cascading down every side of my face. With the initial cascade over the treacle poured from the tins in a much thinner fast paced trickle which the others used to make swirls and patterns over every part of my body they could get to. Kelly over my neck, shoulders and back, Lilly over my legs, and Hayley over my chest, stomach and she couldnt resist the temptation of pouring some over my cock. I giggled quietly as a result of the combination of the huge mess I now was, and the tickling sensation the swirls of treacle created. With all the treacle used up they all put their hands on me, and started to slowly rub all the treacle and custard across my body. I gave out some quiet moans of pleasure in response to the amazing sensation of the various substances making my skin tingle over every inch of my body as they made sure not one inch of me was left uncovered by the mess.
Soon Lilly and Kelly went over to the box again, with Hayley standing behind me, with her arms around me, still massaging my chest.
Now I was going to end things with the treacle she whispered. But after what you covered me in two weeks ago I thought it only fair I got some revenge.
Looking over I saw Kelly smiling, holding a large bag of flour, which she passed over to Hayley. After a few difficulties thanks to her treacle covered hands she had the bag open. She stepped round in front of me, took aim and swung the bag, causing a huge cloud of white powder to fly in my direction coating my lap, chest and stomach. I closed my eyes as she aimed higher for her second go, resulting my face completely covered. Finally she stepped to the side to empty the last of it over my head, causing a large lump of it to fall into my hair.
With a final shake of my head I opened my eyes. I gasped in shock as I saw how much of a mess I was in. I then looked up into Hayleys beautiful lust filled eyes. I cringed a little with excitement as she slowly lowered herself onto my lap, until we were regarding each other eye to eye.
Looks like you made it through your initiation Captain she smiled as she wiped my lips clean. I think youve earned a little reward.
She put her hands on the side of my face and leaned in. She started with numerous quick teasing kisses, before pressing her body against mine for a long, beautiful kiss, resulting in a loud cheer from the audience. As she continued I felt some unseen source cut the duct tape around my wrists, allowing me to put my arms around her, squeezing her as tightly as I dared in this heavenly embrace.

Chapter 49:

Guys. Guys, if you could just tear each other apart for a second a familiar voice called.
Very reluctantly we inched apart. We saw Kelly standing a little to our left. Just at the corner of my eye I saw Lilly behind me holding a pair of scissors.
Theyll be plenty of time for that later you two said Kelly. Theres a few more things to do, then we can get cleaned up.
Not until weve had some real fun in this pool first Hayley quietly murmured into my ear.
You better be inviting me and Kelly to that party too Lilly murmured in response as she cut the rest of the tape holding me to the chair. Free from my bonds they both offered their hands to hold on to, which was necessary to steady me, thanks to all the custard in and on my shoes. I stepped to the edge of the stage where I was greeted by another loud cheer.
Once again, a big thanks to you all for coming called out Kelly. As you know Mathew has become a great friend to us over the past few months, becoming part of the team, to the point that last Wednesday he risked putting himself in harms way when we were in trouble. Not only that, but some of you may not know he helped me set things up when I proposed to Lilly. After all this you better stay together with Hayley, otherwise youll be totally ruining our weddings seating plan.
She paused as the audience laughed.
Seriously though, they make a great couple, who clearly love one another. Theyll hate me for saying this, but Im sure its only a matter of time before they follow me and Lilly down the aisle. I exchanged a nervous, loving look with Hayley as Kelly continued. Now if you look towards the back of the tent where Katherine is standing youll notice there are a number of presents waiting for you. Theres one from each of us 3 and Katherine, plus another we all chose from the money we raised doing a whip round. Well make sure there waiting for you at the campfire once youve cleaned up. There is one extra present from all of us though we want to show you now.
As she said this Kelly indicated towards the back of the stage, where Id not really paid much attention until now. Kelly stepped over to a white sheet, that was draped over the banner with the artwork of the three big cats at the back of the stage. Kelly pulled the sheet down to reveal a new banner, with not three but four big cats on it, in the form of a Jaguar, a Panther and two tigers instead of the previous one.
We thought it was time you got a place on the banner said Lilly.
I hope you like it said Hayley. Me and mum spent ages painting that.
There is one thing you should know about this banner said Kelly. Its not just for the rest of this weekend. The three of us have discussed this, and at the start of the season next year, wed like to offer you a place on the team as a an equal partner. Making you a full time Wild Cat.
I didnt know what to say, as I was completely dumbstruck by this. I was glad I was facing away from the audience to give me a chance to wipe a few tears from my eyes. As Hayley stepped closer to hug me the audience once again broke into a round of applause. After taking a second to compose myself I turned round to see everyone on their feet, many of them calling for me to make a speech.
Wow, thanks everyone I said. You know three months ago if youd told me I was going to end up travelling across Europe to work with so many great people I wouldnt have believed them. Of course if Id been told about a lot of the things Id end up doing, tonight being a prime example, Id have probably given the Golden Gate Carnival back in Hove a miss. Now Ive done everything though I wouldnt change a thing, as this has been the most amazing couple of months Ive ever had. Lilly, Kelly, Katherine, and my beautiful Hayley, thank you for everything. I dont know what mad-cap situation were going to end up in next, whether it will be trouble or amazing, but nothing will bring me more pleasure than knowing Ill be along for the ride.

As I finished Hayley leaned in to kiss my yet again, while Lilly and Kelly came over to hug the two off us. We were quickly joined by Katherine who added her own body to the mix. After that it was finally time for everyone to go, although not before many came to the edge of the stage to wish us well, and a few of the braver ones stopped to shake my hand. As they did I had an opportune time to reflect on the past few months. Travelling Europe, performing on stage, falling in love and making many great friend. Up to a few months ago it seemed like I spent my life standing on the outside, but now Id found a place I really did belong.

With everyone else gone, Katherine and a couple of others were the last left, stopping to pick up the presents to take to the campfire party. Lilly was already removing the chair from the pool to make more room.
Try not to be to long you four Katherine called out as she left.
I could go on about that amazing night, but there seems an opportune time to end things. There was the crazy time us four Wild Cats had covering each other with the contents of the pool once we had the theatre to ourselves. Then there was the party afterwards, where I received some very touching presents, before we all partied hard late into the night, until eventually wed done as much as our bodies could take, and we eventually crawled our way to bed……….

It was I dont know how long later, and I was slowly returning to the world of the living. As I lay there with my eyes closed I became gradually aware that not everything was as it should be. The bed I was lying in felt unfamiliar, and lacked the warmth of another human body. The voices although some familiar were wrong, plus there were more unfamiliar sounds. I cautiously opened my eyes, and felt a jolt of shock. I meant to sit up suddenly but my body didnt respond to what my brain told it to do. Looking around I realized I was in a hospital ward, sitting at my bedside I spotted my Mum and Dad.
Quick get someone Mum called out. I think hes waking up.
My God, I think Hayley is too.
I looked over to the bed to my right. Even with her hair its natural colour I recognised her immediately. With her were Katherine, and a man who it took me a couple of seconds to realize had a passing resemblance to Jimmy Bell.
Looking over I saw two more hospital beds, in one I saw Lilly, and in the other I saw Kelly with another panicking man who I assumed was her father.
All the commotion was enough to bring in the doctor.
We need 4 response teams in here as soon as possible I saw the doctor call out. I need all you relatives to clear the room so we can work. If we dont stabilize their condition they could have a relapse.

Chapter 50:

So your probably now wondering what the hell just happened. The honest answer is I dont exactly know. All I can really do is pass on the facts Ive been given.
5 months earlier Lilly, Kelly and Hayley all went on a night out together. During this there was a big fire at the club they were at, and thanks to a faulty fire exit the three of them became trapped, and were overcome by smoke inhalation. By the time emergency services found them lack of oxygen had put them in a comatose state. Of course none of them remember that, they just remembered a big night out where Kelly and Lilly ended up sleeping together.
As for me, two weeks before waking up I was helping a customer in the car park at work, when a car caught fire after a collision. While saving a young child from one of the cars I also breathed in a large amount of smoke, and was overcome by smoke myself, and was rushed to the same specialist ward were the 3 girls currently resided. All I remember though is finishing my shift, getting changed, and heading over to the Golden Gate Carnival.
As you can imagine waking up in hospital was a major shock, so was when we got talking, and realised we all shared the same memories. We all remember being Wild Cats, travelling Europe and our relationships. Even remembering the same intimate details of conversations wed had.

So its 2 years later and things were going pretty well for us. The good news is all four of us are still together, or perhaps more accurately have got together. Thanks to the compensation the three girls received from the night club, and the money we got from selling our story to the media the four of us now share our own house together.
Once the initial media storm had died down the 3 girls returned to Hayleys parents amusement park at Eastbourne where they all worked. It wasnt that long before I joined them after being offered a position myself.

Occasionally though we still get media offers. Today for instance we were appearing on a show that looked into the supernatural and unexplained. We were currently sitting in the studio, with the well dressed TV host Peter Shane, watching an abridged, cleaned up, version of our story on the big screen in the studio.
So we now have the four Wild Cats, as theyre known in the studio. These four were in a comatose state in the same hospital ward, and shared a collective experience. A lot of people believe this cant be explained by science, although some people disagree. We have one of those people here today. A Mr John Ashton.
There was a polite round of applause as the host welcomed John.
So John said Peter. How would you explain this?
Well its a known phenomenon that patients in a coma are aware of whats going on around them, listening to conversations, even opening their eyes said John. Its not unknown for these stimuli to influence a patients dreams, and from reading your stories there is clear evidence of that. When Hayleys father James Bell told her about his dreams of becoming a theatrical performer you created a character in your dreams based on that. When Mathews ex girlfriend came into hospital to console with him you all had a dream based around what she was saying. You even dreamed about a group of drunks causing trouble when your doctors would have talked about the same thing happening in the hospital.
We didnt just dream about similar things though I said. We all remember things exactly the same way. How do you explain that?
Memories of dreams are always fuzzy. There are often gaps in them replied John. If one of you described something you dreamed off and you dreamed of a similar thing you each fill in the gaps in each others memory and think your remembering the same thing.
But we remember things crystal clearly protested Lilly. Plus we are all able to describe places weve never travelled to before, but visited while in a coma. How is it possible we could all do that?
Plus how could we know so much information about Mathew and him about us when coming out the coma when wed never met before? How do you explain the fact I could name some other patients in the same ward as my ex boyfriends from my time as a Wild Cat asked Hayley.
The brain recalls more information than you may realize, so its not implausible you knew about these places after reading about them or seeing them on TV. As for knowing about other patients, you would have heard your relatives and doctors talking to each other, so you would have learnt information listening to them replied John.
Your talking about a lot of very specific information I said. I can think of plenty of facts, and lots of specific details we remember your theory fails to explain.
Its easy to claim that when theres no way to prove you wrong said John. We dont have a full account of what was discussed while you were in a coma, or what conversations you all had before you all said you all had the same dreams.
We tested this, I said, and they knew specific stuff about TV shows none of the girls had ever watched, and neither had any of our relatives. The only way they could recall this is because I talked about it while we were in a coma.
There is clearly some controversy over the scientific explanation said Peter. Of course that leaves things open to other explanations. Some people have suggested a telepathic link that resulted in a shared dream. Others have suggested you saw an alternate reality. Some people have suggested you were in some form of the afterlife. Now Kelly, I believe thats a theory you particularly feel strongly about.
Thats right said Kelly. For all my life Id been afraid to make my true feelings known, fearing Id upset my religious parents if I came out the closet. Now though I believe that if God is happy for me and Lilly to be a couple in the afterlife, no-one has the right to tell us we cant be together in this world.
I believe your even planning to get married said Peter.
Indeed, a few days before Christmas said Lilly. I feel very lucky to have been proposed to twice, once in the real world, and once while in the coma. Each time I had no hesitation in saying yes.
Although Im glad you two dont feel ashamed of your feelings any more, the heavenly afterlife theory seems like one of the least plausible said John. From what Ive read you spent time struggling to get by financially, and even when you became more successful you still spent much of your time sleeping on the floor of a van.
We may have not been well of materialistically said Kelly, but spiritually we had everything we could ever want. We had an enjoyable, rewarding job, where we got to be like pop stars and travel without answering to any boss, plus we got to get close to our best friends and the one we love.
Well Im sure you five could debate this all day said Peter. Sadly were running out of time now, but to those watching please come back after the break when we have a pair of twins who were both rushed into hospital with the same issue at exactly the same time, despite being on opposite sides of the world.

So what exactly do I believe? Well I know what I think, but I prefer not to say here, and let you make up your own minds. I dont think thats the most important thing. The most important thing is the changes this experience has meant to our live and our outlooks. We now approach life with more optimism and enthusiasm than we ever did before, no longer afraid to pursue happiness. When the four of us meet at the breakfast table every mourning its not just with the one we love, but with two special friends who we share a unique bond with. We may not be living the Paradise of the life of a Wild Cat, but life is pretty good, and we all look forward to whatever the future throws at us.

So now you know the story. The story of the most amazing time of my life. Now I could end things by riding off into the sunset, a simple goodbye, or maybe an au revoir. If though you would just indulge me this one last time, there is one particular way I want this to end:

Roll up, Roll up, gather all.
Listen to me, the Mighty Bengal.
Come see our show of music and dance.
Amazing sites to hold you in trance.
Fireballs, magic or just great songs.
Our amazing costumes, shirts, skirts and sarongs.
Come inside, its a decision I promise you wont regret.
I guarantee you an experience youll never forget.

By the same Author

Author‘s Note:

And so it finally ends. Firstly a big thank you to everyone who’s taken time out to read it. This has been my most personal project to date, and one, for the most part, I took a lot of pleasure in writing, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it when people take the time out to view my work.

Onto the story itself. The WAM scene as a final initiation is a slight change to my original idea when it resulted from a lost bet, but in the end I preferred it this way as it let me tell a much better story incorporated into the scene.

Then there’s the end itself (SPOILERS in case anyone’s skipped ahead). That was a possibility that occurred to me about halfway through writing. I’d always intended things to have a whimsical dreamlike atmosphere, but even after the idea occurred I still had to think about it. I didn’t want it to be a cheap ending, but I have seen examples of films and shows where such an ending works when done right so I decided I would try it, and make some tweaks to the story so far to make everything fit, and hopefully I did alright.

About Black Opera

A WAM lover living on the South coast of England. As well as WAM I also use a lot of master/sub style bondage in a lot of my stories.
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3 Responses to Paradise by the Fairground Light: Chapters 44 – 50:

  1. Neddy says:

    Hey black opera,
    I really enjoyed reading the paradise by the faiground light story.
    It is absolutly my favourite wam story so i would ask you if you could write a second part of it.

    By the way i’m german, so if you don’t know what i mean it’s my fault


    • Black Opera says:

      Thanks very much for the feedback. It’s very much appreciated.

      I have experimented with writing a follow up, but I struggled a little to find a strong enough follow up plot to turn it in to a full project. I may be able to convert some of the material from that into a couple of short stories though. It’s something I’ll look in to.


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