Tank Talk Episode 6: Kate Upton

As always, the events in this story are purely fictional, any representations of the people in this story should not be taken as reality. This story is had been written purely for entertainment purposes. 

TT LOGO“Hello and welcome back to Tank Talk, exclusively here on Youtube!” energetically said Alice Levine, the host. She was stood at the front of the small circular stage that made up the set for the show. Behind her stood the large blue-framed gunge tank that had so far claimed many messy victims. Alice was today wearing a black and white collared al7blouse that contrasted with her pale skin. Her bright red hair also contrasted with her skin and today was styled in her usual bunhairstyle on top of her head. “I’m Alice Levine and we have a very special episode for you today. More on that in a minute, first let’s meet today’s celebrity guest. She’s a gorgeous model from the United States who has burst into the mainstream over the past few years. Please welcome… Kate Upton!”

The camera panned over to the left, where the American model was walking onto the stage from an archway at the back of the set. She smiled and waved seductively at the camera as it zoomed in on her. Kate was wearing a very low cut, figure hugging black dress that not only accentuated her curves, but revealed a sizeable proportion of her large cleavage. The dress stopped mid-thigh, revealing Kate’s gorgeous long legs. On ku1her feet she wore a pair of black high heels. Her light blonde hair was parted in the middle and fell to just below her shoulders. She strutted onto the stage and over to Alice, who greeted her with a friendly hug. However, she did not guide Kate into the gunge tank as she had done with the other guests in previous episodes.

“Hello Kate, welcome to the show, how are you doing today?” asked Alice.

“Well, I’m a bit worried now that I’ve seen the tank,” replied Kate, looking apprehensively at the large gunge tank behind her.

“Didn’t you notice?” asked Alice. “The container above the tank is empty, there’s no gunge in it today.” Kate looked confused. There had to be some sort of catch.

“That’s good, right?” asked the American, still looking very apprehensive.

“I’m glad you asked! Unfortunately for you, it’s not. Follow me!” Alice guided Kate to the side of the stage as the back of the set started to open up. Kate watched nervously as stagehands lifted the gunge tank onto a large flatbed trolley and wheeled it off out the back. A drumroll was played over the studio speakers as the lights focused on the opening at the back of the set.

“Now, the show is called Tank Talk, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to use a standard gunge tank,” said Alice as Kate watched anxiously. “Bring it out boys!” A group of stagehands began to wheel out a huge round blue container that was about 2 and a half metres in diameter and just over six foot in height. The container had a large perspex window at the front, which revealed that it was full up to the brim with thick green slime. Above the container was a small yellow plastic seat attached to a bar at the rear of the container. Attached to the side of the container were two yellow levers, one bigger than the other. Most unusually, there was also a bar stretching up either side of the container that rose about another two metres above the top of the container. A horizontal bar across the top joined the two other bars to make a rectangular frame. Attached to this horizontal bar was a small perspex tank that was positioned directly above the plastic seat below. The perspex tank was full up with further lumpy green slime and had a nozzle on its underside. It was very clear what this whole contraption was, it was a dunk tank.

“Today Kate, you won’t be getting gunged in the gunge tank. Instead you’ll be getting dunked into this dunk tank!” said Alice. Kate stood in shock with her head in her hands. She had no idea that this was going to happen, having previously been told that she would just be getting gunged in a regular tank. “What do you make of this?”

“I… I… I don’t know what to say!” replied a shocked Kate. “You’re telling me I have to sit up there?” Alice nodded. Kate put her head in her hands again briefly before looking down at her outfit. “I guess I won’t be wearing this again after today,” She seemed resigned to her fate and was looking even more apprehensive than before.

“Are you ready to take your seat now Kate?” asked Alice. She took Kate by the hand and led her over to the dunk tank. The stagehands had also placed a set of metal steps behind the tank for Kate to climb up onto her seat. Before climbing up, she kicked off her high heels, leaving them on the floor beside the tank. She climbed up the steps and took her position, sitting vulnerably above the giant vat of slime. She tried to keep her bare feet from touching the surface of the thick slime as she smoothed out her dress. Kate looked up at the small tank of gunge that was positioned directly above her. She guessed that its contents would be released down on her before she was dunked into the slop below.

“How is it up there?” asked Alice, looking up.

“I’m even more nervous now I’m up here!” Replied Kate. “I’m starting to regret signing up for this and…” She was interrupted by a sudden cold sensation on her feet. Without realising, she had dipped one of her feet half into the slime. Kate squealed and quickly raised her slime covered foot back to safety. Slime dripped off of her toes and back into the vat of goo below. “Yuck! It all over my foot now!”

“Well things are only going to get much, much worse my dear,” replied Alice. Kate grimaced, she knew exactly what was coming and was not looking forward to the cold sensation of the cold, disgusting slop against her skin at all. “Right, now you’re in position and have acquainted yourself with the slime, we can begin the interview!”

Alice began to interview Kate, asking her about a number of topics including her already extensive modelling career. It was slightly more awkward than the normal interviews on the show as Kate was raised high off the ground and Alice was sat on her stool a few metres away. Kate also seemed to be quite preoccupied by the large vat of slime that she was poised over to provide in depth answers to the questions. She was still trying hard to keep her feet out of the slime, although it wouldn’t be long before the end of the interview, then it would be more than just her feet getting dunked into the gunge.

“How does this compare to some of your modelling shoots?” asked Alice.

“It’s definitely much worse!” replied Kate with a nervous laugh. “Can’t say I’ve ever been sat in a dunk tank before.”

“I was looking at some of your shoots before this show and I must say some of them are very racy. You’ve done quite a few shoots in swimming pools, have you not?” Asked Alice.

“Yes, a few.'” replied Kate.

“Well, just think of this being a lot like one of those shoots, think of the slime as just slightly thicker water!” alice was trying to reassure Kate as she could clearly tell she was dreading what was about to happen. Kate laughed off the suggestion; this was very different from her previous work!

Alice continued the interview for several more minutes before getting up from her chair. “Well Kate, I think the time has now arrived. I’ve run out of questions to ask I’m afraid.” She walked over to the dunk tank and stood by the two levers that were on the side of the large vat. “Any last words before I do the honours?”

“Just do it!” replied an agitated Kate, putting her head in her hands.

“You should be honoured Kate, you are the first guest to have the pleasure of getting dunked into the tank. We’ve never used it before.” replied Alice. Kate didn’t reply, keeping her hands over her face and tensing her shoulders. “Well, I think you are as ready as you’ll ever be, so I’ll get on with it!” Alice placed two hands on the smaller lever and pulled it downwards, instantly darting backwards so she wouldn’t get splashed with any loose gunge. Kate was expecting to be plunged into the cold slop below, but instead there was a brief pause followed by a familiar click from above…

Kate let out a loud squeal as a column of green slime impacted on the top of her head, instantly covering her blonde hair. The green slime was so thick that it didn’t dome off the top of her head. Instead it streamed down the sides of her hair and down her hands that were firmly pressed over her face. Slime poured off of her hair and down her bare shoulders, running down her arms and splattering onto her dress. She raised her hands upwards to reveal her face but still kept them pressed outwards against her forehead to create a visor that still protected her face from slime. This didn’t prove to be an effective strategy as slime soon started to pour through the gaps in her fingers, sending streams down her features. Kate decided to remove her hands and let the slime pour down her face, hiding her shocked and disgusted expression. It poured off of her chin and splattered onto her chest, streaming into her cleavage. The deluge continued for a good twenty seconds, pouring slime down onto the helpless Kate and adding to the pool of slime below as it dripped off of her. The cascade eventually subsided as Kate sat still on the chair in shock. She knew the worst was yet to come.

Kate didn’t have long to wait as Alice quickly approached the tank again and tugged on the larger lever before retreating again. This caught Kate by surprise and she screamed loudly as she felt the chair give way beneath her. She plummeted downwards, landing with a large splash into the revolting green slop. She was instantly submerged by the slime, disappearing below the surface for several moments. Alice watched from afar as Kate surfaced again, sending slime overflowing over the side of the tank and onto the stage floor. Kate was completely enveloped in green slime and there wasn’t a single inch of visible skin that wasn’t covered. The slime masked her features, but her mouth was wide open in shock. She raised two hands to her face, wiping her eyes before running them through hair, slicking the matted mess behind her head. Her saturated dress clung to her skin underneath the surface of the slop. Kate squirmed at the disgusting sensation of the thick slime against her bare skin inside her dress. The force of the slime had also pulled down her dress even further, now revealing the majority of her breasts and an extremely generous amount of cleavage. The only thing really protecting her modesty was the flimsy soggy fabric that once resembled a dress. She remained largely under the surface of the slime as a precaution, with just her head and shoulders appearing above the surface of the slop.

“Oh my word! This tops the other gungings we’ve had on the show so far! This will take some beating too!” said Alice in astonishment at what she had just witnessed. “How are you feeling right now Kate?”

“Quite messy to be honest,” replied Kate as she ran a hand through her slime saturated hair again. The occasional drop of slime still dripped from the tank high above, splatting down onto the top of Kate’s very messy head. “It’s everywhere!”

“Well, thanks very much for taking part Kate and being the person to christen our new dunk tank. You get £500 for the charity of your choice for taking part today,” Kate gave Alice a thumbs up from inside the pool of slime.

“Right, that’s it for this special episode of Tank Talk. Remember, subscribe to Tank Talk here on Youtube to be the first to see these exclusive shows. Back to normal next week, but look out for more special episodes like this in the future. Upcoming celebrity guests beware! You could be the next one to be swimming in the slop like Kate here. Until next time, thank’s for watching and goodbye!”

The camera zoomed out from Alice who stood well away from the dunk tank where Kate was now being assisted out over the side. The final shot of the episode was of the American model’s slimy body with her soggy dress hanging from her breasts as she climbed out of the vat of green slime. She headed backstage, dripping slime all over the floor. It was going to take a hell of a lot of showers to wash off all the slime!

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11 Responses to Tank Talk Episode 6: Kate Upton

  1. TripleWAM says:

    Reblogged this on TripleWAM's Blog and commented:

    Episode 6 of Tank Talk, this time with a special surprise for the celebrity victim…


  2. yuck53 says:



    Honestly though I have no idea who Kate Upton is which I feared might reduce the ‘special’ element. It didn’t and the slightest researched showed why that what totally suitable.

    Although does anyone else think someone should double Kate’s money for being the best sport and essentially taking two gungings?

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  3. wolf324 says:

    The most epic gunging yet means this has to be my favourite chapter so far! That was an excellent read.

    Although I’m something of a humiliation junkie when it comes to WAM fiction, I actually enjoy that, while a lot of celebrities are plainly embarrased, like Kate here as she gets completely destroyed, it never verges into anything mean-spirited. Everything reads very believably, like it could easily be a real show, and I really like the tone of the series as a whole.

    Really loved the idea that her clothes were so destroyed she had to stay under the gunge as a precaution!

    It’s nice to see you playing around with the format, and I’m glad that will be continuing as the series progresses.

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