Paradise by the Fairground Light: Chapters 38 – 43:

I’m writing this coming off the weekend, which according to the site stats page has been my most successful ever, thanks mostly to my first attempt at uploading a photo set. It’s a little annoying that something I spent around an hour doing is so much more popular than projects I spent several months working on, although if the less time spent equals more popularity equation holds the little side project I’ve been working on I hope to have ready to publish towards the end of October should do really well.
For now lets move away from the subject of Wild Things, onto the subject of the Wild Cats, and SPOILER WARNING. I’ve not worried too much about spoiler warnings in these intros so far, as this has been more character based, rather than heavily plot based, but in these last two sections quite a bit that’s been set up earlier comes to fruition, so if you start here instead of at the beginning a lot of plot twists will be ruined for you.
As it’s getting towards the end things are getting a little plot heavy, with two major plot related scenes along with the normal transitional ones. The messy scene here did go through a few upheavals. I did originally consider a medieval faire based one set in Lodz, but found it wasn’t something I could get started. Then after I moved the scene originally intended for here earlier in the story, when I needed something extra in the Austrian section, luckily though by this point I’d got to know the characters well, so was able to write a good sensation based wam scene to fill the gap.

Chapter 38:

Now normally at this point I skip forward a little to one of the hi-lights of life on the road. Well this time, for reasons that will become clear I’m only skipping to the next mourning. Lilly had gone off to help Katherine, and Hayley had opted to accompany her, in order to make sure everything was O.K. with her mum.. Thankfully after making up in the bedroom, and a bunch of the suggested yellow roses Hayley was talking to me again. This was a good thing at that moment, as when it came to problems with women I was about to step out of the frying pan and into the fire.
Things started out innocently enough. With Lilly and Hayley out of the picture me and Kelly had taken the opportunity to go through a few more of the details for the surprise Kelly had in store for Lilly next week. Then as Kelly was attending to more mundane duties on her laptop I got one of my regular calls from home.
With all that was going on it would have been easy to have forgotten about home completely, but I made sure to check in and exchange news every couple of days. Truth was I’d probably spent more time talking to my dad now than in the previous year, freed from the usual distractions. I’d put on the speaker phone, after checking Kelly didn’t mind, allowing her to occasionally chime in herself.
“I do have one thing I’ve got to talk to you about” said Dad. “It’s regarding Sara.”
I was dumbstruck for a second at the mention of that name, and the fact my dad was bringing her up.
“Isn’t that your ex-girlfriend who caused you a load of agro” asked Kelly.
“That’s about it” replied Dad. “I got a call from her parents earlier saying she’s been trying to get hold of you. Thats despite they were the ones who originally told her to stop seeing you. Apparently she’s already tried to get in contact.”
“Well I had one text last night” I said. “I thought it was just her getting drunk again, and ignored and deleted it.”
“I admit I have my doubts over what there motives are” said Dad. “I was sorely tempted to tell them you’ve already had more than you deserve when it comes to second chances and end it right there, but Francine (that’s my mum’s name) wanted to give them a chance. I said I’d talk to you and find out what exactly you want.”
I paused to think about things before given my answer.
Thats a tough one I said. Looking back at how Saras parents only ever wanted a quick fix solution to the most immediate problem, never looking beyond that, your not the only one with doubts.
Where does all this uncertainty come from? Asked Kelly.
Well Saras behaviour got very erratic towards the end I said. Plus she became very lazy and selfish, often making unfair demands of me, just to make her life as easy as it could be. Her parents werent often much better, looking for a quick fix solution to the most immediate problem, rather than thinking about the future. On the other hand we were friends a long time before we became a couple, right back to when we were at school together. Even now its over as a romantic relationship that is still a long friendship.
I paused yet again as I gathered my thoughts.
What I think you should tell them Dad I said. Is it would be nice if we were at least on speaking terms again, and we could at least check up on each other, but theres no way on Earth Im doing anything thats going to jeopardise my new relationship with Hayley, or my new friendships just to keep giving her more chances. If Sara does really want to just go back to being friends tell her shes welcome to get in contact, but if shes not thinking of anyone other than herself, and going to make unfair demands on me again, tell her not to bother.
O.K. Ill call her parents and see what they say replied Dad.
What are you going to say to Hayley? asked Kelly.
Im going to tell her obviously I said. I appreciate any support you can give me though Kelly, to help reassure her that she is the number one priority in my life now.

Hayley was understandably a little perturbed by the fact my ex had been in contact. She was trusting enough though to not make a major thing off it. After a few back and forth messages with my Dad it was established that Sara would be calling after we’d finished work for the evening. I was happy enough to do this using the speaker phone so the others could hear, as long as they agreed to not get too involved in the conversation themselves.

Chapter 39:

It was around 15 minutes after the show that my phone rand, I recognised the caller ID. Me and Hayley had been sitting in the backstage area waiting nervously. It was agreed the Lilly and Kelly would take bloodbath duties this evening so we were both ready when the call came, although they had showered off quickly, and were both within earshot.
“Hello” I said.
“Hello” she replied.
There was an awkward pause before she continued.
“So how have you been?” she asked.
“Well things have been pretty good for me” I said. “I’m guessing Dad’s told you how I’m now working around Europe with a bunch of friends.”
I opted to be tactful and not use the girlfriend word, although I knew Dad had made sure to tell her before she called.
“That sounds like a lot of fun” she said.
“So how are you doing then?” I asked.
“That’s kind of why I called” she said.
“Has something happened?” I asked.
“Well about a month after we broke up I went out drinking, well I had so much I ended passing out in the bar, and had to be given medical attention” she said.
“Then what?” I asked.
“Well I had to be taken home in an ambulance” she said. “I recovered but 2 days later when I had to go to a doctors. After asking a load of questions he said I developed an alcohol dependency, stemming from the fact I was suffering from depression and an anxiety disorder.”
I was momentary stunned into silence by this news. Looking back it explained a lot about the way things went between us.
“What happened next?” asked Hayley, coming to my rescue.
Who’s that? Is that Hayley?” asked Sara.
“Err yes” Hayley replied. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude.”
“It’s O.K.” replied Sara. “I’ve already heard a little about you through mine and Mathew’s parents. Ive also been on a few dates myself since then. It still feels a little weird talking to you though.
“So why did you call” I asked.
“Well since being diagnosed I’ve been getting regular counselling” said Sara. “It’s not been easy, I’ve had to face up to a lot of things I’ve previously been scared to ever talk about. It has though given me a chance to reflect on lots of things, including what you and me went through together. I now realise that I did let things get to me, and consequently didn’t always treat you fairly. I realise you put up with an awful lot from me, more than most people would.”
“Thanks” I said. “It does mean an awful lot to hear you say that.”
“You know at times like this you do learn who your true friends are.” said Sara. “I’ve been trying to curb my drinking, and have had to adjust my social life accordingly. The number of people who are willing to just forget about me because of this isn’t true. You though, not just as a boyfriend, but more importantly as a friend have always been there. I ended up pushing you away as things got to me, and it seemed easier to push you away in the hope some of my problems would go away with you. I now realise I need as much support from good friends like you as I can get.”
“Wow” I said. “I’m not really sure what to say.”
“Don’t worry for now” said Sara. “I’m told it’s going to be 3 weeks before you’ll be back in the U.K. anyway.”
“Well 2 and a half” said Hayley.
“I’ve learnt not to just expect quick solutions to things” said Sara. “Things are going to be complicated between us, but if you can offer me support, or just friendship I will be grateful for whatever you can offer.”
“Well I’m sure some arrangement can be made” said Hayley. “I wouldn’t mind the chance to meet up and find out what he used to be like” grinned Hayley.
“Well it’s been good to talk to you again” said Sara. “I better go now, it’s getting late here, and it must be even later or you with the time difference.”
“Well keep well” I said. “Thanks a lot for telling me all this.”

Chapter 40:

So now it is time to jump ahead to life on the road. Not that I completely forgot about my chat with Sara. The revelation that what I perceived as a monster from my past had in fact been dealing with a creature of a different sort had been food for thought, and had given me pause for reflection during quieter moments. Hayley had been very supportive over this, and had said she was happy to meet up with Sara at some point to make sure she was O.K.

Of course I said quieter times, but things had been relatively eventful. We’d done the last day in Budapest, followed by a major party around the campfire in the evening, where we all had a drunken takeover of the dodgems at one point. After a lie in the next day we’d taken stuff down, and driven to the town of Lodz. This wasn’t a place I’d heard of before, but evidently was a town that made a lot of money from tourism. We saw 2 large coach parties at different times. The main hi-light was the medieval castle on top of the hill, with a spectacular view of the river, but there were several other large castles along the banks of the river, and plenty of other medieval themed attractions to be found as well. After a late lunch in a Godfather themed Italian restaurant we were back on the road. At this point we had a long drive, back along some of the same roads we’d done a little over a week ago, as we headed back into Austria. After a long drive though we’d made our way North and crossed the border into the Czech Republic in the direction of Prague. Shortly after that we pulled into a service and shopping area called Excalibur City.

Now just as I thought I’d learnt what to expect we end up in the bizarre Excalibur City. It had a large shopping area, selling a combination of unusual souvenirs and duty free items, taking advantage of it’s proximity to the border. What really made it stand out were a couple of things you wouldn’t expect to find in a normal services, like a small childrens theme park, a large building dedicated exclusively to dog owners with pet shops, dog boutiques and a dedicated restaurant, and a number of themed restaurants and shopping areas, like a Chinese bazaar, and a Bavarian castle themed restaurant. We had stopped for a meal and meeting at a restaurant in a large decommissioned aeroplane called Jet Rest. After expressing my disappointment that it wasn’t called Up, Up, and Buffet, and learning the other 3 didn’t know The Simpsons as well as I did, we had a more serious chat.
“There is one major thing we’ve got to discuss” said Kelly. “There are a few problems with are accommodation in Prague. I tried to rebook with Mathew in the party and they rejected the booking, so I’ve had to rebook elsewhere.”
“That doesn’t sound like to big an issue” said Hayley.
“Well there was a hitch” said Kelly. “I found a hotel with a secure car park for the van, but they only had one room free, so in the end I had to book you and Mathew in a different hotel in a different part of town.”
“How different?” asked Hayley.
“Well me, Lilly and the van will be just off Powder Gate, you two are over in the Little Quarter.” replied Kelly.
“That’s like a 20 maybe 25 minute walk apart” said Hayley.
“Oh it will be alright” said Lilly. “I thought you’d be pleased to have Mathew to yourself for 4 days.”
“Well 3 and a half” said Kelly. “We should meet on Friday evening to discuss any business, rather than leave it to the first day of the fair.”
“I still can’t believe you couldn’t find somewhere with 2 rooms free” said Hayley.
“I’m not that surprised” I said. “Given it’s Prague at the height of the holiday season we’re lucky to find two rooms in the City centre in our price range.”
“I did actually pay a little more than normal” said Kelly. “It was that or stay out in the suburbs.”

Truth was Hayley was right to be a little doubtful. A few days ago Kelly had said that now I was here with Hayley she’d had the idea of organising a few romantic days with just her and Lilly before her big surprise on Friday. I hadn’t taken much persuading as this meant I’d get the same with Hayley, even if it did mean a couple of white lies. We’d both had a look at the hotels on offer, and Kelly had upped the usual budget to get a couple of luxurious rooms to make things more special for everyone.

That’s how late that evening me and Hayley were dropped off outside our lovely upmarket hotel, and waved off Lilly and Kelly as they drove away. After all this time on the road this was a bit of a shock, with luxuries like sleeping in an actual bed, a proper bathroom and a breakfast buffet every mourning being a big change to what we had grown accustomed to, let alone the king size mattress, large bath and huge range in the restaurant every mourning.

Now I was a little worried about returning to Prague, even having put things right with Sara, this was the City where things started to really go downhill with us. Thankfully I neednt have worried, as me and Hayley had a great time together. Now I thought it would be nice to be somewhere I already knew my way around. Being with the more experienced Hayley though I soon learnt there was more to Prague than knowing how to find the Jewish Cemetery, and knowing to avoid Wenceslas Square after dark if you didnt want to indulge in the more adult attractions. Accompanying the more experienced Hayley soon put me right as we took in some off the less famous attractions like the Scwarzenbeg Palace, Alchemy Museum and the Vysehrad Cemetery. Another fun thing was the number of quirky attractions like a chocolate museum, the Grevin wax museum and even a whole museum dedicated to Lego models, that helped give the city a unique character.
It was a night though when things really came to life. It helped there were numerous restaurants and a wide choice of shows to see. What we really enjoyed though was the atmosphere you experienced being out at night, whether it be on a busy night enjoying a good time with numerous other visitors from around the world, or walking through the beautiful medieval streets huddled under an umbrella together on a quiet stormy night.

Chapter 41:

Such a rainy night occurred on the Thursday. We were still enjoying ourselves together, but the lack of people about had limited things a little. Hayley had sent a text to Lilly, but her and Kelly were on a night time boat trip on the Vltava River. After a few drinks at one of the bars we decided to make our way back to the hotel, over the hauntingly quiet Charles Bridge.
Well at least well get to put some of those things I brought today to use smiled Hayley.
Do you mean that chocolate custard you brought at that supermarket? I asked.
Theres that she grinned. Plus theres that little surprise I brought at that boutique, that I made you wait outside.
I let out a small giggle of anticipation in response.
Plus I can put some really high heels on she said. I bet youve been missing those, with all these cobbled streets weve been walking on.
My giggle this time was notably louder. As I dared to look at her again I could tell she was enjoying making me blush. In response she leaned in and placed a warm kiss on my lips, in response I couldnt resist letting my hand get a little lower from where it had previously been resting on the base of her back.

Now why dont you take a quick shower said Hayley as we got back to our room. You dont need to worry about getting dressed afterwards.
With a smile still on my face I stepped into the bathroom and took a quick shower and brushed my teeth, before stepping back outside, wearing just a towel. Looking over I saw Hayley sitting on the bed, having taken her coat off and freshened up a little. I noticed the 2 cartons of chocolate custard shed brought on the bedside cabinet, and a fancy looking pink shopping bag next to her. She motioned for me to join her on the bed. As I sat next to her she took my face in her hands and placed a long and lingering kiss on my lips as she manoeuvred me into position, lying back with my head on the pillow. She reached over for the shopping bag, and looked at me lustfully as she pulled out a pair of red cotton ropes. She wrapped the first around my right wrist several times before tying it tightly in place. She then wrapped the other end of the rope around the bedpost, making sure she took up all the slack, before tying that firmly to the post. She then tied my other wrist with the other rope, before taking advantage of my helpless state, by removing the towel, leaving me completely naked. She didnt stop there though. She reached into the bag again and pulled out another pair of ropes that she used to tie my ankles to the other post, leaving me helplessly spreadeagled out on the bed.
Comfortable? She asked as she seductively made her way back up to me.
Yes I stammered.
Thats good she purred, because your not going anywhere for a couple of hours.
I took a large gasp of air at the prospect of what she had in store.
Lets see what else Ive got shall we she said. Theres these black stilettos from my wardrobe she said pulling out a pair of her sexiest shoes from her bag, and this new pair of knickers I brought.
I looked at the incredibly skimpy pair of black lace knickers she had. Well I say black lace, it was more some thin straps of black satin ribbon with a few very small patches of lace to provide a minimal amount of modesty.
Oh yeah she said. I got this for you to wear.
Out from the bag she pulled out a black leather eye mask. I was helpless to resist as she slipped it over my eyes, temporarily robbing me of my eyesight.
Right she said, slowly stroking her hand across my chest. Im going to take a shower now. When I get out your going to have a couple of hours involving chocolate custard, and me wearing nothing but those skimpy knickers and my sexy stilettos. Ill leave you here to think about that.

Given the position I was in there wasn’t much else I could do. My body grew warm with excitement as all sorts of scenarios went through my mind. I grew more and more inpatient, desperate for some stimulation for my now throbbing cock, listening out for sounds that would give me a clue of how long I had to wait. Eventually the sound of the shower stopped, then after what seamed like forever I heard the tantalising sound of her strutting in her stilettos.
“Having fun?” She asked. As she said this I finally felt the warm touch of her body. She mounted my lap and slowly leaned down, pressing her body against mine. I trembled in response to the wonderful feeling of our two freshly showered bodies pressing against one another. She placed a long lingering kiss on my lips, I reached out with my tongue and tasted her freshly applied lipstick, before both our tongues met in a heavenly cares
s.All too soon she broke contact. I could feel both her hands supporting her weight on my chest, as I felt her hips start to gyrate. I gasped loudly, and let out regular moans of pleasure as I felt the soft lace of her new knickers firmly rubbing against my now rock hard cock. I pulled against all 4 ropes that held me in place, as she let out moans of her own in response to my cock rubbing against her crotch. This went on for several minutes, as we both breathed deeper and deeper, until despite my begging, she broke contact with my cock, mounting herself on my stomach instead.
“Are you ready for some custard?” she asked. I nodded my head eagerly, my body tingling, eager for any stimulation it could get. I inhaled sharply as I was struck by the cold thick liquid as it was slowly poured over my chest, slowly covering my torso in a thick cool layer. As the pouring stopped I lay back, my mind driven wild with anticipation in response to the kiss of her warm breath on my face.
I clenched my fists, as first she moved down my body and slowly traced her tongue across my chest in a long continuous streak, before stopping to caress and tease one of my nipples. I think that made her desire some more stimulation for her own as the next thing I felt was her erect nipples rubbing across my chest, gyrating up and down for the next few minutes. She placed another passionate kiss on my lips, this time gripping my bottom lip between her lips. I leaned in as she pulled back, eager to prolong contact. My reward was the touch of one of her chocolate covered nipples caressing my lips. I eagerly opened my mouth to teasingly lick the custard off, which earned me a quiet moan of pleasure in response. Soon I was offered her second nipple and licked that just as eagerly.

Chapter 42:

There was then a slight pause in proceedings as we both paused to get out breath back. Soon enough though she was ready to go again, and I felt her leaning over to the cabinet where the second carton of chocolate custard was still waiting. I giggled in anticipation as her hands slowly stroked my face, and then tipped my head up at a slight angle. I took in a deep breath, and as expected a slow trickle of thick chocolate custard was poured onto my face. I quivered as over the next minute my entire face was engulfed in a cool chocolate facemask. I breathed deeply in anticipation as the pouring stopped and I felt Hayleys deep breathing tantalisingly close to my face. I inhaled in shock, temporarily stunned by her aggressiveness as our lips touched. She pushed down with her lips until my head was deep in the pillow, while pushing her tongue deep down my throat. Her enthusiasm didnt end as that kiss did, as her tongue and lips caressed my face, licking my cheeks, nibbling my ears and trailing kisses across my forehead.
Theres still a bit of custard left she smiled. Where do you want me to pour that?
I grinned as I quickly got a pretty good idea of what she was thinking. Very quickly I felt her finger giving my cock a teasing stroke that caused me to gasp in response. I heard Hayley murmur with pleasure, obviously enjoying the total control she now had over me. That was nothing though compared to my response as the cold custard made contact and slowly cascaded down every square inch of my cock. My breathing got deep and laboured, but the sound of that was soon replaced by a loud involuntary moan as Hayley took the shaft of my cock between her lips, and firmly rubbed those lips up and down while simultaneously caressing my cock with her tongue. As my excitement grew she changed tactic, taking the chance to lick the custard off my balls. With those thoroughly cleaned she gripped the base of my shaft with her hand, and took the top half of my cock in her mouth. With a firm grip she moved her lips up and down my shaft, while teasing the tip with her tongue. I moaned louder and louder, pulling against all 4 ropes as the level of intensity I felt grew and grew, until with one last loud gasp I was overcome with the intensity as I finally came.

It was a good couple of minutes later, and I was regaining my composure as best I can, bearing in mind I was still securely tied up and blindfolded. I could still feel Hayley lying next to me. I slowly became aware of the fact her breathing was getting deeper, and of the occasional moan of pleasure coming from her. I realised she was lying next to me masturbating. I desperately wanted to reach out and cuddle her, or at least massage part of her, especially as the tantalising picture of what was going on entered my head. Instead I had to stay frustratingly passive until Hayley let out a large moan and threw her arms around me.

At that point just her touch was enough to leave me feeling a sense of euphoria, so I was happy just to lie there in her arms until she recovered.
Well that was fun she purred.
Amazing I replied.
I felt her hands on my face as they slid the blindfold off. It took a couple of seconds for my eyes to adjust to the light, before reacquainting myself with her beautiful blue eyes that were looking up at me from where her head currently rested on my chest.
Looks like we made a bit of a mess she laughed.
I looked around and saw quite a lot of the chocolate was now on the duvet and pillows.
How are we going to sleep tonight? I laughed.
Oh there are spares in the wardrobe replied Hayley. Lets just make sure we leave a good tip for the cleaners tomorrow.
Its like the Prater cake shop all over again I said.
Now what shall I do now smiled Hayley. Shall I untie you or not?
I cringed a little as she made a big show out of deciding.
I think youll be alright for another hour or so wont you she said. Think of all the fun well have in that time.

Chapter 43:

So it was the next evening and we were in the Andel region of Prague. This was another area Id not visited before, and was surprised to come across a large area dedicated to restaurants, shops and bars, that had a different atmosphere when compared to the busier, more touristy areas of Prague. This area catered more to both locals and more in the know visitors, although it still had its own quirky museum in the form of the Kralovstvi Zeleznic Model Railway. Most of the model railway was the traditional type, with models of landmarks from around Prague and the Czech republic, although there were a few alternate areas where the models were made out of Lego, or Thomas the Tank Engine toys. This was our second port of call after lunch at the an American Diner Hayley had recommended when we arrived. After that we spent a couple of hours looking around the shops, before heading over to the Plzensky restaurant. This was one of the areas more upmarket restaurants, decorated with a beautiful medieval theme, where we were due to meet Lilly and Kelly for a game of bowling. Yes you read that right, part of this beautiful medieval themed restaurant had a pair of bowling alleys in it, that thanks to the wooden floors, and murals either side of the 2 alleys kept in with the theme. Wed hired out one of the alleys for an hour that gave us a chance for a couple of games and to discuss any issues that needed to be sorted out before the festival we were working at started tomorrow.
Right before we finish here theres one thing I need to know for the budgets said Kelly. Hayley are there any extra hotel charges, other than the usual laundry ones.
No replied Hayley.
That was awful quick said Kelly. No meals in your room? No drinks from the minibar? No pay per view films?
Well said Hayley. I might have damaged some of the bedding last night. I dont know if theyll charge for that or not yet.
What damage did you do? Asked Kelly.
Did you wet the bed? Asked Lilly.
No I didnt said Hayley. I might have spilt some custard on the bed though.
They wouldnt charge you for spilling a little custard would they said Lilly.
It was quite a lot I said.
You know if you just used squirty cream instead no-one would notice said Lilly.
Well if they do charge Ill make the adjustment to your share of our profits said Kelly.
Why just mine? said Hayley. What about Mathew?
Im guessing this was more your doing than his replied Kelly.
Thats true I said. I was helplessly tied to the bed. There was nothing I could do to stop her.
Like you would have turned down a piece of the action, even if you could replied Hayley.
Lets worry about that when we find out what the bill is said Kelly. For now it looks like our hour bowling is up, and we have a table reserved upstairs soon.
Do we have to do that? asked Lilly.
Why not? I asked. This seems like a nice place.
Its not that said Lilly. Its just this is the only night the 4 of us have free in Prague together. I dont want to waste too much time over a 3 course meal when we could all be out having a good time.
Now me and Kelly both knew this would disrupt things in a major way, but we couldnt say that without ruining things.
Its not that late said Kelly.
Yeah I said. If we head out at full pace now well be too tired to enjoy things properly when business picks up later. Lets take it easy and recharge now so were ready for a great night later.
I suppose said Lilly.
There are places in the Old Town we can just kick back though. We dont have to stay here, all revved up with no place to go said Hayley.
Look if thats such a big deal Ill pay for a taxi when we leave I said. That will make up some of the lost time.
Oh alright. If your that determined to eat here said Lilly.

As the waiter led us to our table me and Kelly deliberately slowed down to let Hayley and Lilly get ahead of us. It helped that she knew exactly where we were going.
Thanks for that she said.
No problem I replied. Checking to make sure Hayley and Lilly werent looking I reached into my jacket pocket to take out a small box, that I discreetly handed to Kelly, for storage in her handbag.
Good luck I said.
Thanks she replied.

It was about 90 minutes later. We were all sat around two wooden tables pushed together on an upstairs landing, under an arch shaped old brick ceiling. The dark wooden floors, iron railings on the balcony, and red burning candles gave this place an intimate romantic feel, despite the murmur of conversation from the other customers on the level below us. The observant might have noticed two more tables, and a number of chairs stacked in one corner, but thankfully Lilly or Hayley didnt say anything. Normally this area seated several groups of customers, but Kelly had hired it, so it was just us for the evening.
As we finished off our deserts I exchanged a quick final look with Kelly, she gave me a final nervous nod back. She was understandably a little nervous, and to be honest I was a little nervous of what was going to happen myself.
Now there is one more thing I want to do said Kelly. Its the reason I wanted us to all be here together tonight.
She got up from her seat and stepped around to be next to Lilly. She took Lillys hand and knelt down on one knee. I saw a look of shock joy come across Lillys face as she realised what was happening. I felt Hayley take a firm hold of my right hand as we watched.
Lilly said Kelly, pausing before continuing. Weve known each other for as long as I can remember, and weve now been together 5 wonderful years. Although you drive me a little crazy sometimes theres no doubt in my mind that I love you more than Ill ever love anyone else, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
She paused again before reaching into her handbag, and pulling out the purple velvet lined jewellery box Id passed to her earlier. She opened it to reveal the pink amethyst and white gold engagement ring, Id been helping her hide the last seven days.
Will you marry me?
Yes came the response.
With that Lilly threw her arms around Kelly, embracing her with a warm loving kiss. As they both stood up, tears of joy poured down Lillys cheeks as Kelly placed the ring on her finger. As I looked over at Hayley I saw she was holding back a few tears of her own. As I returned my attention back to the now engaged Lilly and Kelly I caught one of the waitresses out of the corner of my eye, who had stopped working to watch.
Can we have a bottle of champagne over here I called out. Weve got reason to celebrate.

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