Paradise by the Fairground Light: Chapters 30 – 37:

Welcome to the next part of my Paradise by the Fairground Light series, and at 8 chapters it’s a long one. It has one of the longer set up and messy sessions of the series, and before that a large plot related section.
I did consider splitting it into two parts, with a short no mess part, but in the end I decided to keep it all together. If you are put off by the lack of mess feel free to skip ahead to chapter 33.
This part sees the Wild Cats journey continue to Budapest, a personal favourite City after travelling there myself. It includes a few plot developments, that will be followed up on in future parts, and a new character who I had so much fun writing for I ended up expanding her part, and keeping her for the rest of the series.
The fun doesn’t end there though, with the messy scenario here being one of the most fun in the series. It’s based on a not very original set up, but I think I’ve brought my own take to it with a few twists, and it was still fun to approach it with my own characters.

Chapter 30:
OK, the flop is King of Spades, Seven of Diamonds, Nine of Spades.
I bet 20.
I raise 50.
I check.

It was 5 days later. We were currently sitting outside the van at the campsite we were staying at close to the Austria/Hungary border. It was one of the nicer sites wed stayed at so far. It was in a beautiful lakeside location, it also had some nice sports facilities, a swimming pool, restaurant and was only a short drive from a nice small town called Rust, a health spa and a fun family theme park. We were staying here for 4 nights, glad of a couple of days were we could take it easy after a non stop week of. It was late during the last afternoon, and we were killing a bit of time before going into Rust for dinner.
As you might have gathered we were killing time playing Texas Hold em. After all this time I was getting better, no longer loosing as much, and sometimes even coming out slightly ahead. I was currently holding the seven and ace of spades, which gave me a weak pair, but with the potential to build to a stronger hand. Id bet 20 and Hayley and Lilly had dropped out, but Kelly had raised to 50 which I checked.
The next card was the Queen of Hearts. That wasnt much help to me so I checked, Kelly responded with a large raise of 200. The sensible thing to do at that point would have been to fold, something at the back of my mind screamed against that though, with obvious reluctance I decided to pay to see the next card. It was the Three of Spades. I kept my face as strait as possible, even though I now had 5 spades, and was holding the Ace, meaning my hand was unbeatable. I opted to check as the betting opened, hoping to provoke Kelly in to a large opening bet. It worked.
Im betting 600 she said.
I raise. All in 2180 I responded.
Kelly did not look happy with me.
What is it you always say? I smiled If youve not got the firepower to back up a bet just fold.
Fine, Ill check your 2180, prepare to be wiped out she answered. She put in an equal amount, leaving her with just a couple of hundred left.
Well Im holding a Queen and a King said Kelly turning over her cards. Giving me the two highest pairs, you cant beat that surely.
I admit I smiled a little smugly as I turned my cards over one at a time.
Well the only pair Ive got is the seven of spades I said. But I also have the ace of spades, giving me and ace high flush, which I think beats two pairs.
No said Kelly burying her head in her hands.
Wooo I cried, standing up and doing a little dance of celebration. Yes! Yes! Yes!
Calm down Mathew said Hayley. People are staring.
Im sorry I said, returning to my seat. Its just weve been playing this game for 4 weeks now and this is my first really big win. So Kelly do you want to buy some chips off me. I agreed to take Lilly to Vadas park in Budapest after loosing yesterday, do you want to buy that off me.
Dont you dare said Lilly. Its nice to have another animal lover to go to these places to. Dont tell my parents I said that though.
Why not? I asked.
They still hope my relationship with Kelly is just a phase, and it will end when I meet the right man she said. Despite the fact weve been together for over 4 years, and were planning a future together.
Well you did have boyfriends before Kelly I said. Although I admit 4 years is a long time to still be holding on to that belief.
Well Ive had boyfriends, and are sexually attracted to men said Lilly, but Ive never been in love with a man in the way I love Kelly. Thats why I call myself lesbian and not bisexual.
I cant believe your still going to Vadas park, despite the fact were based a short walk from the huge Budapest Zoo said Kelly.
Well its nice to get out in the countryside and see some animal enclosures in a natural environment said Lilly.
Alright, just remember it cant be on Friday. Its my turn to choose the Friday night activities, so Ill need him to help me with some shopping replied Kelly.
You two cried Hayley. Mathews a human being with a mind of his own, not a commodity to be traded.
Sorry said Lilly and Kelly.
Thats alright I said.
Besides, hes my boyfriend and theres a lot of stuff I want to do with him said Hayley.
Like keep you Mum away from the man who gave you that embarrassing itch said Lilly.
I told you said Hayley. All that was is a bit of irritation from not being able properly clean up strait away after our time in the cake shop. Its gone now.
What about your parents Kelly? I said changing the subject. Have they been alright with your relationship with Lilly?
That was a major concern said Kelly. Im from a religious family, and I was worried they wouldnt approve. Since telling them though most of them have been supportive, and the rest just tend to ignore it.
Life at that moment was pretty good. Actually thats an understatement, despite the hard work, unsocial hours and cramped living arrangements I was at my most happy and content for a long time. I was spending my time travelling around Europe doing a job I was enjoying more and more with 2 great mates and a girl I was more than a little in love with.
Our next destination was Budapest, or to be more precise City Park in Budapest, home not just to the afore mentioned zoo but also one of the cities most famous bath houses and quite a few museums in a variety of impressive buildings. In the last few years, thanks to the closure of the old amusement park, it was also home to a large funfair for a couple of weeks every summer. This saw a return to the more traditional way of doing the show, where we did lots of shorter shows, targeting the visiting crowds for customers. I did wonder if this meant returning to my more traditional backstage roll, but the decision was made for me to keep performing, partly because having a male performer helped broaden the appeal of the show, and partly because we all preferred the dynamic of everyone doing a bit of everything.
Being part of a larger carnival also saw a change in what we did after the fair closed at 9pm every night. There wasnt much in the way of nightlife close enough to avoid paying for a taxi, but there was always a campfire set up amongst the living wagons of the various ride operators to meet up after hours. Amongst the showmen and women, was someone whos family owned 8 of the rides and 6 of the stalls present and was here to oversee the running of them, although the fact it gave her a chance to see her daughter while on the road was also a big reason she took such a hands on approach to these commodities in particular, it was Hayleys mum Katherine.
I was understandably a little nervous about meeting her. Lilly and Kelly had bee reassuring about things, telling me not to worry. Hayley had been a little nervous herself about the idea of me meeting some of her family, and had made Lilly and Kelly promise to do nothing to embarrass her.

Chapter 31:

After a number of days just relaxing Friday was a bit of a wake up call. We had to get up early to pack up and spend the next 3 hours driving, making only a brief stop at a large mall on the outskirts of the city centre to stock up at the big supermarket there. Once on site we had to set up the tent pretty quickly. We finished with only an hour to spare before the opening of the fair, at which point we had 5 hours of promotions and shows to get through. By the time evening came around we were happy to head over to the campfire for an easy evening.
Hayley I heard called out.
Looking over I recognised Hayleys mum from the photos Id seen instantly, although there was enough family resemblance that I would have spotted it strait away. Although less youthful her face shape was very similar, as were the piercing blue eyes. She had long ash blonde hair, which I knew was Hayleys natural colour, (dont ask how I know that) and was wearing a worn in looking pair of denim jeans and a dark brown jacket, and was holding an open bottle of alcopop. She came over and embraced Hayley with an affectionate hug.
Hi Mum said Hayley. How are you doing and hows Dad.
Im doing good and Js doing well holding things down at home. Hes looking forward to seeing you again in September. Never mind that though, how are things going with your new man. Katherine replied. She then leaned in to hug me with her right arm.
Hi Katherine I said.
Good to finally meet you at last she replied. Looking forward to learning about the family business.
Mum interrupted Hayley. Its only been seven weeks.
While working on the road together said Katherine. Thats like several years of regular dating. If you dont want to kill each other, and are still sneaking off to cake shops together after all this time you must be together for the long run.
KELLY! Hayley suddenly shouted across the clearing. I asked you to stop updates on my personal life when sending business messages to my Mum.
Oh she didnt go into details or anything said Katherine. And if you do insist on not telling me anything what am I supposed to do. Time was I didnt even find out about your boyfriends until youd already broken up.
Alright replied Hayley. Im not a little girl anymore.
Your never to old for your mum to worry about you she replied. Now Mathew, now Im finally getting a chance to talk to you why dont you grab a drink and we can sit down and you can tell me a little about yourself.

For the first couple of days the gatherings at the campfire were the hi-light. Over the weekend the fairground opened mid mourning, so most of our days were taken up putting on shows with a few short breaks set into the schedule. This did leave a little time to look around the fairground and try out a few rides, including one with rather unfortunate name of Schlittenfahrt, that doesnt translate to what you might think it means. Katherine was also keen to show me how some of the stuff worked, letting me have a look at the inside of the operator booths of some of the rides she owned and even let me have a go behind some of the game stalls.
Things got a little more interesting from Monday onwards when the fairground didn’t open until late afternoon so we were free to explore a little further afield in the day. We spent one day at the hugely impressive Budapest Zoo, as well as one mourning where I fulfilled my promise to Lilly to accompany her to Vadas Park, which was a beautiful place. Other hi-lights included the castle, a number of historic churches and synagogues, and the huge market hall with a food market on the ground floor and an array of cafes and souvenir shops on the first. Despite the charms of the city the part of the day I looked forward to most was the post work campfire gatherings in the evening. Despite being a newcomer I was welcomed warmly, and enjoyed the chance to be able to kick back every evening to exchange news and stories.

One of the most memorable days was on Wednesday. In the mourning we got the metro to Szentendre, a small town a short distance from Budapest. The main area was a long charming medieval street packed with shops and attractions to entice in tourists. This included a number of chocolate shops, cake shops, which saw a few jokes at mine and Hayley’s expense, and a marzipan museum. You may see that and wonder what? It consisted of about 5 rooms filled with bright colourful sculptures, often of cute animals or recreations of Disney characters or other fairy tale scenes. Rather than the more traditional sculpting materials of stone or clay though all these models had been created with brightly coloured marzipan. The museum was fun, and the gift shop selling chocolates and hundred of smaller marzipan figures presented some real temptations.
The subject of amazing gift shops brings me to one of Szentendre’s other big hi-lights, the Christmas museum. Ive heard jokes before about how the gift shop is a bigger draw than the museums themselves, and in this case it was definitely true. The museum itself was just a couple of glass cases in the back room containing some old Christmas decorations. The much larger gift shop though was fully decorated with an array of decorations and lights, with shelves of festive animals, trees displaying decorations for sale and a huge collection of festive nutcrackers. Even as someone who isnt a huge fan of Christmas I couldnt resist making a few purchases here.

We got back from Szentendre carrying a number of bags of souvenirs, just in time for the first show of the day. As I was able to get ready a little quicker, not needing to worry about multiple costumes, and needing no more than a little stage powder in terms of make-up, I ended up doing the first part of the outdoor pre-show on my own. I managed to get the attention of a decent number of people before I was joined by Hayley and Lilly, while Kelly did the ticket booth and we sold an OK number of tickets for the first show of the day.

Chapter 32:

Things got interesting again during penultimate show of the day. Lilly and Kelly where out on stage, where Kelly was singing an upbeat rock n roll song while Lilly was doing a sword swallowing act in time to the music. This was building up to the finale of this act where Lilly walked bare foot up a ladder where the rungs had been replaced with swords. A lot of people wonder if those swords are real or not. I can confirm that although they arent razor sharp they are sharp enough that Lilly would end up with a serious wound if she slipped, which is why Kelly was always there to hold her steady.
Meanwhile me and Hayley were peeking through the curtain from backstage looking for a suitable woman for me to flirt with. There was a good reason for this. For the next part of the show, while all the swords were cleared away, I was to pick a girl from the audience to invite on stage. Once their there would be a chair in place for her where she could sit while I sung them a love song. Once I’d done that I was to present them with a gift in the form of a teddy bear (we had hoped to find a cuddly big cat, but that was the best we could find at a reasonable price while on the road) before she returned to her seat while I continued to blow her kisses and flirt with her. At that point Hayley would tap me on the shoulder and pretend to kick me in the balls. That was a cue for a comedy sound effect and for me to stumble backstage to prepare the paraffin and flaming torches for the finale.
Picking a suitable girl was a skill in itself. Some things to avoid were obvious, like ones with potentially jealous boyfriends, or ones too young, although there didn’t seem to be an upper age limit. Going for the one of the most beautiful girls their didn’t help get the audience on your side, neither did picking a girls who’d be too embarrassed by being brought up on stage either.
“What about the brunette in the third row” murmured Hayley.
I scanned the third row, there were a couple of brunettes, but I think I spotted who she meant.
“The one in the orange t-shirt, here with 2 of her mates” I said.
“That’s her” Hayley replied. “She was checking you out earlier, so it should be fun.”
“She wasn’t” I replied.
“Oh she was” said Hayley. “Practically everyone who goes to any show will end up sizing up the cast at some point. I guarantee half the men are currently thinking about what else Lilly can swallow.”
“Well she’s more an outie than an innie when it comes to that department” I replied.
At that point Hayley had to step away as she suppressed a dirty laugh, the fact she was supposed to be keeping quiet so not to distract Lilly only made things worse.

So for the 30th time that week I serenaded a total stranger, and for the 30th time that week Hayley pretended to kick me in the balls. I hope we never have to do this part of the show after we’ve had a big argument. We then got on with finishing another successful performance. After the show we all waited by the two exits, thanking people and posing for photos. One person who stopped to pose for a selfie with me was the brunette I serenaded earlier who I now knew was called Donna.
“Thanks a lot for that bear” she said.
“Oh it was nothing” I smiled.
“Are you done for the night now?” she asked.
“We’ve got one more show tonight, then we’re done” I said.
“Doing anything after that” she asked.
“I’ll probably head out, and kick back somewhere for a bit” I said.
“My hotel’s got a really nice downstairs bar” she said. “You can come back with me if you like.”
“Err, it’s nice of you to offer” I replied, “but I am already spoken for.”
“Oh” she said, “well thanks anyway.”

It was a couple of hours later and me, the other 3 Wild Cats and Katherine were standing near the campfire. I’d just finished recounting what had happened.
“Aww, looks like your getting some admirers” said Lilly. “Hayley, your going to have to be careful.”
“I don’t think you need to worry about that girl” said Katherine. “A girl matching that description took Stu, who was operating the Peel Out with her when the fair closed.”
“Really” I said.
“Are you disappointed?” asked Lilly.
“It’s not that, I’m just surprised that’s all” I replied.
“Oh it’s quite a common occurrence” said Katherine. “A young woman wants some consequence free passion. What better place than where you’ll find a group of young men who’ll be leaving town at the end of the week.”
“Sounds like a good perk of the job” laughed Kelly.
“I think I’ll avoid asking for that kind of trouble” I said.
“Yeah, it looks like you’ve got your hands full with these 3 already” smiled Katherine.

Fast forward to Friday mourning, and for the first time I had some say in the preparations for Friday evening. On this one it was tradition for the Wild Cats to take it in turns to decide exactly what to do, on this occasion it was Kelly’s turn. She hadn’t told any of us exactly what she had in mind, but had said I needed to accompany her when she went out in the mourning.
“There’s something I need your help with” said Kelly.
We were currently on the rather charming metro line that ran from the fair to the City centre. It was more like a tram line than an underground line, with it’s restored vintage cars, and only running 12 feet or so underground, meaning you could see daylight at every station. Looking at Kelly I realised her poise was a lot more nervous than it usually was.
“What?” I asked.
“Well we’re not just going to be buying some stuff for tonight. I want to buy a surprise present for Lilly” she said.
“Why do you need my help? Why not ask Hayley?” I asked.
Two reasons” she replied. “Firstly her and Lilly aren’t the best at keeping secrets, especially from each other, and I really want to keep this a surprise until next Friday. Secondly things are pretty communal between us, we often borrow each others clothes and stuff, so the only place I can keep it where they’re not likely to come across it is in your suitcase.”
“O.K. What exactly is this surprise?” I asked.
She nervously whispered the answer in my ear.
“Really” I exclaimed. “That’s amazing.”
“I know” she replied. “I’ve made quite a few plans for next week. I hope everything goes to plan.”

Chapter 33:

Now it’s a common trope of TV and film that if someone buys a surprise present for someone, at some point someone else will find it and think it’s for them. I was fully aware of this which is why I made damned sure that Kelly’s present was well hidden in a pocket inside my suitcase. Thanks to the fact we’d also brought a number of surprises for the evening I had the perfect reason to have the van to myself, so I put them away and hid Lilly’s present while Kelly watched the door.

Friday afternoon, then evening soon rolled around, and we were finishing off the last show, which thanks to the large weekend crowd and some enthusiastic promotion had been a near sell out. I was setting up the van while the other 3 were showering after their bloodbath performance. For two of them this was going to be a bit of a waste of time. With one last check around I headed out. Hayley and Kelly were already out there, so we just had to wait for Lilly, during which Hayley tried to ascertain a few clues about we’d planned, but failed to get much out of us before Lilly was finished.
“Right” smiled Kelly. “You two need to go into the van and get changed, then you should sit down and wait for us.”
“What have you brought us?” asked Lilly.
“You’ll find out soon enough” replied Kelly.
It didn’t take them that long to step through and get their answer.
“Oh I should have guessed” Lilly called out.
“I can’t believe your getting me and Mathew involved with your perversions Kelly” Hayley cried.
“Dont blame me. It was Mathew who picked out your costume” replied Kelly.
Well that explains why its so revealing replied Hayley.
“Stop complaining” I said. “I’ll be spanking anyone who doesnt get their uniform on in time.”
“Promises, promises” Hayley joked in reply.
What Kelly said about me picking out Hayley’s costume was true to a certain extent. When she’d told me she had a role playing session, where we’d all be dressing up planned I had been a little surprised, but after the last few weeks I’d become a lot more willing to try new things, which was just as well as to get the costumes I’d be making my first trip to a sex shop. Previously I’d always brought stuff of the internet. Kelly had picked out a black latex boob tube and micro skirt combo for her outfit, and was wearing a matching pair of heels. She’d also brought a pair of costume glasses and tied her hair into a neat bun to give her the sexy professional look she was aiming for. My costume had been a little more problematic, as we found nothing in the sex shop, and the costume we found in a fancy dress shop looked too much like a cartoon stereotype. In the end Kelly had looked on a pinterest group for some ideas, and Id brought a burgundy wool cardigan, a sky blue shirt and a grey pair of smart trousers that Id now changed in to.
Right called out Kelly. Were coming in. If you two arent in your uniforms and sitting down youll be facing some extra punishments.
We stepped through the door. The plastic sheets wed put down for the evening, and the bags with the messy items wed tied shut to avoid peeking was still in place. Most notable of all though, sitting on a wooden box were Lilly and Hayley wearing the school girl costumes wed brought for them. The one Kelly had chosen for Lilly consisted of a black waistcoat with a white collar and sleeves. It had a bare midriff and a low v neckline that allowed for glimpses of the lace trimmed red tartan bra that came with the outfit. The red tartan continued with the tartan miniskirt, tie and the ribbons used to tie her hair in pigtails. Finishing off the outfit was a pair of hold up stockings decorated with black bows, that came up to just above her knee.
In contrast Id chosen pink ribbons to tie Hayleys hair into pigtails. For her top Id chosen a black crop top, with a tie up front that left tantalisingly little to the imagination. The top came with a pink tartan trim collar and a matching pink tartan mini skirt with a lot of black lace trim that exposed even more than the skimpy skirt would have on its own. Hanging from the skirt was a pair of suspenders that held up a pair of black stockings. To finish the look wed picked out a pair of mid heeled shoes from their collection.
Right Hayley and Lilly smiled Kelly. Do you two know why youre here?
No they replied.
Thats no Mrs Scarlet replied Kelly.
Sorry Mrs Scarlet giggled Lilly.
Youre here because of numerous examples of you two flaunting the school rules. Mr Green why dont you list some of them said Kelly.
Youve broken numerous uniform rules with your skimpy outfits, breaking curfew, gambling, drunken raucous behaviour, stealing cakes from the school tuck shop and numerous examples of you talking back to those in authority I said.
I believe you also found some contraband when going through their possessions said Kelly.
Indeed I said. How do you explain these? I reached in my pockets and pulled out two pairs of handcuffs.
Theyre not ours replied Hayley.
A likely story said Kelly. Mr Green, seeing as they like handcuffs so much why dont you let them try them on.
With pleasure I said.
I slowly stepped behind them. I started with Lilly taking her hands and clicking the handcuffs on her wrists. Next it was on to Hayley, I took the chance to flirtily stroke my hand across her cheek before taking her arms, and enjoying the sound of her giggle as I handcuffed her hands behind her back. Having ensured they were both going nowhere fast I took a couple of black scarves out my pocket and used them to blindfold both Hayley and Lilly.
I stepped back over to where Kelly was standing. We both paused to admire the delectable site of our two giggling girlfriends handcuffed, blindfolded and dressed as schoolgirls.

Chapter 34:

Right you two naughty girls said Kelly. Were going to see if youve been listening in class with a little pop quiz. If either of you get a question wrong youll both be punished. Do you understand?
Yes Mrs Scarlet they giggled.
O.K. I said. The first question is for Hayley. Your question is what is my waist size?
What! Hayley exclaimed.
You heard said Kelly. Youve taken those trousers off enough times to have found out. Whats his waist size.
Err, 34 squealed Hayley.
Good guess I said.
Did I get that right? she exclaimed.
Lucky for you I said.
Dont relax too much said Kelly. Lilly, whats my dress size?
Oh God said Lilly.
Heres a hint I said. Youll be in less trouble if you guess to low than to high.
Ill go with …… 12 she said.
Wrong smiled Kelly. Im 14. That means its time for punishment.
We watched Lilly and Hayley giggling, and struggling in their cuffs as we tore open the plastic bag. I handed Kelly a 3 litre bottle of vegetable oil, and took the other one for myself.
Are you two ready? asked Kelly.
What for? asked Hayley nervously.
In response me and Kelly started to pour the vegetable oil over our respective partners heads. Hayley let out a shriek and tilted her head forward as the oil hit her. I responded by continuing to pour, slowly moving the stream about until her hair was saturated with the oil. I then moved further down, pouring oil onto the back of her top until that was soaked in a glistening layer. At that point I had a third of the bottle left. I stepped round in front of her, and playfully paused to make her think things were over. I then went in though and poured some of the oil down her chest, leaving it gleaming with a tantalising sheen, before pouring the last of the oil onto her legs, soaking her black stockings with it. Kelly had already finished, and shed been equally thorough when it came to covering Lilly in oil, leaving her skin shining all over.
Right are you two going to try harder now? barked Kelly.
Yes Mrs Scarlet they responded.
How many questions are there Mrs Scarlet? asked Hayley.
Well youve got 5 each, but I doubt well ask that many before your other 4 punishments get used up said Kelly. Speaking of which its time for your next question Lilly. Its what is my favourite film?
Youve got a couple of favourites though moaned Lilly.
Ive got one particular film in mind said Kelly.
Well youre a huge Hitchcock fan, so I reckon it would be North by Northwest said Lilly.
Thats a guess isnt it smiled Kelly. I know because your wrong, my favourite film is To Catch a Thief.
That was a good guess. We dont deserve to be punished for that protested Lilly.
Why am I being punished again for Lillys wrong answers? Asked Hayley.
Because of your disruptive influence on each other I replied as me and Kelly both took a large bag of flour out of the carrier bag.
We held the open bag over their heads as the squirmed and giggled in nervous anticipation. I tipped the bag to an angle, and Hayley let out a small yelp as she felt a large pile of flour drop on to her head. I reached over with my left hand to distribute it over a wider area. I then took the bag and jerked it in the direction of her chest, a large cloud of flour came out, which thanks to the sticky layer previously left by the oil stuck on, coating her in a white powdery layer. Half the flour was still in the bag, so I held it at arms length a couple of feet above her head and turned the entire bag over causing a huge cloud of flour to come down and cover her. As she sat there laughing I knelt down and took some handfuls of flour and rubbed them across Hayley. She let out a few moans of pleasure as I rubbed it onto her legs and back, although she put up a bit of a playful struggle as I applied a coating of flour across her face.
What is it with you and flour Kelly? Asked Hayley. Every time its your turn to choose theres always flour involved.
You always choose custard replied Kelly.
Thats a nice desert item though said Hayley. I was hoping having Mathew with you at the supermarket would mellow you a little.
Im afraid not said Kelly. Weve got to introduce him to all his options.
What do you mean? I asked.
Well give it a couple of trips and it will be your turn to choose an activity she replied. For now why dont you ask Hayley her next question.
You can probably guess I said. Its whats my favourite film?
But weve hardly watched any films since leaving Brighton she said.
I tell you what I smiled. If you ask nice Ill give you a clue.
Please, please can I have a clue? she said, flashing an affectionate smile at me.
Dont forget to address me properly I replied.
Pretty please can I have a clue Mr Green she said.
O.K. I replied. Its a famous horror film from the 1980s
Well that rules out the recent Pancake Day Films she said. Something like Halloween or Friday the 13th then.
Which one? I said.
Halloween guessed Hayley.
No I smiled. Halloween came out in the late 70s
Friday the 13th then said Hayley.
No I replied. The correct answer was Nightmare on Elm Street I said.

We ignored Hayley’s and Kelly’s protests as we took the next item out of the bag, a carton of a dozen eggs each. I stepped over to the still flour covered Hayley, taking an egg out the carton as I did.
“Are you ready?” I grinned.
“No” she giggled.
I took the egg and cracked it on her head with a moderate amount of force. She let out a high pitched yelp as the contents slid off her head and down her back. I quickly took the next one and cracked that into her hair, this time nearer the front so the contents slid down her face. I continued to hit her with the next four with a merciless barrage, that caused her to break down into a fit of laughter.
“Enjoying yourself?” I asked.
“Yes” she smiled.
“Want some more?” I asked.
Before she could answer I responded by cracking the 7th egg firmly over her head. This created a huge splash of thick yellow mess across her head, plus left a load of eggshell stuck in her hair. I cracked the next two in the same way, then I took the 9th, and cracked it on the side and emptied the contents down the collar of her top, letting the mess slide down her back. I did a similar thing with the next egg, only empting the contents on her breasts instead. The final two I broke over her head again adding to the mess that was already dripping down her face and hair.

Chapter 35:

Right, calm down you two said Kelly.
This is supposed to be a punishment I said. You shouldnt be laughing.
Sorry Sir said Lilly.
Time for your next question said Kelly. Hayley I think its your turn to go first.
Your question is, whats my favourite TV show? I asked.
Im guessing South Park she replied.
Damn I replied.
Thats right I take it she replied.
Dont get too cocky said Kelly. Lilly, same question to you.
Oh, thats easy, its Doctor Who replied Lilly.
No smiled Kelly.
But you love that show said Lilly.
I didnt say whats my favourite show did I smiled Kelly. I said same question to you, the answer to that question was South Park.
What! Thats not fair! Complained Lilly.
Well maybe this punishment will teach you to pay more attention in future replied Kelly.
Just wait till I get out of these handcuffs replied Lilly. Then your going to be in so much trouble.
I bet your already planning your revenge for later this year laughed Kelly.
Dont expect me to hold back on you two then she replied.
Thats enough chatting in class said Kelly as she passed me a large squeezy plastic bottle of ketchup. Time for your punishment.
I looked at Hayley giggling and shaking her head slightly as she waited to find out what I had in store for her. I decided not to tease her any longer, and squeezed the bottle hard over her head. She let out a quiet moan as the thick viscous fluid topped the mess that already covered her. I continued to squirt a thick pool onto the top of her head that slowly dripped down over her hair and face, until it was completely covered in a layer of thick red ketchup. With half the ketchup gone I gave the bottle a quick shake, and then started to squirt streams of sauce across her body, aiming for the exposed parts of her cleavage, and her stomach, all of which still looked beautiful, even when covered in a layer of flour. The last of the ketchup I sprayed over her legs, where it soaked into her already trashed stockings.
So have you learnt your lesson? asked Kelly. Will you two stop misbehaving now?
Yes Mrs Scarlet giggled Lilly in response.
Well if your really good and get these last 4 questions right youll avoid your last punishment said Kelly.
What is our last punishment? asked Hayley.
Now shall we give them a clue or not? I asked.
I think we can tell you that your final punishment is 6 different items, we picked out from the tin goods range said Kelly.
Youll be pleased to know Lilly I did mollify Kelly a little here I said. She was thinking about buying a tin from the pet food aisle.
Yuck replied Lilly.
To start with Lilly, whats my favourite colour? smiled Kelly.
I think its purple replied Lilly.
Well done replied Kelly.
Now Hayley, whats my favourite colour? I asked.
Its green, Mr Green she giggled.
Dont get too confident you two said Kelly. Youve both still got to get your last question right. Lilly, whats my middle name?
I think its Talisha answered Lilly.
Damn! replied Kelly. I was hoping you wouldnt remember.
Yay! 3 in a row cried Lilly.
Oh no muttered Hayley.
Do you not know? asked Lilly.
Well how often does that come up? replied Hayley.
Youve been sleeping with him for 8 weeks, yet you dont even know his full name laughed Kelly.
Do you know my middle name then Mathew? Asked Hayley.
Liberty I replied. Lilly told me. Have you forgiven your parents for that name yet?
Not totally she replied.
Hayley, stop stalling said Kelly. Give us your answer so we can give you two your final punishment.
Well your Dads name is Stan she said. So its probably that.
Damn I smiled.
Is that right she giggled.
No. I hoped you knew me better than that I replied.
What is it then? squealed Hayley.
Im named after my granddad Geoffrey I replied.
Geoffrey laughed Lilly.
Whats wrong with that? I asked.
Were your other grandparents called Zippy, George and Bungle? she replied. Aaagh.
That was Lillys response to me throwing the contents of one of my tins in her face.
Aw, what was that? asked Lilly. Some of it went in my mouth.
It was rice pudding, I thought you liked that I replied, as I emptied what was left of it over her head.
Not when its stone cold replied Lilly.
Thats what you get for being cheeky to teacher said Kelly. Now its time to punish your wrong answer.
Hayley, could you open your mouth? I asked.
She shook her head, giving a muffled negative response. I responded by throwing the contents of a tin of custard in her face. Immediately her face was masked with a thick bright yellow layer. She couldnt resist giggling in response, meaning she opened her mouth, allowing me to throw the last of the custard in her face, with some of it going in her mouth this time. She spat some of it out before breaking into another laugh.
The next two tins I picked up contained backed beans and spaghetti hoops. I deliberately paused, building up the tension. I then turned over the tin causing the orange sauce and the beans to cascade down her hair, and down the back of her neck, while she gave out a quiet gasp from the shock of the cold. Before she had a chance to regain her composure I tipped the spaghetti hoops over her head, which washed some of the beans down, but still left a fair number straddled in her hair along with the spaghetti hoops and broken egg shells.
The next tin 2 tins contained 2 thick soups, a yellow vegetable one and a red tomato one. Having already done her face and hair I turned my attention to her torso. A small smile came across my face as I threw the contents of both tins over her chest, so a layer of both soups now covered the exposed parts of her breasts. The remaining soup I aimed at her stomach, creating another thick layer.

Chapter 36:

I stepped back to take in the sight of Hayley and Lilly. Kelly was just finishing off with Lilly, emptying a tin of curry sauce over her head. Both are victims had been completely destroyed, covered in all number of messy lumps and liquids.
So did you two have fun? asked Kelly.
Yes they giggled in response.
Ive got to say congratulations Mathew smiled Kelly. That is definitely the worst state Ive seen Hayley in after a messy session. Lilly, your up there with some of the messiest things weve done together as well. Now shall we take off your blindfolds and find a mirror so you can see yourself?

Being careful not to slip over I went over and untied the scarves blindfolding both of them. They blinked a few times as their eyes adjusted to the light before gasping as they looked down themselves and each other. Kelly then held up a hand mirror so they could see each other properly, and they both let out a hysterical laugh.
So do you want us to unhandcuff you? I asked. Or do you want to enjoy yourselves a little longer.
Let us out replied Hayley.
Come on, I want to give you both a big hug said Lilly, as she tried to reach out at Kelly with her foot.
Careful said Kelly. This is a new outfit.
Oh come here said Lilly, standing up and trying to get near Kelly as she dodged away.
Calm down said Kelly. Or I wont be able to uncuff you. Go on, turn around, hold your hands out.
Reluctantly Lilly did as she was told. Kelly gingerly reached out at arms length and dropped the handcuff keys into Lillys hands.
Right. Run! Cried Kelly.Hey. Dont leave us cried Lilly.
Ill kill you if you dont come back in here called Hayley.

In our defence we didnt just grab our coats and bolt out the door. We made sure to lock up behind us so no one could get in without a key.
A few people asked us where Lilly and Hayley were, and we just said they were feeling a little tired and were taking it easy at the van. It was only later in the evening, when talking to Hayleys mum Katherine that this was called out as;
Oh, Bullshit she said. I know what you like to do on Friday nights. Plus I notice thats not your usual cloths under your coats.
Alright said Kelly. Not so loud. I dont want the whole fair to know.
Oh O.K. said Katherine. Although if you didnt want me to know about it you shouldnt have used my garden for your food fights when you were young.
Why do you take such an intimate interest with things like this? I asked.
Well Hayley is my daughter she replied. Im allowed to worry about her. She never even had a boyfriend until she was 17, and hasnt had that many relationships that have lasted that long, especially in the last few years. Now shes got someone whos a definite keeper I want to do everything I can.
Well your more than welcome to be interested in the relationship I said. But if you could back off a little with the more intimate stuff it would make things a bit more comfortable for me, and Hayley. Maybe shed then be less reluctant to talk about her relationships with you.
Oh alright, Ill try to cool it a little in future replied Katherine. Just you two be careful.
You know I was planning to make a suggestion on that front said Kelly.
Its O.K, Ill keep quiet said Katherine.
What then? I asked Kelly.
Im thinking maybe we could return the favour of what they did for us in Verona last month. Seeing as they put up with quite a lot tonight suggested Kelly.
Before you get down to whatever that is, can I quickly pop over and ask a favour of Lilly first said Katherine. We need a bit of fencing repaired on one of the rides, and weve got a City inspector visiting tomorrow, so it has to be someone whos got a welding certificate to go with the skills, and all my other maintenance guys are busy.
As long as shes done before the first show, I dont see why not replied Kelly.

Chapter 37:

Now in hindsight we should have been a bit more wary of the fact the lights were off as we entered the tent, but it wasnt something we gave much thought to. Not until we stepped into the tent and were hit by a large splash of some unknown substance. We heard a lot of jovial laughter as the lights came on. Hayley and Lilly were holding a bucket each, and we were covered in the red slime we used for the bloodbath scene, mixed in with a few other bits wed poured over them over earlier.
Oh Fuck! cried Hayley as she laid eyes on us. Oh my God. Im so sorry Mum.
Katherine was still getting over the shock.
Let me get you a towel or something said Hayley.
Oh its only an old jacket replied Katherine. Hayley still passed a towel anyway so Katherine could wipe the worst of the mess off. I wont embarrass you and ask exactly happened Katherine continued. Although I will take this as a yes to that favour I was going to ask.
After reassuring Hayley it was alright a few more times Katherine headed back to her caravan to clean up properly.
Im sorry I said. I didnt know you were going to do that.
You knew what wed done, and that there could still be evidence of that. Im sure she spotted our costumes hanging up to dry Hayley replied before storming off to the far corner and turning her back on us.
Looks like thats my good coats ruined said Kelly.
Oh, we can get it dry cleaned said Lilly. Its not like you didnt deserve that for leaving us to clean up everything by ourselves.
Alright I admit we got carried away in the heat of the moment, Im sorry about that. said Kelly. In our defence we did have something nice planned at bedtime to make it up to you.
Well we can still do that cant we smiled Lilly.
Im not sure Hayleys in the mood now replied Kelly
Lilly went over to where Hayley was silently brooding where she could see her face.
What do you reckon? asked Lilly. Do you want to fuck him or not?
Lilly looked at Hayleys face for an answer.
I know that look. You do dont you Lilly said.
Hayley gave a slight nod in response.
Look like it is love smiled Lilly. The frustration of being angry with someone, and wanting to express that with a major anger fuck. It only happens when its love.
Why am I not surprised you know that look on someones face said Kelly.
Lilly stuck her tongue out in response before asking So what do you want us to do?
You two should put on your best lingerie and heels and lie down in bed and handcuff your wrists to the fixture while we get cleaned up smiled Kelly.
O.K. smiled Lilly. Before we do that, Hayley, seeing is this will be Mathews first time doing this with you; what is a good peace offering he could make?
Hayley responded by whispering something in Lillys ear.
She says yellow roses said Lilly.

With that over I let Kelly take a quick shower first as Lilly and Hayley prepared in the van. My heart rate a little above its normal level in anticipation of the threesomes me and Kelly were planning. As I waited I amused myself with my phone. It was while doing this that to my surprise I saw I had a message from the last person I wanted to hear from right now.

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