Tank Talk Episode 5: Emily Blunt

As always, the events in this story are purely fictional, any representations of the people in this story should not be taken as reality. This story is had been written purely for entertainment purposes.

TT LOGO“Hello, I’m Alice Levine and welcome back to Tank Talk, exclusively here on Youtube!” said Alice, the host. She was stood to the right of the large blue frame gunge tank that was positioned in the centre of the small, round stage. Alice was today wearing a green and grey al6patterned jumper with blue jeans and her bright red hair was let loose, falling to just around her shoulders. “This is the only show on the internet where I get to interview celebrities before gunging them right here in the tank,” Alice patted the perspex side of the tank as she said this. “So far, we’ve had the pleasure of gunging a model, two singers and a female footballer in the tank,” A short montage of the previous gungings was played as Alice said this. “And today we have an actress, without further ado, let’s meet her. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the show Emily Blunt!”

The camera panned over to the left of the stage where the English actress was walking onto the stage from the archway at the back of the set. Emily looked nervous as she strutted towards Alice, giving a shy smile to the camera. The stunning brunette was wearing a white summer dress that was held up by one single strap over her left shoulder. The figure hugging dress went down to Emily’s thighs, accentuating her curves and revealing her legs. On her feet she wore a pair of silver and white heels. Her dark brown hair was parted in the centre and was styled into loose curls, just touching her shoulders. She approached Alice, who greeted her with a friendly hug before leading her into the gunge tank. Emily rolled her eyes at the camera as Alice opened the gunge tank door and ushered her inside. Emily took her place on the plastic stool that was positioned directly under the large nozzle above. She looked up at the gunge that was suspended ominously above her, knowing that she would soon be covered in all of it. Today the slop came in two colours, bright yellow and luminous green, which was arranged in vertical stripes.

“Welcome to the show Emily, how are you today?” Asked Alice as she took her position on a stool just to the right of the tank.

“I’m mostly nervous, but I must admit there is a little part of me that is actually quite excited,” replied Emily with a nervous smile.

“That makes a change,” replied a shocked Alice. “So far all of our guests have been dreading the gunging, so what makes you so excited for it?”

“Well, I guess I’ve always wondered what it would be like to do this, ever since watching several gungings on TV in the past. I must stress though, I think I’m more nervous than excited.”

“Hopefully our gunge won’t disappoint then. So far the gungings on this show have been superb, all I’m going to say is I hope you’re ready for an absolute covering.” Emily grimaced and looked up again at the gunge above as Alice said this. “Right, so the format of today’s shoe is very simple, I interview you until I run out of questions. After that, I think you know what happens next!” Alice glanced over at the metal chain with yellow handle that hung from the side of the tank. Emily giggled nervously.

Alice proceeded to interview Emily about several things, including her upcoming movies and movies that she had worked on in the past. It wasn’t long before the conversation shifted to a more jovial topic, her resemblance to American pop singer Katy Perry.

“I’m sure you’ve heard this many times before, Emily,” said Alice. “But it has been said many times that you bare a striking resemblance to Katy Perry. What do you make of it?”

“Well, I think she’s the one who is the lookalike of me, not the other way round!” joked the actress. “But seriously yeah, we do look quite similar, it’s quite peculiar really.”

“I bet you wish it was her taking your place now, eh?” joked Alice. Emily laughed. “And she’s not your only lookalike either, there has been comparisons between you, Katy and Zooey Deschanel too.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard about that one too,” replied Emily. “I don’t really see it to be honest, but again, she could take my place here!”

“I thought you wanted to be gunged?” enquired Alice.

“Well, sort of. It’s hard to describe, I’m very intrigued. But sitting here actually in this tank is making me very apprehensive indeed!” Emily looked around again and up at the large nozzle above her head. “That ominous nozzle there isn’t doing me any favours!”

Alice continued the interview for several more minutes, asking Emily about many other topics. After the questioning was over, it was time to get to the task at hand.

“So Ms. Blunt, I’m sorry to say, that was my last question! You know what that means now. Any last thoughts before I pull the chain?” asked Alice.

“Is it cold?” asked the actress, now looking quite worried.

“Judging by the reactions of the previous guests on the show, I’d say that it’s freezing!” informed Alice.

“Great!” sarcastically replied Emily. “Go on, do your worst.” Alice didn’t need telling twice. She got up from her seat and put two hands on the chain handle. She tapped the side of the tank before tugging down on the chain. Emily hunched her shoulders, closed her eyes and gripped onto the edge of the stool with both hands in anticipation of the gunging. She heard a loud click from above, as per usual, and imminently the gunging began.

The first small stream of green gunge hit Emily on top of the head, causing her to scream out in shock. “You wasn’t wrong!” She called out as the freezing slop streamed down the back of her hair and down inside her dress against her bare back. Several columns of green and yellow slime began to pour from the nozzle, all attacking Emily’s brunette hair. It wasn’t long before most of her hair was saturated with a layer of thick green slime. Her arms remained at her side, but Emily decided to slightly raise her head, causing streams of gunge to pour down all over her face. She kept her eyes shut but opened her mouth out of shock at the coldness of the gunge as it poured across her skin, obscuring her features. Gunge streamed off of her chin and down the front of her dress, with some even finding a way inside. She squirmed and shivered at the sensation of the cold goo against her skin. Gunge also poured off of her hair and onto her bare shoulders, covering them under a blanket of slime. This shower of slop continued for at least thirty seconds before it began to relent, slowing right down to just a gentle drip.

Thinking that this was the end of the gunging, Emily opened her eyes and wiped her face. She ran two hands through her gunge saturated hair, slicking it back. As she ran her hands through her hair, one single large column of green and yellow gunge descended from the nozzle with great force. It ricocheted off Emily’s arms that were raised above her head, splattering the rr perspex sides of the tank. She quickly lowered her slime splattered arms again and the column of gunge domed off the front of her head. This sent a wave of slop to cover her bare thighs and legs, washing over them and leaving them covered in a layer of goo. Her dress stuck to her skin due to the amount of slime that covered it. The dress would need several washes if it was ever going to be wearable again! The dome of gunge eventually collapsed in on itself, sending a deluge of slop all down Emily’s already covered hair again. Her face also took another covering, but she didn’t seem to mind. She simply sat relatively still, shoulders still hunched as the slime washed over her. The cascade continued for at least half a minute before it relented and slowed to a small stream and then just a few drips.

Emily couldn’t help but laugh as she wiped her eyes again and slicked back her hair behind her ears. She was an absolute state, absolutely smothered in slime. Her ruined and matted hair stuck to head, her makeup was smudged and mainly concealed under a thin layer of goo, her dress had turned green and was saturated with slime and the bare skin of her arms and legs were splattered with green and yellow gunge. She even squirmed as she felt gunge sloshing around inside her underwear. She kicked off her slime covered heels and wiggled her bare toes around in the large puddle of thick sludge that had collected in the bottom of the tank.

“Oh my word, another spectacular gunging!” called out Alice as she approached the tank, having retreated during the gunge in order to avoid being splashed. “How was it Emily, how do you feel?”

“Wow,” replied Emily, seemingly shocked. “I’m covered! It’s freezing and wouldn’t stop. Great fun though, I’ve enjoyed myself.” She wiped her face again and flicked the excess slime from her fingers onto the floor. She wiped her arms and pushed the gunge that had collected in her lap onto the floor.

“Well you’re very welcome Emily, I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Replied Alice. “And remember, for taking part we are going to donate £500 to the charity of your choice.” Emily thanked Alice, who again walked away from the tank, keen to avoid a messy hug from Emily who was now poised to get out of the tank.

“Thankyou for joining us today here on Tank Talk, exclusively as always on Youtube. Be sure to join us again next week for a very special episode with a twist. You won’t want to miss it. Until then, see you next time!” Alice wrapped up the show and waved goodbye to the camera before it panned back to Emily. She opened the door of the gunge tank and climbed out, dripping gunge all over the floor. She was absolutely covered and could be seen to try and seek out Alice to try and give her a messy hug as revenge. However Alice was aware of this and had already fled the set, having escaped the mess again for the fifth time.


There will be a short delay of just over a week before the next episode of Tank Talk as I’m on holiday next week. You won’t want to miss the next episode though, I have something very special planned. Look out for it at the end of the month…

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7 Responses to Tank Talk Episode 5: Emily Blunt

  1. TripleWAM says:

    Reblogged this on TripleWAM's Blog and commented:

    Episode 5 of Tank Talk, this time featuring British actress Emily Blunt!


  2. wolf324 says:

    Excellent update (and my personal favorite choice of celebrity so far!) I liked Emily’s mixture of curiosity and apprehension about getting gunged; conflicting emotions always make for a good read, and it helps add an extra layer to the story.

    Loved the gunging – your descriptions were excellent as usual, it was very easy to read and picture everything that was happening (I love your word choice), and I especially loved the second wave that she wasn’t expecting after she’d relaxed.

    Alice is certainly very adept at avoiding the gunge! She always seems to be one step ahead, that girl. I look forward to seeing whether she’ll eventually end up on the receiving end.

    I will be looking forward to the special episode!

    Liked by 1 person

    • TripleWAM says:

      Thanks for your continued support, getting feedback really does mean a lot to me and gives me lots of motivation to push on with the series.

      As for Alice, you’ll have to wait and see if she eventually gets caught out! 😉


  3. yuck53 says:

    This is a girl i really think is due a messing. I hope this story can live up to my hopes.


  4. yuck53 says:

    🙂 Wow, it certainly did live up to my expectations. I do hope the ‘special’ episode isn’t setting up for a disappointment. Readers may have a different idea of what is special.

    Liked by 1 person

    • TripleWAM says:

      Thanks 🙂 I will be posting the ‘special’ episode soon, I hope you won’t be disapointed. Without revealing too much, there’s a slight change in format for the episode and another victim that in my opinion is well overdue a gunging in a story!

      Liked by 1 person

      • yuck53 says:

        Thanks, hope it comes off there are a lot of victims that could be described thus. I suppose the worst thing that could happen is that you post the story and then someone comes on and directs you to this, this and this story that already feature that celebrity.

        Then again I suspect you’re still being furtive even about that as to why the episode is ‘special’ seeing as that is already the described by you as a strong part of the concept for the series.

        Liked by 1 person

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