Paradise by the Fairground Light: Chapters 25 – 29:

Welcome to part 6 of my Paradise by the Fairground light series, where the Wild Cat’s adventures in Vienna continue. This is another one where the messy scene took some inspiration from the location, particularly from some of the many cake shops I enjoyed visiting when travelling to this part of the world.
The set up here is also a little different from the normal set up of a messy session between the Wild Cats in the van on Friday nights. Doing this lets me use a few new character, but the end result is an intense sensual scene between Mathew and Hayley.
There’s one other little story I want to tell. You may remember a few months back there was an article on buzzfeed about someone asking about their WAM fetish. One thing mentioned was the possibility of irritation that could result from the use of strawberries. Well that was published about a week after I wrote this scene, that uses strawberries in an intimate way. I did wonder if I should change anything as a result, but in the end I just put in a quick line in chapter 30 (next part) making reference to this.

Chapter 25:

Fast forward and its Friday evening, again. All 4 off us are on stage, accepting a final round of applause from what had to be the largest audience Id played so far. Im standing next to Hayley, or tigress as shes called on stage, and Lilly and Kelly are a little further away, both being covered in red slime from their turn in the blood bath. They opted to keep a little distance, not that they wouldnt try to give me or Hayley a hug in that state, but after having to pay for my suit to be dry cleaned earlier in the week theyd learnt their lesson.
Another successful performance said Kelly as we met backstage.
Well lets get cleaned up for the annual showgirls party said Lilly.
You took the words right out of my mouth replied Kelly.

A quick explanation. Id been introduced to a few of the other performers, male and female, by the Wild Cats as we ran into them, and they met a few old friends during the week. This evening though there was a big get together in an alpine lodge themed bar at the Praterdome venue. This sounded like a lot of fun, even though it meant a change from our usual Friday routine.
Is this party why no-ones been to the local supermarket to stock up on deserts I joked.
Oh, your not going to miss out completely Lilly continued.
Dont tell him said Kelly.
Tell me what? I asked.
Theres a little something they do to initiate new performers said Kelly. I best not tell you any more details, its supposed to be a surprise Lilly. Dont worry, compared to some of the stuff youve done its nothing thats going to phase you.
Why would he be initiated anyway? asked Hayley. Hes only been performing a week.
Are you worried about some of the other girls and what theyll do? asked Lilly.
Dont Worry said Kelly. He can handle himself O.K.

I had a bit of a wait before we were ready to go. I was already wearing my stage outfit, which Id been told would be appropriate for the party, so only really needed a quick freshen up. The other 3 though all needed to shower due to a combination of sweaty dance routines and red slime. For those wondering Hayley had offered to teach me how to dance, but we all agreed there would be no way Id be ready to do that on stage before the end of the trip.
Surprisingly, despite having a load of red slime to clean off, Lilly and Kelly joined me first. Lilly was wearing a short black skirt and a fashionable white blouse, while Kelly was wearing a more traditional black cocktail dress. We chatted for about 5 minutes before I glanced at the door and did a double take. I was stunned by the site of Hayley in a hot outfit shed chosen for the evening. It was a stunning red leather dress. It was strapless, had a very short skirt and clung to her body like a second skin. Adding to the allure was a zip down the front, and a pair of matching red strappy high platform heels. Shed also styled her flame red hair to give it a lot of extra volume, and enhanced her already beautiful features with striking red lipstick and make up defining the shape of her eyes. She strutted over and held on to my right arm with both hands, which gave me a tantalising view of the back, where every contour of her arse was on display. I realised I was going to have to be very careful where I put my hands. At least when people were watching.

Theres no doubting the 3 of us made quite a site walking through the Prater to our final destination. Id already been to the Dome a few times, and knew it was a large entertainment venue, based around a large club and a number of adjoining bars, one of which had been set aside for the showgirl gathering. I was a little curious about meeting some of the other performers. Id been introduced to a few, but our own work had stopped us seeing any of their shows.
We got to the bar, and after giving our names to the man on the door we were in. It was a mid sized bar with about 70 people in it. Looking around I reckon a third were men, the rest women. We were among the younger end of the crowd with a large cross section of ages going all the way up to some people in their early sixties. All were dressed up smartly, many including some flamboyant touches in their outfits.
Hi Hayley.
Hi she replied.
Is this the Mathew Ive heard so much about?
It is she replied.
Hi, let me introduce myself. Im Jimmy Bell, of Like a Rose productions.
Greeting us as we came in, and reaching out to shake my hand was the man I recognised as the leading man in the top billed show of the week. He was about my height, in his late 50s with a handsome face and short blonde hair with a slight hint of grey. He was wearing a well tailored tuxedo, although hed already taken his tie off and undone his collar.
Good to meet you I replied, as he confidently shook my hand.
So youre the new Wild Cat he continued. How have they been treating you?
Its all been good so far I replied.
I can imagine he smiled. Believe me, lots of men would like to swap places with you right now. By the looks of things though the position wont be open again.
He was looking at Hayley as he said that. While Lilly and Kelly had made their way over to greet some old friends, Hayley was still holding on to my arm.
Its good to finally see youve met someone Hayley he said, greeting her with a kiss on the hand. How long have I known you now?
Its hard to keep track, it seems like forever answered Hayley.
Its nice youve found someone to join you on the road. he continued. Of course I call my wife every day, but I still miss her when I dont see her that often for a couple of months of the year.
Im not interrupting am I?
Joining us was the woman I recognised as Jimmys co star. She looked to be in her late 30s. Even by the standards of the party she was dolled up, wearing an expensive designer red dress and shoes, accessorised with a fur scarf and gold and diamond jewellery. I immediately got the impression of someone who dressed to deliberately show of their wealth to other people.
You must be the Bengal Ive heard so much about. Im Jessica White she continued. She stepped in close to greet me, pressing her body against mine as she kissed me on each cheek. I glanced aside at Hayley, who I noticed glaring a little as Jessica lingered slightly longer than she needed to.
I prefer just Mathew I said.
So Hayley Jessica continued. Hows your little side show going. Still able to pay the bills?
Its going very well actually Hayley replied. None of us have any money worries.
Its so sweet you all go to all that effort to play in front of a hundred or so people Jessica replied.
I think setting up and running your own show in your mid twenties is pretty good going replied Jimmy. I know some people who were still just unknown backing dancers at that age, werent they Jessica.
In response to that comment Jessica just pursed her lips then walked off. We all shared a quick laugh at that response.
Thats what happens if you let success get to you said Jimmy. Dont you two ever forget what its supposed to be about. Going out every night and having a great time putting on a show.

Chapter 26:

With that advice still ringing in our ears it was time to mingle. There was a time where I would have found such a prospect daunting, having to integrate myself into a room mostly containing strangers. The last month hanging with the Wild Cats, and the last week performing on stage had done a lot to boost my confidence, and having Hayley their to back me up and introduce me to the people she knew helped a lot as well. I still took a bit of a back seat in the conversations after the initial introductions, being the least experienced performer in the room I had the fewest stories and experiences to share. I was still having fun going around the room though listening to various stories of life on the road.
Things were going well until just before midnight, when the music dimmed, and the sound of someone hitting a glass with a spoon repeatedly to gain attention was heard. We all looked over to the far end of the room where a small stage was located. On it I spotted Jessica White and 2 other ladies. Jessica started projecting her voice over the room before the murmur had even died down.
Good evening ladies and gentlemen she said. Im sure you all know who I am. Im here to say a big welcome to everyone whos joined us for what youll all agree has been an amazing and successful showgirl week.
There was a polite round of applause before she continued.
Im glad to report my show has been a sell out.
84% of tickets sold actually. I looked to my right and saw it was Jimmy Bell who had quietly murmured that. Jessica hadnt heard so continued:
And the organisers tell me almost everyone in attendance has had a successful run. Of course for some of you it would have your first time performing at showgirl week, and its become a tradition we invite you up on stage at this point to welcome you officially to our gang. I believe we have Doctor Blue Sky of the Emergency Sirens, Pricilla Stone from my own Like a Rose Productions and Bengal from the Wild Cats.
There was a slightly more enthusiastic round of applause than the one Jessica had got for herself previously as I walked up to the stage where Jessica took me by the hand.
Now we have a special treat for our 3 newbies she said. Why dont you all take a seat.
We were led to a table on the stage, where 3 chairs had been set up behind it so we could face the audience. Me and the other 2 looked on nervously as 3 serving plates, covered by a silver dome were brought out. Jessica stood behind me and placed a plate in front of me, and slowly lifted the lid, before placing her hands on my shoulders. The domes were lifted to reveal 3 giant gateaux. On my right Dr Blue Sky had one covered in caramel coloured icing, decorated with a ring of cream covered in coffee beans. On my left Pricilla had one made of a thick chocolate mouse decorated with a ring of strawberries. I had a taller cake, topped with chocolate icing, with the sides encased in a layer of flaked almonds. On the top a ring of chocolate truffle balls had been used to decorate it.
Now to be inducted into our league of showgirls, and show-gents said Jessica, squeezing me on the shoulder as she said the last word youll need to complete a little task for us she continued. In each of the cakes in front of you weve hidden 5 precious stones from the gift shop here. Your task is to find them. Of course were not going to make it that easy for you. Were going to tie your hands behind your back, meaning youll have to use your face to search for and pick up the stones.
The 2 girls to my left and right had their wrists tied by scarves that had been brought on stage. Jessica though opted to put her arms round me and slowly remove the scarf I was wearing with my outfit and tie that around my wrists, wrapping it around and tying it several times to ensure my wrists were held securely.
“I’ve got you now” she whispered in my ear, before stepping back slightly to talk to the audience and give the signal to start.
Both Dr Blue Sky and Pricilla were hesitant to stick their faces in. I on the other hand paused only briefly, to glance over at the other Wild Cats in the crowd before sticking my face in. After the initial thin gel like chocolate layer I hit a cream like layer, coloured a light brown with a delicate nutty flavour. A little more digging took me down to a layer of cake sponge. I raised my head up slightly to catch a breath, my face now covered in a thin layer of the gateaux. I plunged my head in again, and this time rooted around in the sponge a little, my efforts were soon rewarded as I felt a cool solid item amongst the sponge. I reached over to grab it with my lips, there was a cheer from the crowd as I dropped if by the side of the cake. Now I’d broken the cake up a little searching for things was much easier, it wasn’t too long before I’d found all 5 stones. While the other two newbies continued to search Jessica came forward to again put her arms around me and whisper in my ear.
“Well done handsome” she said. “I like a man who’s not afraid to get stuck in.”
I shifted uncomfortably in my chair, my hands still tied behind my back.
“Why don’t I help you clean yourself up” she continued.
I shifted away as best I could as Jessica leaned in trying to lick the cream off my face.
“Jessica, my girlfriend is watching” I said, deliberately raising my voice to make sure I was heard.
“Oh what can she do?” she asked. “Why not let me show you what I can really… argh!
“Get your filthy hands off my man you cheap slag.”
I looked up and my immediate assumption was confirmed, Hayley had jumped up on stage, grabbed a handful of Pricilla’s chocolate cake and forcefully shoved it in Jessica’s face.
“What do you think you’re doing?” spluttered Jessica.
“Giving you just what you deserve for taking advantage like that” Hayley snarled back.
“What” exclaimed Jessica. “You think you can treat me like this. Your just some nobody from some 2 bit sideshow.”
It looked liked Hayley was prepared to go at this point, using more than just handfuls of cake. Luckily I wasn’t the only one to spot this and several people stepped in. Jimmy Bell came up to help the other 2 girls who’d been on stage hold on to Jessica. Kelly and a few other friends jumped on stage and were just about holding Hayley back. Lilly came over to first untie me, and then Dr Blue Sky and Pricilla Stone who took the opportunity to get off stage and distance themselves from the chaos.
“Right, Everyone Calm Down!” shouted out Jimmy.
Thanks to the commanding tone of his voice this subdued things slightly, as everyone focused on him.
“Hayley. Why dont you head backstage to powder your nose, or whatever while I have a talk with Jessica here” he said.
“Why can’t I deal with her myself?” Hayley replied.
“Hayley, go back there and calm down a little” said Kelly. “I know your mad, and I don’t blame you, but lets at least try to sort things without someone ending up getting hurt first.”

Chapter 27:

As Hayley stormed off stage no-one objected as I went after her. I almost has to run to keep up with her she was going at such a pace.
“Hayley” I called out. “I’m sorry about that, I wouldn’t have gone up on stage if I’d known that was going to happen.”
“I know” said Hayley. “It wasn’t you, it was that fucking woman.”
I nodded in agreement.
“I bet if you’d been single and shown an interest towards her she’d have been playing all hard to get, and waited for you to splash the cash before showing any interest. Because we’re a couple she feels she has to put some moves in, just to show who’s in charge. She doesn’t want to accept that there are men who are off limits to her.”
“I guess some people don’t out grow their teenage persona’s and grow up” I said.
“Too right” she replied
“I remember I was at a wedding last year. The groom went out of his way to make out it wasn’t a big thing, he was just looking forward to the honeymoon. Hell, when the guests arrived he didn’t even know the seating plan. He left it to his mum to scramble up a plan before the bride arrived. I was thinking come on, it’s supposed to be the biggest day of your life. Surely you can let the facade crack a little.”
“What about you?” Asked Hayley. “Were you much different as a teenager?”
“Me” I said, pausing slightly before continuing. “Well I was never one of the more popular kids, so I developed a bit of a superiority complex, believing I was better than those around me. As I grew older though I became more accepting and more open though.”
“Well hopefully Jimmy can talk some sense into Jessica, and teach her just because she’s the most successful she doesn’t have to always parade that superiority over everyone else. You know I think she’s always disliked us Wild Cats because of this” she said.
“Why?” I asked.
“Well because we’re part of the fairground circuit, and don’t work for a theatre company, she can’t use her influence to effect our futures or anything like that. You should have seen how annoyed she got when we included her in a cake fight after our initiation ceremony a few years ago.”
Whatever it is its not worth getting upset over I said. With someone like that all it does is reinforce the sense of power shes looking for.
I guess your right she said, putting her hands on my shoulders. And Ive got one good thing shes never going to have she smiled.
“Do you think they’ll be much longer?” I asked.
“If I know Jessica we’ve got a while yet. Why? Do you want a bit of fun while we’ve got the place to ourselves?” she smiled.
I gave a nervous smile in return.
“Come on” she said, taking me by the hand. “I know the perfect place.”

Hayley led me by the hand, emitting a child like giggle which got more pronounced as I gave into the temptation of love pinching her with my free hand. It didn’t take her that long for her to find the door she was looking for. She nervously opened the door and peaked inside. Once she’d checked the coast was clear we went in. I gave out a quiet gasp of anticipation as I realised where we were. We were in the big patisserie located on the big entrance plaza. This late it was closed, and blinds were pulled down over the window, but the occasional silhouette of someone walking past was still occasionally cast over the window. Hayley didn’t waste any time in heading over to behind the counter to check out the selection of cream cakes and gateaux on offer.
“What do you think? she asked.
“Some of those cream cakes look very tempting” I said.
“I’m thinking we can have some fun with that giant strawberry cake” she replied.
The one she picked up was a large strawberry gateaux, about 8 inches across. It had a biscuit base, with an inch thick layer consisting of a pink strawberry mouse and was topped with numerous strawberries. She looked at me playfully as she came round the counter, picking of a strawberry off the cake and eating it seductively slowly, before taking another one and teasingly feeding it to me. I could feel the tension build as she stepped in close and ate the next one. She then took a fourth one, and teased feeding it to me again, but at the last second pulled it away and placed it down her cleavage, inviting me to take it with her eyes. I started out to reach, but she cut me off with her free hand.
“Your not allowed to use your hands, remember” she grinned.
I opted to place both my hands on her arse, that felt great coated in a skin of tight red leather, and leaned in with my mouth. I caressed my tongue across her breasts, enjoying the quiet noises of pleasure Hayley made, before hooking up the strawberry, and slowly biting into it, letting some of the juice from it trickle down on to her breasts.
“Why don’t we put that skilled tongue of yours to good use?” she smiled.
She went to one of the tables and perched herself on the edge. She placed the cake by her side, and slowly unzipped the front of her dress, revealing her wonderful breasts in full, including her fully erect nipples. She reached over and took a handful of the strawberry mouse, and slowly rubbed it across both her breasts, before looking up at me with lust filled eyes. First I leaned in and placed a lingering passionate kiss on her lips, allowing our tongues to caress each other. I then knelt down so my head was level with her breasts, leaning in so my lips formed a seal around her left nipple, and used my tongue to caress it multiple times. As I did this I felt her hands slip under my jacket, and take a firm grip on my shoulders. I felt her hands slowly caress and massage them, and involuntarily squeeze them as I continued to caress her breasts with my tongue.
A couple of minutes later with all the mouse licked off she pushed me back a little so she could stand up. She playfully chewed on my bottom lip as she slipped my jacket off and undid the buttons on my shirt. She took a handful of the mouse, along with a couple of the strawberries and teasingly rubbed everything across my chest, using the strawberries to spread the mouse across. She then put her arms on my hips and squeezed her nipples up against my chest. She kissed me around my face 4 or 5 times, before slowly gyrating her body up and down, left and right, using her breasts to spread the mouse around my torso. Giving me a playful look she crouched down a little and teasingly caressed her tongue across my chest, stopping to teasingly circle her tongue over my nipples. She then took a hold of my head to firmly hold me close as she placed an intense, passionate, open mouth kiss on my lips.

Chapter 28:

We embraced for several minutes, until she slowly stepped back. She reached for her dress, and slowly unzipped it completely and let it slip off her shoulders. I looked on, stunned by the site of her in nothing but her high red stilettos.
Lets have some real fun she smiled.
She sat back down on the table, and reached over to the gateaux. She took a large handful of the mouse, and slowly smeared it across her crotch, until it was covered in a pink, strawberry flavoured layer. As a finishing touch she took two of the strawberries, and positioned them on there as a cheeky decoration. I looked with a nervous smile on my face. Id never put my mouth near a girls crotch before so I was a little nervous, but at the same time it was a tempting site.
Come on she smiled, reaching out to me with her legs. Just you wait until what Ive got planned for you next.
What? I asked.
Im going to pop a couple of strawberries in my mouth she grinned. Then Im going to wrap my lips around your cock. Youll have my lips, my tongue and those strawberries rubbing against it all at once. How do you think thats going to feel?
I shuddered, my cheeks flushing profusely as that mental image came into my mind. I opened my eyes slowly focusing on the here and now. I slowly knelt down on to one knee, and slowly licked around the edge of where the strawberry mouse was smeared.
Go on Hayley gasped in response.
I continued to slowly caress my tongue across my crotch. Starting with longer strait streaks, but as I grew more confident I wiggled my tongue left and right more in order to create more stimulation. In response Hayley lay back completely, moaning in response to my actions. My heart beat quickened as I realised she was surrendering full emotional control to me. I eyed the two strawberries she’d put in place. I teased one with my tongue, letting the cool soft texture rub across her crotch, before delicately picking it up between my lips and savouring the sweet taste. I started the same way with the other one, but this time I caressed the strawberry over to the entrance of her pussy, and slowly pushed it in with my tongue. I heard her gasp sharply, but the sensation of the strawberry along with my tongue caressing the sides of her pussy was more than enough to quell any objections. I moved back a little, this time reaching in to her pussy with my middle and index fingers. I took the strawberry and slowly pressed it against her clit, she quietly gasped as I crushed it into a squidgy mess that I slowly caressed around her insides, causing her to breath deeply. She lifted her head up as I removed my fingers, she shook her head a little as she saw me reaching for my wallet where she knew I’d started keeping a condom. A sign of how my sex life had become more unpredictable and spontaneous since I started dating her. I removed my trousers and underpants, and slipped a latex sheaf over my now throbbing cock. She squealed loudly with pleasure as my cock entered her pussy, eagerly rocking her hips, driven wild as the crushed strawberry squelched between the walls of her pussy and my cock. I reached over and pinned her wrists to the table, knowing that would increase the excitement she felt. She rocked her hips repeatedly, moaning with every thrust, until her fists clenched, and I felt her arms struggle to contract against where I’d pinned them down. She let out a prolonged moan of pleasure, before her body finally relaxed.
I only gave her a quick chance to catch her breath before thrusting my cock into her again.
“Oh my God” she gasped, as I realised I wasn’t going to let her come down emotionally just yet.
I continued to thrust my cock in and out of her. Both our breathing got deeper and deeper, both breathing in unison in response to my actions. Soon she started to thrust her hips again, matching my ever quickening rhythm, until we both let out simultaneous moans, both overcome by an intense powerful orgasm.

It was a couple of minutes later. We were gazing into each others eyes, slowly catching our breath when: Knock-Knock-Knock.
We exchanged looks of shock as we heard knocking on the same door we’d entered the shop by. As we heard the handle turn we slid of the table, hiding behind it. As the door opened the light switch was turned on, and we heard the sound of slow deliberate footsteps we both reached for our cloths as quietly as we could.
“Come on you two. I know where you are. I can see the mess you’ve made.”
We recognised that as Lilly’s voice. Normally we’re more than glad of her presence, but on this occasion;
“Go Away!” Hayley called out.
“Yeah, I guessed right, theyre here” Lilly called out to someone unseen. “Come on you two, we want to get things sorted so we can go back to partying.”
“Oh Alright” sighed Hayley. “Give us 5 minutes.”
“You’ve not got that” a voice I recognised as Kelly’s called. “Jimmy and Jessica have seen us and are coming this way.”

Chapter 29:

We threw on our cloths, and wiped off any excess mouse as quickly as we could. Even so there was the mess on the table, and our cloths and hair were obviously dishevelled. This earned us a raised eyebrow from he so far unflappable Jimmy, and a look of disbelief from Jessica.
What on earth do you think you two are doing? Jessica asked.
I reached out to put a calming hand on Hayleys shoulder, before she responded too aggressively. Thankfully Jimmy was there to intervene.
Theyve been doing the sort of thing Im sure lots of young and in love couples get up to he said. Im sure theyre planning to leave a twenty behind each to pay for the cake and the clean up.
I nodded in agreement. In all honesty it wasnt something Id stopped to think about until now, but it was a fare point.
Now Jessica Jimmy continued. Why dont you say what you were going to say, so we can all go back to enjoying the party.
Jessica clenched her hands together in front of her and looked down at the floor before continuing.
Im sorry I took advantage of you during your initiation Mathew, and sorry I tried it on with your boyfriend Hayley. Jessica said. It didnt sound that heartfelt or sincere. In fact I kind of got the impression she hoped Hayley would respond negatively. Thankfully Hayley was now thinking a little clearer.
Thank you. Its good of you to say that Hayley said.
There was a brief pause in conversation before things continued.
Right said Jimmy. If thats all been dealt with, and no ones going to hold a grudge, lets get back to that party were missing.
You guys go ahead said Hayley. Well catch up later.
No Hayley said Kelly. Weve dealt with enough trouble already, without having to explain your further absence away.
Oh come on said Hayley.
Sorry but people will ask if you dont get back soon said Lilly.
Fine sighed Hayley. She reached over for a couple of strawberries. Ill guess well have to finish our fun with these when we get back to the van she smiled at me. At least Ill have my handcuffs there. Im sure thatll make things worth the wait.
Mathew called Kelly. Mathew.
Sorry I blushed. I got a little lost there.
My god Kelly exclaimed Jessica. How do you and Lilly put up with these two carrying on like horny teenagers all the time? With that last word Jessica walked out, presumably back to the main party.
Oooo, lets tell her the answer said Lilly. Imagine the look on her face when she finds out.
No, I think Ive had as much excitement as I can handle for one night said Jimmy.
Lilly, why dont you take Hayley so she can clean up some of that mess I can still see on her said Kelly. Itd be nice if you could clean her dirty mind a little as well, but I suspect thats a lost cause.
Hayley stuck her tongue out at Kelly, before giving me a quick kiss on the cheek, before leaving with Lilly, not forgetting to leave 20 behind to pay for her half of the cake.
While were in private how are you and Lilly doing? asked Jimmy.
As amazing as ever. replied Kelly. This little summer of love were all having on the road together has been especially wonderful.
Thats good to hear replied Jimmy. By the way Mathew well done for calming Hayley down. I wasnt sure we could avoid things coming to blows she was so angry earlier.
Thanks I said. On the same subject what happened after we left?
Well Jessica was demanding an apology, and making a load of threats, saying shed refuse to work until our show had been shut down said Kelly.
Not something she could really do said Jimmy. She might think shes a big star, but shes not big enough that shed keep getting work if it got out that she refused to perform over a personal grudge. She cant get a reputation for causing too much trouble either. Once Id explained this, and pointed out everyone in the room had seen her try to take advantage of another performers boyfriend she had no choice really other than to accept she took things a little too far.
Why was I invited up on stage in the first place? I asked. Surely you must have known something like this would happen.
Wed thought there would be some teasing and attempts to embarrass you, but nothing you couldnt handle said Kelly. Wed have made sure you got to get your own back afterwards.
Hayley said Jessica had some kind of grudge against you. I said.
Well she might not be too fond of us, but were hardly the only ones who arent afraid to stand up to her. I think things are a little more personal than Hayley might like to admit said Kelly.
Hows that? I asked.
Well its not obvious now, but Hayley was a late bloomer. She didnt really find her confidence until near the end of her teens. She spent a lot of her early teens being overlooked, seeing boys she liked ending up with more popular girls said Kelly. I think Jessicas habit of lording her success over people does bring up some of those old insecurities sometimes.
Hopefully after tonight everyone will have learnt their lesson said Jimmy.
After saying that about Hayley you and her make a lot more sense smiled Kelly.
Thanks, I think I replied.
Well youve changed quite a bit from the quiet shy man you were 6 weeks ago said Kelly. Your now performing on stage, joining the mix at parties, and youve got women fighting over you. Thats not that bad going.
Just try not to cause any more fights I have to deal with said Jimmy.

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