Paradise by the Fairground Light: Chapters 20 – 24:

Welcome to part 5 of my Paradise by the Fairground Light series, where we head into Vienna. For this section I did change things around a little, when I realised I was going long on the story sections due to the large amount going on at this point. This left a large gap in between messy scenes. To counter this I brought forward a scene that I had planned for later in the story, which I managed to find a way to slot in here easily enough. I’m actually rather pleased that did happen, not just because it’s a nice scene, but because it fits in very well with the character development I had in mind at this stage of the story.

Chapter 20:

It was a few days later, we were waking up. Me and Hayley were snuggled up together, only;
Only to have our peace disturbed.
Lilly, cant you get that alarm fixed Hayley groaned.
Its not broken Lilly replied. (Beep-Beep!) Someone was probably checking out the van and set it off.
Its true the extravagant decoration of the Wild Cats van had got a lot of notice now we were away from the carnival, and quite a few people were up and about on the campsite at this time of mourning.
Mathew could you turn it off? Lilly asked.
Why me? I asked.
Because youre the man Lilly replied.
Remind me to take a photo of you later Lilly I said as I got up with a groan.
Why? Lilly asked.
Beep-Be…” That was better.
So I can show people what a feminist looks like I replied.
Uuhc ooo was the response I got from under the blankets where Lilly and Kelly where lying.
Lilly, are you and Kelly playing with that ball gag again? I asked.
We might be she smiled. Your quite comfortable with it now arent you I heard her purr at Kelly.
Dont you two ever just cuddle? I asked as I rejoined Hayley.
Thats coming from you? Lilly exclaimed.
What? I asked.
Ive fitted custom suspension on this van Lilly said. The way you two are rocking it your going to break it before the end of the trip.
At least were not breaking out the toys every mourning I said.
Hey, you should see us back home replied Lilly. There I like to imprison Kelly and make love to her over the course of several hours.
Really I asked.
Really, Really Lilly replied. Hey Hayley, are you sure you dont want to give our side a go. If he thinks lasting that long is so unusual I reckon your missing out.
Captain here does more than enough to satisfy me thank you she said. I blushed a little as she put her arms around me. We just have different styles of expressing our love, thats all. I like comparing are love lives to famous water features.
How? I asked.
Well I compare Lilly and Kellys love life to a Versailles fountain, a continuous, ongoing, beautiful spectacle. she explained.
So what are you then asked Lilly.
Well you know one of those geysers you get at Yellowstone National Park she replied.
Ai-eee replied Kelly.
I get the picture said Lilly.
Speaking of which she said snuggling up to me. How is old faithful feeling this mourning Captain.

That was a brief sample from my life on the road. It was a few days since the end of the Verona Carnival and we were back on the road. Ill give you a quick run down of what weve been up to since then.
The first day after the carnival was notable because we did absolutely nothing. The first such day in 4 weeks. After dedicating so much energy to the shows, and a long journey on the road between Brighton and Verona we were glad for the chance of a day where we could just be as lazy as we wanted.
The next day we had to dismantle the tent and pack up the van. With that done in the mourning it was suggested we drive over to Venice for the afternoon. A city that even beat Verona for historic beauty and romance, including one the most spectacular view Ive ever seen from the top of the bell tower in St Marks Square.
The day after that we headed down to another Italian theme park called Mirabilandia. I was shocked by how this park had 3 major roller coasters that rivalled anything Id done in the UK, as well as some good dark and water rides. I couldnt believe Id never heard of this place before?

That brings you up to date with life on the road, and to this mourning, where the vans alarm going off was the first incident of note today. After a few days of both rest and relaxation we had a long drive in the direction of Vienna where our next big run of shows was to start very soon. Little did I know it would also be the start of a big change in my role in the team. Things came to fruition when we pulled into a service area for lunch, where we took advantage of the free wifi to hold an informal meeting.

Chapter 21:

Well we can now have a quick look at the results from are time in Verona said Kelly. The good news is were up by almost 400 tickets on our usual amount.
Thats good said Lilly. Do you think you know why?
Well it looks like having Mathew along has paid off Kelly replied. From what I gathered having an extra person giving out pamphlets helped draw more people in.
Thats good replied Lilly.
This brings us on to our next booking continued Kelly. Youll find things a little different to what youve experienced so far Mathew.
Hows that? I asked.
Well there are no big fairs or carnivals for a few weeks so most showmen are making do with the smaller weekend events during that time explained Kelly. We though, thanks to some of Hayleys family contacts, are setting up during a special event week at the Weiner Prater. Have you ever heard of the Prater in Vienna?
It means nothing to me I smiled.
You couldnt resist that could you said Kelly. Well Ultravox references aside the Prater is a large fairground permanently set up in a public park in Vienna. They have a huge number of rides and restaurants, as well as a few attractions set up in permanent buildings like nightclubs, casinos and a waxworks.
So if theyve already got lots of attractions why are we being brought in for the week? I asked.
They have a special event on called showgirls week answered Hayley. Its a week of different variety shows they put on around the park, with the emphasis on female performers, although quite a few male ones are involved in the shows as well. A couple of years ago we managed to convince the organisers to include us in the line up. A big selling point being we have our own travelling theatre, so they could expand their line up without much additional hassle.
Being part of an organised week of shows means there will be a few changes said Kelly. Remember how you said the shows were longer in Vernona. Well here theyre even longer, lasting almost 2 hours.
That long I said.
Thats why we only do one or two shows a day said Kelly. Of course for a show that long we make a good amount of money for each ticket we sell, even after the organisers have taken their commission.
Its also a nice chance to do some personal favourite songs and dances, which we dont normally have time to do said Lilly.
Another big plus is the organisers will be doing most of the promotional work for us, meaning well have all of our days free. said Kelly.
Ah good said Hayley. Im definitely taking a bit of time out for a bit of retail therapy, and maybe a spa afternoon. I dont think you can say we havent earned it.
Dont forget the zoos said Lilly. Theres no way Im missing them.
Are they any good? I asked.
Well Vienna Zoo claims to be the oldest zoo in the world replied Lilly. It is one of the most beautiful zoos Ive been to.
And believe me shes been to quite a few interrupted Kelly.
It also has a lot of good animals, including one of the few places in Europe you can see Giant Pandas Lilly continued.
Im sure well manage a day at the zoo Lilly said Kelly.
Dont forget the Haus Du Meeres Lilly replied.
Whats that? I asked.
Its an multi floor indoor zoo and aquarium. Theyve got sea turtles, and a walkthrough rainforest area with little monkeys and birds roaming free Lilly replied.
As fun as that sounds Lilly, Im only going to do more than the main zoo if it rains a lot and need an indoor attraction for the day replied Kelly.
Well I can always pay a visit while you and Hayley are shopping for clothes or getting your hair done replied Lilly. What about you Mathew? Do you want to come?
Well I dont think therell be much for me to do if you two are out shopping together. As long as I get enough time to see the Prater and some of Viennas other sites as well I guess Ill come I replied.
Youve got plenty of time said Hayley. Well be based their for nine days.
Are we? I asked. Kellys computer is only showing seven.
Thats the report from the organisers of showgirl week that runs from Monday to Sunday explained Kelly. So far theyve already sold a little over half the tickets. With them selling more to visitors, and passing trade that should go up to around two-thirds to three-quarters. The extra 2 days are the weekend before the official start. Weve not pre-sold any tickets for that, but well put on a couple of shows, selling tickets at a discount to passing trade. We probably wont make much money from those shows, but its a chance to run through the 2 hour show, and work out any kinks, before doing the big money making shows.
Its also a chance to see how our new member does on stage smiled Hayley.
What new member I asked.
We mean you relied Lilly.
Me I exclaimed. Ive never performed on stage before.
Well neither had any of us when we first started said Hayley.
Yeah, but what can I do out there? I asked.
Well your actually a pretty good singer said Kelly. Were thinking you could go out and do a few songs to give us three a few breaks between routines. Doing a full two hour show with just the 3 of us is really tough going
What if Im no good on stage? I asked.
Thats why were going to try you out on these dry runs first replied Kelly.
Go on. Itll be fun said Hayley. Whats the worst that can happen.
I could really screw up in front of a large audience I replied.
Oh people arent that bad said Hayley. As long as you look like your having fun up there people will want to join in with you.
Plus we can teach you to some of the cool things we do on stage said Lilly.
Like what? I asked.
We can teach you how to breath fire, so you can take part in the big routine at the end of the show replied Lilly.

Chapter 22:

Thats how I ended up backstage on Saturday evening, waiting to go on for the first time. Over the last 36 hours quite a bit of preparation had been done. Wed gone over various songs, and chosen some that fit in with the show I was familiar with. Just to make sure Kelly had printed out the lyrics, which wed taped to the floor of the stage.
Id also been out with Hayley to a vintage cloths shop to buy an outfit to wear on stage. Wed gone with dark dress shoes and trousers with a dark blue shirt. To jazz things up a little wed also picked out a black waistcoat decorated with a floral design with black sequins and a maroon scarf.
I took a chance to peak through the curtains as the audience came in. Wed sold about 70 tickets by virtue of the work done on the outside stage before the show. I took a sip of water to counter where my throat was a little dry with nerves.
Are you O.K? Hayley came up to ask me, dressed up in the flamboyant costume used in the opening dance routine.
Just about I replied.
Dont worry she said. Youll be great, and Ill be out there to get you through your first song.
It had been decided that Id introduce myself after the first dance number, at which point me and Hayley would do a duet for the first song, before I did a solo song while she got changed in to her next costume. After that Id be going out four more times during the show to sing a couple more songs to give the other three a break. I saw Lilly give the signal from the control console, the lights over the audience dimmed and the murmur coming from them stopped. The music started and the other three stepped out for the opening dance routine while I nervously waited backstage. All to soon the first song was over, Lilly and Kelly brushed past me as the applause died down, which was my cue to join Hayley out on stage.

So how do you think you did?
It was a couple of hours later, and wed all gathered at the Schweizerhaus, The Praters biggest beer garden for post show food and drink. That last question came from Kelly.
Not too badly I said. I know I fumbled over the words once or twice, but I didnt loose it completely at any point.
Yeah your nerves did come across a little replied Kelly, but once youve had a few more goes and are able to put a bit more personality into your performance you have the potential to be pretty good.
I think your being a bit harsh said Hayley. Considering youd never done anything like this before and had less than 48 hours to plan. She then put her arm around me and gave me an affectionate kiss on the cheek.
Your good enough for us to keep you as an on stage performer said Lilly. Which raises one question, whats your stage name going to be? We cant keep calling you Mathew when were using the names Tigress, Panther and Jaguar.
Theres a few other big cat names we cant really use, mainly cheetah and cougar said Hayley.
Hang on said Kelly opening her laptop. Theres a website where all the big cat names are listed. There was a brief pause as she typed a few things in, and started reading the list. Theres Lion and Leopard, although theyre not particularly catchy names. Youve got Puma, thats a possibility. Theres Lynx, Serval, Ocelot or Bobcat.
I think Ocelots the one Id choose from that list I said.
What about a name related to big cats suggested Hayley.
Like Simba or Mufasa asked Lilly.
Or linked to my Tigress name, like how a Panther is a type of Jaguar replied Hayley.
Is it? I asked.
Yes, a Black Panther is either a Melanistic Leopard or Jaguar explained Kelly.
How about Bengal as a name then? I asked. Thats a type of Tiger.
That could work said Lilly.
Well take a bit of time to think about it said Kelly.
In the meantime grinned Hayley I think you did well enough to earn a little bonus. Why dont we head back to the tent and I can show you what it is.

We left Lilly and Kelly to enjoy the charms of the Schweizerhaus for a bit longer. About ten minutes later I was waiting a little nervously in the backstage area, Hayley had grabbed a few things she insisted stayed as a surprised and headed into the van. I got the feeling I was having to wait a little longer than necessary, but resisted the temptation to take a sneak peak into the van.
“Oh I’m ready Captain” she cheerfully called out. “Why don’t you come and get me.”
Needless to say I didn’t need any more encouragement. I nervously stepped in the van. For a second I wondered where she was, until I looked down and saw her seductively reclined in one corner. She’d clearly made an effort with her looks and the sight was delectable. She’d applied shocking pink lipstick, and had put on a pair of high platform stilettos. Both things she new would drive me wild. She’d also put on a pair of the cat ears she used in the show, and a leopard skin top. Unlike in the show where she wore a short skirt, hot pants or leggings with that top, all she wore was a pair of lacy black knickers along with a sexy pair of stockings and suspenders. That wasn’t the most alluring thing she wore though, that was 2 pairs of handcuffs. She’d clicked one around each wrist, and secured those wrists to a fixture above her head, leaving her totally at the mercy of my will. I wasted little time closing in on her, exchanging alluring smiles as we did. As I mounted my body on top of hers I noticed she’d arranged 3 cans of shaving foam within easy reach.
“Hoping for some real fun” I smiled, while taking the chance to fondle one of her defenceless breasts.
“Yes” she grinned back. Pulling on the handcuffs to emphasise things.
I kept my right hand on her breast, but placed my left hand on her cheek as I leaned in for a long lingering kiss, savouring the taste of that pink lipstick. We didn’t break eye contact as I drew back. I reached for the first can of foam, gave it a quick shake, and let Hayley watch as I sprayed a large handful onto my left hand.
“So where shall I put this” I teased, holding the foam inches in front of Hayley’s face. “You’ve made such an effort to look beautiful, it would be a shame to ruin that by shoving this in your face.”
Hayley giggled nervously in response, fully aware there was no way she could avoid what was coming.
“On the other hand” I smiled.
Hayley closed her eyes as I teasingly made her wait for the inevitable. “Come on” she said.
It was a few seconds later, when I firmly foamed her face. She let out a stifled giggle as I wiped my left hand across. I took the can in my right hand, and continued to empty the contents over her head, wiping it across her face, and in to her hair, until a minute later when the first cans contents spluttered to a halt, and she was left with her whole head covered in a layer of thick white foam. I wiped her eyes so we could make eye contact, a huge smile was on her face.
“Enjoying yourself?” I asked.
“Yes” she replied.
“Do you dare me to kiss you?” I asked.
“Go on then” she said.
I leaned in. This time we both opened our mouth as we kissed, our lips pulsated against each others, as our tongues flicked out, tantalisingly exploring each others mouths.

Chapter 23:

I reached down, and slowly slid her top up her body, revealing the tantalising sites underneath, including her beautiful breasts, a site that would never loose its allure. I tore my eyes away briefly to look at the equally beautiful site of her smiling foam covered face.
I took a second to access my options as I reached for the second can. I sprayed a large handful on to my left hand, and slowly massaged it on to her breasts. Encouraged by the ecstatic smile on her face I slowly teased her nipples with my fingers, before gently caressing my hands across the surface of her breasts, before giving them both a gentle squeeze. I paused to lustfully look her in the eye, before leaning in to kiss her on the stomach. I took the can, and she let out a short high pitched laugh as the cool foam formed a thick pile on her stomach. Encouraged by her joy I emptied the rest of the can over her stomach and breasts, that provided a large pile, but not quite large enough, so I took the last can, and added about half the contents, leaving a large pile of foam over her whole torso.
So what shall I do with all that foam? I asked.
I reached up to her top again, and slowly pulled it slowly down over the foam, leaving it sandwiched between her body and top. I placed both my hands on her chest, allowing the foam to slide around between her top and her skin. She closed her eyes, and quietly moaned in response to my touch as every part of her torso was caressed with a foamy embrace.
I bet you wish you could get out those cuffs now I smiled. And Ive not even filled up your knickers yet.
Oh my God was the only reply she could muster. With a teasing smile I pulled the elastic of her knickers out, and started to spray foam inside them. She started giggling, as they started to fill, until Id emptied all the remaining foam into them. I let the elastic close, and playfully fondled her crotch, swishing around the large lump of foam that was compressed in them.
As I was doing this I heard some familiar footsteps outside in the backstage area, soon accompanied by a familiar voice.
I thought youd two would be making a lot more noise by now I heard Kelly call out.
Lilly couldnt hold back her curiosity and quickly had her head through the door.
I wondered exactly what you had planned when you brought that foam earlier Lilly smiled.
Lilly came over to lie besides us to have a closer look.
Whats happening with her top there? she asked.
She reached over and slid her hand across her stomach, causing Hayley to quietly gasp.
Hes filled my top with foam Hayley squealed.
I couldnt resist rubbing my hand across her breasts, causing her to moan even more.
What does that feel like? Lilly asked.
Its like the most insane massage ever she said.
Im definitely going to have to try this out on Kelly at some point smiled Lilly. Speaking of which shall we get her in and give you a six hand massage?
Oh my God grimaced Haley.
Kelly Lilly called out. Come in here, looks like we can have some fun.
What? Kelly asked.
Kelly came in before we had a chance to answer. Once she saw how we were positioned she worked things out pretty quickly, and positioned herself opposite Lilly. As they both teased their hands across Hayleys body I continued to caress her breasts. Even through the foam mask the ecstasy on her face was plain to see. Her breath became deep and more laboured. As I sensed she was coming close to climax I leaned in, and squeezed her tongue with my lips one last time, before reaching down to her crotch with my right hand, and firmly rubbing her foam filled knickers. She let out uncontrolled moans as she was completely overwhelmed by the overload of sensations she now felt, until after a final firm squeeze from my right hand she let out one last moan as her body tensed with orgasmic intensity.
As her muscles finally relaxed she gasped desperately for air, overcome by the shock of what shed just felt.
Where did you put the keys? I asked, realising I needed to get her out as soon as I could.
Under the pillow she gasped in reply.
I felt around and quickly found the keys. I quickly unlocked her left wrist, as soon as it was free she immediately reached for and squeezed me on my right shoulder. I handed the keys to Lilly so she could unlock her right wrist. With that free she threw both her arms around me, embracing me in a loving hug. I rolled to my side a little so Hayley could rest her head on my chest while she regained her composure. I saw Kelly quickly motion at Lilly, at which point they headed backstage to give us a little time alone.

Chapter 24:

A couple of minutes later and Hayley almost had her breath back, we were still arm in arm, locked in a euphoric embrace. She nervously looked up, meeting my eyes, we both exchanged nervous giggles. She took a handful of foam in her right hand and teasingly rubbed it across my face, in response I gave her a short sweet kiss on the lips.
I love you she whispered.
I love you too I whispered back.

As tempting as an eternity in the euphoria of Hayleys arms was, we both had to eventually acknowledge the outside world. It was late by then, so we just grabbed a couple of towels to clean up (which earned us a trip to a laundrette, but that was a small price to pay) and settled down, falling asleep in each others arms.
Come the mourning I was still thinking about the night before, but I had other things to consider, like what was I going to call myself. In the end I did go with Bengal, which apart from the Mr Benn joke was a name I liked.
I still had a few reservations, this being my first ever time performing in public, other than a few goes at Karaoke the last month or so, but I have to admit it was a lot more interesting than being backstage the whole performance. Towards the end of the week I found I was growing in confidence when on stage, and starting to enjoy the response and appreciation I was getting from the audience. After a while going out on stage started to created a euphoric sense of enjoyment.

Of course being located in a huge fairground that wasnt the only adrenalin rush I was getting. The Weiner Prater was an amazing find, another place I couldnt believe Id not heard of before. The most famous attraction was the Reisenrad, a 100 plus year old observation wheel, that was a major landmark in its own right. There was also over 10 different roller coasters for us to try, including a historic wooden one, and an amazingly thrilling boomerang coaster.
The real fun though came from exploring the park more thoroughly. Id never seen so many different chances to spend money concentrated this much in an area. There were loads of thrill rides, including many on some insanely intense ride settings. Also prevalent were lots of dark rides like fun houses, ghost trains and walk through ghost houses and a really fun fairy tale themed ride full of Christmas lights. Even after several days to explore the place I was still discovering new things to try.
Of course we also spent some time exploring the rest of Vienna. The zoos Lilly had been so excited about were both very good. Vienna zoo was a beautiful place and the Haus Du Meeres was pretty fun as well. There were some other nice sites throughout Vienna as well, although the more modern and less laid back feel, along with the temptation of the Prater and the zoos meant we spent less time exploring it than some of the other places we visited.

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