Tank Talk Episode 4: Rita Ora

 As always, the events in this story are purely fictional, any representations of the people in this story should not be taken as reality. This story is had been written purely for entertainment purposes.

TT LOGO“Hello again and welcome back to Tank Talk here exclusively on Youtube!” enthusiastically said Alice Levine, the host of the show. She was stood in her usual position at the the front of the small circular stage, just to the side of the central blue-framed gunge tank. Alice was today dressed in blue jeans and a bright orange blouse that was only a few shades off the colour of her red hair, which was as usual tied up in a neat bun. “I’m Alice Levine and this the only show on Youtube where I interview celebrities before gunging them right here in this very tank,” she Copy of al2patted the side of the tank as she spoke. “After last week’s carnage with the US Women’s soccer team girls, things are returning to normal. However, do look out for more special episodes like that coming very soon. Today’s celebrity guest is someone that was promised a few weeks ago, let’s meet her shall we?”

The camera panned to the left where this week’s guest was just walking out onto the stage from the archway at the back of the set. “Please welcome Rita Ora!”

Rita smiled at the camera whilst strutting over to where Alice was stood. The English singer and new X Factor Judge was wearing a sparkly silver, white and black jumper that was intricately designed. It featured a chess-board pattern across the front and there were several holes woven into the sleeves and down the sides, revealing glimpses of Rita’s olive skin. A pair of tight black leggings clung to her legs and a pair of silver heels adorned her feet. Her bleached blonde hair was styled so it swept to one side with loose waves. She also wore bright red lipstick and thick black mascara to accentuate her long eyelashes. She looked nervous as she approached Alice, looking apprehensively at the gunge tank. ro1Alice gave her a hug before guiding her into the gunge tank. As most guests seemed to do when they first entered the tank, Rita looked up apprehensively at the large nozzle that she was positioned directly under. She couldn’t bear to think of what was going to be coming through that nozzle in just mere minutes.

“So Rita, welcome to the show, how are you feeling?” asked Alice as she took her usual position by the right side of the tank.

“Quite nervous actually!” replied Rita. “I’m directly under that thing!” she looked up again at the nozzle that was ominously pointing down at her.

“Well, we had to make sure there’s no escape,” replied Alice with a smile. “Don’t worry it’ll be fine, just look at how your friend Charli XCX handled it a few weeks ago.”

“Yeah, I’ve been speaking to her recently, she told me to not look up and be prepared for how cold it is.” replied Rita.

“Well today we have filled up the tank with light blue gunge and I had a feel of it earlier, I’m afraid to say it’s freezing!” Rita sighed at this, looking up again with a grimace. “Right, the concept of today’s interview is simple, we’ll have a chat for 10 minutes or so before getting down to business.”

Alice proceeded to interview Rita, asking her about her role as a judge on the upcoming series of the X Factor.

“So Rita, it was recently announced that you will be a judge on the new series of X Factor this year, but which one of your fellow judges would you most like to see sat here in the gunge tank instead of you?” asked Alice.

“Well, I’m sure in this situation most people would say Simon Cowell, but I think I’d most like to see Cheryl Fernandez-Versini get gunged instead,” replied Rita with a smirk. “I think she’d hate it, but it would be funny to see her all messy. She always dresses immaculately and could do with getting dirty.”

“Hmm, good choice there!” replied Alice. “I must say I’d love to see Cheryl sat in your position too. I’ll see if I can have a word with our producers, you never know, it may happen!”

The interview carried on for several more minutes and the conversation shifted from the X Factor onto Rita’s career and her appearances in several films over the past few years.

“You were in the Fifty Shades of Grey film earlier this year, wasn’t you?” asked Alice.

“Yeah, that was great fun to be involved in.” replied Rita.

“Well, in a minute you’ll be covered in fifty shades of blue gunge! Not so much fun?” replied Alice with a smile. Rita nervously laughed, she knew the moment was getting closer.

In fact, it was just around the corner as after a handful more questions, Alice shifted focus back to the task at hand.

“I’m afraid Rita I’m all out of questions! I think you know what that means.”

“Unfortunately, yes! I’m dreading it, can’t you take my place?” asked Rita, already guessing what the answer would be in her head.

“Certainly not!” replied Alice, laughing. “I’m pulling this lever and then staying well away, I saw what happened to those US football girls last week when they got too close to Alex in the tank!” She got up from her seat and grasped the handle at the end of the large metal chain that hung from the side of the tank. “Any last words Rita?”

“I hope you’re happy now Charli! Hopefully Cheryl, if you’re watching, you’re next!” said Rita, pointing a finger at the camera. She then grabbed hold of the seat and tensed her shoulders, anticipating the release of the gunge. Alice pulled hard on the lever. “Let the gunge fall!” There was the usual click from above Rita’s head before the inevitable happened…

A shower of light blue gunge rained down on Rita, instantly attacking and flattening her light blonde hair. She let out a small scream as the freezing cold gunge started to stream down the back of her neck and inside her top, running down her bare skin. She kept her head down as the slop covered her hair and poured off the front of her hair, forming a pool of gunge in her lap. As her head was slightly tilted down, her face had thus far remained clean, with the shower of gunge mainly attacking her hair. After about 20 seconds of this constant stream of gunge pouring down onto Rita’s hair, it started to cease. Rita remained frozen to the spot, having not moved a muscle since the first spot of gunge splattered onto the top of her head. So far her hair and shirt had taken the majority of the gunge, with a small pool of slop also having formed in her lap. Her face had remained virtually spotless as she had been sat with her head slightly angled down. The shower of gunge then stopped to only a slight drip, and Rita finally raised her head, looking upwards to see if that was the end of the gunging.

It wasn’t. Rita was instantly greeted with a downpour of gunge to the face as the stream restarted as one large deluge. She screamed and instantly moved her head down again, but her face had already been covered. This more aggressive stream of gunge started to ricochet off of the back of her neck as she looked down again, splattering the side of the tank with light blue gunge. The dome of gunge temporarily obscured Rita from the view of the camera, with only her legs visible under the cascade. Rita raised her hands to her face and wiped her eyes as the dome of gunge started to collapse in on itself. Her lap was greeted with another downpour of gunge and cold slop also found a way inside her top again via the back of her neck. Rita squirmed at the sensation of the freezing goo against her bare skin underneath her clothes. As the gunge attacked her outfit, it soon became stuck to her body. Her hair also clung to her head and was saturated with vast amounts of gunge. The force of the stream also caused gunge to pour down her face, much to the disgust of Rita. She wiped her face again as the aggressive deluge of gunge finally began to subside. She wiped her eyes and mouth, wiping off the excess gunge from her face. However a spot of gunge still remained on the tip of her nose. The gunge stream finally stopped as Rita let out a large sigh before looking down at the state of her ruined, gunge saturated outfit.

Rita pushed the slop that had pooled in her lap onto the floor, adding to the ankle-high pool of gunge that had formed at the bottom of the tank, completely submerging her feet. She then ran two hands through her hair and slicked back the matted, gunge saturated mess behind her ears.

“Wow! What a gunging!” said Alice as she approached the tank again. She had backed away during the gunging in order to avoid any splashes of gunge. “How was it Rita?”

“Cold and disgusting!” replied Rita with a laugh. “It’s inside my top!” She peeled away the soggy fabric that clung to her skin.

“Well, it was entertaining for us, and it was a terrific gunging!” replied Alice. “Thanks so much for taking part Rita. You can now compare gungings with Charli. And of course, you get £500 for the charity of your choice for taking part.” Rita smiled and thanked Alice, who remained far away from the tank, not wanting to get any gunge on her outfit. Rita noticed this and playfully tried to flick some gunge at her. However, Alice was too far away, and backed even further away as she ended the show.

“Well, as always, thanks for watching, don’t forget to subscribe to see more episodes of Tank Talk exclusively here on Youtube. Be sure to tune in next week when another celebrity will be facing the dreaded tank. Until then, goodbye!” Alice waved goodbye as the camera panned back over to Rita. She was still sat in the tank, absolutely covered in light blue slop. She sighed and laughed, this had certainly been a new experience for her. She didn’t envy whoever would be sat in the tank next week, suffering the same humiliating gunging that she had just endured.

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11 Responses to Tank Talk Episode 4: Rita Ora

  1. TripleWAM says:

    Reblogged this on TripleWAM's Blog and commented:

    Episode 4 of Tank Talk featuring Rita Ora, as promised a few weeks ago!


    • yuck53 says:

      A couple of weeks, two is a couple. You seem to be speeding up though I suspect that may be an illusion due to writing three before posting one and then spending three weeks on more.

      What isn’t an illusion is that this isn’t Saturday, so that’s a treat.


      • TripleWAM says:

        I don’t really have a schedule for these stories, ideally I would like to write and post two a week. I had written the first two episodes before posting the first, and then I had written the third episode when I posted the second. Whne it came to this episode, I didn’t have any more queued up to post and it had nearly been a week since the last one, so I thought I better hurry up! Might eventually slow down to one a week though, or even less depending on how busy I may get in the coming weeks. It does feel good to actually have the motivation to continue a series thought, something I have lacked in the past.


  2. SBT2014 says:

    Really good! I love the stuff about her face being clean at first and then getting covered in gunge after.

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  3. wolf324 says:

    Great gunging with lots of nice touches and details as usual. I hope Cheryl really does end up taking a turn!

    Liked by 1 person

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