List for an NHP/NESR vote

I was looking back at the very enjoyable and popular GYOB poll we held last year, and I think we should do the same thing for Noel’s House Party and its forerunner, Noel Edmonds’ Saturday Roadshow. We got as far as a vote on the best device (the classic gunge tank without foam won), but now it’s time to rank the individual gungings.

Before going ahead with the vote, I’m going to put out a list of gungings for your perusal, to make sure I haven’t missed any. I’ve not bothered with very minor stuff like the audience getting slight splashed. If a clip doesn’t have a link, that means I’ve lost (or never had) the clip and there isn’t one to be found online (except for the Panel Beaters “family” gunging, which is on YouTube but I can’t link to because it includes a child getting gunged). So this is a good opportunity to ask anyone out there who has these clips to kindly upload them for the community’s enjoyment.

So here goes…

Saturday Roadshow gunge tank

Angela (ruined by Steve Cram)
Anti-climatic “manure” dump
Charlotte (“That dress won’t half fill up”)
Debbie (thin yellow gunge)
Denise (gunged wrongly)
Fiona (“Naughty girl!”)
Hazel (Children in Need)
Joyce (TA woman)
Julie (Hawiian dress)
Linda (brown gunge)
Liz (orange)
Melanie (mostly missed)
Michelle (turquoise)
Nina Myskow
Pamela (“I can’t open my eyes”)
Paula (big hair and PVC)
Puppy-dog eyes girl (“Would melt the heart of any normal man”)
Spiders or Slime woman
Sonya (woman in uniform)
Sue Lawley
Woman gunged in green and brown
Woman in strapless dress with thin green gunge

NHP gunge tank (sans foam)

Charlotte (vain daughter)
Edwina Currie
Fondue gunging (New York House party)
Hen night girl
Katie Boyle
Liz Kershaw (gunge tipped over edge)
Marriage proposal
Sainsbury’s Woman
Tracy (“bye bye cardigan”)
Ulrika Jonnson

NHP gunge tank (with foam)

Gilly Goulden
Lynn Faulds Wood
Nicola Stapleton

Car Wash

Anneka Rice (first gunging)
Anthea Turner
Gloria Hunniford
Pearly Queen

Trip Around the House

Annabel Giles
Anneka Rice (second gunging)
Carol Vorderman
Jenny Hull
Kirsten (“lucky” prize winner)
Louisa (horoscopes vote)
Lucy (“village girl”)
Mary Peters (decades vote)
Pat (budgie killer) (does anyone have the follow-up bit where she has more gunge thrown at her?)
Salon-loving ladies
Toni (bad driver, sometimes wrongly called Sarah)
Wait til I get you home gunging

Number Cruncher

Woman with Blobby

Hot House

Karen Pickering
Woman hoisted on pole and foam-filled balloon burst over her
Wrong audience woman gunged in pink

Panel Beaters

Elsa de Vassoigne (Roger Black’s girlfriend) and decoys
Gayle Tuesday
Family (can be found on Youtube but has child getting gunged)
Tonicha Geronimo
Toyah Wilcox


Audience blonde sprayed with “blood”
Bad driver woman sprayed with foam by that strange goblin creature
NTV woman pied
NTV woman has yogurt thrown at her
Sally Wall (woman who wanted to be gunged)
“Wrong” audience woman gunged
Woman from audience gunged by Noel’s brother Liam
Yvette Fielding sprayed during Gotcha


Blue Peter presenters (Anthea Turner and Diane Louise Jordan) gunged
Jane Horrocks for comic relief
Samantha Janus for comic relief

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11 Responses to List for an NHP/NESR vote

  1. yuck53 says:

    Oh, my God! There’s loads of them. I didn’t know all of those were even remembered.


  2. gungedfemales says:

    There’s this one of pop star Sonia liked Noel’s comment after its Sonia jacket Sonia, not great coverage but still a gunging


  3. TG says:

    Anyone got any more? Were there really only three female gungings in the tank with foam?


  4. TG says:

    Well I guess we should include this one.


  5. Max Odrive says:

    Has anybody put together a Youtube playlist of these?


  6. Allmodcons says:

    Vicki Michelle had chicken tikka dumped on her by Blobby. “All over my brand new suit” according to her web site. I remember it from the original broadcast but have never seen it since


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