Zappduel part 1

april42013 april92013 april142013 april172014 april222014 april242014 april292014 december32013 february42014 february72013 february122013 february142013 february192013 february212013 february252014 february282013 january82013 january152013 january222013 january232015 january242013 january302014 january312013 januay72014

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4 Responses to Zappduel part 1

  1. TDj says:

    Is there any chance of getting links to certain clips?


  2. jrg79 says:

    Yeah I can find that, it won’t be to hard because I saved the pics from the date of the show they occurred on.

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  3. jrg79 says:

    the website is the Ducth show website. You have to go to the movies part and find the right date then find the right part of the clip.


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