Tank Talk Episode 3: USWNT

 As always, the events in this story are purely fictional, any representations of the people in this story should not be taken as reality. This story is had been written purely for entertainment purposes. 

TT LOGO“Hello again, and welcome back to Tank Talk exclusively here on Youtube!” enthusiastically said the host, Alice Levine, introducing the show. She was stood by the side of the usual blue framed gunge tank in the middle of the small, round stage that made up the yellow, blue and white set. Alice was today wearing a blue jumper with a white pattern going down the middle. She had blue jeans and blue pumps on her feet and her bright red hair was today not in its usual loose bun, but instead let free, allowing it to reach down to just above her shoulders. “I’m Alice

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Levine and this is a show unlike any other, because I get to gunge celebrities right here in this very tank,” She looked at the gunge tank, patting the side of it.

“Yes, the concept is simple, I interview our celebrity guests before pulling this lever here and letting the gunge rain down on them, all to the sound of £500 for the charity of their choice.” Alice pointed to the large metal chain that hung from the side of the tank as she said this. “However, today it’s not as straight forward as just an interview and then me pulling the lever, because we have several members of the United States Women’s Soccer Team who recently won the Fifa Women’s world cup in Canada! Before I explain, let’s meet them, please welcome, Forwards Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux and Defender Ali Krieger.”

am1The camera panned around to the archway at the back of the set of the left where the three soccer players walked out from. Alex was first, strutting out and waving to the camera. She was closely followed by Sydney and then Ali, who both also looked confident, laughing and joking with each other as they walked over to Alice. Each of the girls was wearing the same black and red USA national team t-shirt. Alex was wearing a pair of dark blue jean shorts that stopped mid thigh, revealing her long, athletic legs with white trainers. Her straight light brown hair reached halfway down her back. Sydney had gone for a pair of dark blue yoga pants that clung to her legs and a pair of matching blue trainers. Her dark brown hair was styled in loose curls, resting gently on her shoulders. Ali had gone for a pair of tight black skinny jeans and white trainers, with her dark brown hair being swept to one side over her right shoulder. The three athletes walked over to Alice Ali Kriegerand one by one gave her a hug.

“Welcome to the show ladies, and congratulations on the recent World cup win!” said Alice with a smile. The three Americans thanked her. “We have something different lined up for you today, if you’d like to follow me over here for a moment,” Alice walked to the right of the set, off of the small round stage. To the right of the studio floor was a full size football goal with several targets hung by string from the crossbar at different heights and positions in the net. A couple of footballs were also on the floor and there was a big ‘X’ made out of tape stuck to the floor in the centre about 18 yards from where the goal was. By the side of all that were four stools, identical to the ones on the stage. “Ladies, have a seat,” Alice gestured to three of the stools, where the three soccer Sydney Lerouxplayers sat down. Alice sat on the remaining stool to the right of them. The three girls were smiling and looking at the goal, they had an idea of what was going to happen.

“Right, you might have already figured out that there are three of you and only one seat in the tank over there. We’ve set up a small challenge for you to determine who is going to have the honour of a very patriotic red, white and blue gunging.” explained Alice. The three girls smiled to each other; things were about to get competitive. “But before all that, we have an interview to commence.”

Alice proceeded to interview the three football stars about their recent world cup triumph and what life was like as a female footballer. The interview lasted for about ten minutes before attentions moved back to the task at hand.

“So girls, let me explain what’s going to happen now. We have set up a slight challenge for you here, and you’ll have to perform well in order to avoid a gunging, or as you Americans call it, being ‘slimed’. You will each have one minute to try and hit as many targets as possible from the x mark over there. You can hit each target more than once, and you get one point for each hit. The girl with the least amount of points gets the gunge, simple right?” explained Alice.

“It should be!” replied Alex. “I’m confident I can beat these two and avoid the slime today.”

“I’m not so sure of that!” said Sydney with a smile. “She may be one of the best players on the team, but I’m confident I can beat her. However, it’ll be interesting to see how Ali does too. I think you’re gonna be the one getting gunged, honey!”

“Hey, if anyone’s going in that tank, it’s gonna be one of you two, I’ll wipe the floor with both of you in this. Ain’t no slime ruining this hairstyle today!” replied Ali competitively. All three girls were up for a fight and none of them wanted to be the loser.

“Fighting talk here from the girls!” said Alice. “Well, it’s time to prove your worth, Ali you’re up first.” Ali rose from her seat and got into position, pulling one of the balls over to the spot with her feet. Alex and Sydney heckled her from the sidelines as she prepared herself for the challenge. “Ready?” Called out Alice, now with a stopwatch in her hand. Ali gave her a thumbs up and the challenge started.

She missed the first shot, just missing the target in the bottom left corner. However, her second shot hit the target, as did the third. After a few more attempts, she hit a couple more targets. After 30 seconds she had successfully hit 6 targets, proving Alex and Sydney’s heckling was doing little to put her off. 15 seconds later and she had hit another 3 targets, before striking a shot into the top right corner to add her tally up to 10. She managed to get two more before Alice called out that her time was up.

“12 points Ali, not bad at all!” said Alice. “Happy with that?”

“Yeah, considering I had these two jeering me all the time.” replied Ali. “Hey good luck you two, I hope you enjoy the slime!” She was feeling confident after that performance.

“Sydney, you’re up next,” announced Alice. “12 to beat, can you do it?”

“Easily!” she replied. “Sorry Ali, you’re going down, us strikers don’t miss!” Sydney said, giving a high five to Alex. She stood up and took her position.

When the clock started, Sydney flew out the gates with three targets in four attempts. Alex was cheering her on whereas Ali was the one now jeering her. It didn’t seem to faze her at all, with three more points being added just before the halfway mark. Sydney added four more points with 15 seconds to go, and another two to tie with Ali going in to the last five seconds. She frantically tried to get another point, missing two times before quickly collecting the ball to fire a shot into the bottom right to hit her thirteenth target, one more than Ali. Alice signalled that time was up, and Sydney cheered, she was safe. Ali didn’t look too happy; her fate was in Alex Morgan’s hands, and she knew that Alex was capable of beating her easily.

“Not so confident now Ali?” asked Alice.

“Not really,” replied Ali, suddenly looking nervous. “Hopefully Alex chokes though, I really don’t want to be gunged!”

“Well, I guess you better go and sit in that tank now Ali, because I don’t miss targets, I’m ready!” confidently replied Alex, stepping into position. She knew that she need a good performance here if she was going to avoid getting messy, and she knew she was more than capable of it. Alice started the stopwatch and Alex was underway.

She hit her first two targets before missing the next two. She proceeded to fire a shot straight down the centre, smashing another target before lightly placing another shot onto a target in the bottom left. With 30 seconds to go, she had hit seven targets and was well on the way to beating Ali. Sydney sat back and watched, knowing she would be leaving clean. Ali looked even more nervous now, Alex seemed to be hitting targets for fun!

Alex then missed four shots in a row, narrowly missing a couple, hitting the post for one and blazing another over the crossbar. With 15 seconds to go, she was still on 9 targets and needed to hurry up. She hit another target with ten seconds to go, before hitting another with 5 seconds remaining, bringing up her tally to eleven. Ali was sitting in silence, dreading Alex hitting another target to tie on twelve. However, Alex missed the next two shots and was about to line up another when Alice brought the contest to a halt. Time was up and she had only managed eleven!

“Oh Alex! I’m afraid that’s only eleven targets hit!” said Alice with a smile. Alex looked stunned, she sighed and put her hands on her hips. Conversely, Ali was ecstatic and jumped up in celebration. She had narrowly avoided the gunge, and now Alex was the one who was going to get messy. “You know what that means Alex!”

Alice led Alex back over to the round stage and opened the tank door. Alex sighed again before getting inside the tank, a disappointed look on her face. Sydney and Ali joined them on the stage, mocking Alex while smiling out of joy that it wasn’t them. Alex was the one looking nervous now as she looked up at the nozzle directly above her head that would be depositing the gunge in a matter of moments.

“Well Alex, you failed the challenge and now you get a red, white and blue gunging, any last words?” said Alice.

“Go easy on me!” replied Alex, still feeling shocked. “And I wish it was one of you two in here instead of me!” Sydney and Ali were now ready with their hands on the large chain at the side of the tank, ready to seal Alex’s fate.

“Girls, when you’re ready, release the gunge!” said Alice. Sydney and Ali mocked Alex one last time before pulling hard on the chain. Alex put her hands in her lap and closed her eyes, ready for the barrage of gunge. Something clicked above her head and the gunge started to fall.

Instead of the usual shower of gunge, one large stream of gunge came cascading down from above onto the top of Alex’s head. The stream was in three stripes, red, white and blue, the colours of the American flag. The gunge instantly attacked Alex’s light brown hair, flowing down and mixing colours to form a shade of dark purple. Alex opened her mouth in shock at the coldness of the gunge, leaving it open for a while as gunge streamed down her face. She stuck out her tongue in disgust as the gunge washed over her, down both the outside and inside of her t-shirt. The cold slop against her bare skin under the shirt made her squirm and shiver. The deluge of multicoloured gunge was relentless, attacking all of her hair. Alex ran both hands through her hair as the gunge continued to pour, with the wiped hair being covered with a new layer of slop in mere seconds. She couldn’t help but laugh as the gunge washed over her whole body. Even her shorts and bare legs were covered now and the pooling gunge in the bottom of the tank submerged her feet. The cold goo slopped around inside her trainers, again making her squirm. Alex again slicked back her hair as she looked up directly at the stream, letting her face get covered. Her t-shirt was now completely saturated and clung to her skin. Her shorts had also provided little protection and gunge sloshed around her thighs and around her crotch area, again causing more squirming.

It looked like Alex was starting to enjoy the gunging, pretending she was in the shower as she lathered the slime into her hair and rubbed it along her bare arms. Sydney and Ali were still laughing and taking pictures on their phones. They were just glad that it wasn’t them inside the tank right now! The gunge colours had now almost completely merged together, creating purple and pink. Finally the deluge showed signs of relenting as it slowed to a few drips down the back of Alex’s hair. She was laughing inside the tank as she again slicked back her saturated, ruined hair behind her ears and wiped her face, leaving just a drop of gunge on the end of her nose. She was squirming around at the uncomfortable sensation of all the gunge inside her clothing. She peeled her saturated t-shirt off of her skin, but it just stuck again as it was covered in so much slop. Alex caught sight of Ali taking a picture on her phone and flicked some gunge from her fingers at her, splattering the defender’s t-shirt. Sydney was also nearby, and Alex flicked slime at her too catching her off guard and causing the striker to squeal as a few drops splattered onto her hair and face.

“Another superb gunging!” said Alice. “How did that feel Alex, you look like you enjoyed it after a while?”

“It’s so cold and gross!” replied Alex. “But yeah, it’s kind of a weird sensation and you get used to it.”

“Well, thanks for taking part and for being such a great sport. Your chosen charity will receive $500 as a result of your participation. And thank you to Sydney and Ali as well, your charities will also receive a donation.” said Alice as she retreated from the side of the gunge tank. She could see what Alex was about to do. Ali and Sydney were still laughing at her when Alex opened the door of the tank and got up, running towards the clean pair. Sydney jumped out the way, but Alex caught Ali, giving her a big sloppy hug. Ali screamed as Alex wiped gunge all down the front of her clothes and the side of her hair.

“It looks like these girls are having fun, I’m gonna get out of here before I get caught up in it too!” said Alice, still retreating. “Thanks for watching Tank Talk, here on youtube, don’t forget to subscribe to catch new episodes every week. Until next time, goodbye!” The camera panned back over to Alex who had gone back to the tank and scooped up a handful of slop from the bottom of the tank. She charged over to Sydney and cornered her at the back of the set, emptying the messy contents of her hands onto Sydney’s head. She screamed as the dark purple slop streamed down her hair. Ali was still grossed out from her messy attack by Alex and was wiping her face. She then walked over to the tank and grabbed a handful of gunge, slinging it at Alex who was already covered, dripping gunge all over the set as she walked. The camera panned out as the three girls were scooping up gunge to sling at each other, starting a messy gunge fight. Judging by pictures posted on instagram following the show, Ali and Sydney were fairly messy, with their hair and faces splattered with gunge. It certainly was a new experience for the Americans to be introduced to the traditional british gunge.

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11 Responses to Tank Talk Episode 3: USWNT

  1. TripleWAM says:

    Reblogged this on TripleWAM's Blog and commented:

    Episode 3 of my Tank Talk series, this one is a bit different!


  2. yuck53 says:

    Aagghh, that’s an awful lot of interviews to watch and voices to juggle. Could make this really exciting though, I hope.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. wolf324 says:

    Another quality addition to the series!

    This was a lot of fun – I do enjoy when the loser gets some measure of retribution on their opponents! I really like your writing style, and I think you did an excellent job making the challenge exciting to read, particularly with how competitive the three women were, and how they all wanted to avoid the gunge, which really made it seem like a big deal and built the tension nicely.


    • TripleWAM says:

      Thanks! Originally, I planned to only include Alex Morgan in this story, but I thought I would shake things up and include a competition element to this one. I wanted Alex to gain some sort of revenge on the other two as it seemed too good of an opportunity to let them escape clean.


  4. TG says:

    Love how this series is developing.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. yuck53 says:


    I so poor at juggling these personalities and voices but this really works. What made you choose to do the American team instead of/before our own which would seem the natural step?


    • TripleWAM says:

      Thanks 🙂 Originally, I had planned to write the story in the same format as the others in the series with only Alex Morgan featuring. It was only when writing the story that I had the idea to make it interesting and feature some of her teammates. Maybe I’ll use some of the England girls in a future episode…


      • yuck53 says:

        Yeah, you mentioned that but I explain things badly all that does is reduce the question to “why Alex Morgan?” who even, “who on Earth is Alex Morgan?” The US team does make some semblance of sense because they won the tournament but the English one just seem more appropriate to the set up.

        By the way is that ‘N’ in the title a typo, it should be a second ‘S’ for soccer shouldn’t it?


        • TripleWAM says:

          I chose Alex Morgan over the England girls as in my eyes she is more attractive. I agree, the English team would’ve perhaps been the more obvious option, as I said before I’ll plan to include them in a future episode. Using the other two girls from the US team just made more sense to me after originally planning feature just Alex Morgan.

          As for the title. no it’s not a typo, the team are usually referred to as the USWNT, the United States Women’s National Team.


          • yuck53 says:

            What, why? That makes them sound like the US standby team for every sport going that doesn’t have a proper team. Why on Earth call them that? I’d at expect Soccer would be in there someplace or how are people supposed to know what they play?

            I agree Alex Morgan is defo attractive. And very charming according to your story.


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