Y is (also) for…

Thing went rather sour after Xuxa’s messing, but chaos was always in the nature of live entertainment, be it in the form of stage invasions, elephants shitting on the floor or (as it was in this case), a huge cock-up in the mess preparation. “Why the hell is this not seperated properly?” asked a rather irate Natalie Orwell to a stagehand.

“I didn’t realise they needed separating!” the girl quivered. She was local to the Nottinghamshire area, a young and poor student working at the studio for money and relevant(-ish) experience towards her media degree. The stagehand had pink hair in a pixie cut, blue eyes and a single stud nosering on the right of her face. She had a thin frame, dressed in a white polo shirt, black trousers and black high-tops.

Natalie’s eyes looked the stagehand over. “Go to catering, get some more up here and get them seperated properly. I’ll even get some more people to help. You’ve got 20 minutes, or you will face a disciplinary measure. Do you understand, Samantha? ”

“Yes boss!” the pink-haired girl nodded.


Twenty minutes later, Natalie was back to check on Samantha. She peered into the Y Barrel. “Not quite there. I don’t want to say this, but that’s a failure.”

Samantha gasped. “No! Just six more jugs and it’s there!” she said, holding up a jug of nondescript (for the sake of spoilers) liquid. Her team held up their jugs too. “See?”

The cybergoth was unimpressed and sighed appropriately. “Okay, but we’re seriously behind because of you. I’ll explain this to the boss, then it’s up to her. She’s unforgiving though, Sammy.”

As Samantha’s team emptied their jugs into the barrel, she sucked air through her teeth. “Please don’t let her punish me!”

“No promises.” Natalie then radioed the gallery to continue the show while the stage hands returned the missing barrel.


Tiffany was beginning to look very impatient. “When are we going to get on with the next part?”

“Uh, Tiff?” Amanda blinked, worriedly.

“I mean, it feels like nine goddamn months since the last mess! What’s happening back there anyway?”

“Tiff, we’re rolling…”


Amanda nodded. “It’s time for the penultimate mess, but first, the penultimate celebrity guest!”

On cue, Ms. Y entered. Like the last two guests, this one was known by a mononym, but these days she had started using her surname as well. Her hair was longer and brown. Incredibly, she still looked as youthful as she had in her heyday.


“Oh hey, I remember you! You were Yiolanda from that Mad For It show!” Tiffany said, rather excitedly.

“That’s right! It’s Yiolanda Koppel, TV presenter and model. You’ve been gunged before, haven’t you, Yolly?”

Yiolanda kicked off her shoes and sat down on the guest seat. “Yeah, but that was years ago!”

“It won’t have been years ago very soon. First though, since we’re behind schedule, Tiffany!” Amanda smirked, loading the tipper. She yanked the lever down, sending the contents of one of the barrels down on her friend. It was a runny, opaque liquid, a vivid yellow colour, and with a very strong smell. “Bit of a rule-bending for this one, but you try finding something that’s messy, begins with Y and isn’t yogurt!”

Tiffany cringed as the ooze slopped down on her already incredibly messy head. “Ugh, what is this? Egg Yolks?” She shut her eyes tightly and grabbed her seat. Even compared to the other messes, this was foul, in her opinion anyway. She ran her toes through the muck piled at her feet, squirming a little but getting her feet out of the way of the Yolk. Thankfully, the goo ran out of the barrel quickly, leaving a yellow coating on top of the rest of the assorted muck.

As Yiolanda watched Tiffany’s messing, she suddenly felt rather relieved that she was only going to get one mess. She couldn’t even tell what was in the gunk anymore, nor was she entirely sure what Tiffany once looked like. She gave a brave closed-mouth smile and shut her eyes, leaning back very slightly as Amanda dumped the second load of Yolk down on her. It rained down upon her, sticking to her hair and turning it a shiny shade of yellow. She pulled her top up as the Yolk ran down it, tickling as it trickled down. It stained her top and her jeans, with a few drops dripping off her toes. As with Tiffany’s Yolking, it was over before it really started, but the end result was one very yellow, Yolk-covered Yiolanda. She opened her eyes and saw the gooey yellow streaks all over her body and couldn’t help laughing a little. “Well, this has been an experience I’ll not forget! Thanks!”

“Don’t forget to go see Troy backstage about getting your photo!” Amanda added as Yiolanda stood up.

“Oh hey, you got his name right this time!”

“Shut up, Tiff.”

As instructed, Yiolanda left the stage and headed to the photo room, a rather panic-stricken Natalie handing her a Perspex jug full of egg Yolk as she passed. Yiolanda held it up to her face and smiled as Troy snapped the photo. “Finally, this nightmare might nearly be over…” the blue-haired techie smiled.

Poor Natalie can’t get the staff! Anyway, big thanks to everyone who’s voted in the part Z poll so far. There’s one runaway winner at the moment, and one person who’s got a measly three votes. I see there’s also a lot of new stories out, which I really need to catch up on…

Still a few more days for voting in the Part Z poll.

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12 Responses to Y is (also) for…

  1. Reblogged this on VanillaXSlime's Think Tank and commented:

    This has been like, SO overdue.


  2. wolf324 says:

    Urrgh, those poor girls! The idea of getting covered in egg yolk gives me the heebie jeebies!

    Nice work, and glad to see this series being finished off.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. yuck53 says:

    This actually is a blast from the past, what brought her back to your consciousness?


  4. TripleWAM says:

    Great story VXS, I look forward to part Z and seeing who the victim is. I think I can guess who is the runaway winner at the moment, I hope my guess is right!


  5. TG says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one to remember Yiolanda – my teenage self was extremely happy when she got sent to the Dungeon of Gunge! Looking forward to (finally!) seeing the conclusion of this series.


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