Tank Talk Episode 2: Charli XCX

 As always, the events in this story are purely fictional, any representations of the people in this story should not be taken as reality. This story is had been written purely for entertainment purposes. 

TT LOGO“Hello! I’m Alice Levine and welcome back to Tank Talk, the only Youtube exclusive show where I get to interview celebrities before gunging them right here in this tank!” Alice was stood to the right side of the blue-framed gunge tank that was today filled up with two colours of thick gunge, pink on the bottom and orange on the top. al4Alice was today dressed in a light blue patterned blouse with a red knee length skirt. Her red hair was tied into a loose bun, her preferred style. The set was the same as the previous episode; a small round stage with a yellow, blue and white colour scheme with the blue gunge tank in the middle and a plastic stool to the right of it where Alice would sit.

“Today’s guest is a singer and songwriter from Britain who has collaborated with Iggy Azaelia on the hit song ‘Fancy’, dueted with Rita Ora for the song ‘Doing It’ and boasts a collection of hits including songs such as ‘Boom Clap. Please welcome to the show, Charli XCX!” Alice gestured to her left and the camera panned over to the archway at the back of the set on the left where the British singer was stood. Charli looked slightly nervous as she walked forward onto the stage and towards Alice. The outfit she was wearing suggested different; Charli had gone for an all in one black leather catsuit. It had a large ‘V’ down the front stretching down to her stomach, revealing a large amount of c1cleavage. The revealing outfit and lack of a bra certainly wasn’t the most practical outfit to withstand a barrage of gunge from above, but the figure-hugging nature of the catsuit would certainly provide some protection. It also served to accentuate her curves, fitting tight to her hips and legs. On her feet were a pair of silver high heels that matched the silver trim of the catsuit. Charli’s straight black hair matched the catsuit and hung just off her shoulders. She greeted Alice with a hug before being led into the gunge tank. She sat on the stool and adjusted her hair and outfit, looking upwards only to be greeted with the sight of the large nozzle that would be raining down slime onto her in just a few minutes.

“So Charli, welcome to the show! How are you feeling?” asked Alice as she took her place beside the tank.

“Bit nervous to be honest,” replied Charli, still looking around at her new surroundings. “My nerves are worse now I’m locked in here!”

“Well, there’s no need to be nervous Charli, it’s just an interview with a little extra at the end,” replied Alice, trying to reassure her. “And remember, it’s all for charity!”

“It’s the extra at the end I’m dreading!” replied Charli with a pout. “I love this outfit, you will go easy on it, won’t you?” Charli already knew the answer to that question really.

“Well, judging by all that pink and orange gunge suspended up there, I’m guessing that you’ll need a fair few showers after this and your gorgeous outfit may need a few washes too!” replied Alice. Charli sighed, there was nothing she could do about it now. She took a look down at her outfit to observe one last time how it looked. In a few minutes, it would be looking slightly a different colour and a bit messy, to put it lightly.

As usual, Alice proceeded to interview Charli for several minutes, asking her about her about everything, including her collaborations with other artists.

“Your song ‘Doing It’ with Rita Ora was a hit in the charts earlier this year, what was it like working with her?” asked Alice.

“Well, Rita was a lot of fun to work with, it was an honour working with her.” replied Charli.

“Well, Rita is scheduled to appear on Tank Talk in a few weeks, so after this you can call her and tell her what to expect!” informed Alice.

“Really? I’ll have to tell her how horrible it is to make her dread coming on the show,” replied Charli with a laugh. “Please put something really thick and gooey in the tank for c2her that day, I’ll make sure I catch the episode.”

“Don’t worry Charli, we’ll make sure Rita doesn’t get off lightly,” replied Alice.

The interview continued, shifting focus to Charli’s busy touring schedule. “So, do you have any shows lined up in the UK for the near future?” asked Alice.

“Funny enough, I have a show tonight down the road in London!” replied Charli with a smile. “I think I’ll have to clean up before I head on over for sound checks though.”

“I’m sure the fans will love your new look, Pink and Orange would suit you!” joked Alice. Charli nervously laughed again. The interview continued for a few minutes more before the moment Charli had been dreading finally arrived.

“Well Charli, it looks like I’ve run out of questions to ask! I think you know what that means,” teased Alice, raising her hand towards the large metal chain hanging from the side of the tank, grabbing hold of the yellow handle. Charli sighed and put her head in her hands for a few moments. “Any last words before the gunging Charli?”

“I hope all my fans out there enjoy this, subscribe to Tank Talk and good luck Rita, you’re gonna hate this in a few weeks!” said Charli into the camera. She then smiled nervously and leaned her head down in anticipation of the gunge.

“Ready?” asked Alice with a smile; she loved this part. Charli put her thumb up whilst remaining looking downwards. Alice pulled the chain downwards, causing a click from above Charli’s head…

Several streams of pink gunge fell down onto Charli’s head, immediately attacking her black hair. She screamed as the first streams of gunge hit, but remained looking down. The pink gunge streamed down her hair and onto her covered shoulders. Several streams went down her back, covering the leather catsuit. Charli moved her head slightly upwards, instantly causing some gunge to stream down her face. She opened her mouth in shock, uttering a high pitched scream.

“It’s so cold!” she called out as the gunge continued to pour down her hair and face. Alice sat at the side, well out of the way, laughing. The gunge poured off her chin and down the front of her outfit and bare skin. Pink gunge streamed down her cleavage and exposed skin, causing a cold shiver to make its way through her body, followed by another scream. By now, the pink gunge had covered most of her hair, saturating it with a layer of pink, nearly completely hiding her original hair colour. Gunge pooled in her lap as it poured from above, with some overflowing this puddle and streaming down her legs and over her feet. Charli remained frozen in shock, still screaming every few seconds at the coldness of the gunge.

Suddenly the streams of pink gunge slowed to a halt, instantly replaced by one large deluge of orange gunge from above. The bright orange gunge washed over Charli who remained still. Her hair received another covering and some gunge had even started to make its way inside the catsuit, causing her to squirm a bit. The orange mixed with the pink gunge to form a bright peach colour. The catsuit had taken an absolute covering and was now hugging the British singer’s figure even tighter. The stream continued for about thirty more seconds at the same intensity as Charli remained frozen in shock. Her mouth would open every few seconds, half to take a breath and half out of shock because of what was happening. The cascading gunge eventually slowed to a slight stream and then just a few drips on top of Charli’s head. Finally she moved her arms to wipe her eyes free from gunge and run a hand down the side of her hair, leaving finger trails among the peach coloured goo.

“Oh my god!” laughed Charli. “This is disgusting!” She looked down at her ruined outfit and parted her legs, releasing the puddle of gunge that had formed in her lap onto the already gunge covered floor. From her feet up to her head, there wasn’t much of the singer that wasn’t covered in gunge. She was still squirming at the sensation of the freezing slop against her skin inside the catsuit.

“That was fantastic Charli, thanks so much for taking part. You get £500 for the chosen charity of your choice for being such a good sport.” said Alice, getting up from her stool and edging back from the gunge tank to avoid getting splashed with any flying gunge from Charli. The singer couldn’t muster any more words, so she just opened her mouth again in shock and gave a thumbs up gesture to Alice.

“Well, that’s about it for today’s show, don’t forget to subscribe to catch more of Tank Talk, exclusively on Youtube! Look out for next week’s episode and don’t forget, Charli’s friend Rita Ora is appearing on the show in a few weeks time. You won’t want to miss it. Until then, goodbye and see you next time on Tank Talk!” Alice wrapped up the show with a wave as the camera zoomed back over to Charli sat in the tank, still contemplating what had just occurred. She was due on stage in London in matter of hours, so she would have to get cleaned up quickly, which at this moment seemed to be quite a difficult task judging by all the slop currently covering her. She pouted and feigned being upset to the camera as it panned across the studio to end the show.

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  1. TripleWAM says:

    Reblogged this on TripleWAM's Blog and commented:

    Episode 2 of my new story series Tank Talk.


  2. MCPridz says:

    awesome story again TripleWam

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  3. wolf324 says:

    This is shaping up to be such a great series! I enjoyed the more dialogue-heavy opening this time; I liked that Charli was obviously very apprehensive about getting gunged, but that everything was kept light-hearted and fun. Her rather shocked reaction to the gunging was great too!

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  4. yuck53 says:

    I took you’re advice and watched some interviews before reading. The first one I watched was this one below and before I’d finished I immediately began to wonder if you’d seen it too:


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