Paradise by the Fairground Light: Chapters 11 – 13:

Welcome to chapters 11 to 13 of my Paradise by the Fairground Light series. Just as a warning there are a few small spoilers relating to what happens in the first 10 chapters, in the story and the rest of this intro, so you may want to start at chapter 1 if you haven’t already.
This is rather a short section, only being 3 chapters long. Plot wise it sees the start of the adventure around Europe, heading into Italy. I’ll go into that in more detail in my next intro, because I want to talk about the wet scene here.
As I was planning this I realised I wanted a short wam light scene in the narrative here to break up the two major ones that I did last part, and the next part. I came up with an idea that goes some way to proving truth can be stranger than fiction. The place where things take place; Movie Park, Italy, is a real place I’ve been to, and all the rides I mention are there. It was while thinking about here I remembered about a really mad, and very wet ride at the park. I quickly realised I could make a short water based scene just by describing the ride as I remember it, only replacing myself and the other riders with Mathew and the Wild Cats. My only concern was this meant two water based scenes early on in the story, but as this is intended as a short fun scene, I don’t think this is too big a problem.

Chapter 11:

I raise 20.
I raise to 200.
I fold.
Oh Why do you do that?

Thats a brief extract from life on the road. Now lots of people may picture travelling around Europe with 3 beautiful girls, and imagine days of glamour and adventure. Im sorry to bring you down to earth but the reality might not be as idealistic as you imagine. The first few days were very much about work, most of the time being spent on the roads of France and Switzerland. We could at least spare a couple of hours for lunch everyday in whatever town we drove in to. Evenings were spent at a campsite over a gas stove meal.
One big difference to my everyday life was the limited access to electricity. It was a big change from what I was used to, where I had my laptop and DVD collection to keep me entertained in the evenings. It was amazing though how quickly I adapted, and didnt really miss any of those things. We spent much of the time talking, joking and playing various games that were kept in the van, that the Wild Cats obviously had played a lot. I had remarked on the fact they were the first people Id ever met to own an official scrabble dictionary.
Lilly insisted said Kelly.
Well there was no way Im repeating the debacle of sheeps-gate again replied Lilly.
You mean sheep-gate I said.
No sheeps-gate said Lilly. It was one of the most embarrassing moments Ive ever had.
It wasnt that bad said Hayley.
Wasnt that bad said Lilly. I had to explain to that librarian that you two were making that commotion because wed turned off the motorway, just to find a dictionary over an argument over whether or not sheeps is a word.
I still dont see why its not said Hayley. You have ewes, rams and lambs, why not sheeps.
I told you said Kelly. Sheep is both the plural and singular word, you dont need to add an S on the end.

By far the most played game though was Texas holdem poker. A game Id had almost no first hand experience of playing before. Id always assumed it to be a mostly luck based game, but was quickly discovering there was a lot more to it, in terms of understanding your own hands odds, and the betting between players. Luckily we werent playing for money, or Id have to have done the sensible thing and sit out all the games. Instead when someone got low on chips they could either buy them off another player in return for a favour, or in return for doing various odd jobs like cleaning the outside of the van or cooking dinner.
Id picked up the basic rules quickly enough, and a few days in was starting to recognise what betting strategies the other Wild Cats used. Lilly tended to underplay her hands, letting other people take the lead in the betting until near the end of the hand, where she would often catch others out once theyd already invested a fair amount of chips in the pot. Hayleys methods were perhaps the closest to the ones I adopted, betting chips based on the strength of her own hand, but saving the large bets for the last round of betting. The Wild Cat I had the most trouble playing against though was Kelly, she played very aggressively, putting out big bets as soon as she had something that looked strong. For instance Id been dealt two kings, a very strong opening hand, Hayley had put out an opening bet of 20, that I had matched. Kelly had now responded by raising things up to 200, which was a lot considering I only had 260 worth of chips left.
Oh Why do you do that? I asked.
What asked Kelly.
Bet so much before the flops even been dealt I said. For all we know our hands will be worth nothing on the flop, yet wed have bet a huge amount on it.
Hey if you dont have fire power to back up your bet just fold said Kelly.
I took a second to double check my cards. I realised my heart was beating a little quicker in anticipation of my decision.
All in I said, pushing my whole stack in.
I call said Kelly, adding an equal number of chips from her much larger stack.
We both turned over her cards. I was gratified to see a little trepidation come across Kellys face when she saw my pair of kings, which was ahead of her hand of queen, nine. A large smile came across my face as Hayley dealt the first flop card, and it was a third king, making my three kings almost unbeatable. The next card was a seven, then to my concern the next card was a 10. That meant I had 3 kings, but Kelly had 4 of the cards needed for a 9 through king strait, if a jack came up her hand would beat mine. The fourth card to be dealt was a 5, which didnt affect either of us, then to my horror the fifth card dealt was a jack.
NOOOO I exclaimed, cursing my bad luck.
Kelly gave a smug smile as she gather all the chips, bringing her number up to around 1500.
Do you want to buy back in? asked Hayley.
I might just sit up front with Lilly for a bit I said.
Oh go on said Hayley. Ill make you a good offer for a thousands worth of chips.
Like what? I asked.
Well seeing as Lilly won a romantic meal out from Kelly earlier, how about you treat me to a romantic night of pampering when we have the place to ourselves she said.
What would that entail? I smiled.
I reckon scented candles, wine and chocolate said Hayley, and maybe some massage oils for us to use on each other.
Loosing wasnt always a total disaster in these games of poker.
Are you all right up there? Kelly called out to Lilly who was currently driving.
Im alright said Lilly. This spectacular Swiss mountain scenery makes a nice change from the usual trudging along motorways.
I had been struck by the beautiful scenery myself, taking the chance to view it whenever I wasnt otherwise distracted.
It must be my turn to drive soon said Kelly.
We can take a break, and swap over at the next town suggested Lilly. Hopefully if we keep driving well put a decent amount of miles behind us today.
Yeah, it would be nice to have a few extra hours for lunch in Milan tomorrow said Kelly.

Chapter 12:

With apologies to the people of Milan, and the other places we stopped at Im going to skip to the end of our journey, at the Plaza Bra (yeah thats the real name, you can Google it) in the centre of Verona. I found myself looking around in amazed disbelief. We were located on a cobblestoned plaza, surrounded by historic looking buildings, including one side that had a long line of bars and restaurants. There was a small tree filled park in one corner and iron lampposts lining the edges. The main feature though was a large structure called the Arena that was an ancient Roman coliseum, like Id seen in many films and history books. As we checked in with the carnival organisers and drove into our dedicated plot of land I could see quite a few other rides and attractions were present. At the largest clearing I could see the base of a large tower like structure being set up, there was a fun house, ghost train and several more compact thrill rides, family rides and a small kiddie coaster, as well as several food vans, games and a couple of other travelling side shows and exhibits.
Is this really it? I asked.
It sure is smiled Hayley. Its one of the more impressive locations we operate from.
Its amazing I said, but how does the whole carnival fit in, theres not room for everyone surely?
For this event they split into 2 parts explained Kelly. Theres the larger area at the edge of the city centre where the main carnival takes place, but theres also this smaller range of attractions set up in this great location.
Dont spend too long enjoying the view just yet said Lilly. We want to get everything built up today, so we at least have tomorrow off before things start on Friday.

If you had any misconceptions about women being no good at mechanical or practical things they would soon be put right if you saw the Wild Cats at work when setting up the tent. With the van parked in place Lilly and Kelly climbed up on the roof, and started to pass all the various items down to me and Hayley, instructing me where everything went. With everything down we were soon setting up the frame for the giant tent, and putting the canvas up on it. With all that done we were soon setting up the stage structures, the ticket booth, the generator, all the shows lighting, the seating, the costumes and various other bits. It took a bit of time, but eventually we had everything set up. After that we grabbed a meal at one of the restaurants along the edge of Plaza Bra, before heading back to the tent. Not that I wasnt keen to explore a little more of Verona, but after 3 days on the road, and a tiring set up we were all more keen for an early night. I knew Id have several chances to explore more over the next week and a half.

The next day I joined the Wild Cats on what for them was very much a busmans holiday, as we got a train from Verona to Lake Garda to visit one of the local theme parks. This wasnt a major surprise as I knew all threes interest in the subject went further than just their chosen profession. Kelly had told me to enjoy the theme parks why I could, because in a few weeks Lilly would be driving everyone mad wanting to visit all the zoos in the cities we were visiting.
What really surprised me though was the choice of park. When we arrived at the train station there were advertisements everywhere for a park called Gardaland, and as we headed to the bus stops about 100 people were crowding around where the Gardaland shuttle bus picked up from. We though were at another bus stop with 6 other people where there was a sign for another park called Movie Land.
So whys everyone going to Gardaland? I asked, and why arent we going there?
Well Gardaland is the more heavily advertised and commercial park said Kelly.
The rides are good, but not enough to justify putting up with the cost, and the crowds there will be today. said Lilly.
Nor the fact they seemed determined to rinse you for every cent youve got said Kelly.
Its true said Hayley. Last time the had booths set up at the entrance of the queues were you can join the 1 hour queue, or pay 3 Euros to join a 15 minute queue.
Movie Land is a lot more fun said Lilly. Theres a lot of bizarre unique rides that you wont get anywhere else. Thats why we almost always do it at some point on the trip.
Always the day before the Verona Carnival? I asked.
Sometime we do another park on the trip over, and do this after the carnival, but unless 2 other parks both have major new rides we cant wait to do, well end up doing Movie Land at some point. said Hayley.

Well after that build up I had high expectations of Movie Land, and Im glad to say it delivered as the most off the wall theme park Ive been to. Most of it was themed as a giant movie studio, with rides based around various film genres, and recreations of famous movie cars like Nightrider, the General Lee, or the Back to the Future Delorean. It hosted some amazingly good magic and stunt shows that were far better than anything than anything I ever expected. Other hi-lights included a Terminator themed cinema where you shot robots with laser guns, a ride where you drove around a track and into lakes at speed on the back of a truck, another where you drove around the stunt arena on a speed boat, a huge haunted house with people dressed as horror film icons in the basement of one of the buildings, a really unusual design for a drop ride, and another thrill ride covered in shag pile carpet. I could see why the Wild Cats loved the place, it wasnt the most sophisticated park Ive ever been to, but it was definitely one of the most fun.

Chapter 13:

One of the most memorable moments of the day at Movie Land came after lunch. I was being led by Hayley and the other 2 into a large warehouse like building. Outside their was a large model of a World War 2 fighter plane and a large sign saying the name U571. Now I was a little suspicious something was up when I noticed Kelly and Lilly whispering something to one another and giggling, I also noticed we were the only 4 people in the waiting area not wearing a disposable poncho.
As the door at the end of the waiting area opened I felt Hayley hold on to my arm as everyone walked into the large hall. My eyes took a second to adjust to the darkness, but I soon saw we were standing on a walkway around the edge of a large indoor pool, in the middle of which I could see a recreation of a World War 2 submarine. On top of which was standing a ride attendant in appropriate costume. He shouted out several things in Italian, before a large siren blared out, and the main lights dimmed and were replaced by a load of red flashing lights. Suddenly 12 foot blasts of water exploded randomly from different parts of the pool, ensuring all us onlookers were heavily splashed with water.
At this point some more instructions were given out and everyone walked further around the edge of the pool, while the sirens and water splashes continued. At the end of the path there was a bridge leading on to the submarine itself. Once on that everyone had to slowly descend a set of steps in single file. Once there we walked along a long narrow pathway through the offices and living areas of the submarine until we reached the front where the main control consol and torpedo storage area was. While the rides operator sat on a seat at the consol everyone else had to sit on one of the long metal tunes representing torpedoes on either side of the hall. I ended up sitting with Hayley who put her arms around me, facing Lilly and Kelly sat on the opposite tube.
With everyone sat down the lights dimmed, and a sound track played of a submarine sonar and instructions over the radio. I found myself holding onto one of the handles provided as the whole room started to slowly tilt first left and right. As the sound effects got more exciting the room tilted back and forth at an even sharper angle, until there was a huge explosion sound. I felt a huge blast of air blow under my feet, as the lights turned red, and water started to slowly trickle down from the ceiling onto all of us. I felt Hayley holding tightly on to me laughing as we both braced ourselves as we tilted forward. Then the trickle of water became a torrent, as if we were being sprayed by a garden hose pipe, as the room tilted back the other way, even further back than before, until neither me or Hayley could stay on the tube. In anticipation of this a large cargo net was just behind the torpedoes, that caught me and Hayley as we both fell back into a heap together, now helplessly stuck in the net as water continued to soak us both through. After what seemed like ages the room tilted back the other way, this time me and Hayley held on, still be sprayed with water as Lilly and Kelly were tipped back into their net and received the same soaking we had.

It was a few minutes later and we were all just outside the exit, and I was feeling a little flustered. It probably had something to do with the fact I was surrounded by my girlfriend, and 2 other beautiful girls, looking incredibly sexy with their hair and cloths soaked through, and their skin glistening from the water. Lillys and Kellys linen tops had gone transparent, meaning everyone could see their bras outlined underneath. Hayleys top was made of a thicker material that now clung to her form tightly, and left no doubt about the fact she wasnt wearing a bra underneath.
So did you enjoy that? Hayley asked.
At this point Hayley threw her arms around me, and pressed her body firmly against mine. I felt her hard nipples rubbing against my chest through the thin wet layers of cloth, I was fully aware of how little their was between us, and found myself to flustered to answer Hayleys question.
Aww, look how youve made his face turn red smiled Kelly.
Quick, group hug suggested Lilly.
Before I could say anything I found myself encircled by all 3 of the Wild Cats. Entrapped in a tight embrace Hayley leaned in and placed a lingering passionate kiss on my lips. Caught up in the passion of the moment my hands found their way down to Hayleys hips, and taking a firm grip on it as her tongue enthusiastically penetrated into my mouth.
After the passionate embrace Kelly and Lilly broke contact with us, although held onto each others arms as Hayley kept her arms around my waste. My hand slowly stroked her hip as we lingered over eye contact, in what had been one of the greatest displays of public affection Id ever been involved in, outside of the on stage blood baths.
I took a second to glance around. Id already noticed a few envious looks from some of the other male visitors as Id made my way around the park with the Wild Cats. Now practically everyone who went past was looking our way as we embraced, still soaked to the skin, until we were finally able to pull ourselves apart.

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