An Update about the A-Z

So, it’s festival season and the amount of time I can spend writing is… actually about the same as it was in the months before festival season. I would say it’s down because of work, but I was pretty stretched before anyway. However, I do have some good news.

First of all, Part Y will be done by myself. It’ll be a bit longer and include a bit of an in-universe delay which I’ve written that I hope people will enjoy, which might lead to a side-story later on. The gungee is going to be Yiolanda Koppel, probably best known for hosting the first series of Mad For It and going in the Dungeon of Gunge.

I will also be doing Part Z. I’ve decided the mess, but as with part Y, I’m keeping that a surprise. However, I haven’t decided who I’m going to write about. I mean, I started a part about Zoe Saldana, but I’ve had other ideas since. That’s where you guys come in. I’m going to put it to the vote. Who’s going to take the mess in the penultimate part of the A-Z?

Saldana’s an actress, appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy, Avatar and the rebooted Star Trek. Sugg is a YouTuber (you may know her as Zoella but knowing the majority of the blog’s demographic, probably not) who mainly does makeup and fashion stuff, and also appeared on the celebrity version of Great British Bake-Off. Salmon was a Blue Peter presenter who got slightly less gunged than Gethin Jones (but you all probably knew that!). Quinn made the game Depression Quest and if I say any more about her, I fear the site may implode.

Poll will be open for a week, after which I should have part Y up.

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3 Responses to An Update about the A-Z

  1. yuck53 says:

    Is that you asking for the safety of the site don’t vote Quinn? It seems a strange choice to offer if you feel that way.

    If the vote goes Saldana will you finish what you started or write something different, that also seems to bend the vote somewhat.

    Also is the clip of Yiolanda’s (assuming you haven’t typo”d that) mad For It gunging around I think I missed it the first time? Mind you I expect a lot of people missed a lot of it, it was Mad For It!


    • Nah, voting for her’s fine (otherwise I wouldn’t have put her up there in the first place). It’s just that something she’s known for and the movement that sprung up around it is a very contentious subject. If Quinn gets voted, I’ll probably skirt around that.

      If Saldana gets voted for, I’ll finish what I started. To be honest, a lot of it can be altered for any of the other three as it is.

      And no, I haven’t seen a clip of Yiolanda’s gunging anywhere online, but I did see it when it first aired.Bear in mind also that while Mad For It would gunge a lot of people and give them all decent coverage, most of them were kids and younger teens. As such, even if the clip was available, it would need to be heavily edited to be suitable for this site.


      • yuck53 says:

        Ah, I’d say maybe she should be gunged for that but it sounds like you’re suggesting that would be beyond the pale.

        Ah, makes more sense.

        I wasn’t actually remotely wondering about whether it could posted or not just if it could be found. I imagine that may be one of the reasons a lot of MFI clips have escaped. That and the nature of Mad For It!


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