Tank Talk Episode 1: Cara Delevingne

 As always, the events in this story are purely fictional, any representations of the people in this story should not be taken as reality. This story is had been written purely for entertainment purposes. 

Hey guys, this is the first episode of my new celebrity story series, feedback is appreciated. Thought I’d take things back to basics with this series. Hope you enjoy,      TripleWAM 

TT LOGO“Hello! I’m Alice Levine and welcome to Tank Talk here on Youtube!” enthusiastically said Alice, introducing the show. She was wearing a patterned black sleeved blouse which contrasted with her naturally pale skin and copper hair, which was tied into a loose bun. “This is a brand new show that is unlike any other and is exclusive to Youtube.I interview celebrities who are seated here, inside this gunge tank.” Alice gestured to her left where a large gunge tank was situated in the middle of the small, round stage. The tank was a classic design, with  a blue frame and large perspex panels stretching from bottom to top on three sides. The front side featured a perspex door which stopped halfway up the cubicle. Inside was a stool with a white plastic seat and four metal legs. Attached to the top of the tank was the transparent gunge compartment that featured the show’s logo on the front side. The gunge would be released via a large metal chain hanging from the right side of the tank with a yellow handle. The chain was linked to a mechanism that would release, sending gunge pouring al1down into the tank through several small holes to create a shower effect before changing to one large hole a few seconds into the gunging, allowing for maximum coverage. To the right of the tank was another stool identical to the one inside the tank, where Alice would be sitting for the show. The whole set, including the stage and backdrop featured a yellow, white and blue colour scheme, with the show’s logo printed in large form on the background of the set.

Alice walked over to her seat to the right of the tank. “So, each episode we will have a celebrity guest who will sit here in the tank for the interview” She patted the side of the tank as she explained the details. “I’ll chat to our guest, asking a few questions including those submitted by the audience on Twitter. Then come the fun part,.” Alice took hold of the metal chain by the yellow handle with a smile. “To end the interview on a high note, our celebrity guest will be gunged. And if you’re wondering what could possibly attract guests to this show, well, for each guest gunged, we will donate “£500 to their chosen charity.”

“Now, it’s time to kick things off with our first guest of the series. She’s a model and an actress new to the scene, she’s from London and she possesses a killer set of eyebrows, please welcome Cara Delevingne!” The camera panned around from Alice to the left of the stage where Cara walked on through an archway at the back of the set. The English model was wearing a white summer dress, revealing her typical model’s figure. The dress was low cut with straps on the shoulders. She wore a pair of white high heels on her feet at the end of her elegant long legs that were revealed by the short dress. Her straight dark blonde hair framed her round face and was parted in the middle, stopping just below her bare shoulders. As usual, cd2Cara’s standout feature was her trademark thick eyebrows, an unconventional look, but one she glamorously always managed to pull off. Her typical confident model’s strut as she walked was juxtaposed by the nervous look on her face as she first saw the gunge tank. She waved to the camera nervously before hugging Alice, who welcomed her and ushered her into the tank. Alice held the door open as Cara apprehensively stepped into the cubicle, looking up at the nozzle that would soon be the entry point of countless litres of slop. Cara contemplated on whether to leave her shoes outside the tank, but Alice had closed the half-door round shut before she could kick the white heels off.

“So Cara, welcome to the show! It’s an honour for us to have you with us, and may I say, an honour for you to be the first occupant of our lovely gunge tank here!” said Alice warmly as she sat back in her seat beside the tank.

“Thanks, I think!” replied Cara with a shy laugh. “I’m honoured to be the guinea pig of the gunge tank! Can’t say I’m looking forward to it much though.” She nervously looked up again at the nozzle as she spoke.

“Well, I’m sure you’ll be glad to know then that we have filled up the tank today with extra sloppy custard, just for you,” replied Alice as Cara sarcastically thanked her. “Can’t promise it’ll be warm though, in fact I’ve just heard that our staff forgot to warm it up, so sorry Cara I guess you’ll have to deal with cold, lumpy custard instead!” That made Cara feel even more apprehensive about the next ten minutes. It was bad enough having to be covered in cold custard, let alone sit in the tank for ten minutes while it ominously loomed above her, ready to cover her!

Alice then proceeded to start the interview, asking Cara about her recent acting roles as well as how filming was going for DC’s upcoming ‘Suicide Squad’ movie, in which Cara was set to star. Cara appeared to be slightly more relaxed when being interviewed, however every now and then she would glance up at the custard above and get a cold shiver down her spine. The conversation soon moved onto Cara’s modelling and her famed eyebrows before Alice asked her some fan questions from social media. After about ten minutes worth of interview, Alice changed subject back to the task at hand.

“So Cara, unfortunately I seem to be all out of questions!” teased Alice. “Are you ready for what happens next?” Cara couldn’t muster a response, she just shook her head as she began to tense up in anticipation of what was about to happen.

“I guess this means this interview is over! Any last thoughts before I do the honours?”

“Wanna switch places?” Cara replied cheekily. She nervously giggled and adjusted her hair, glancing up at the custard once more.

“I think I’m alright out here Cara to be honest,” replied Alice, stretching out an arm towards the chain, grasping it by the yellow handle. “Ready?” Cara winced and shook her head once more. She tensed her shoulders and took a deep breath. Alice applied force to the chain, pulling downwards with a large smile. Something clicked from above Cara’s head…

Cara squealed as the first stream of the freezing custard made contact with her back, pouring inside of her summer dress onto her bare skin. The custard started to pour down in about 16 different small streams as if it were coming out of a shower head. Some streams poured down her back whereas some started to attack her blonde hair, covering it with a sea of yellow slop almost immediately. Some streams at the front went down the front of her dress as Cara leaned back slightly out of the way of some of the streams. She screamed out again as the freezing custard poured down her chest like a waterfall through her cleavage. By leaning back slightly, Cara also exposed her face to the custard, and several streams began to mask her features behind a layer of yellow, including her famous eyebrows. Her hair was pretty much completely covered already, and custard poured off her hair and down her bare shoulders. Some streams attacked the outside of the dress and some custard had began to pool in her lap between her bare legs. A few trickles of custard even made their way down her gorgeously long legs.

Cara’s arms remained at her side, gripping tightly onto the side of the stool. The streams of custard appeared to subsidise after a few moments and Cara sighed. However, her relief did not last more than a few mere seconds as the separate streams made way for one large deluge of custard. The vat above continued to empty at a rapid pace as custard now started to dome off the top of her head, splashing the side of the tank. Due to the thickness of the sloppy custard, this dome soon collapsed, sending another wave of gunge down onto Cara’s hair and down her face. Streams of custard poured off her round chin and straight down her cleavage thanks to her dresses low cut neckline that had now plunged further down her breasts. The custard saturated the white dress, sticking it to Cara’s skin that was also covered with custard from the inside of the dress. The cascade from above showed no signs of relenting as Cara’s features were now completely masked by a constant stream of custard. She opened her mouth, gasping for breath before sticking out her tongue to get a taste of the custard. She finally moved her arms to wipe her eyes, but this was in vain as the constant custard stream soon recovered the cleaned skin. Cara ran two hands through her custard saturated hair as the stream finally showed signs of slowing down, now just forming a slight trickle on top of her head. She slicked back her hair and again wiped her eyes, her eyebrows matted with flecks of goo. She opened her mouth wide in shock towards the camera before playfully licking some custard off her finger. She rubbed two hands down her thighs, pushing the pool of custard that had formed in her lap down her calves and onto her already messy feet. Her heels were buried beneath the large amount of custard that had collected in the bottom of the tank, overloading the drainage system at the bottom of the cubicle. She readjusted her saturated dress, pulling the fabric from her skin and raising the neckline again to a modest height.

“Oh my word!” was all Alice could say as she stood by the side of the tank, mouth open wide in shock. “What a gunging! Cara, how do you feel after that?”

“Messy!” replied Cara as she again ran a hand through her custard saturated hair. “It’s everywhere!” She was laughing now, although mainly out of shock over what had just happened. “Want some?” she said, flicking some Custard from her hands in the direction of Alice, who quickly moved backwards, dodging the splash.

“Ok, I’m getting out of here before I get custarded! Thanks to Cara Delevingne for being such a great sport today and being the first star to be gunged on Tank Talk. For her troubles, we are going to donate £500 to  charity of her choice. Thank you very much for watching, please subscribe to catch more episodes every week, only here on Youtube. I’ve been Alice Levine, join us next time for another celebrity trashing! Goodbye!” Alice waved to the camera as it zoomed out on the studio. Cara was still sat in the gunge tank, completely covered in yellow slop, still trying to contemplate what had just happened. It was certainly a very unique experience for her, and one that she would not forget in a hurry!


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18 Responses to Tank Talk Episode 1: Cara Delevingne

  1. terroristpie says:

    Brilliant story! Cara Delevingne was definitely due a gungeing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. wolf324 says:

    What an exceptionally well-written story! Your descriptions throughout were superb, full of striking detail that made the whole story very easy to see in the mind’s eye. Very nice pacing too, really taking the time to set the scene and build the anticipation for the spectacular messy conclusion. Outstanding!


  3. TripleWAM says:

    Reblogged this on TripleWAM's Blog and commented:

    A new story series that I’ve started. Look out for more episodes soon!


  4. SBT2014 says:

    This was really good! I know you used to do stories about wrestlers, do you think you could do a story about the indie wrestlers Veda Scott and/or Taeler Hendrix pleeeease?

    Liked by 1 person

    • TripleWAM says:

      Cheers for the great feedback, glad you liked it 🙂
      I already have about 15 episodes of this series planned out, with three currently written. Actually thinking about it, I do have plans for a few WWE divas to feature in an episode or two of this series. I would love to do a whole series about wrestling again, I have a few ideas, but for now I don’t want to commit to anything other than this series. I had too many unfinished projects before. Perhaps in the future though, but for now maybe another author might be interested in your idea?


  5. MCPridz says:

    Excellent story TripleWam glad to see you back writing again, interesting concept with an interview inside a gunge tank never heard of Cara Delevinge if I’m honest, can’t wait to see the rest of these and who else you got lined up

    Liked by 1 person

  6. terroristpie says:

    Any chance of Emilia Clarke getting an episode on this?


  7. thegungeblog says:

    Great idea for a series tripleWAM! Look forward to future installments.

    Have to say that the overriding thought was imagining Cara’s girlfriend Annie Clark sitting in the audience and enjoying this a little too much, giggling away. Maybe Cara should get revenge on her?


  8. yuck53 says:

    Is the photo of Cara chosen to be the one that most looks like a mug shot,is that the first you found or are they all like that?

    Obviously, I could look myself but asking the question is funnier.


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