Paradise by the Fairground Light: Chapters 6 – 10:

Welcome to the second part of my called Paradise by the Fairground Light series, which I finally wrote the end of this week, reaching chapter 50. Yes I did do a little editing to get that conveniently round number.
You may be wondering why I don’t upload sooner. Well as I go along my plans and characters often change as I write and develop things, which often means going back and making changes, which I couldn’t do if I’d already published it.
In this section for instance I had to make an edit that would have led to a future continuity error if I hadn’t made it, and make sure I’d got Kelly’s character right. Her character was the one that took longest to develop, so I had to make sure there was nothing out of character to what I finally settled on later on.
The story itself is a continuation of the first part, that continues to introduce the characters, and sets up the main plotline for this series. It also features a messy scene, based around the idea for a set up I’d been playing with for a while, and had even considered using on previous series. I’m glad I did wait to use it here in the end, as it’s a much better fit for the Wild Cat characters than it would have been for any of the other characters I previously considered for this set up.

Chapter 6:

Ok that was Johnny singing his own interpretation of My Way. Next up to sing we have Mathew.
Over here!
Now that was a surprise.

12 and a half days have passed since I last updated you, and to say my life was a bit different to how it was going a fortnight ago would be an understatement.
Nearly all of my free time had been spent with Hayley, and often the other Wild Cats. Wed been out to lunch together on my days off, and the evenings had been spent at the carnival. I finally had someone to do the rides with between shows, but most of the time had been spent at the show tent. Id not just been watching, and participating in a few more bloodbaths though. Rather than remain idle I had been helping out, selling tickets while the Wildcats did their spiel on the promo platform, learning how the lighting controls worked, and helping out with the costumes and props.
I wasnt the only one who had noticed the changes. Id overheard Mum say how she was worrying about how much time I was spending at the carnival, and staying out overnight. In reply Dad rightly guessed Id met a girl, which was a good thing after spending the last several months moping over my ex Sara.
Even at my work at one of the supermarkets on Western Road Id been happier going about my job, despite being tired from the late nights. It had helped that Hayley and the others had popped in to see me on a couple of occasions, something Sara had never bothered to do, even when she came into the town centre. This had meant Id been asked a few questions by my work colleagues, but I remained tight lipped on the subject.
It seemed a huge shame the carnival ended this weekend. The good news was Hayley family were fairground showmen, based in Eastbourne around an hour away from Brighton. This meant we would continue to see each other when she wasnt touring. The bad news was the Wild Cats would be touring Europe for 2 months when the carnival ended. For now I was intent on making the best of our time together before she went off on tour.

That brings us to the present. Its Thursday and wed done the last show for the night. Wed opted to head to a small but lively bar, a short distance from the carnival for a couple of hours, where we discovered it was Karaoke night. Ive always been happy to sit back and watch Karaoke with bemusement and have never got up and sung before. It was a bit of a shock when my name was called out and Kelly and Lilly pointed me out.
What? I said.
Well weve been singing for your entertainment for 2 weeks said Lilly.
Its about time you returned the favour said Kelly.
With all eyes in the bar now looking at me I found myself reluctantly walking up to the Karaoke machine. As I looked behind me I saw Lilly and Kelly leading Hayley by the arm to watch things front and centre. I had a fair idea of what had happened when I saw the song someone (and I had a good idea who) had nominated me to sing. Whats New Pussycat? by Tom Jones.
With all eyes on me I made a fair go of the song. Of course I was put of a little by Kelly and Lillys obvious amusement at mine and Hayleys embarrassment at lines such as Pussycat, Pussycat, youre so thrilling, and Im so willing, to care for you.

I cant believe you two did that exclaimed Hayley afterwards.
What you dont want to here him sing for you said Lilly.
Youre his pussycat, and he loves you laughed Kelly.
Dont want him to kiss your pussycat lips laughed Lilly.
You dont want to hear how he loves your pussycat eyes laughed Kelly.
Do you want to find another bar Mathew? Hayley asked. One without these two in it.
Oh come on said Lilly. It was just a joke.
Well buy you two a drink to make it up to you said Kelly.
Mines a double said Hayley.
Hayley and Kelly both went up to the bar to get the next round.
You know, I think Hayleys really starting to like you said Lilly.
What makes you say that? I asked.
Theres a few little things, like the fact shes bothered with lipstick and heels for after work drinks, and the fact she was more upset by that joke than shed normally be.
I nodded my head in agreement.
The biggest thing though is how she doesn’t share everything with us said Lilly.
I thought she shared an awful lot of details I said. That was true, something I was still getting used to.
No not the physical side of things. More how she feels emotionally. Shes always been happy to talk about her relationships when its at a fun or casual stage. If her feelings get more intense though she always becomes a lot more guarded, often talking about the physical side more as a cover up. she explained.
Shame were not going to be able to see much of each other the next couple of months I said. Im definitely going to try to come out and see you during my weeks holiday though.
Well all look forward to that said Lilly. Not just Hayley, but me and Kelly to. The extra help makes putting on the shows a lot less stressful, but more importantly youve been a lot of fun to have around.
Ah thanks I said, a little dumbstruck by the sentiment shown.
Oh dont get too mushy said Lilly. Looks like things are getting interesting at the bar.
Is that man trying to chat up Kelly? I asked.
Looks like it said Lilly. Hopefully hell get the hint before he gets his drink thrown over him.
Things had calmed down a little after Kelly and Lillys little joke, but we didnt forget about it completely. Half an hour later they found themselves having to publicly sing a version of Wannabe by the Spice Girls, which was hilarious to watch.

Chapter 7:

It was the next day, a little under 24 hours later. Wed just done the last show. I was in the backstage area doing a little tidying up to keep myself occupied while I waited for the Wild Cats who were in the camper van attached to the backstage area getting ready. Id heard a little more noise and giggling than normal, but had put that down to the excitement of it being our last Friday night out in Brighton. It was quickly revealed that I should have been a little more suspicious.
Oh Captain! Come over here, weve got a nice surprise for you.
Hearing that made me very nervous. Especially as it was Kelly and Lilly calling me Captain, normally they only do that as a joke. I nervously went over to the side door, that was only slightly open, and slid it open all the way. There was indeed a major surprise waiting for me. Kelly and Lilly had changed into a yellow and a purple sexy cocktail dress each, but Hayley was completely different. The floor of the van had been covered in a load of plastic sheets, and sitting on them was Hayley completely naked, apart from some handcuffs around her wrists, and one pair of ankle cuffs around her ankles, and another pair chaining the other two pairs of cuffs together, to restrict her movement even further.
Come on Captain said Lilly. Weve arranged a special treat for your’s and Tigresses two week anniversary.
I nervously stepped into the van, at which point Kelly slid the door shut behind me. I looked at Hayley and she gave me a wide, gleeful smile.
You need to take off your cloths as well said Kelly.
With an encouraging nod from Hayley I took off my shoes, socks, trousers and shirt.
You need to take everything off said Kelly.
I paused nervously when she said this.
Come on Kelly said. Its not like weve not heard about it already. Now take your underpants off, and sit down behind Hayley and put your arms around her.
This time I did as I was told, trying to do it with as much dignity as I could muster, which wasnt that easy.
Wow you do have a really wide cock said Lilly. No wonder you make Hayley moan so much.
Do you have to look? blushed Hayley.
No, but thats not going to stop me said Lilly.
Once I was in place Kelly produced another pair of handcuffs. This pair she put on my wrists, that were now resting on Hayleys stomach. She positioned them to pass under the chain running from Hayleys wrists to her stomach, leaving me handcuffed in position. Hayley started to giggle and held onto my hands as I instinctively wrapped my legs around her. Lilly and Kelly started to unpack 2 carrier bags containing a range of prepared deserts and sweet items onto the floor.
As you can see we popped into your work while you where at lunch said Kelly.
Why did I agree to this again? giggled Hayley.
Oh dont pretend youve not wanted to get properly messy with him for at least a week replied Kelly.
I found myself squeezing onto Hayley as I was infected by her gleeful anticipation. I was thinking back to just over 2 weeks ago when I couldnt have ever imagined agreeing to do something I then would have considered humiliating and embarrassing. Now though with Hayley joyfully anticipating things I found myself joining in with her joy. Of course it helped we were both naked and handcuffed, I was more than a little turned on at this point.
So what should we give them first? asked Lilly.
Hmmm replied Kelly, making a big show of perusing the items available. How about we give them a trifle each?
Good idea said Lilly.
They both picked up a trifle each, and removed the cardboard sleeve and the plastic film. Lilly stood beside Hayley and held her trifle just in front of her face with one hand, while Kelly stood directly behind us, and held the trifle with both hands and lowered it down in front of my face. I closed my eyes, grimacing a little, knowing I was now helpless to stop things. After several killer seconds of anticipation I felt the cool cream pressed into my face, followed by the texture of the jelly and sponge. I found myself suppressing a giggle as the trifle was firmly held in place. I gasped through a mask of thick whipped cream as the ruminants of the trifle were squished over my head, leaving the contents squished into my hair. As this happened I saw Lilly throwing the leftovers of her trifle right onto Haleys naked crotch, that caused her to give out a loud naughty laugh.
With the trifles used Kelly and Lilly went over to restock. I took the chance to look at Hayleys beautiful, smiling cream covered face. It was a site I found irresistible, and I couldnt stave off the temptation of leaning in to lick some of the cream off her right cheek. She gave out a little giggle, turned to face me and gave my cheek a delicate lick. We nervously continued to lick each others faces, until inevitably are tongues caressed each others lips and then are lips touched. We closed our eyes and exchanged many short and sweet kisses. Almost instinctively my right hand found its way to the trifle on Hayleys lap and slowly caressed the textured sponge and jelly across it. Hayley responded by kissing me even more passionately, her lips firmly sealing themselves against mine, her tongue penetrating its way down my throat.
We became aware of Kelly and Lilly approaching us but neither me or Hayley wanted to break off this passionate embrace. In fact what they did fuelled our passions even further, as we both felt the sensation of a cool liquid being poured onto our heads, and cascading its way across all sides. As it touched our lips the taste of chocolate milkshake was added to the delicious tastes of each other, we were both eagerly devouring.
Only after the chocolate cascade had ceased did we dare to break contact. We both looked at each other with nervous smiles, regarding the chocolate covered forms wed both become.
Your so sweet said Lilly.
So, are you enjoying yourself Hayley asked Kelly.
Yes she giggled.
What about Mathew? asked Lilly. Does it feel like hes enjoying himself?
Hayley responded by pressing and gyrating her body against mine, rubbing against my already semi hard cock. I let out a number of involuntary moans and grimaces, unable to speak any more coherently as she teasingly brought it to full hardness.
Hes definitely enjoying himself grinned Hayley.
Well dont go too mad just yet smiled Kelly. Weve still got some nice items to go.

Chapter 8:

We got a brief pause as Lilly and Kelly lined up their next items. While Lilly stood back a little Kelly had several large tubs of fresh custard lined up besides us. I could hear Hayleys breath quicken in anticipation as Kelly held the first tub over her head. The heavy breathing soon turned into a prolonged quiet giggle as the custard was poured over her head and slowly dripped down her body. Quite a bit started to cascade down her back and on to my stomach with a cold sharp sensation. That was only the start though as the next tub was poured over my head. I shuddered with excitement as the custard formed a cool thick layer that covered my hair and dripped down my face. That wasnt the end though as custard was poured all down my back, leaving me covered in thick mess.
I got off quite lightly though compared to what came to the more exposed Hayley, as custard was slowly drizzled onto her breasts, across her stomach and lap, and then onto both our legs. I let out an uncontrolled laugh as the custard tickled my exposed feet.
With the custard used up it was time for Kelly to step back and for Lilly to step forward. She only had the one container, but it was a lot larger than the custard pots had been. The label described it as a chaos pot desert, and it contained swirls of both chocolate and cream mousse, decorated with thin slivers of white and milk chocolate. Lilly started by picking out a piece of chocolate to eat herself, before offering a piece to me and Hayley. Her generosity was short lived though, as she took a handful of the mousse and rubbed it on to the souls of Hayleys feet. Lilly let a minx like smile come across her face as Hayley squirmed and giggled uncontrollably as Lilly continued to tickle her feet, even after shed rubbed all the mousse on. I found myself tightening my grip on Hayley, more than a little turned on by the site of her helplessness.
That was nothing though compared to what came next. Lilly took a large handful of mousse in each hand, and placed each one on one of Hayleys breasts. Lilly caressed Hayleys breasts with deliberate teasing slowness. As Hayleys breath became measured and laboured and her hands struggled in the handcuffs I couldnt resist stroking my hands across her crotch. I felt a tingle of pleasure pass through my body, as Hayley continued to moan rhythmically. I continued to stroke Hayley as Lilly went behind me and rubbed 2 large handfuls of mousse onto my shoulders, firmly rubbing my shoulder and neck with her fingers. I closed my eyes, overcome by the sensation of Hayleys warm body writhing against me, and the pleasurable touch of Lilly massaging my shoulders. This lasted until I heard Hayley give out a loud sharp gasp, and her body temporarily tensed up, before completely collapsing in my arms. We rested our heads against each other, as Lilly took the opportunity to rub the last of the mousse into our faces and hair before going back to where Kelly was watching.
So are you glad you agreed to this now Hayley? asked Kelly.
She nervously nodded, temporarily stunned into silence.
Well weve used up the main deserts we brought said Kelly. Weve still got some nice stuff to go on top though.
Oh no smiled Hayley, as both Lilly and Kelly picked up 2 cans of squirty cream each. They slowly took the lids off, and shook the cans before holding all 4 a couple of feet above us. After a very slight pause me and Hayley where subjected to a deluge of cream, as the contents of all 4 cans rained down on us, decorating us with streaks of cream across our already mess covered bodies.
When the cream ended that wasnt quite the end, as Hayley and Lilly still had a plastic tub of chocolate cake sprinkles each, which they shook out all over me and Hayley to add one last layer to the variety of substances we were now covered in.
So did you two enjoy yourselves asked Lilly.
We both nodded in agreement.
Well me and Lilly have to clean up a little before we go out said Kelly.
You two need to clean up? laughed Hayley.
Look what youve done to us I smiled.
Well well be back in a few hours to release you two said Kelly.
Hang on! exclaimed Hayley.
What? asked Lilly. You said you wanted some time alone with Mathew.
I dont think this is what she had in mind I said.
Youll be fine said Kelly. Well leave the vans heater on so you dont get cold.
So despite our protests me and Hayley where left chained up on the floor of the van, covered in various desert items. Now on our own I hugged Hayley warmly, and placed a kiss on her neck.
It could be worse I said.

Chapter 9:

A fair amount of time had passed. Its was hard to know how much with no clocks available. I was lying down, Hayley still in my arms, us both relaxing under the wave of euphoria that engulfed us. Using my hands and fingers Id made Hayley cum 3 times since Lilly and Kelly had left. Her options were more limited, but by gyrating her body against mine, and rubbing my cock at regular intervals shed kept me in a heightened state of pleasured arousal for a prolonged amount of time until the teasing stimulation had finally been enough to make me orgasm incredibly intensely.
I dont know whether Im going to thank or kill Kelly and Lilly when they come back said Hayley.
How did you end up with such wild friends? I asked.
Us wild types tend to stick together she replied. We have done since school.
Howd you go from that to life on the road together? I asked.
I guess we all wanted to strike out she said. Kelly and Lillys parents couldnt financially support them in further education, and my prospects involved working for my parents forever. When we found about a sideshow retiring we all took out personal loans to go into business ourselves.
Oh really I said.
I still dont know how we made it through that first year she continued. We had both limited knowledge of both putting on a show, and touring fairgrounds in general, plus we all had those loans to pay back. There were times when we were living off tinned tomatoes and pasta, money was so tight. As time went on though we started putting on better shows, and got better at promoting them and picking the right carnivals and fairs to attend, until we ended up with the successful show we run today.
It was all worth it in the end then I said.
It was she said. Its still a lot of hard work, but we make good money touring the country, and even further afield with my best friends, even if I do feel a little third wheelish to their relationship sometimes. Im so glad I found you to help with that.
Im thankful you came after me too I said. Even though Im still not completely sure how it happened.
Sometimes you just see something that clicks said Hayley. Maybe you dont always get it right, but you cant be afraid of taking a chance.
Im so going to miss you when your on tour I said.
Well that doesnt necessarily have to happen she said.
What do you mean? I asked a little perplexed.
Well me, Lilly and Kelly did talk about this earlier today. Its one of the reasons they gave us some time alone. With all the help youve been theres no reason we couldnt offer you a paid position on the team for the tour. We make more than enough to do so, plus it would make one of the more demanding times of the year a lot easier for us, not to mention all the great times we could have together. she said.
I dont know what to say I said, slightly stunned by the offer.
Dont worry she said. I know this must be a bit of a surprise. Take a little time to mull it over before deciding.

Woo-ooo. Were back.
It was even more time later when our peaceful embrace was interrupted by Lillys exuberance.
Did you ask him? she asked as she came in.
Yes I did replied Hayley.
Yay cried Lilly. Were going to have such fun together, all the fun, games, all the love, and the sex.
Have you had much to drink? I asked.
A little Lilly smiled. It doesnt mean I dont mean it when I say I love you two, although not as much as I love you Kelly.
Kelly was just coming into the van. Thankfully she was in a better state than Lilly.
You two are still here then said Kelly. Thats a good sign.
Where were we going to go left in the dark like this? I asked.
Well you could have got up and walked around, all be it slowly said Kelly. You could have got up and found the handcuff keys I left on the desk out there.
What? cried Hayley.
Well I wouldnt make it so you couldnt get out if you really wanted to said Kelly. It seems neither of you were that unhappy about being chained together. Do you want to stay like that a bit longer?
No said Hayley. That mess your poured on us is getting dry and crusty.
Im sure not all the dry crusty mess is because of us leered Lilly.
Kelly handed the keys so she could unlock both her hands, and she could unlock her ankles. We both stood up to wipe ourselves off properly and stretch our limbs.
Were going to have so much fun said Lilly. Tomorrow we can go shopping and buy all the nice things your going to need.
Calm down said Hayley. Hes not decided yet. Anyway I think Ive got everything I need already.
Your going to need your own handcuffs smiled Lilly. You cant keep borrowing mine forever.
Judging by the mess your going to need to buy a new set of your own said Kelly.
Oh they can be cleaned up said Lilly. Your not going to escape my clutches that easily she said before aggressively kissing Kelly.

Finally free from our bounds me and Hayley both got into the shower to both clean off. It may surprise you thats all we did, but after several hours chained together wed both experienced a whole gamut emotionally, and were satisfied at the euphoria each others presence brought.
When we came out we spotted a large black bin bag in the backstage area where Lilly and Kelly had cleared up. Heading into the van the bed mats had been put down. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I spotted Lilly and Kellys form writhing around under their blankets, occasionally emitting a soft moan.
Looks like theyre at it already whispered Hayley.
I had initially been a little shocked by just how far the co-habiting arrangements between the three Wild Cats went. Now after a couple of weeks Id become much more use to it.
Lets get a bucket of water I whispered back.
Oh thats cruel sniggered Hayley.
Compared to what they did to us I replied.
Fair point said Hayley, but were also using that bed, and you probably want to get some sleep before work tomorrow. Unless your planning to phone them and say you quit.

Chapter 10:

So your probably wondering what I did next. You may think 2 months touring Europe with 3 beautiful women, one of who Im having great sex with, whats to think about. Well the fact Id just be quitting my job, and just disappearing from the lives of my friends and family did present a fair amount of trepidation. By the mourning though, having taken a little time to think about it I realised that if I let these worries get to me, and turned this opportunity down I would always look back and regret it.

Even having made this decision firmly in my mind I still went into work with a lot of trepidation, knowing I was announcing my intentions to leave without even giving the standard 2 weeks notice. Things went an awful lot better than I could have imagined. After answering a few questions my boss informed me they had quite a few people looking for summer jobs, so they could give me a couple of months unpaid leave without too much disruption. It was like fate had planned things out for me.
The fact I wouldn’tt be looking for a job when I got back also had the advantage of making things easier with my family, or at least with my Dad. Once Id gone through the details he was supportive, and admitted hed had probably have done the same thing in my position. He did insist he got to meet my new girlfriend, so we arranged to meet up for Sunday lunch, and a trip to one of the afternoon Wild Cats shows, so he could meet everyone backstage afterwards. We made Lilly and Kelly promise to be on their best behaviour.

My Mum has always seemed to spend the 2 weeks previous to me going on holiday worrying, ever since I started going on holiday on my own. The news I was planning on working abroad for 2 months sent her into overdrive, with an endless stream of questions and worries, despite both mine and my Dads reassurances.
None of that though was going to put me off though, so with my suitcase packed, via a lift my Mum insisted my Dad give me, I made my way to the site of the carnival late Monday mourning.
This was actually my first sighting of the Wild Cats campervan when it wasnt incorporated into the tent structure. It was a large Chevy style van with mirrored windows down the side. It was painted black, with airbrush art with the Wild Cats name, and pictures of the heads of various big cats snarling at you. The van was already tall to allow for standing up inside, and the height was added too by a large secure looking box took up the entire roof, where I knew the tent, generators, lights, costumes and almost everything else needed for the show was kept.
Inside was even cosier than it was before, now the fridge, 3 other suitcases and a few other home comforts had been moved inside it. I spotted all the bedding material on one side, during the day a folding table and chairs had been set up in the middle of the van. Not the most glamorous accommodation for the next 2 months, but the company it came with more than made up for it. After saying my final goodbyes to my Dad, and promising to call often so Mum didnt worry we all set off for what was for me at least a totally new experience.

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