A surprise gunging for Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger had been the face of Muller Yoghurts in Britain for a few years and in that time had produced numerous adverts to the point of irritating many. For regular TV viewers, it had become nearly impossible to not catch one of these adverts on a daily basis. The adverts would always end the same way, with Nicole somehow ending up with some of the yoghurt on the tip of her nose following a farcical accident that caused her to drop the yoghurt. What had became confusing is how it was only her nose that managed to get covered in the yoghurt. The combined ridiculousness and frequency of the adverts made Nicole an irritating figure to many people in Britain. It was because of this that Nicole found herself in her current predicament, appearing on some short-lived Saturday night prime-time television show in a skit involving Muller yoghurts.

The producers of the show wanted to capitalise on Nicole’s new found infamy and hence created a skit that involved of retribution for the British public. Nicole was invited onto the show to promote a new single that was shortly coming out, and the producers of the show hoped to capitalise on this opportunity with their yoghurt stunt. Upon arriving to the studios on the afternoon of her appearance on the show, Nicole was informed of exactly what was planned for her. Needless to say, she refused at first, feeling the stunt would harm her publicity. It was only following a chat with producers and the realisation of her true perception by the British public that Nicole reluctantly accepted, hoping this publicity would raise her public profile right in time for the release of her new single.

A few hours went by and it was time for the show to begin, as per usual the first part of the show involved the male host talking about current affairs and entertaining the audience. Nicole nervously waited backstage, waiting for her interview and following that, the planned publicity stunt. She had been instructed by production staff to act like she did not know what was going to happen. In reality, she knew very little about what was going to happen, all that she knew was that a spare change of clothes and a pile of towels was waiting for her backstage. That was not a good omen.

When it was time for Nicole’s appearance, she was introduced by the energetic host to a mixed reaction of NSapplause, cheers and and a few boos. She strutted onto the set and over to the red sofas where the interview was taking place. Nicole was wearing a white shoulderless top that revealed her neck and shoulders as well as her toned, tanned stomach. The top half of her legs were covered by a pair of figure hugging multi-coloured leggings that accentuated her rear and revealed the bottom half of her gorgeous olive coloured legs. On her feet were a pair of black heels. Her long, flowing dark brown hair was curled and swept to one side with dark blonde highlights. It draped over her bare shoulder and reached halfway down her body. She looked nervous as she embraced the host before sitting down for the interview.

Nicole answered questions about her career and new single, which she promoted. At the back of her mind was the stunt that was still to come, and Nicole had to try and hold the nerves back. The conversation soon settled on the Muller adverts and the host was quick to point out how the public felt about the annoying adverts. Nicole was shocked to hear this as it was the first time she had been made aware of the situation. She always thought the adverts were fun and contained a hint of sexiness to keep the audience interested. Perhaps this was right a couple of years ago, but the frequent use of these adverts had led to a change in attitudes towards the yoghurts. The audience laughed as the host mocked the adverts before asking about the ending of the adverts. He asked Nicole why it was only her nose that was covered. She replied nervously that she thought it was cute, knowing in her head that this was probably leading into the imminent skit involving the yoghurts. Suddenly, the host got up from his seat and guided the audience’s attention to the other side of the set. A large curtain that Nicole had previously not taken any notice of was removed, revealing to the audience and Nicole at the same time what the future held for her.

“If you’d like to follow me please Nicole, we’re going to create our own Muller advert” said the host, leading Nicole by the hand over to the other side of the stage. A large perspex booth had been set up with a plastic stool inside. Above the booth was a large tank containing on close inspection what appeared to be sloppy white gunge, a substitute for yoghurt. This was unmistakably a gunge tank, and its intended occupant was only one person, Nicole.

Upon the sudden realisation of what was about to happen, Nicole’s heart began to beat faster. She had been expecting something, hence the spare clothes and towels, but this was beyond all expectations. The crowd were going wild, cheering and applauding loudly as the host explained what was going to happen.

“Now, for a few years Nicole, you have been acting in these yoghurt adverts,” explained the host. “And you might not know this, but the public have been beginning to grow tired of these same adverts repeating daily.”

This was greeted with another cheer from the audience. Nicole nervously giggled, adjusting her hair.

“In these adverts Nicole, you always seem to be so clumsy, ending up with yoghurt on your face.” The host was now beginning to smile. Nicole knew where he was heading. “Us guys here at the show thought that we would recreate this, but give the people what they want to see”

This was followed by another loud cheer and Nicole tensed her shoulders, shutting her eyes and taking a deep breath. This was happening, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. She tried reassuring herself by thinking of the positive publicity that would come from this on the eve of her new single’s release.

“Nicole, this advert we’re creating here involves you stumbling across a large tank of yoghurt and getting trapped underneath it, so if you will follow me please. Best acting face now,” The host took Nicole by the hand and led her over to the tank. He opened the door and ushered Nicole inside, urging her to act like she was in an advert. Nervously, Nicole feigned curiosity as she stepped inside the booth. She looked around before looking up. Greeting her was the the sight of a vast amount of gunge poised above her head, only held back by the closed nozzle of the tank, ready to release the deluge of slop down over her in just a matter of moments. The pure thought of that made Nicole shiver. That thought was about to become reality as the host was gearing up the audience in anticipation of their revenge for all the adverts.

Nicole tried to stay in character for the show, looking at the camera in shock. She managed a seductive look towards camera and bit her lip whilst looking upwards at the gunge suspended above. Then she went back to nervousness, tensing her shoulders and kicking out her legs.

“Oh look,” said the host in character. The smug look on his face revealed to Nicole that he was loving every minute of this. He walked to the side of the tank where a chain with a large red handle was hanging down. He grasped it with one hand. “We seem to have Ms Scherzinger trapped inside this tank. What do you say, shall we let her out?”

There was a large cry is disagreement from the audience. It was visible now to all that Nicole was hating this experience, and the host was making it worse, drawing out the moment.

“Well then, we better give her what she deserves then!” This was greeted with rapturous applause and cheers from the audience. Nicole sighed. “Sounds like a plan then! Help me count down…”


Nicole glanced up quickly at the gunge one last time before lowering her head. It wasn’t the best idea to be looking up at this time.


The host banged on the perspex at the side. Nicole ignored him and kept her head down, shoulders still tensed and arms by her side.


Nicole shut her eyes and took a deep breath. This was it.

The host tugged on the chain, causing an audible creaking sound from the tank. The loud audience cheers still continued as the slop began to fall. Nicole felt the cold gunge slap down onto the top of her head with force, causing the stream to umbrella around her, ricocheting off her head. The funnel of white gunge covered her shoulders and arms in the gunge and splattered the side of the tank. The dome slowly began to collapse in on itself, pouring gunge into Nicole’s lap, down her legs and then down the front and back of her body. She squirmed as the inside of her loose fitting top filled with cold gunge, pressing against her bare skin. The slop poured off of her boobs, streaming down her lower body and pool in her lap. Nicole remained frozen in her position as the gunge now attacked her hair, flattening her curls and saturating her dark brown locks under a coat of thick white slop. Nicole raised her head slightly and gunge poured down her face, covering her features in a layer of white. Within seconds she had been absolutely covered in the white gunge and the deluge still was continuing. Gunge streamed down off the top of her head, running down her back, causing a cold shiver. Even the tight leggings could not keep out the slop and it pooled around her crotch, causing an unpleasant and new sensation for Nicole. The gunge also pooled on the floor of the tank around her feet, which were now nearly completely submerged in the large puddle of goo forming. The cold gunge against her skin was revolting, and as the stream subsided, Nicole ran two hands through her ruined hair, creating trails through the layer of excess white slop. She wiped her eyes and looked out at the audience, who were still cheering loudly.

“Oh my word!” Shouted the host, looking in at the ruined singer. “This is nothing like the adverts!” There was a ripple of laughter from the audience as Nicole managed a smile from beneath her slime covered hair which she slicked back with her hands. She pushed the gunge from her lap with both hands, pooling more gunge onto the floor where it was up to her calves. There was barely an inch of her that wasn’t covered, which made a change from the usual adverts. Ironically, the tip of Nicole’s nose was not covered. The complete opposite from the usual adverts had happened.

As the host wrapped up the show, Nicole was led out of tank, dripping gunge all along the studio floor. As a stagehand handed her a pile of towels, draping one over her shoulder, Nicole thought to herself:

‘I should’ve stayed with the shampoo commercials…’

She could’ve certainly done with some now!

Hey guys, this is my first attempt at writing a WAM story in quite a while, I’m going to continue writing more, so watch this space…

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9 Responses to A surprise gunging for Nicole Scherzinger

  1. TripleWAM says:

    Reblogged this on TripleWAM's Blog and commented:

    My first attempt at a WAM story in quite a while, going to continue writing now so watch this space for more new stories soon!


  2. yuck53 says:

    Ha, ha. I have not even read this story yet and I’m already loving the concept.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. MCPridz says:

    Awesome story loved it but I do have one question what happened to your cascade series

    Liked by 1 person

    • TripleWAM says:

      Cheers, glad you liked it 🙂
      After writing the first part of the Cascade series, I did have plans for about 10 more episodes. However, I had less and less time to write the stories and kind of lost motivation after a while, a familiar pattern for me, I know. However, the series, unlike some of my others, may not completely be written off yet. I did have some good ideas for it and some new celeb faces to gunge, so maybe I’ll continue with it. Or even I may do a new series similar but with a different gunge mechanism or format. I do want to do a full celebrity series though, it’s just a case of keeping the motivation. Keep an eye out for more celeb stories like this with a few new victims that to my knowledge, have not been featured on the site much, or even at all.


      • MCPridz says:

        glad the celebrity stories are returning I have missed them as I don’t really have the time to write any now because of my job and some of the other authors have also seemed to have stopped written as well due to other commitments, so I can’t wait to see some of the stories in the future

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  4. amy tomlinson says:

    hi the story is brilliant just wonder if you could use Charlie XCX and Rita Ora in any of your future stories thanks

    Liked by 1 person

  5. yuck53 says:

    🙂 😆
    Well done, good and not at all clean fun there for Nicole and us readers.
    I think I may need to work my imagination a little harder though on envisaging certain details of the scenery. That’s my weakest point (I think) in reading stories and I really need to work on it.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Paul Louth says:

    Loved it. .can you include Nicole being naked in the next story?

    I’ve never thought of the yogurt as yogurt before in her adverts, always cum!


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