Paradise by the Fairground Light: Chapters 1 – 5:

It’s been about 6 months since I last published any stories, during which I’ve been working on this long novel length project called Paradise by the Fairground Light. As I write this intro I now have it about 95% done, and hope to be uploading 1 part per weekend for the next couple of months, although I’m not going to guarantee that, as real life could get in the way and stop me. It’s a story that started as an idea I’d been playing with for a while, as far back as while finishing with my Caroline Kronos series.
Now if you’ve read my previous work, and maybe Googled the names Bernard and Bianca you might know I’m a big fan of a Disney film called The Rescuers, featuring two main characters of the same names. Well I liked the idea of using the character development and basic plot as a starting point for my own story. That being a confident and outgoing woman meets a shy, but lovable man, and they fall in love when embarking on an adventure together. I played around with a couple of ideas to set this too, like a big competition, or an espionage caper, but the one I settled on, influenced by my own enthusiasm for the subject, was the setting of a travelling sideshow at a carnival.
From there I developed ideas for plot, characters and of course messy scenarios, including quite a few like this first one that developed from the setting of the series. I won’t delve into any further details, for fear of ruining any surprises, but I hope you enjoy it as an introduction to things.

Chapter 1:

Roll up, Roll up, gather all.
Come see delights that will enthral.
The greatest rides to make you scream.
Hot dogs and candy floss, taste like a dream.
Skee ball and hoopla, prizes to win.
The bright lights, the sounds will make your head spin.
Young or old, well see you there.
Come to the carnival, a place without a care.

You see that man wandering around this place of magic on his own, looking forlorn while others around him have fun frittering away the hours. Thats me.

It wasnt always like this. Granted Ive never been a major social butterfly, but there used to be a time when I wouldn’t spend one of my favourite times of the year on my own.
It might not surprise you to know a girl was involved, Sara was her name. I could spend forever going on about her, but Ill try to give you a condensed version.
We met at school when we were 12, and started dating at sixteen, and for the next four years everything was great, well in hindsight not all great, but at least good. We kept regular contact and went out to dinner or the cinema at least once a week. Then after 4 years together we went on our second holiday together to Prague. What a disaster. She spent the whole holiday moping about and feeling sorry for herself because she was missing home, to the point she wouldn’t even walk side by side down the street, she spent most of the holiday following six foot behind me, rather than with me to try to get involved and have a good time. Of course when I said something to her shed refuse to talk about things, preferring to spoil things for both of us instead of trying to put things right.
For the next 2 years things went downhill. She became obsessed with what people thought of her, or at least everyone except me. Id not see her for a month at a time because she was afraid of upsetting her boss if she didn’t cover for every bit of overtime she was asked to do. Shed be afraid to hold hands in public as she feared complete strangers might not like it, or shed find it embarrassing. Shed let herself be stopped and hassled by hawkers and swindlers on the street as she was afraid to walk by with a no thanks.
Our relationship became more and more erratic. One day shed be happily flirting with me, the next shed call to say she just wanted to be friends, then change her mind when I said that meant I wouldn’t pay to take her out to dinner when she wanted any more.
Then there was her drinking that got worse and worse as the time went on. Were not talking about heavy drinking when going out here either. She started buying large bottles of booze just to consume at her house. Towards the end shed be refusing to do stuff, and cutting days out short, just so she had some booze money.
In the end the booze was the final nail in the coffin. During another of her nights of heavy drinking she started pestering me with messages and phone calls. I called her parents the next day and told them things had to change, and that this couldn’t go on. Half an hour later I get a call from her saying her parents dont want us to see each other any more.

Of course I was upset, and angry. Angry for her for making no real effort. Angry at her parents for letting this go on, and maybe a little angry at myself for allowing it to happen.
That was 4 months ago. Since then Ive felt a constant despondent loneliness. I have a few mates, but Sara was my only close friend, outside of my family. Everything I used to do with Sara I now had to do on my own. A day out anywhere, on my own. A trip to a show or concert, on my own. Now on the opening night of my favourite 2 weeks of the year, the Brighton Golden Gate Carnival, held on the seafront in Hove, everyone else was having fun with friends and family but I was on my own.

Chapter 2:

Hey there Captain. Can I interest you in a good show.
My gloom was temporarily interrupted by the approach of what I initially assumed was a promo girl. She was wearing a denim mini skirt, that had some sort of tiger tail decoration hanging from it. The tiger theme continued with a bare midriff strapless top decorated with a white, orange and black tiger stripe pattern. I found myself checking out her shoes, and saw the pleasing site of a pair of 6 inch stiletto platform pumps, decorated with black and white leopard print.
Do you like my shoes she asked, placing an affectionate hand on my shoulder.
I looked up, blushing a little at the embarrassment of being caught out. It was well worth looking up to see her beautiful facial features. She looked around the same age I was, with piercing blue eyes and baby pink lipstick bordering an affectionate smile. Her most striking feature though was her long hair, dyed a vibrant flame red, that formed a flamboyant mane to below her shoulders. The tiger theme was completed by a headband with a cute pair of tiger ears decorating them.
Your shoes are very nice I stuttered.
You should come and see some of the other stuff I wear for the show she said, leaning in a little closer to me. I nervously took the pamphlet she handed me.
The Wild Cats I read out. Live music and dance spectacular.
Its where I really get to strut my stuff she said. Id really like to show you a few things.
Ill definitely pay a visit at some point I said.
Ill tell you what she said. Seeing as I think your so cute why dont you have this.
She reached into her little handbag and pulled out a pen. On my flyer she wrote the words admit 1, reserved, and signed it with her signature.
That will get you in to the last show tonight for free she said. Its when we do our really wild stuff she said before leaning in and placing a quick kiss on my cheek.

Its odd what you miss when a relationship ends. The sex is something I thought about in the first few weeks, but I soon got over missing that. What I really missed though was just the warm feeling that female interaction created. The affections of that woman had lit up a spark inside me Id not felt for a long time. How could I resist the show where I might get too see her again.
I found the Wild Cats sideshow on one of the main midways. It was a large structure with fabric walls, including a large banner facing the midway. Below the banner was a raised platform where I spotted the girl Id talked to earlier. I soon found out her stage name was Tigress. She was doing a preview show to entice in customers with two other women, both also wearing cat themed costumes, and sporting flamboyant long hair. There was a tall black girl called Panther whose hair had been styled into numerous long thin plats, some a natural black, others dyed pink and gold. The other girl was shorter and had fair, almost milk white skin with long jet black hair and was called Jaguar. As they made their big spiel Im sure Tigress spotted me in the crowd and flashed an affectionate smile at me.
With the spiel over I was one of the first to head to the ticket booth where Panther had headed to sell tickets. It had occurred to me by then that the offer of free entrance might just be a way to get people to come over, and Id still end up handing over money. It turned out I needn’t be concerned, not only did the ticket get me in, but Id had a seat reserved for me on the front row, adjacent to the aisle near the centre of the stage. The viewing area consisted of about 200 folding wooden seats in several rows, and a large area to stand and watch the show behind that. The stage was another wooden platform, larger than the one out front, with two doorways at the back, obscured by curtains. Between them was another large painted banner, this time depicting 3 big cats, not unsurprisingly a black panther, jaguar and a tiger.

Around me the murmur of the crowd got louder as the tent filled up. Soon all the wooden seats were filled up, and it was standing room only at the back. Then the murmur dies down as the lighting in the tent went pitch black, and a loud jungle drum beat played over the sound system. As the drum beat got louder and louder no other sound could be heard as all eyes focused on the stage. Then suddenly 3 figures lit up in the middle of the stage. Id seen paint that glowed on UV light used on ghost trains and fun houses numerous times, but here it had been used to decorate some brightly coloured costumes. The 3 figures put on an enthusiastic dance routine for the next several minutes, which thanks to the fact their costumes were the only thing visible in the otherwise pitch darkness created an amazing spectacle, until the music ended and they disappeared almost as suddenly they first appeared.
There was a brief pause before a spotlight came on, focusing on one of the doors at the back of the stage. My heart fluttered a little as out stepped the beautiful Tigress, wearing the same costume shed worn on the midway earlier and holding a microphone. She introduced herself to the crowd, and then the music started and she started singing a lively rock n roll song. She wasnt the most accomplished singer in the world, but she did things with enough enthusiasm and stage presence to keep everyones attention.
I watched captivated for the next 20 minutes as the show continued with a combination of spectacular dance and music numbers, enhanced with some good lighting effects, and a few other sideshow entertainments as one of the girls juggled, did illusions or swallowed swords.
The moment I shall always remember came towards the end though. Out came all 3 girls, wearing leopard skin bikini tops and hula style grass skirts. Jaguar and Panther were both carrying pairs of flaming torches which they used to dance with, juggle and even breath out spectacular ball of fire. My attention wasnt focused on them though, for just a short distance in front of me, looking me directly in the eye was Tigress. She seductively crawled to the edge of the stage, where she playfully grabbed out in my direction. She then danced around on the ground in a sexy manor, while Panther and Jaguar continued to show off their fire juggling skills.
Normally thats how we finish our show called out Jaguar, but seeing as this is the last show of the evening weve one last thing to show you we call the blood-bath.
For which well require some prey from the audience said Panther. Tigress I believe youve located someone.
I immediately realised they were talking about me. Ive never been one for mass attention, and found myself rather reluctant to walk up the steps on the side of the stage. I looked out into the audience, at least I didn’t see anyone I knew.

Chapter 3:

Tigress greeted me and took my quivering hand and led me up the steps. I nervously waved towards the applauding crowd.
Its O.K. Captain Tigress quietly purred into my ear, as she put her arms around me. You and me are in for a great time together.
A magical sensation quivered through me at the sensation of her touch and sound of her voice. I found myself momentarily forgetting about the crowd, and everything else in my life as our eyes met. With a wry smile she took my hand again and led me to centre stage, where while Id been distracted what looked like a green inflatable paddling pool had been brought on. It was about 4 foot in diameter with an 8 inch high rim. Tigress stepped inside, and indicated for me to remove my shoes and socks. Now eager for whatever she had in store I did as I was told. As she stepped in she indicated for us both to kneel down on our knees.
That was the signal for the blood-bath part of the show to officially start. All the lights in the tent went out other than 3 spotlights on the stage. One on where Panther and Jaguar stood, and a larger light over the pool where me and Tigress were. A rhythmical jungle style drum beat started playing over the music system, and all 3 girls let their bodies gyrate to the rhythm. I watched intensely as Tigress swayed her hips, and rubbed her hands over her body. She then reached over and slowly began to remove my t-shirt. Normally Im not comfortable going shirtless in public, but I was so captivated by Tigresss charms that I didnt even think about it. She threw my t-shirt to one side, and took both my hands and placed one on each of her hips. Then she placed one of her hands on my cheek, and tenderly caressed the other across my chest as she continued to seductively gyrate her hips in time with the music.

Then there was a sudden change of pace. The drumbeat stopped, and a sudden scream was heard over the sound system, and the spotlights on Jaguar and Panther went out. Suddenly from the ceiling poured down a trickle of a dark red coloured liquid. I edged towards the edge of the pool, but Tigress positioned herself in the centre, allowing the liquid to pour over her. The music changed to a more ambient jungle sound, as I watched fascinated as she slowly rubbed it over herself, until it covered every part of her body. I curiously swirled my hand in the puddle we were both sitting in. It had a thick, warm and gooey feel to it.
I saw Tigress wipe her eyes, and playfully look at me through the crimson mask that now covered her body. I was helpless to resist as she put her hands on my shoulders and pulled me in and under the stream of slime. I put my arms around her waist and closed my eyes. I was overcome with euphoria as Tigress massaged the slime across my neck and shoulders, and then slowly rubbed it down my arms and across my chest.
I felt Tigresss hands resting on both my cheeks, I nervously opened my eyes, and saw Tigresss beautiful blue eyes returning their gaze at me. We exchanged smiles, and I was overcome by a sudden desire to have those lips pressed against mine. Perhaps sensing my desire she leaned in and placed a warm and sweet kiss on my lips, before tenderly pressing her cheek against mine, while taking handfuls of the red slime and rubbing them down my back.
She leaned back and gave me a passionate look of desire. She took my hands from around my waist, and placed them on her wonderful feeling arse. She leaned in close, pressing her body against mine. She slowly gyrated her body up down against mine. I felt her hard nipples through her bikini rubbing across my chest, as the slime squelched between us. I heard her give out a quiet moan of pleasure, I found myself deliberately moving a little myself to increase the stimulation on her nipples. After a number of gyrations she made one last thrust upwards until her breasts were level with my eye line, where I nervously looked at them. They looked incredibly alluring covered in a layer of glistening red slime.
She leant back and down, we exchanged another smile looking each other in the eye. As we did this the slime stopped trickling down from the ceiling. She gave me a playful lock, before a snarling sound effect was heard over the sound system. She made a snarling gesture with her mouth, before softly biting my neck as the lights went out.
We continued to hold on to each other in the darkness, listing to the sound of each others deep breathing, as the audience gave their last round of applause. She broke contact just before the stage lights came back on where Panther and Jaguar were now standing beside us. Me and Tigress slowly stood up to take a final bow for the audience before I was led backstage.

Chapter 4:

It was about 15 minutes later. In theory I was getting cleaned up in the shower cubicle set up in the small backstage area, but I couldnt really concentrate. Id been led backstage while my coat and bag from the audience. The backstage area was a small continuation of the tent, costumes were hanging on a large rail and over the backs of chairs, and props Id seen used in the show were randomly found about the place. A couple of body length mirrors hung on the wall, and in one corner was some sort of electronic control desk, and the other was where the shower had been set up.
All I could think about was what Id done with the beautiful flame haired Tigress out on stage. How our bodies had touched, the sensation of us both being covered in that red slime, how shed let me touch her arse and how shed tenderly kissed me on the lips.
What I really needed at that point was a chance to clear my head a little. It seemed though that other plans were afoot as the door to the cubicle was swung open.
Are you cleaning up OK?
I looked round, and my heart started pounding out of its chest. Standing their, still with a fare amount of red slime clinging to her body was Tigress. My immediate reaction was to cover myself up with my hands.
Its OK she smiled. Theres nothing there I dont want to see.
My breathing deepened and I was stunned into silence as her eyes keenly looked over my body.
I dont believe weve been properly introduced she grinned. My names Hayley
Im Mathew I stammered. Ill be out in a minute, you can get cleaned up then.
Oh, I wasnt planning on letting you go anywhere she said.
My heart skipped as her previously obscured right hand came into view. In them she was holding a pair of chrome handcuffs. Flustered as I was, I could offer no resistance as she took my wrists and handcuffed my hands to a fixture above my head. She paused only to pick up some sort of toiletry can before stepping in the shower cubicle and closing the door behind her. I took a deep breath, as I realised I now was closely confined with this delectable beauty, who now had me under her control.
Is that all they gave you? she smiled pointing at the bar of soap on the shelf. Ive got something much more fun here.
She held up the toiletry can, it said foam burst gel on it. She sprayed a handful into her hand, and then slowly rubbed it across my chest. I breathed deeply in response to the incredible feeling as she lathered up the gel, leaving my chest covered in a soapy foam. That was more than enough to excite me, but it was only a warm up for what she did next. Her hand worked its way down my body, until it was teasingly stroking my cock. I closed my eyes, tilted my head back and panted heavily, completely overcome. My wrists struggled in the handcuffs, desperate for more stimulation than she was teasingly giving me.
Oh my God I gasped as she took her hand away.
She put the gel on the shelf, and stepped in even closer to me, her body pressed against mine, her beautiful wry smile mere inches from my face.
Is this the first time youve ever been handcuffed? she flirtily asked.
Yes I gasped.
Really? she smiled. Youve never had someone have completely unrestricted access to your beautiful sexy body?
I shook my head as both her hands took a firm grip on my arse. She looked at me suggestively as her hands slowly explored my arses contours, before slowly sliding up my back, and taking a firm hold of my head. She moved her head closer until our faces touched.
Never had someone be able to do whatever they wanted with those beautiful kissable lips? she said.
She leant in and we were locked in a passionate embrace. It started with both are lips passionately locked, before she softly bit my bottom lip. I traced my tongue across her top lip, savouring the taste of her pink lipstick. She then placed kiss after kiss across my face. My cheeks, my forehead, my neck, a nibble of my ear, and a lick of my nose before another final passionate kiss on my lips.
She moved back, and regarded me with lustful eyes, obviously enjoying seeing the effect she was having on me. She gave me a flirty smile as she picked up the shower gel. She sprayed another handful and this time rubbed it over herself. At a deliberately measured pace she slowly washed off the last of the red slime, replacing it with an equally enticing layer of lather, that made her skin glisten beautifully. Having lathered her arms and legs she playfully put some of the foam bubbles on her face and slowly rubbed her stomach until she work her way up to her breasts. She reached around behind her back and the back strap of her bikini tantalisingly fell down to her side. She teasingly dangled her top by the shoulder straps, looking me in the eye before slowly removing her top to expose her beautiful breasts.
She teasingly draped her top over my shoulder as she move back closer. I tingled as our bodies touched once again and she placed another heavenly kiss on my lips. My hands still struggled, so I reached up with my right foot to gently stroke her, wanting any contact I could get.
We regarded each other with measure deep breaths as she stepped back under the stream of water. She teasingly licked her lips as she slowly slipped her right hand down the front of her bikini briefs. I watched in fascination as she slowly caressed her crotch as her eyes lost focus and she quietly moaned. She then slowly penetrated herself with two fingers, rubbing slowly at first, but rubbing faster as the look on her face intensified. I was unable to take my eyes of her, until she gave out a last loud moan and she leant on me, arms around my shoulders, looking me directly in the eye as she caught her breath back.
I would have been happy if it had ended there, but she wanted to return the favour. Without breaking eye contact she reached down and started to firmly rub my now throbbing cock, running her fingers along the underside of my shaft. Almost immediately I lost all focus, other than on the ever increasing paralysing sensation. After a number of rubs she paused momentarily.
Dont stop I pleaded.
With a wry smile she knelt down. She then started to massage the head of my penis with her lips, while stroking the shaft with her fingers. My wrists pulled on the handcuffs harder than ever as I let out numerous involuntary squeals. As the squeals intensified she took a firm grip on the base of my shaft with her hand, and took my penis deep into her mouth, stimulating the whole shaft with her lips and tongue. I was completely overcome by the sensation of euphoric pleasure, thinking of nothing else, until finally with one last gasp an overwhelming wave of intense pleasure hit me as I ejaculated into her mouth.

I was still recovering as she slowly got back up, and reached for the tap to stop the flow of water.
Well that was fun she smiled.
Amazing I whispered back.
Well Id better get dry she said. Then Ill get the key to those handcuffs.
She left the door open as she stepped out the cubicle. This let me watch her towel herself off, put on a transparent red bra and a matching lacy thong, and re-apply her lipstick. She then cheekily held up the same black and white tiger stripe stilettos shed caught me checking out earlier, and then strapped them to her feet.
Looking as radiant as ever she came over with the keys and unlocked my wrists. I stepped out the cubicle and she handed me a towel from a rail.
We rinsed the slime off your cloths she said. They wont be dry to this mourning though. We can always snuggle up under the blankets together to keep warm if we need to.
Wont someone say something? I asked. If were walking around semi nude.
Kelly and Lilly have gone to Club Revenge together she said.
Thats the other two girls, Jaguar and Panther, right I said as I draped the towel over my shoulders.
Thats right she said. Weve got the place to ourselves for a few hours. How about I show you the living area out back.
Sounds good I agreed.

Chapter 5:

It was the next morning, and I was lying in a semi awake state in the Wild Cats camper van. It would be inaccurate to call it a bed, it was actually a number of mats and blankets on the floor, but the lack of luxury was the last thing on my mind.
You know sometimes when your in the trees you really cant see the woods. It had never occurred to me before, but my ex-girlfriend Sara had never been a particularly thoughtful lover, happy to just lie back at let me do all the work. Having spent the night with the enthusiastic and eager to please Hayley had been a true revelation of what Id been missing. Wed stayed up late together and I was still in a sleepy haze, even as daylight threatened to pierce its way through the curtains.
I let out a little smile as for the first time in over a year I was waking up with another warm body. Still not fully awake I rolled over to be close and place an affectionate arm around her.
Now I dont mind, but I dont think Im who you think I am.
Hearing that shocked me into waking up almost instantly as I rolled away. As I did the person I was with came out from under the blankets. I recognised her as the fair skinned, black haired wild cat from last night, wearing a pink chemise. She regarded me lying on her belly, resting her head in her hands.
You must be Mathew she said.
Err Lilly I presume I stammered.
You know she said. Im surprised you found any time for small talk.
What are you doing here? I asked. All things considered that was a good question.
Me, I always sleep here. she said. Theres nowhere else for us Wild Cats to go.
Where are the others? I asked.
Theyve gone out to get some lunch she said. Theyll be back soon.
Well I now knew why I woke up with a different woman to the one I went to bed with. Seeing the sleeping arrangements did remind me of another question I had.
Do you 3 always sleep together? I asked.
Are you thinking what I think I am? she said, looking rather perturbed.
Well I said.
Honestly she cried. Would you think that if 3 guys had to shack up like this?
Its just Hayley said you and Kelly went to a gay bar together last night I said. So I just assumed.
Oh right she said, relaxing a little. Normally we get to know people a bit better before revealing anything. Im surprised Hayley said something.
Well she didnt say specifically I explained, but she mentioned the name of the club. Its one Ive heard of obviously.
Ah right. Ill tell her to be a bit more careful in future she said. As Im sure your wondering me and Kelly are a couple. Hayleys strait and single. At least she was yesterday mourning, Captain.
She gave me a playful punch on the shoulder.
Really I said. Last night had been such a whirlwind Id not really thought much further ahead.
Well we dont normally invite members of the audience up to join us for the blood bath she said.
I nodded, smiling at the memory.
Did she say much about me? I asked.
Well I know she saw something in you she likes she said. I also know to make sure to get you to clean the shower properly before I use it.
She smiled with amusement as I profusely blushed. Normally I dont share details about what I do in the bedroom with anyone Im not sleeping with. During the pause in conversation she took the chance to grab her phone, I rolled over to check my own. I had a few random texts, and a few from my mum who was still worried, even though I had messaged her to let her know I was staying out for the night.
You ready to get up, and hopefully get this place presentable for when Hayley and Kelly bring us some lunch she said.
Sure I replied. I better just text my mum first and reassure her Im not dead.
Dont take too long she said. You wouldnt want Hayley to find you in bed with another woman.

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About Black Opera

A WAM lover living on the South coast of England. As well as WAM I also use a lot of master/sub style bondage in a lot of my stories.
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2 Responses to Paradise by the Fairground Light: Chapters 1 – 5:

  1. TG says:

    Nice work. Although sensual WAM doesn’t do much to arouse me, I can’t fault the richness of your storytelling. The back-story of the previous relationship was a nice opener; as much as I love bawdy slapstick, it’s good to sometimes read something a bit more tender.


    • Black Opera says:

      Thanks a lot. I’m almost the opposite, typically not being as turned on by the more slapstickish scenarios. Probably the reason my attempts to write that type of story haven’t turned out as well as my rowamce ones.


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