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A few weeks ago, XWammer posted on the requests page asking after ebony WAM, something that I myself am very fond of. Black women are among the most beautiful females on this planet, and it is a real joy to see the contrast of cream on dark skin, or curly afro hair getting flattened by gunge. It’s also something of a relative rarity, both within the community and beyond. I’d had it in the back of my mind for some time to make a dedicated ebony WAM post, and this recent request has spurred me to do it.

The below list is not exhaustive. I hope that others will jump in with stuff I’ve overlooked, and I intend to add more myself. I would be great to have as much as much ebony/black WAM collated here as possible. So here goes:

Caroline on GYOB – perhaps my favourite GYOB of all time. As one comment on the video puts it, “If u look closely u can see her thick black hair disappear into the gunge very sexy”.

Josie D’arby on GYOB – an appalling sport for wearing a cap and refusing to go under.

However, she did also get pied on To Me To You.

Angelica Bell gunged well on Live and Kicking and not so well on the Saturday Show.

Pam Grier in a muddy catfight in 1971 film The Big Doll House

Halle Berry slimed at the KCAs – pics here, crappy video here – I’ll try to arrange a better one.

Tanya Chisholm on Figure It Out

Elsa de Vassoigne (Roger Black’s then girlfriend) plus decoys on NHP

Sabrina “for goodness’ sake” Washington on I’m A Celeb part 2

Juliana Alves in a food fight in Brazilian novela Ti Ti Ti (28 mins)

Jerry Springer – “Turkey” pied for thanksgiving

Richard Bey – Gossip has the beans spilt on her
Wedding wreckers made into cakes
There’s also a “Wall of Shame” scene where mothers pie their miscreant daughters, but I can’t find it.

Two members of girl group 411 get the gunge and foam on MoM

Sinitta on Sing If You Can

Monique Coleman self-pies on a game show

Big Brother Africa

Freema Agyeman emerges from slime in Dr Who

Jasmine from Redwood gets pied

Kosplay pie challenge

An old scene from Family Matters

I’m pretty sure there’s a scene from Saved by the Bell in which a well-dressed black lady gets pied.

Trailer for Bride vs Bride

Numerous black girls pied in Vevo’s Guess the Video

Family challenge mom pied

Driving academy

Family Wipeout (5 mins and 8 mins)

Plenty of great mess with girl group Bonde das Maravilhas on Passou ou repassa

The producer of Slime Time Live gets pied

Chromakey slow-motion paint gunging

Coins for camp – spectacular sliming and ok food dump

Pies and eggs at a sorority event

Best friend challenge

Colourful goop in line-crossing ceremony

There was a civilian vid called “Empire gets pied” in which a black lady in a business suit gets very nicely pied. It’s been taken down now and the computer I have it downloaded to is out of action, but maybe someone has it?

That’s it for now – please everyone post more ebony mess!

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8 Responses to Ebony WAM

  1. There was an all-celebrity edition of Run the Risk featuring Josie D’Arby too. Just thought I’d mention it!


  2. Rogério. says:

    You like one girl pie the guy video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ghm1ZsLzcM


  3. Xwammer says:

    There is a programme called my wife and kids and the episode is called let them eat pie and the whole family at the end have a mass pie fight, that is pretty good.


  4. Rogério. says:

    First episode of Bonde das Maravilhas in the Passa ou Repassa.


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