Kronos Waits For No Man: Part 4

Welcome to part 4 of my Kronos Waits For No Man series. It takes place in the same location and time as my Bianca’s Messy Awakening Series, and does ruin a few surprises, so you might want to read that first if you don’t want them revealed.

This story uses an idea I originally had for a short messy scene while writing the afore mentioned series, but didn’t use as it didn’t suit the character’s, and it felt like an unnecessary diversion from the main story.
Here though I’ve been able to expand it into a nice short story with characters who match the more humorous tone I  had in mind when I conceived the idea.

Welcome back to those who’ve been following, and to any newcomers welcome. Where have you been? Me (Caroline Kronos) and my husband (Oliver Wolf) have been having a great weekend at a wet and messy fetish convention at Westbrook Manor. After a mourning with my husband in the resorts dungeon and taking part in a number of pie fights, we’d spent the afternoon looking around the resort. We’d made sure to visit the archery range during Verona’s and Stephanie Vampire’s time volunteering to be tied up and have pies thrown at them. Of course Caroline Kronos is not one to miss out on the fun, and I’d had a go in one of the resorts gunge tanks. This had all been good fun, but it was all leading up to what was going to be the hi-light of the afternoon.

I was currently waiting in one of the operation rooms alongside fellow burlesque beauty Raquel Tejada. Around the room sat a number of people viewing various monitors, and occasionally picking up the phone to communicate with someone. It was a bit like what you see in various dramas on TV, only not decorated quite so dramatically, and a more lived in feel with humorous posters on the wall and empty food packets strewn around the place.
Of course me and Raquel had dressed up for the occasion. We were both wearing red corsets with black lace trim. Thanks to Raquel’s skills as a seamstress both had some custom decoration, she had opted for a design reminiscent of a prehistoric cave painting sewn into her corset in gold thread, while I had several images of Victorian pocket watches on mine. Below the waste I had opted just for a decorative pair of black lacy knickers and a pair of black hold up stockings decorated with red bows at the top and my favourite pair of red stiletto high heels. Raquel had opted for a more modest lacy knee length skirt and mid heel black boots. For those questioning her modesty, well for a lady in her mid 50’s she still knows how to look sexy, but she is sensible enough to be aware of her limits, or as she likes to put it; “If I try to dress myself up like lamb, people would look at me and see mutton.”
We were both waiting in this backstage area to meet up with Sam Westbrook, who was currently looking very stern despite what she was wearing (more on that in a minute) while talking to a young blond woman dressed in a bright pink dress whose assumed name we’d already heard was Pretty N Pink.
“What happened?” asked Sam. “I’m told you asked for a one on one to be stopped almost as soon as it started, and they had to quickly scramble for a replacement.”
“They were going to pour a load of golden syrup in my hair” said Pretty N Pink.
“You were asked to tell us if there were any items you didn’t like when filling in the application form” replied Sam. “Why didn’t you tick the golden syrup box then?”
“I didn’t think anyone would pour any in my hair” replied Pretty N Pink. “It would get stuck in it.”
“We’ve had plenty of people who’ve been able to wash it out with no noticeable problems” replied Sam. “For now I’m going to get a copy of the form printed and sent to your room. I expect you to go through it again and tick off anything you don’t want used on you, including being poured over your head and in your hair. Then return the form to the front desk so we can make sure all the schedules are OK for tomorrow. Hopefully we can then avoid any unnecessary work for the organisers.”
With that Pretty N Pink was dismissed and walked to the exit, giving me and Raquel a slight look of surprise as she saw how we were dressed.
“Don’t say anything” said Sam as she made eye contact with us.
“About what?” I smiled.
“About my outfit” said Sam. “I’m sure you’ve thought of something clever to say.”
Now she’s brought it up it seems like a good time to give an explanation of what’s going on. In the resorts conference room various talks and demos take place including by the merchants demonstrating their wares in order to boost sales. Along the way someone had suggested a lot of people would like to see the resorts owner get gunged, and this would draw in more interest and boost sales. Sam had asked her friends for volunteers to gunge her, and there was no way Caroline Kronos could resist the chance of a public performance. This was all fine with Sam, until someone suggested Sam should demonstrate some of the costumes for sale at one of the stalls, which explains why she was now wearing a sexy French maid costume.
“There’s nothing wrong with dressing a little flamboyantly” I said.
“You should stay dressed like that, you‘d be really popular. I‘d go for black, not white stockings though” suggested Raquel.
“Why did I agree to this again?” asked Sam.
“Officially it’s due to the extra numbers that seeing the boss getting gunged will bring to the conference hall, helping boost the business of all the stall holders” said Raquel. “Unofficially, it’s no secret you enjoy having buckets of gunge poured over you, so it didn’t really take that much convincing.”
“Don’t worry” I said. “We’ll make sure your able to get cleaned up in time for your date with Caramel Mocha tonight.”
“Isn’t that him your watching on the monitor” asked Raquel. “Looking at him I say you’ve made a good choice.”
I hadn’t paid much attention to the monitors but upon closer inspection I realised the man on the screen did match the description Figaro had given me when telling me what happened this mourning. He was pouring a grey coloured mud over a woman tied up in a gunge tank. Thanks to all the mud covering her it took me a few seconds before I recognised her as Nurse Bianca from the pie fights earlier today.
“How come you know about him Raquel?” asked Sam.
“You mum” said Raquel.
“You mean you spoke to her earlier” said Sam.
Sam’s parents, and the landlords of Westbrook Manor, both hold supervisory roles in what is a family business, or at least the percentage not owned by the investors is family owned.
“Well the gossip got to her obviously” said Raquel. “She says she promises to keep her distance until your ready to properly introduce her.”
“I’m surprised you didn’t put yourself down to be there in the woods” I said.
“Well I already did that this mourning” said Sam. “If I turned up for a second time I’d end up coming over as a bit desperate.”
“Well you have been single for a while” I said.
“I’ve dated a few men” she said. “Just not to the point where I felt ready to introduce them to all of this. It‘s a bit of a strange thing to introduce someone to”
“Well at least that’s not a problem this time” I said. “Believe me your missing out on one of the best parts of the weekend when you don’t have a partner. Hell, a lot of the singletons end up making their own arrangements anyway.”
“Like the threesome Marie Buccaneer and Valerie Tomb have planned for Twisted Genius tonight you mean” said Raquel.
“Well as long as they don’t get carried away like they did with him earlier that should be fine” smiled Sam.
“How about you?” I asked. “Got anything special planned with Caramel Mocha?”
“I’ll stick with dinner and drinks for now, and see how things go from there” replied Sam.
“Well looking at the monitor he knows how to treat a woman” said Raquel.
We looked over to see that Nurse Bianca was still strapped into the gunge tank, now completely covered head to toe in mud as well as a fair amount of flour. Caramel Mocha had left her like that, although judging by the smile on Nurse Bianca’s face she didn’t seem to mind.
“So what do you think Sam?” asked Raquel. “Are you doing a bit of a Dead Ringer and getting turned on watching this?”
I saw Sam smile and blush a little at this suggestion.

We continued to talk for another quarter of an hour or so until it was time for what we all got together for, out on the stage in the main conference room. Me and Raquel had been fitted with a couple of discreet microphones and we’d worked out the rough bullet points for what we had planned, some of which we’d not told Sam. I was happy to let the more in your face Raquel Tejada do most of the talking, Caroline Kronos being the silent femme fatale type.
“Good evening ladies and gentle ……., and men” called out Raquel. “I’m Raquel Tejada, and my partner here is Caroline Kronos. Are you ready for us to show you a good time?”
I dramatically flicked my hips as I looked out at the 200 plus crowd of bizarrely dressed people who’d gathered to see the show. I saw a few faces I recognised including that of my husband Oliver Wolf, which was lucky for him.
“We’re here today to give a demonstration of some of the messy items available for purchase here today” said Raquel. “The majority of the messy substances you’ll see used here were kindly donated by who have a large stand here on the west side of the hall, and if you like what you see they will be offering a 10 percent discount on the items used if you buy them tonight.”
“So make sure you all head over there before it’s too late” I said.
“Wow” said Raquel. “How did we end up as such corporate shills?”
“Oh, Caroline Kronos will do anything if the right offer’s made” Caroline Kronos smiled at the audience.
“Why don’t you tell the nice people what else has been supplied” said Raquel.
“Well” mused Caroline Kronos. “If like me you like to get hold of a man, and make sure he’s going nowhere until you’ve finished with him. I know one man who I’m going to do that to later. You might want to head over to the bound 4 love stand and check out some of the restraints they have on offer. For our little playtime this evening they’ve supplied us with this inflatable bondage chair. It allows you to sit your victim down comfortably.”
“Which will be handy if their bottom is sore after a good spanking” chimed in Raquel.
“Indeed” Caroline Kronos agreed. “You can then use the straps to keep them securely held in place while you have your fun. Of course once your done you can quickly release them thanks to the quick release Velcro straps.”
“Of course one other company has supplied something for our fun” said Raquel. “The glittering gooseberry store has provided a costume for our victim, I mean the volunteer tonight. Lets have a big round of applause for Miss Sam Westbrook.”
There was a large round of applause as Sam walked out from where she’d been concealed at the side of the stage into the central spotlight. She gave a slightly nervous smile and wave to the crowd as she came out.
“Caroline” called out Raquel. “Why don’t you show Sam her seat.”
I took Sam by the hand and led her to the inflatable bondage chair placed at the front and centre of the stage. I sat her down and measurely secured all the straps, starting with the ones that went round her wrists and then the ones further up the chair arms that secured Sam’s arms just above her elbows. To finish I bent down in a seductive pose to secure the straps that went around her ankles to make sure she was securely restrained.
“Are you comfortable Sam” asked Raquel.
“Yes” she giggled, while nodding for the benefit of those further back in the crowd. Due to what we had planned she hadn’t been fitted with a microphone, which was probably a good thing considering what happened next.
“Now some people do question the security of the straps” said Raquel. “That’s why we asked the catering department to prepare us something that will prove that Sam here really can’t escape.”
I saw a look of trepidation come across Sam’s face. This was a surprise we’d not told her about before we started. Me and Raquel both went over and took a lid off a bucket each, that had the surprise ready.
“To test the restraints we’ve got the catering team to use the machine in one of the cafes to make as a couple of buckets of cherry slush puppie” said Raquel.
(By the way, that is how they spell puppie, it’s not a typo.)
We both tilted the buckets towards the audience slightly to allow them a better view. Some of the ice crystals had melted, but not enough to stop a thick viscous blob that swirled around in a dark red vibrantly coloured liquid. We both strutted over to Sam, who was giving us an evil look. For a second I felt a little guilty but then I remembered how she made me think I’d been caught in an embarrassing situation on CCTV this mourning and didn’t feel so bad. I stood behind Sam first, and held the bucket there teasingly.
“O.K, if you want us to empty this over her let’s hear a big cheer” called out Raquel.
The audience responded with a loud cheer and clapping. This was more than enough to prompt us to tip the buckets over her. Sam let out a high pitched scream as the shock of the frozen ice crystals, followed by a few quieter expressions I’d best not repeat as we continued to pour. The red syrup now dripped from her hair and down her body. The ice crystals had fallen faster, but had settled in a large amount on her lap, as well as quite a bit having found it’s way down the front and back of her dress.

Me and Raquel both stepped back to admire our handiwork and pose for the audience.
“Well I think that proves Sam really is at our mercy” smiled Raquel. “You’ll be pleased to know there’s no surprises left for you. The bad news is we still have plenty of stuff supplied by”
On queue I strutted over to where the various items were, and picked up one of the larger buckets half filled with a brightly pink coloured gunge.
“The main item we’ll be demonstrating is a substance called Natrosol. Many of you may be familiar with it, either through personal use or from it’s use in many TV gungings you may have seen” said Raquel. “In a minute me and Caroline will be demonstrating the many colours of gunge available for purchase today, first though Caroline will be demonstrating how this stuff can be used in a gunge tank style gunging.”
Caroline Kronos gave the audience a teasing look, before raising the bucket as high above Sam’s head as I could manage. That’s not as easy as it sounds with a heavy bucket while wearing high stiletto heels. I tipped the bucket, starting with a slow teasing trickle that caused Sam to give out a girlish giggle. I tilted the bucket further to pour a stream of gunge down on her long blonde hair, she tilted her head forward to avoid too much on her face, but couldn’t avoid the rest of her head being coated with a thick gooey pink layer. Then I tilted the bucket as far as I could causing a full deluge to fall on her head and then splash out in all directions, which was a bit of a mistake as it resulted in a load of the gunge splashing onto my thighs.
“Do try to be a bit more professional Caroline” said Raquel as I stepped away.
“Oh I know all about being both professional and discreet Raquel” Caroline Kronos leered.
“Well lets see how much of a pro you are then” smiled Raquel. “Why don’t you give me a hand with this job.”
On cue me and Raquel went over to where the gunge was being kept and each took 2 of the smaller buckets in each hand and positioned ourselves either side of Sam.
“We’ve demonstrated with a large bucket of gunge” said Raquel, “but now we’re going to use these smaller buckets to showcase the many colours of gunge that are available to purchase today.”
“Of course having a smaller container to dispense gunge does have it’s advantages” I said. I’d put down 3 of the buckets next to Sam and was holding onto just one filled with dark blue gunge.
“Up to now you’ve avoided to much sticky stuff on your face haven’t you Sam” I said.
A nervous smile of anticipation came across Sam’s face as she saw what I had in mind.
“Now though there’s no way to keep your face clean” I said.
I took the bucket and aimed. Sam closed her eyes and tensed in anticipation. She let out a gasp of shock as her face was hit and completely covered in dark blue gunge. Raquel though ensured she didn’t get any respite by emptying a bucket of red gunge over her head, leaving her covered in various multi-coloured swirls. Only then did we pause slightly, giving Sam a chance to bend forward enough to wipe her eyes, while we positioned ourselves for the next part of the planned show.

For this part of the entertainment we stood directly opposite one another on either side of Sam, while holding a bucket of gunge each, in my case a bright fluorescent orange. I made discreet eye contact with Raquel to make sure she was ready, and while she posed for the crowd I took aim. The plan was to make it look like I was aiming for Sam, but for some it to “accidentally” miss and hit Raquel. I’m glad to say my aim was almost perfect, Sam Was hit by a fair amount on the side of her head and shoulders, but a decent amount went over her head and hit Raquel, leaving a large splash of bright orange clinging onto her body. She put on a great pantomime look of shock at being hit by the gunge, while I tried to play innocent, which isn’t easy for Caroline Kronos. She responded by taking the bucket of yellow gunge and throwing it in the direction of me and Sam. Her aim was higher than mine, with some hitting Sam, but much of it deliberately aimed at me. I gasped as I was hit by a sudden cold splash that hit me in the face, hair and much of my body, including a fair amount seeping down my cleavage.
“That’s what you get for not being careful young madam” laughed Raquel.
Of course Caroline Kronos would never let someone get away with something like that. I grabbed another of my buckets, this one containing a rich dark purple coloured one. This time I didn’t hesitate, or even pretend I wasn’t trying to hit Raquel. I heaved the bucket with force and a huge wave of purple gunge cascaded through the air and suddenly coasted Raquel in a large purple splash. Raquel gave out a look of shock while I emptied what was left in my bucket over Sam’s head who had been watching our little mock dispute with a look of bemusement.
“I can’t believe you did that” cried out Raquel.
“Well it serves you right” Caroline Kronos smiled.
Rather than reply with another comeback Raquel picked up a bucket of sky blue gunge and returned the favour by throwing it over me. This time I ducked my head a little, but this resulted a huge splash over my hair, completely coating my black hair in the thick gunge, and leaving it dripping down me, including down the back of my corset.
After quickly wiping myself off I went for my last bucket containing what started out as a plain white gunge, but thanks to all the stuff that had been flying around it had quite a few blobs and swirls of other colours in it. Seeing what I was doing Raquel went for her last bucket containing a fluorescent red gunge. We stood opposite each other, Mexican stand off style, with Sam still strapped into the bondage chair between us.
“You wouldn’t dare” said Raquel.
Maybe just plain Carol would have hesitated, but Caroline Kronos didn’t hesitate for a second, then again neither did Raquel Tejada. This being the last bucket of this part of the show this time we both aimed to get Sam along with each other. This resulted in Sam being hit by a large splash on both sides of her simultaneously, and both me and Raquel being hit by a final splash of gunge.
With the last of the buckets emptied the audience broke into a round of applause. Not surprisingly Sam was the worse for wear, now completely covered in a multi-coloured film of gunge from the waste up, and forced to sit in a messy pool of it that had accumulated around her lap. You could though make out the huge smile on her face as she surveyed what we’d done to her.
I took the opportunity to wipe my face and some of the gunge out of my hair. I then pretended to wipe some off the rest of my body, but really I was just rubbing on myself, starting with my arms before doing my neck and shoulders, and teasingly rubbing my exposed cleavage. Partly this was because Caroline Kronos enjoyed the attention from the audience this got, and partly because I enjoyed the feeling of the gunge being rubbed over my body.

“Well I think we’ve successfully demonstrated the range of colours available. We have one more type of gunge to demonstrate though before moving on.” said Raquel. “Caroline, do you think you can stop touching yourself for a second and get the last bucket.”
I cheekily stuck my tongue out at her, but did as I was told. Not something Caroline Kronos is use to doing, but with what was planned, how could I resist.
“Up to now we’ve been using the regular natrosol” said Raquel. “There is an extra thick version available though. It’s not as suitable for throwing around as the normal version, but it’s thickness means a very thick and messy gloop to cover someone with.”
“Are you ready for this Sam?” I teased.
“Yes” she giggled.
“Let’s here a countdown from the audience” said Raquel. “Three, two, one.”
I didn’t pour immediately, instead preferring to tease Sam a little. Once I’d seen her squirm a little though, and after some cajoling from the audience I tipped the bucket on to it’s side and the very thick, bright green coloured slime poured over Sam’s head. I looked down with a sultry smile as the thick green gunge slowly seeping across her head in every direction, until it completely covered every feature on Sam’s head. I continued to pour as I heard a few muffled moans from Sam as the gunge I poured continued to slowly seep across her head, and then down her body, until I’d poured every last drop over her, leaving nothing but a green blob with an open mouth in the chair. The audience responded with a huge cheer in acknowledgement of Sam’s efforts. Me and Raquel took a bow while Sam bent down to wipe her eyes so she could take in the applause as best we can.

“Thank you” I said as the applause died down. “I’m sure you’ll be disappointed to know that’s all the gunge we were given.”
There was a load of light hearted booing from the audience.
“What’s with the booing” I said. “This isn’t a pantomime.”
“Oh yes it is” someone from the audience called out.
“The good news is we were given one other messy item to demonstrate” I said. “Which I believe Raquel is bringing out now.”
“I can’t believe your making a poor old lady do this” said Raquel.
“You don’t think your too old for all the young men you pick up in bars” I replied.
“There’s nothing wrong with sharing the benefit of your experience” Raquel replied.
“As you can see Raquel is wheeling out a trolley of foam pies” I said. “You can buy the powder that can be whisked up with water to make these pies from the stall. As you can see these pies are available in a variety of fun colours. We have cherry red, strawberry pink, lemon yellow, lime green, orange, err orange.”
“And we have these brown coloured ones” injected Raquel. “Which I think look a lot like ….”
“Chocolate” I interrupted. I knew where Raquel was going, and definitely didn’t want to go their.
“Moving on” said Raquel. “During the planning of this demonstration it was suggested me and Caroline should set up for a pie fight between us. Well me and Caroline discussed this, and we did realise we both took a lot of pies in the pie fights we entertained a lot of you with earlier.”
There was a cheer from the audience in recognition of this.
“Well we decided we’d both already taken plenty of pies” I said. “So now we have Sam strapped to the chair we can tell her we’re going to hit her with all of the pies.”
Sam shook her head a little at this point, but didn’t make any more objections, not that she could do much while strapped to an inflatable chair. I picked up one of the red and one of the pink pies, while Raquel took a brown and an orange one. I went up to Sam, who was looking at us through a mask of green slime with a look of nervous pleasure, and stood slightly to one side of her, to avoid obscuring the audiences view, while Raquel stood directly behind her. I teasingly held the red pie in front of her face as she giggled nervously.
“Are you ready” I asked.
She nervously nodded.
“What about those in the audience” I asked.
A some of them responded with a cheer.
“You’ll need to do better than that” I said.
“That’s not what you said last night” a familiar voice called out.
I looked round and realised that particular heckle had come from my husband.
“I’ll discipline you later” I responded.
I then returned my attentions back to Sam and shoved the pie in her face. I rubbed it in for several seconds before removing the pie. She opened her mouth in shock, her face now covered in a layer of red foam. Unluckily for her she wasn’t going to get any respite as Raquel immediately responded by sandwiching her head between the two pies she was holding, firmly rubbing the brown and orange foam into either side, completely engulfing her head in multi-coloured foam. Raquel firmly rubbed the foam into Sam’s head for a good 10 seconds. Once she was done I was ready to go again, smashing a pink foam pie into Sam’s face, this time leaving the paper plate stuck in place so Sam had to shake it off herself as we walked away.

Having exhausted the first set of pies we stepped back so everyone could see our handiwork. All the brightly coloured gunge that completely covered her body now had an extra covering of covered foam on her head. Sam was giggling loudly, and I noticed deliberately struggling in her restraints. Something I’ve done myself to enhance the pleasure of something.
“I think we’ve successfully demonstrated the fun you can have pieing someone up close” said Raquel. “If there are any good looking men out there who want my pie in their face later please come and see me afterwards.”
“Back to the job in hand” I said. “I think it’s time we demonstrated some pie throwing, don’t you?”
“Not a bad idea” said Raquel, picking up a green and a red pie. I chose to take a yellow and an orange one.
We stood a short distance from Sam as she helplessly looked on. Raquel started by throwing her green pie. Her aim was a little low, and instead of a direct hit to the head it hit her chin, neck and shoulder. Thanks to the velocity of the throw though the foam spread across the area with a satisfying splat.
My turn was next and I aimed an orange pie at Sam’s chest. It was a good shot, splattering the orange foam across her chest. Raquel not wanting to be outdone responded similarly throwing her red pie at the same area causing another splat of foam.
I opted to aim my yellow one at her head, and managed a good shot, that would have hit Sam in the face if she hadn’t turned her head slightly. It still managed to form a large splatter across the side of her head though.

At that point we were down to 4 pies, I took a yellow and a green one, while Raquel took a pink and brown one. We walked up to Sam, determined to give the audience a big finish.
I stood to Sam’s side holding a pie in front of her face, and one behind her head, while Raquel crouched down holding one pie in front of her chest and one in front of her stomach. I made eye contact with Raquel, and we both hit Sam with both of our pies simultaneously. We made sure to firmly rub all the foam in as we heard Sam breaking down into an uncontrolled fit of giggles. We kept this up for as long as we dared, until Sam was noticeable squirming, before turning our attention to the audience for one last time.
“Ladies and men” said Raquel. “We want to thank you all for watching our little demonstration today.”
There was a rapturous response from the audience.
“We want to thank our suppliers for the demonstration. Bound 4 love for the chair and glittering gooseberry for Sam’s costume, but mostly for supplying the gunge and pies you saw demonstrated today. Don’t forget they are offering a 10 percent discount for all purchases made for the rest of the afternoon.” Raquel continued.
There was another cheer from the audience.
“Finally lets have a huge cheer for the resorts owner, one of the main organisers of this weekend, and our victi … I mean helper in this demonstration, Sam Westbrook.” Raquel continued.
The audience broke out into the loudest cheer of the evening. Me and Raquel took one last bow and walked off, leaving Sam to receive the last cheers for herself. As the last cheers died down me and Raquel knew to say one last thing that would be heard through our microphones before removing them.
“Are you sure we haven’t forgotten something Raquel?”
“Oh, I’m sure it’s nothing.”

From our position backstage we heard Michael, one of the main event planners go on stage to release Sam to her final round of applause and do some final announcements and corporate shilling. Sam made her way backstage, where us and several on duty members of staff could see the state she had ended up in. She was determined to give everyone a big hug.
“Whose idea was the slush puppie?” Sam asked.
“You mum suggested it when we were talking earlier” said Raquel.
“Why would she do that?” Sam asked.
“She says she got the idea when she saw the slush machine while working at one of the cafes.” said Raquel. “She said it was either that, or she’d turn up to watch you getting messy at some point, which she knows you’d hate.”
“Well you’d better hurry and get cleaned up for your date” I said. “Unless your going to turn up looking like that, he wouldn’t necessarily mind.”
“True” said Sam, “but I can hardly go to one of the resort restaurants dressed like this. We have put down rules about creating mess in dining areas.”
“I know” I said. “Anyone creating mess in the dining areas, through outside mess or unscheduled food fights has to pay double for any messy materials used, and tip the cleaning staff several hundred pounds. Really, sometimes your no fun whatsoever.”
“Well we have to keep some people in check don’t we Caroline Kronos” said Sam.
“Are you saying I can’t be trusted” I said with mock indignation.
“I’m sure Caroline Kronos would start a food fight, just because she enjoyed the attention” said Sam.

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