Eastbrook Park

I was a little intrepid preparing for my boyfriend Mark to come over to take me out to lunch. Not that I usually worry about preparing to go out. I’m pretty proud of my toned dark skinned body, and despite my parents occasional objections I don’t mind showing it off. I’d opted for a short black miniskirt, and a matching pair of ankle boots with a 3 inch chunky heel. I’d opted for a bare midriff yellow top, with the logo of one of my favourite bands on it. My more pressing concern was my hair and make-up. I opted to do my make up as normal, with mascara to enhance my eye-lashes, and bright red lipstick which I’m almost never without. More of a concern was my long black hair. Normally I like to have it flowing, but knowing what I’d agreed to today I decided to tie it back into a pony tail.

What had I agreed to? Well, me and Mark had met on a night out about a month ago, and we’d been seeing each other regularly since. One thing that we had in common is our love of Rugby, even though we supported different teams. A few days we were watching as our 2 teams played one another, mine got of to an early lead, and I had fun teasing him about this, and even challenged him to a bet where the looser does a forfeit. I said if my team won he’d have to treat me to a night out at my favourite restaurant, I was a little taken back by his forfeit, if my team lost I’d have to let him tie my hands behind my back and he would hit me with a couple of shaving foam pies. I was confident in my team though, so thought I‘d be treated to a nice night out. It looked like my team would win for most of the match, but then his team had a last minute surge, scoring several times in the last 10 minutes, and narrowly won. I was obviously reluctant about fulfilling my forfeit, especially the idea of being embarrassed in front of anyone we knew, we both lived with our parents, so couldn’t exactly do it at home with no-one seeing. He suggested that he’d buy a few bath towels, and we could do it in private in the woods at a large park on the way from my house to the city centre, while it was quiet during the day. I’d reluctantly agreed to this.

I had hoped he might have forgotten, but no such luck, as a short amount of time later we pulled into the mostly empty car park at the edge of the park.
“Come on then” he said, grabbing a backpack from the back seat. Resigned to my fate I followed. At this point I realised heels may not have been the best choice for a walk through a park. The paths to start with weren’t to bad, once we were on the rougher paths in the woods I had to hold on to Mark’s arm to help keep myself steady. A few minutes walk in he suggested turning off the path, walking into the trees, after a few more minutes we stopped at a small leafy clearing in the trees.
“Well, this is it” he said. I looked around and saw it was a relatively private place. We couldn’t be seen from the paths, and it seemed to be quiet enough at this time to mean someone was unlikely to walk down it anyway.
“You won’t get any in my hair?” I said.
“Nothing you won’t be able to towel out. Now if your wearing anything you don‘t want to get foam on you best take it off now” he replied.
I thought about it for a second and decided to take my top off. I was wearing a black satin bra underneath and I rather that got foam on it instead of a top I was wearing to lunch afterwards. I handed it to him to Mark who had also taken off his T-shirt, stripping down to his jeans, and was storing it in his backpack. It was at that point he pulled a surprise out his bag.
“Handcuffs!” I exclaimed.
I knew I would be tied up, but had assumed it would be with a scarf or something similar.
“You have got the key?” I asked, a little warily.
“They’re right here” he replied. Waving me the keys, before putting them in the pocket of his jeans. Before I could protest any more he grabbed my right arm and snapped the cuff around it, he then grabbed my left arm as well, manoeuvring both my arms behind my back, snapping the left cuff on before I realised what was happening. I found myself giggling almost involuntarily as what I was getting into dawned on me.
“Are those cuffs nice and secure?” He asked.
I quick felt the solid weighty cuffs around my wrists, and quickly realised I wouldn’t be getting out.
“Yeah” I replied.
“Sure” he asked back, as I let out a playful yelp as he took the opportunity to quickly grab my right breast.
“Oh look, you forgot to take your hair band out” he said. He then reached up and slid my hair band off, causing my hair to fall down around the side of my head.
“I’ll let you enjoy the handcuffs while I sort out the pies shall I?”

I was quickly in for another surprise though, seeing him bring out a dozen sized pack of paper bowls wasn’t a surprise, what was though was seeing him place all 12 on the ground, and then taking three cans of shaving foam out. He then proceeded to spray the foam equally between all 12 bowls.
“I thought you said 2 pies” I said.
“Well I thought we could take advantage and have as much fun as possible” he replied.
“But I won’t be able to get clean after that lot surely”
“Don’t worry, you’ll be able to wipe most of it off, and I brought several towels for the rest.”
I felt a mild wave of panic as he continued to make the 12 pies. It looked like I’d be completely covered in mess. I wouldn’t be able to run away fast enough, and those handcuffs were completely secure, holding my now trembling hands behind my back.
There was nothing I could do, and soon Mark had made all the pies and was holding one teasingly in front of my face. If anything seeing one up close made things worse, I’d been imagining a small amount of foam, instead I was faced with a 7 inch diameter paper bowl, piled 2 to 3 inches high with thick white foam almost from edge to edge. I‘d thought I‘d have to face a small smattering of foam, I realised Mark intended to completely cover me, and I was now helpless to do anything about it.
“No” I begged, closing my eyes as the pie moved towards my face. Seconds later I felt my face engulfed in the cool thick foam as the pie was firmly pressed against my face. As I felt the bowl drop I opened my eyes and gasped, before letting out a hysterical giggle in disbelief.
“Did you enjoy that? Mark asked.
“No” I said, but couldn’t help laughing as I said it.
“Where do you want the next one?” He asked as he picked up the next one, and started scanning my body with his eyes. I squirmed nervously in anticipation as he paced around me.
“No” I shrieked as I felt my miniskirt being lifted. It was to no avail as I felt a pie being firmly pushed into my arse. I felt the foam squelching against my knickers, clinging on even after the bowl fell.
“I can’t believe you did that” I exclaimed.
“Do you want another one there?” he asked.
“No!” I exclaimed.
“Where next then? How about your beautiful sexy legs.”
I watched helplessly as he grabbed a pie in each hand, knelt down in front of me and placed a pie on each of my thighs. He then proceeded to rub the pies down and around my legs, creating a not unpleasurable sensation created as the foam squelched against my skin.
“You seemed to enjoy those ones” Mark said.
I shook my head a little, reluctant to admit it.
“I reckon you’ll enjoy one on your back even more” he continued.
I didn’t have to wait long as a pie was firmly placed between my shoulder blades. The pie was again rubbed around, creating an even more pleasurable sensation than on my legs. Then as the bowl drop I felt Mark’s hands slowly massaging the foam around my shoulder and neck. I closed my eyes and let out some quiet involuntary moans of pleasure as I became overwhelmed by the sensation.

“You definitely enjoyed that“ Mark said as he picked up the next pie.
“I don’t want you enjoying yourself too much” he continued. “These next couple of pies will definitely need to go in your face.”
I gave an involuntary nervous smile as we made nervous eye contact. I closed my eyes in anticipation. I was quickly engulfed for a second time in an even thicker layer of foam. I gasped again as the pie dropped, and then felt Mark’s hands on my face, they slowly wiped some of the foam around to the side of my head, I grimaced as I felt the foam being shampooed into my hair.
“I think a little might have got in your hair” Mark joked. “Your about to get a lot more” he continued.
This time I didn’t even feign any objections as he picked up the next pie, I felt almost eager to be pied again. I didn’t have to wait long as he placed a pie squarely on the top of my head, he then firmly squeezed it down, causing the foam to spread out, and completely saturating my hair with foam over the top of my head. He left the paper bowl in place as he went back to the pies. I had to tilt my head back and shake my head to dislodge the bowl.
This had taken my focus off Mark for a few seconds doing this, and was surprised to see he was holding 2 pies, one in each hand, on either side of my face. I gasped as I realized what was going to happen next. Both pies hit my face, leaving just a small gap in the centre where my nose and mouth stuck out at the front, but reaching all the way round past my ears. I let out repeated involuntary gasps of pleasure which seemed to encourage Mark to take his time more as he slowly rotated the pies back and forth against my face, meaning I felt it squelch against my skin, that felt wonderful.

“Did you think you’d enjoy getting handcuffed and pied this much?” asked Mark as he drew the pies back.
I smiled and giggled but found myself unable to answer.
“There’s still quite a bit of foam here” he said indicating the 2 pies he was still holding, before placing one firmly on my chest, and pressing the other into my stomach.
As he held the next pie in front of my face in anticipation I found I was trembling again, but this time not in worry, but in anticipation of the wave of guilty pleasure I knew I would feel when the pie hit. By this point I was actually glad about being securely handcuffed, as at least I could place the blame on Mark for what was happening, even when in truth I wouldn’t have tried to escape at this point even if I thought it possible.
I once again felt the sensation of the pie engulfing my face for several seconds. Before once again drawing the pie back and hitting me on the chest with it. He stepped up close to me and started rubbing some of the foam around, spreading the foam across my face, and rubbing some around my neck. I then felt 2 of his fingers tenderly wipe the foam away from my lips.
“Well your face is completely covered, but your lips are still looking beautiful and kissable” Mark said.
He then slowly leaned in and placed a warm lingering kiss on my lips. I leaned in a little as he drew back to prolong it slightly. I smiled as I saw his face with some of the foam smeared on it, as we made nervous eye contact.
“You’re lucky I am handcuffed right now” I said. “If I was free I’d be grabbing hold of you, and I wouldn’t let you go for a long time.”
“Your going to be at my mercy for a while yet” he replied. “Especially as I’ve got a special place in mind for this last pie.”
I playfully shook my head as I saw him eyeing my bra. I raised no objections though as he slipped the fabric of the cups off my breast, leaving them both exposed. I took several deep breaths in anticipation as he came towards me with the pie. I closed my eyes and braced myself, before feeling the pie hitting my breasts. I let out continuous gasps of pleasure at the sensation. First of the pie itself being rubbed across them, then of Marks hand as he rubbed the foam across them while firmly grasping them. He was clearly enjoying taking his time, almost as much as I was enjoying the sensation. After a lingering amount of time Mark let go and pulled my bra back out, leaving foam squelching around in it.

Mark had stepped back looking me up and down, admiring his handiwork. I couldn’t stop giggling as I realised what a state I was in.
“Is this the messiest you’ve ever been? Asked Mark.
“Yes” I said.
“There’s quite a bit of foam on the ground around you now. I could always make some more pies” he said.
“No” I shrieked.
“I’ll let you enjoy the foam and handcuffs a little longer shall I” he said.
“Can you hold onto me so I can sit down for a while?” I asked. “I’ve been tottering around in these heels for a while now”
“Can’t you reach the zip and take them off” He joked as he held on to my arm.
I slowly crouched down, then clumsily leaned back onto my bum. I was then able to lean back, resting on my elbows. Mark though was now within arms reach of one of the paper bowls from earlier, and was able to quickly fill it with some of the excess foam. I shook my head a little, but couldn’t conceal the smile of pleasure in anticipation, before once again having a pie in my face. Once the pie dropped I looked up and made hesitant eye contact with Mark, which caused both of us to blush with embarrassment.
“Is there anything else you want to do?” I asked, while bending my knees up to my current chest height, and spreading my legs apart.
I saw a slight look of hesitation on Mark’s face.
“I’m helplessly handcuffed and covered in foam” I continued as my I felt my breathing deepen. “I’m completely at your mercy.”
That was all the encouragement he needed. I closed my eyes as he came close and planted repeated passionate kisses on my lips, while his hands explored my body. I took a deep breath in anticipation as I felt his hand slide up my skirt, and eagerly slide my knickers down my legs.

It was a good while later, I don’t know how long. Mark was lying on the ground with his arms firmly around my waist. I was lying on top of him with my head resting on his chest.
“I suppose I better takes those handcuffs off then” Mark said.
It took a little fumbling to find the keyhole, but I was soon free of the cuffs. The first thing I did was put a hand on each of Mark’s cheeks, and place a tender kiss on his lips. The second thing I did was wipe a large handful of foam of myself and smear it across his face.
“I think we’d better get cleaned up” he said.
I started wiping the foam off myself, throwing all the excess on the ground. I found most of it came of pretty easy. Once we’d done the worst we used the towels Mark had brought for the rest. Mark had to vigorously rub my hair with the towel to get that clean, but once he’d done that it at least looked passable.
“So did you enjoy being handcuffed and covered in foam?” Mark asked as I was putting my top back on.
“Yeah” I giggled.
“We’ll have to make another bet then, won’t we” he joked.
“Next time I’ll win, and I’m going to handcuff you and cover you in pies” I replied.
“Ooooh. Knowing that I might pick a bet I can loose on purpose.” he said. “Although I’ll definitely make sure I get you back the time after that.”
I shook my head at him, but the truth was that despite my initial reservations, I’d really enjoyed myself. The idea of repeating the experience sounded great.

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About Black Opera

A WAM lover living on the South coast of England. As well as WAM I also use a lot of master/sub style bondage in a lot of my stories. http://umd.net/profile/idtitle/black-opera
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