Bianca‘s Messy Awakening: Chapters 9,10,+11

Those of you who have been reading from the beginning are probably a little tired of me repeating myself, but for those who’ve just clicked on a link that’s come up your at part 4 of a 5 part novel like story, written to be read starting at the beginning. I would highly recommend going back a few sections and reading those before continuing as there is stuff in this part where you won’t fully understand what is going on.

OK, is that everyone who shouldn’t be reading gone? Good. The conception of the messy scene here seemed simple on paper, take the classic bondage idea of an interrogation, throw in a variety of messy substances, and write a set up that involved my characters. The hardest section to write was towards the end of chapter 10, where I had to get the tone right of keeping my characters acting realistically, without things becoming uncomfortable or brutal. I think though I came up with a good solution, and I’m personally pleased with the results, I hope you all like it too.

Chapter 9:

24 hours ago the most I’d ever been able to do to indulge my wet and messy fetish was some occasional self gunging sessions. Now I was hurriedly showering after my first messy session of the day, in preparation of my second.
For those who need reminding, I’m currently attending a wet and messy enthusiast convention, having volunteered as one of the slaves. Don’t worry, there’s a strict policy of treating slaves well. It means that my schedule and activities are chosen for me, making up numbers and taking positions where needed. So far I’d had a lot of fun, the only blot being I’d not told my husband about this or even my wet and messy fetish yet. After talking to some of my new friends in the bar last night and my first messy session this mourning I was feeling better.
Cleaning myself off wasn’t too bad. My hair was still a bit sticky from where I’d had honey poured into it, but it would pass. The main problem was my underwear, I’d given it a rinse, but it was soaked and still stained with chocolate. Thanks to a hitch with the scheduling I didn’t have time to go to my room and change into a spare set, so had to make do as I put my robe on and headed out to meet with Sam who was taking me to my next activity.
“Is everything OK?” asked Sam.
“My knickers are still wet” I replied.
“I thought you would have calmed down by now” she sniggered.
“You know what I mean” I blushed.
“There’s one thing we need to sort out for this next activity. You need to think of a 4 digit number and memorize it for reasons I’ll explain later” she said.
I thought about it for a few seconds and suggested a number.
“That should be all right” she said. “We’re almost their. It’s just down these stairs.”
We were heading under an arch in the main reception room. Above me I saw a temporary sign that had been put up that said “The Dungeon.” You may see the name and think of a dark, dank rat infested chamber of horrors. Well Westbrook Manor is a luxury resort, so in hindsight my first thought didn’t make sense. It turns out it was the area normally used as the wine cellar and downstairs seating for one of the restaurants. This means it was well lit, and clean, apart from where other attendees had spilt messy substances. Around the cellar were lots of wine racks locked behind metal gratings, and even some wine barrels and an area set up for wine tasting. For this weekend (well I assume just this weekend) some extra stuff had been set up. It reminded me a little of the servants quarters yesterday, with various areas set up with a tarpaulin on the ground, and a table and bench on each one. What was different was an item of unusual furniture in each area made of stainless steel and pads of red leather obviously designed to imprison someone in some sort of manor, and a collection of whips, paddles, ropes and cuffs found on the desk or hanging up behind it.

Even after what I’d done in the last 24 hours the sight of all this still made me nervous. My nerves weren’t settled as Sam led me through a curtain, and to an isolated alcove at the end of a corridor. No matter how confident I was though, nothing could have prepared me for the shock of what waited at the end.
“Brandon” I gasped.
My heart skipped as I was presented with the shocking site of my husband waiting for me.
“It’s OK” I heard Sam say, as she placed 2 reassuring hands on my shoulder.
“How did you get here?” I asked still in shock.
“It started with a phone call at about half twelve this mourning from your friend Sam there” Brandon said.
I looked round at Sam in shock, she looked down at the floor as Brandon continued.
“When I first found out you were at some sort of fetish weekend without telling me, of course I was angry” he said. “In fact I wanted to come over and drag you strait back home.”
I looked on, not quite sure what to say.
“Then Sam told me if I didn’t calm down and talk things through with her she wouldn’t tell me where you were, and if necessary she’d make you think you’d lost your phone to prevent me contacting you before it was over. Once she explained you’d not been sleeping with other men I calmed down a little. Once I’d talked about things more, and learnt more about how you were feeling I started to understand more”
He paused briefly, taking a deep breath.
“She asked me if I had any of my own secret desires, like the ones you’d struggled to fulfil. I realised that I at least had an outlet for some of my fantasies, where you let me cuff you and spank you sometimes as part of our love making. I thought about what it would be like for me if I didn’t have that outlet, would I be tempted to find another outlet elsewhere. I wish you’d talked about this to me more sooner, so I understood this was an important desire to you, before it got to the stage of you doing things without telling me, but I do at least understand why you did what you did.”
I stepped towards Brandon and threw my arms around him, and rested my head on his chest.
“I love you” I whispered,  a tear welling up in my eye.
He ran his fingers across my lips and placed a quick affectionate warm kiss on them.
“I love you too” he said. He took a deep breath before continuing. “We’ve still got a lot to talk about. I still wasn’t that keen on the fact you’d done stuff with other men. I feel a little better after talking with Bad Attitude and Caramel Mocha this mourning.”
“You’ve talked to them” I said.
“I talked to them before Breakfast this mourning” he said. “Finding out a bit more about what you did, and seeing how Bad Attitude’s and Dead Ringer’s relationship functioned helped quell a lot of my concerns. When we get home tomorrow we’ll need to sit down and discuss things in more detail. For now though, lets enjoy the rest of this long weekend we’ve got.”
He saw a slight look of concern across my face then. I had planned on driving back this afternoon.
“Don’t worry, I’m a paid attendee now” he said. “We get the use of this place the whole long weekend. I brought some extra cloths for you as well. I’m sure we can make our excuses to our bosses tomorrow, and maybe take advantage of the spa here.”
I hugged him even tighter.
“Thanks so much Sam” I said.
“Oh it was nothing” she said. She waited a couple of minutes while me and Brandon embraced before continuing. “If your ready we have a one on one set up I discussed with him last night. It’s why I had to rush you earlier, and why we’ve swapped your original second mourning activity for something with a later start. It’s something which should cater to both of you.”
I looked at Brandon and nodded. Up to that point I’d been so focused on my husbands surprise appearance that I’d not taken in the rest of the room. I saw the table on one side, with an array of messy items and whips and paddles on it, and a large chest against another wall. In the centre was the main piece of furniture, it was a table with black leather padding. One end was shaped like a large rectangle, with a hole where my chest would stick through. On one end 2 narrow rectangles stuck out where my legs would rest, just over the edge of the other end was a stand supporting a large metal ring. Across the whole table were numerous leather straps and buckles, designed to hold someone in place.

“So Nurse Bianca, I’m told you have some information of interest to me” said Brandon. “Let me introduce myself. Welcome to my interrogation room. I am The Great Bernard.”
“Awww, you remembered my favourite film” I said.
“Try to stay in character” said Sam, playfully punching me on the shoulder.
“Your work with the renowned Professor Yana has produced some specimens of great interest to us, I believe are locked in the chest over there. I believe you know the combination to the lock. Me and my assistant are going to strap you to the interrogation bench here, and I’m going to make you tell me all 4 digits of the combination.” Brandon, sorry The Great Bernard, continued.
At this point Sam and Bernard took one of my arms each, and removed my robe, and laid me face down on the table. The Great Bernard lifted the top half of the metal ring at the end up on a hinge, and positioned my neck in the bottom half of the ring, he then lowered the top half across the top of my neck and locked it in place. He then took a pair of leather restraints and put them on my wrists and clipped them in place at the top end of the table, while Sam was removing my shoes and was restraining my ankles down the other end. They then both proceeded to tightly do up the leather straps that held my body in place at my arms, legs and waist. By the time they were done I could barely move my body an inch. I felt a major wave of electric tingling come over my body, as my heart pounded and my breathing became audibly heavy.
“Are you OK?” asked a concerned sounding Bernard.
“Yes” I gasped.
“It’s Ok” said Sam. “A lot of people get overwhelmed when tied up like this.”
“It’s not happened before” said Bernard.
“I’m guessing you’ve not ever restrained to the point she can’t even wriggle around before though” Sam replied.
I was given a couple of minutes to regain my composure a little before Sam continued.
“Right I need to explain to you exactly what’s going to happen” she said. “Bernard you need to turn your back for this bit. It’s a variation on one of the scenarios suggested by the expert we consulted when buying the dungeon equipment. In that chest over there are 2 buckets of old smelly kitchen slops from upstairs. Not something you’d enjoy being covered in. To stop him getting them I’m going to lock the chest with a combination padlock, I’m going to set to the number you told me upstairs.”
She showed me the padlock and the number to remind me of it, before putting the padlock on the chest and mixing the numbers up.
“He has just under an hour left before Rebecca comes to collect you to get the number out of you, obviously you want to keep it a secret to avoid being covered in kitchen slops” she said. “There are a few rules you should both stick to. He should be trying to get the numbers one digit at a time, and once he uses a technique to get a digit from you he can’t repeat that technique to get more digits. He’s not allowed to try to guess the digits either, he has to get you to tell him all 4 digits. Your not allowed to lie if you reveal one of the digits. Also he knows all the safe words and signals if there is a problem, but you shouldn’t misuse them though to avoid having to reveal digits. Are you ready to proceed?”
“Yes” I replied.
“OK, well I hope you enjoy yourself” she said, before walking back down the entrance corridor.

Chapter 10:

“Good mourning Nurse Bianca” said Bernard. “Your going to make it easy on yourself and reveal the combination aren’t you?”
“No” I replied.
“If you don’t I’ll have to use one of my many instruments of torture on you. I have this lovely bullwhip to use on your back. I have jugs of cream and tins of treacle to mess up your pretty little body. I have this heavy leather paddle to spank your arse red. I’ve got cakes to mess you up even further.”
I felt the electric tingle of excitement passing through me grow as I lay there helpless as he described what was going to happen to me.
“I have bowls of rice pudding and cold melted ice cream and crops and canes to use on you” he said. “You could avoid all this, just by telling me the combination”
“Never” I replied.
“Very well then, let the interrogation begin. The first thing I’ll need to do is a very thorough strip search, to make sure your not hiding any secrets about your person.” he said. He picked up a pair of scissors from the table, I smiled in disbelief as he cut off every scrap of underwear, leaving me helplessly strapped to the bench completely naked.
In that state I saw Bernard take one of the barrels and slide it under my face at the end of the table. He then went over to the table and picked up one of the cakes in his right hand. He came over to me and took a grip of my hair with his left hand, lifted my head up and placed the cake on the barrel under my face.
“Now Nurse Bianca, Why don’t you tell me the first digit? If you don’t I’m going to shove your head in this Black Forest Gateaux. You’ll have all that jam, all that cream and all that sponge cake on your face and in your hair. You wouldn’t want that would you” he asked.
“No” I lied. With the tension running through my body there wasn’t anything I wanted more at that moment.
“I’m going to wait 10 seconds, and if you haven’t told me the first digit I’m going shove your face in it” he said.
“You wouldn’t dare” I replied.
I waited nervously, first looking down at the cake, and then closing my eyes as the anticipation built. I felt my head being pushed down. I felt the cool jam on my, then the texture of the cake and the cream. My head was firmly held in place for a number of seconds, before the pressure holding me down was released and I slowly raised my head.
“Looks like the cake wasn’t enough” said Bernard, as he dramatically swept the cake aside off the barrel on to the floor. “Perhaps we need something else to dunk your head in.”
He went over to the table and picked up a bowl. He brought it over and placed it on the barrel. I looked down and saw it was filled with rice pudding, with a thin pool of red jam on top.
“Ready to have your head dunked?” he asked.
“No” I smiled.
I took a deep breath as he took my head and pushed it down, and submerged my face in the rice pudding. I pushed against him, but he firmly held my head under it for about 5 seconds. I lifted my head and gasped as the rice pudding dripped down my face. I was given a few seconds to take a few breaths before he gripped my head and plunged it down again. This time he held my head under slightly longer before letting me come up for breath. This continued for the next couple of minutes, with my head being held under for longer, until the end when my head was being held under for 15 seconds at a time.
“I think that’s enough sticking your head in stuff for now” he said, dragging the barrel away. “Look at all that mess in your hair and face. You could have just told me the first digit, but instead your face ended up completely coated in mess.”
“You bastard” I smiled.
“What was that?” he said. “You can’t use a rude word like that.”
He responded by giving me an arousing firm smack on my bottom.
“Cock” I replied. He responded with another smack.
“Tits.” Smack.
“Looks like I really need to do something to stop that potty mouth of yours” he said.
He went over to the table and picked up something hanging up behind it. I looked up and shook my head as I saw he was carrying a ball gag and blindfold. I put up a playful struggle, but was helpless to stop him strapping the ball gag in my mouth and blindfolding me.
“I’ll give you some time to think about what you did” he said.
With that I was left on my own, helplessly tied up, blindfolded and gagged. The only sensation I could feel was the rice pudding dripping down my face. The only sound Bernard’s occasional footstep. This wasn’t enough to distract from the electric sensation that had started to overwhelm me. If anything the feel of the ball gag heightened things as did having my site removed. I felt my heart racing, and my breathing got notably more laboured. I pushed against the restraints, but they held firm as my breathing got heavier and the sensation grew more and more intense until it completely overwhelmed me. I lost all focus on anything else until I let out a muffled moan as I orgasmed right there on the bench.
I was getting my breath back, as I felt the ball gag being lifted from my mouth.
“Have you learnt some respect now?” he asked.
“Yes” I said.
“Address me properly then” he said.
“Yes The Great Bernard” I replied.
“Good” he said. “So what shall we do now. I could gag you and leave you again, or I could remove the blindfold and continue the interrogation. If you want me to do that though I think you should do something for me, maybe give me the first digit.”
I shook my head, but very hesitantly.
“Come on” he teased. “It’s only the first digit, you’ll still have 3 digits to keep secret. It will be worth it for no more gag or blindfold surely.”
I hesitated for 10 to 15 seconds, I didn‘t think he‘d be able to get any of the numbers out of me, now I couldn‘t resist revealing the first one.
“Four” I said.
“Well done Nurse Bianca” he said as he removed the blindfold. “Now why don’t you make it easy on yourself and reveal the rest.”
“No way” I replied.

His next move was to head back to the table. I saw him pick up a tasselled whip in his right hand, and a large jug in his right.
“Perhaps some cream will make you more cooperative” he said.
“Maybe” I replied.
“I’m going to pour it over your back, and then whip the cream on your back” he said.
“Your basing your interrogation around a pun” I defiantly said. “I bet you were really proud when you thought that one up”
Despite my mocking he slowly poured the cream over my back and bottom, allowing cream to slowly spread over every inch off it, leaving a greasy feeling layer. I shuddered in anticipation as Bernard slowly circled around me, teasingly playing with the whip. He swung the whip and it hit my back with a loud crack. I let out a moan of pleasure as I felt the sensation of both the whip, and the splashing of the cream. I smiled as he walked up and down, eying my naked cream covered body. He swung the whip again. I moaned again, this time it hit with a more intense splash thanks to the fact the whip now had extra cream on it from the first crack.
“You had enough yet” he asked.
“Your going to have to whip me a lot more than that” I grinned.
“I’m going to make you regret those words” he said.
I closed my eyes and let the enjoyable arousing sensation take over my body. The whipping continued, getting more and more frequent, until it was a constant repeated sensation. I clenched my fists and closed my eyes even tighter as the excitement and pleasure got more and more intense.
“Your enjoying this aren’t you, you dirty girl” he said.
“Yes” I replied.
“Looks like I’ll need to try a different tool” he said as he placed the whip back on the table. “First though I think I’m going to get you really messed up.”
He picked up 3 items from the table and came over and held them in front of me. He was holding three tins of black treacle.
“Imagine what it would be like to get all this thick sticky mess in your hair” he said. “Imagine trying to wash all of this out. I think you should give me the second digit to keep your hair clean”
“You wouldn’t dare” I said.
“I’ll give you a countdown. You know what will happen if you don’t tell me what I want by zero” he said.
“Five” I closed my eyes and tensed up in anticipation. “Four, three, two, one.”
“Come on” I begged as he paused, drawing out the anticipation. I then shrieked as the treacle poured onto the back of my head.
“That’s really cold” I said. Not only was it cold, but it dripped across my head at a tortuously slow speed. I quietly giggled as it slowly spread down onto my neck, the top of my head and down the side of my face, slowly coating every part in the very thick and sticky black substance.
“Well that’s all your hair messed up” he said. “I think you need some rubbed on your face though.”
His right hand reached over and rubbed the treacle over my face, slowly sliding it across until every part of my face until just my eyes remained uncovered.
“Look, I’ve got my hands messy now” he said.
“Good” I defiantly replied. I saw him wash his hands with some water on the table.
“I think I need to punish you some more” he said, picking up one of the paddles hanging behind the table.
I let out a gasp of pleasure as the paddle firmly struck my bottom. I continued to moan as he repeatedly struck me again and again.
“You had enough?” he asked. “You know what I want to here if you want me to stop.”
“Your going to spank me a lot more than that” I grinned.
He continued to spank me for a number of minutes. Despite my bottom getting sorer and sorer I continued to quietly gasp as I felt a burst of pleasure with each strike.
“Looks like some ones not going to be able to sit down today” he smiled.
I was unable to answer, overcome by what we’d done.
“I think I need to work the rest of your body” he said as he put down the paddle, and picked up a riding crop instead.
My heart raced as he slowly paced up and down, striking me with the crop at unpredictable intervals, after a number of strikes he paused, reached out with the crop and slowly brushed my tits. I closed my eyes smiling as he continued to brush and pat them, audibly moaning with pleasure. Next he put the crop down, and picked up a chocolate gateaux off the table. He held it under my tips and let it lightly brush my now erect nipples.
“Looks like you need something on your sore areas” he said. “Do you want this lovely gateaux rubbed on your tits?”
“Yes” I pleaded.
He let the gateaux tease my nipples again.
“If you want me to do something for you, you have to do something for me” he said”
I shook my head, giggling quietly.
“It’s only the second digit” he said. “It would be worth it surely. You look very tempted.”
I hesitantly shook my head, but couldn’t hide the temptation on my face.
“What if I also soothe your back with the other cakes as well, that would be worth telling me the second digit.” he said, once again teasing my nipples.
I clenched my fists, trying to resist temptation.
“If not it’s bye-bye gateaux.” he said. “Say bye-bye to it” he said, slowly drawing the cake away. “Go on, say bye-bye.”
“Seven” I said, unable to resist temptation any longer.
My reward for giving in was a chocolate gateaux shoved in to my tits. I let out numerous involuntary moans of pleasure as he rubbed his hands across them, and teasingly fingered my nipples. I visibly panted as he placed the last 2 cakes on me, one pushed onto my bum, the other was dropped 2 feet and splattered onto my back. My heart pounded and breath got deep and laboured as I felt Bernard’s hands massage the cake over my body. First he rubbed the cake across my arse, his fingers coming teasingly close to my anus, he then slowly worked his hands up my back, then to my shoulders, then to the area between my shoulder blades. I lost all focus on anything else as I moaned louder and louder, until letting out an uncontrolled load moan as I orgasmed for a second time.

“You enjoying yourself?” Bernard asked.
“Yes” I panted, still getting my breath back.
“What have I got to change that?” he said. “Hmmm, you didn’t like getting cold from the treacle did you. What have I got something that’s really cold?”
I grimaced as I realised what that meant. Bernard was soon crouching in front of me, showing the large tub of chocolate ice-cream that was on the table. He removed the lid and teasingly stuck his fingers in. Some of it had melted into a sweet brown liquid, but much of it was a soft brown lump.
“Where shall I put it then?” He asked.
He took a small handful and pressed it down on the back of my neck. I gasped as he held the freezing gooey lump in place, pressing it on my skin as it slowly melted. He then took 2 more lumps and place one under each of my armpits, then rubbed 2 more small handfuls over my feet. I wriggled around with what little movement I had, shocked by the freezing temperature.
“Do you want to give me the third digit?” he asked. “Otherwise I can do a lot worse with this.”
“No” I laughed.
He responded by taking another handful and slapping it on my arse. I shrieked, my bum still feeling sensitive from the spanking I’d received. He pressed it down and I felt it melt and drip across my bum, and the lump melt down in between my two cheeks, leaving a cold lump stuck there.
That wasn’t the end though. He took another handful, reached between my legs and rubbed it firmly into my crotch. I tilted my head up and uncontrollably gasped as I was hit by two contrasting sensations. The extreme shock of the cold ice-cream on my crutch a complete contrast to the pleasure I felt from Bernard rubbing it. I thought I had a chance to recover as he removed his hand, but very quickly he rubbed in a second handful. My whole body tensed as my mind completely blanked out everything but the shock I felt. I clenched my fists in preparation as he removed his hand again, my body only allowing itself to relax again as he emptied the last contents of the tub over my back.
“Do you want to give up yet?” he asked.
“No” I said.
“Don’t say I didn’t give you an easy way out” he said. “I see your feet are firmly held in place, and I’m told your very ticklish Nurse Bianca. How long do you think you could last, longer than I can tickle them for.”
“Oh no” I grimaced.
Each of his hands found their way to my feet and enthusiastically tickled them. I shrieked with laughter as I my body involuntarily struggled around in the restraints. I desperately pulled against the straps holding my feet in place but to no avail. After what seemed like ages he left my feet alone, but continued to tickle me at the top of my legs, under my armpits and on the shoulders. By the time I stopped tears of laughter were in my eyes, I was a breathless hysterical mess.
“You had enough” he asked.
“Yes” I said.
“Bad news” he said. “I’ve not had enough.”
“No” I shrieked as he resumed tickling my feet. “Please stop!”
“You know what I want to hear” he said.
“Okay, Okay” I gasped. “But you promise no more tickling.”
“I promise” he said.
“Two” I gasped.

Chapter 11:

I was thankful after that as Brandon gave me a chance to recover, gently stroking my shoulder as I measurely breathed, allowing myself to regain some of my composition. At least as well as I could while tied up by my husband and covered in various messy substances.
“Do you want to make it easy on yourself and tell me the fourth digit” he asked.
He paused and looked at his watch before continuing.
“Want to know how much longer you’ve got to hold out?” he said. “I’ll tell you that I’m pretty confident of victory.”
I gave him a defiant look, while shaking my head at him. I looked at the table, that now had a lot of empty containers and used items on it.
“Looks like The Great Bernard is running out of ideas” I smiled. “It doesn’t look like there’s anything left you can try that will get the last digit out of me.”
“Don’t worry about that” he said. “I did my research on you Nurse Bianca. I’ve brought a couple of items especially for you.”
I looked over and saw him reach under the table to an area I was unable to see. I grew very nervous when I recognised an old biscuit tin we kept on top of the cupboards in our kitchen.
“No!” I gasped as he reached into it and recognised a black velvet bag I usually kept in my underwear draw at home.
Having gone into major detail about my love life it’s not a huge deal to reveal I have my own vibrator at home. I’d chosen a black lipstick shaped one, that came with a remote control. Bernard had used it on me himself quite a few times, although I’d kept it away from him since I lost a bet and had to secretly wear it to a dinner party while he had the remote. This had led to some very awkward moments where I just managed to keep my composure.
By that point my vagina was more than wet enough to make the lube he’d also brought unnecessary. He didn’t know that though, and rubbed a layer of lube on the vibrator, before inserting it inside me. I looked him in the eye pleadingly, realising what control he now had over me as he retrieved the remote and pointed it in my direction. I moaned as the vibrator pulsed. I lost focus on all else as my body tensed more and more. I moaned loader and louder as my vision started to blur. Then, the vibrator stopped pulsing.
“Please don’t stop” I begged.
“Do you want this?” he said, teasingly holding the remote just out of my reach. “I’ll swap it for the final digit.”
Every muscle in my body wanted that remote, but part of my mind still wanted to hold on, and not relinquish total control, maybe I could still hold out for  long enough. I clenched my fists, having to force my words out.
“No” I said.
“You disappoint me Nurse Bianca” he said. “I thought you’d have talked. At least I get to try out one last little plaything.”
I looked on as he went to the biscuit tin. I smiled as he pulled out a jar of nutella, one of my favourite treats from home. He took the lid of the jar, and scooped out a small handful. He slowly massaged it across my back, it felt beautifully warm and gooey and smelt heavenly. My whole body tingled with pleasure as he firmly rubbed the muscles in my shoulder and neck. This did nothing to reduce the sexual tension crying out from my body. Even when I thought I could relax a little Bernard surprised me with a short burst from the vibrator, tensing me up once again.
After several minutes of this my whole body was crying out for sexual release. Bernard went over to wipe his hands, he held up the remote again. I looked on my eyes begging him for what I wanted.
“This is what I’m going to do Nurse Bianca” he said. “I’m going to turn it on again, and this time I’ll give you a countdown, when I reach zero I’m going to turn it off again. Of course you can stop the countdown by calling out the last digit.”
I let out a high pitched gasp as the vibrator started pulsing yet again. My body pushed against all the restraints as my body tensed up.
I let out a moan as my breathing got deeper and more laboured.
I closed my eyes as my whole body felt electric.
I grimaced, trying to will myself to cum. Unfortunately this tensed my body up, I wasn’t relaxing like I needed to.
I took a deep breath, hoping.
I realised I couldn’t take any more, I couldn’t bare to wait any longer.
“It’s five” I shouted out.
I let myself go, allowing myself to be taken over, loosing focus on everything but the overwhelming sensation of pleasure. Without thinking I put my head back and emitted some of the loudest screams I’ve ever let out as I experienced the most emotionally intense orgasm I’ve ever felt.

It was several minutes later. Bernard had removed the vibrator, knelt down by my head and unclipped the wrist cuffs, allowing some movement in my arms. I’d grabbed his face and placed a long warm kiss on his lips, before my body went totally limp, with my arms round him and my head on his shoulder while he warmly held on to me.
“Well that was fun” he said.
I smiled, and lifted my head so we could make eye contact. I saw him let out a small laugh.
“I never thought I’d see you in quite such a state” he said. “Your even worse than you were upstairs.”
“Did you see that?” I asked in surprise.
“I had to wear a mask so you didn’t recognise me” he said. “At least until you were blindfolded and I handcuffed you.”
“Was that you?” I asked, my hand over my mouth in shock.
“They thought it would help if I’d experienced a little of what your in to before we got together and talked” he said. “I reckon it’s something we’ll be doing more of in the future.”
I placed my hands on his face and placed a long warm kiss on his lips. We lingered over it, before taking my wrists and clipping them back in place.
“Speaking of messes, there’s one more thing I’ve got to do before I let you go, now I’ve got the combination” he said.
“Oh no” I grimaced.
“Hey, if I go easy on you, you won’t try properly next time” he replied.
The face he mentioned there would be a next time brought a smile to my face. As for the kitchen scraps I had emptied over me and rubbed into my hair. They were cold, smelly and had some horrible textures. Potato peeling stuck in my hair with treacle wasn’t what I had in mind when I signed up. Really though it was a small price to pay for me and my husband being able to completely open up to one another, and no matter how horrible the mess was it couldn’t in any way diminish the immense happiness I now felt.

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About Black Opera

A WAM lover living on the South coast of England. As well as WAM I also use a lot of master/sub style bondage in a lot of my stories.
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