Northbrook Park: Part 3

After a long climb we were up the top of coyote mountain. We were taking in the view, before being caught in a natural spring. The force of which swept us down the mountain at speed into the lake below. As we hit the water I was splashed with a huge wave of water. I then heard someone whisper in my ear;
“You’ll be getting it much worse later on.”
This was while passing a sign encouraging us to buy an on ride photo.
The voice belonged to my boyfriend Tom. The last few weeks we’d spent nearly all our free time together, after we’d gone from just dating to both falling in love with one another. What had triggered this? Well for some people it happens while watching a beautiful sunset, or over a candlelit dinner. For us it was when I was tied up and Tom covered me in whipped cream. It was for charity.
Coyote mountain is the name of the log flume ride at our local theme park Northbrook park, where me, Tom and 4 of our friends were on a return trip. We’d been earlier in the summer, it’s where the charity pieing that me and Tom, as well as a number of our friends, had taken part in happened. We were enjoying ourselves at the park on the various rides, but there was a little nervous tension between all of us. 3 of us had agreed to another charity pieing session towards the end of the day, first by the public, then in private by our 3 romantic partners.

My friend Lisa had suggested signing up for a second session a few weeks ago. To be honest once Tom promised he’d definitely be paying for another private session I didn’t need that much convincing. We’d checked the parks website and encountered a bit of a quandary. We needed at least 3 people in our group to be guaranteed having the torture chamber where things took place to ourselves, otherwise another small group could be paired up with us, which we didn’t really want for the private session. We asked our two friends who were also with us last time. Holly said no, and had moved away for the summer to be with her family anyway. Donna was obviously a little tempted, but still said no. We thought we’d just have to hope for the best, until a few days before when we got a text from Donna saying her boyfriend Harry had agreed to take part, and let her pie him.
Now I thought about it the idea of tying up Tom and getting some messy revenge had a lot of appeal. As it was coming to the end of the summer holidays though, and we didn’t know if or when there would be another charity pie session I didn’t want to pass up this chance. I’d have to make my revenge a surprise for a later date.

Of course this being Harry’s first time we knew he’d be a little nervous, so as we made our way towards the torture chamber area we advised and reassured him as best we could.
“Don’t worry about the fact you going to be publicly humiliated.”
“Remember, if a pie is thrown at your head, hold still and let it hit you directly in the face. That’s how you avoid the worse of the mess.”
“The ones direct in your face are the most fun actually. Make sure your mouth is open so you get a mouthful of cream.”
O.K. we weren’t being that reassuring, but we‘d known Harry for a long time so knew he had a good sense of humour. To be honest I was a little nervous myself. Not about being pied by Tom, but I was still a little nervous about the public pieing, even though I had enjoyed that last time.

One difference this time as we weren’t a last minute replacement was we got a little more backstage hospitality. We were shown the workshop backstage area were a load of horror themed props were being worked on for when the Torture Chamber was going to be turned into a Halloween horror maze at the end of the summer holidays. We also got to see a large kitchen area where the pastry crusts and whipped cream had been brought wholesale, and they showed us a few pies being made for us.

Eventually our 3 partners were taken back to the dressing room and we were shown to the dressing room. We were given the use of 2 rooms this time, as we were a mixed gender party, but we decided we didn’t want to make Harry wait on his own, and we trusted him to stay separate as me and Lisa went behind the dressing screen to get changed.
“How are things going between you and Richard?” I asked.
“Very well” she giggled. “After accidentally finding you preparing for a messy session a few weeks back I decided to have it so Richard “accidentally” found me as I was preparing for a solo messy session.”
“Really” I exclaimed.
“I managed to get him to mess me up, and after seeing how much I enjoyed it, and it wasn’t as weird as he imagined he’s willing to be a little more adventurous now.”
We had both decided to bring in some special cloths for our session. Lisa had opted for a patterned blue and green bikini, along with a sarong she wrapped around her stomach to preserve some modesty during the public session. I decided to go for some black lingerie, and to preserve my modesty I had a patterned sarong wrap dress, that covered my torso, and draped down to just above my knees. I made sure the knot at the back of my neck holding the dress up was tied very securely, to make sure there’d be no embarrassing accidents. I also had a long scarf that I tied around my waste like a belt. While Lisa had opted to go barefoot, I’d brought along the red strappy 5 inch stiletto sandals I’d seen on special offer a few weeks back.

We came out the screen and had some time to talk to the member of staff who we only got to talk to briefly last time. Turns out she was from the charity, and was in charge of this fundraising event over the summer. She was a little surprised when she found out we’d done this before.
“I don’t remember your names being on the system” she said.
“It might be because last time we were last minute replacements, this is the first time we’ve booked online” I replied.
“That could be why” she said. “It doesn’t matter now. The number of volunteers has started to dry up now it’s almost the end of summer, so I don’t think your stopping anyone who wants a go having one. Does this mean you know what happens when the public finish then?”
“Yes” me and Lisa giggled. “Have you ever tried a private session with your boyfriend?” Lisa asked.
“Well, girlfriend actually, but yes.” she blushed.
“Who pied who, and where?” Lisa asked.
“She pied me while I was chained to the platform” she said.
“You don’t watch the private sessions too closely?” I asked.
“We try to let people get on with it. We’ve had to step in once or twice where people have gone a bit far, like trying to remove clothing without permission” she replied.
“Your O.K. then” Lisa said to me. “They only step in if you don’t want your cloths removed.”
“Your only jealous because you wanted your tits pied” was my reply.
“Sorry about this Harry” I said. Realizing we must have been embarrassing him.
“Since you’ve done this before I reckon we can give you a bit more freedom” said the staff member. “I don’t mind a chance to make an early start on some paperwork I’ve got to do. I’ll still be within earshot in the office by the entrance if you need me. Otherwise come and find me there when your ready to be taken to the park exit.”
“Will we be able to choose where we go in the chamber?” Harry asked.
“Normally we do it randomly to avoid any arguments, but if you can all agree where you want to go it shouldn’t be a problem” replied the staff member.
“Donna said she was hoping I’d end up tied up on the platform” Harry said.
“I would feel most comfortable on the chair again” said Lisa.
“I’d not really thought about it” I said. “Now you mention it though that cross does look interesting. I’d like to see what that’s like.”
We continued chatting for another 5 minutes or so, until there was a knock on the door informing us it was time to go.

We all went out together and were told which staff member was ours. Tradition dictated we still had to be blindfolded before being taken away.
“You can leave your handbag in the dressing room” I was told.
“It’s got my camera and stuff in it. Could you just leave it out of the way at the back of the chamber” I replied.
“O.K, as long as your willing to risk it getting messy.”
I was blindfolded, and led by one arm as I tottered down the hall to my fate. I thought I’d be a little less nervous this time, but even walking down the hall my breathing was a little heavier than normal. I’d been hit by a wave of nervous excitement in anticipation of what was to come. I once again felt myself pass through the curtain to be greeted by a large cheer, and even a few cat-calls and wolf whistles. The sense of anticipation grew as I felt my wrists and ankles beings strapped to what I knew was the large cross. With the straps in place I tried struggling against them, and found I had a little wiggle room, but was essentially trapped standing up against it. I gave out a quiet gasp as my blindfold was removed and I saw the crowd behind the fence in front of me, as I realised I’d reached the point of no return.

The first person to buy a pie was a young man, who looked about 19. He looked a little nervous as he stood opposite me holding a pie. I gave him an encouraging smile as he lifted the pie ready to throw. He threw and the pie struck me squarely in the chest. I giggled as the foil case fell down, and the cream and pieces of pastry slowly slid down my dress. The next couple of pies also struck me in the body, until a man about my age stepped up, and he was looking right at my face. I playfully shook my head, as I closed my eyes and braced myself. Disappointingly his aim was slightly off, with the pie glancing the right side of my face, and some of it landing on my shoulder.
“Is that the best you can do?” I playfully called out.
I was about to get my just deserts (bad pun I know) as his mate was next, and he also aimed at my head. This one hit me squarely in the face, completely engulfing my face in the cream. I swallowed some of the sweet tasting cream that went in my mouth, then found myself giggling hysterically as I shook my head to clear my eyes as the crowd clapped and cheered. Once I’d received that first pie to the face people became a lot less nervous about aiming to throw more there. Not that I minded that, most of the time I was happy to hold still to allow for a more accurate hit. I even deliberately asked the staff member to wipe my face between trolleys, as I knew the first thing people would try to do was mess it up again.
During the third trolley more people did start to aim for my exposed arms and legs, now my dress and head had been completely covered in cream. Quite a few hit me on the bare skin on my arms and legs, and even my feet, leaving my toes squelching in a large pile of cream.
This time it was after the 5th trolley of pies that the crowds started to leave. It was no surprise to see Lisa had enjoyed herself, sitting in the chair almost completely covered in cream. Harry was also similarly covered kneeling on the platform, but by the looks of it he had held out pretty well. I’d noticed that a high proportion of the girls who had brought pies had thrown them at Harry. Luckily Donna wasn’t the jealous type, although she’d be the only one to get her hands on him in this state. We didn’t have to wait long either. The public had now gone, and we heard the sound of another trolley.

Tom soon came into view, and we made slightly embarrassed eye contact, as I squatted down as far as my restraints would let me in a playfully submissive gesture. He placed the trolley just beside me and then stood right in front of me, lightly pressing his body against mine.
“Someone’s looking very sexy” he said.
I responded by leaning forward and placing a warm kiss on his lips, smearing some of the cream from my face on to his.
“Is it me or is it a little warm in here” I whispered in his ear. “Could you loosen my cloths. There’s a not at the back of my neck you can undo.”
He nervously reached up and undid the knot. He also undid the scarf around my waist, and unwrapped the sarong around my body, until he was standing in front of me holding the messy remains of my dress, slowly looking up and down my lingerie clad body as we both exchanged nervous smiles.
The next part was a little unexpected as instead of discarding the dress immediately he took the cream covered side and pressed it up against my torso. I closed my eyes and clenched my fists as I felt the incredibly pleasurable sensation of his hands slowly rubbing their way down my body, smearing cream into it as they went. They worked their way across my stomach, and then down to give a tantalising rub across my pelvis, before drawing back, and Tom finally discarded my dress.

Next Tom took one of the pies from the trolley and held it teasingly in front of my face.
“Are you looking forward to having a load of these in your face?” he asked.
“Yes” I smiled.
“How many do you think you can take in a row?” he asked, while slowly tilting the pie ever closer to my face.
I kept smiling as I closed my eyes, with my heart pounding in anticipation. It was another 6 or 7 teasing seconds before the pie was pushed in my face. I let out a moan of pleasure as I felt my face being engulfed in cream as Tom firmly held the pie there for several seconds, before sliding it up to the top of my head and smearing my hair there. He then removed the foil tray leaving the pastry to crumble and slide down my head. I only had a couple of seconds to recover before I got another pie engulfing my face. This one he slid round to the right side of my face, and then down on to my shoulder, before leaving the pastry there. The next pie was quick in coming, this time sliding on to my left side. I was expecting a short break at that point, but instead ended up receiving a pie sandwich, as a pie engulfed either side of my face, and where slid forward until all but my mouth was completely engulfed in the thick cream. As Tom released the pressure I shook my head to dislodge the foil trays, and some of the pastry, only to receive another pie shoved firmly in my face. This one he pushed in and left there. I let out a gasp a received a large mouthful of cream as yet another pie was placed in my face. I started heavily gasping and panting as I was overcome by the intensity of what I’d just been through. I was still catching my breath as Tom gently wiped the cream out of my eyes so I could open them.
“Did you enjoy that? He asked, while flirtily wiping my lips. I responded by grasping his fingers with my lips and playfully caressing them. I did this while we looked into each others eyes for about a minute until I had recovered from the emotional shock.
“Your face is now nicely covered, but your body’s now looking a bit clean” Tom said.
“You might want to look in my bag for that” I said.
He was a little surprised by my response.
“Go on. I’ve brought along a little surprise, it’s in the main compartment” I continued.
As he went to find it I had a quick look to see how the others were doing. I saw Richard had untied Lisa from the chair, and she was now kneeling on the ground, rubbing the cream over her body as Richard continued to throw the pies at her. Harry was still tied up on the platform as Donna teasingly rubbed the cream over him. I think she was enjoying creating a certain amount of sexual frustration for Harry.
Tom made his return quickly though, and he was holding what I’d hidden in my bag. 2 cartons of chocolate custard. I once again squatted a little, thrusting my pelvis forward a little, to create a surface for him to pour it on to. I let out a little giggle as the cold sensation hit me. He started high up, just below my neck, pouring it from left to right until it was all slowly dripping down my body. He then took the left cup of my bra, pulled it forward and poured the custard inside the cup, filling it with a gooey mess, before pouring the remaining contents of the first carton into my right cup.
Next he opened the second carton, and started by pouring it over my stomach. He let it slow drip down before playfully teasing his finger along the top of my knickers. I closed my eyes and clenched my fists, bracing myself as he pulled them open and poured the custard inside them. At first the cold sensation numbed me a little, but once I adjusted to that the sensation of the custard squelching against my pelvis was incredible. I realised I was becoming dripping wet down there as I found myself wriggling to enhance the sensation. This enhanced the pleasurable sensation, but increased my sexual frustration as it wasn’t enough stimulation to make me to cum. I desperately wanted to do something about this but I was still tied up at Tom’s mercy.

The next 4 pies he used to mess up my limbs, slowly massaging the contents of each pie across my arms and legs, smearing cream on every part of it. He then took a pie in each hand and stood in front of me giving me a sultry look, which he happily returned. He then took the two pies and smashed them both into my arse. I groaned with pleasure as he slowly rubbed the cream in. I felt his hands work there way into my knickers as his hands slowly made their way further in. I let out a shocked, but pleasurable gasp as his hands touched around my anal area. As he continued to stimulate it I tilted my head back and the world became a blur.
“Don’t stop” I begged, as he slid his hands back just before I nearly climaxed.
“You know you won’t enjoy the other pies as much if you cum to soon” he said.
I once again struggled in the restraints, but with more intensity as I now desperately wanted to get hold of Tom and fuck him. To my dismay they held me firmly in place, forcing me to endure a frustrating wait.
“You’ll at least do my tits next?” I pleaded.
He smiled and nodded. He reached around behind me and undid the fastening on my bra. He couldn’t take it off completely due to the shoulder straps, but instead lifted it up over my head, which caused some of the custard to drip down on to me. My tits were already covered in custard, but my rock hard nipples stuck out in the chocolate coloured silhouette. As Tom stood in front of me I leaned back on the cross, and closed my eyes in anticipation. I let out a moan of pleasure as the pies were firmly pressed onto my tits, and Tom slowly rubbed the cream and pastry into them. I then felt his left hand go back, and felt his lips pressing against my breast, and his tongue gently caressing my nipple. He then swapped over using his tongue on my right nipple, and caressing my left breast with his hand.
He then stepped back, but didn’t stop with the pies though as he rubbed the next one in to my stomach, and then took two more to sandwich my head, first rubbing cream in my hair, before sliding the pies forward to engulf my face.

I laughed with enjoyment as he wiped the cream out of my eyes.
“5 pies left” he said. “You know where the last one’s going to go. Do you want these other 4 rubbed on slowly, or mercilessly thrown at you?” He asked.
“Throw them quickly” I said. I was soaking wet, and my nipples ached from being hard for so long. I desperately wanted some relief from the tension I felt.
He took the first pie and threw it at my face. It hit me hard tilting my head back slightly, and engulfing my face in a thick layer of cream. I opened my mouth in shock, which was a mistake as the next pie hit me, and I felt a large amount of cream squelch into my mouth. I giggled as there was a slight pause, increasing the tension before the next pie was thrown, quickly followed by the fourth.
I then felt Tom’s hands cup each side of my head, and felt Tom’s lips press against mine. I opened my mouth as far as I could, and forcibly pushed myself into him, as our tongues met and started rubbing against each other.
Eventually Tom moved back, and wiped my eyes so I could see him pick up the last pie. I closed my eyes, clenched my fists and pulled on the restraints as he slowly slid my knickers down and placed the pie on my pelvis. My breathing got deeper and deeper as he slowly rubbed the cream and pastry all over it. I then felt two of his fingers slide into my vagina, and massage my clit. At that point everything else faded from my mind and memory as I was overwhelmed by the ever increasing sensation of pleasure, until I let out one last loud moan as I climaxed intensely.

After that Tom undid the restraints around my wrists and ankles, and I put my arms around him, and rested my head on his shoulder. He put his arms around me and gently rubbed my back, while I slowly recovered. Eventually I was able to steady myself a little more and placed a warm kiss on his lips before readjusting my bra, and picking my sarong back up and draping it over my shoulders.
I looked over to see Lisa and Richard standing next to one another, each with an arm draped over the other. Donna was kneeling next to Harry, who she hadn’t released yet, with an arm over his shoulder.
“Did everyone enjoy themselves?” called out Lisa.
We all laughed and nodded in response. Me and Tom shared eye contact as he squeezed me tight.
“Well Donna, if you let Harry go I think it’s time we all cleaned up” said Lisa.
Harry was soon free, and after giving Donna a messy hug we all made our way back to the dressing rooms. Donna and Harry took the spare one we didn’t use earlier, while the rest of us went to the other one. Me and Lisa headed to the showers, while Richard and Tom grabbed some towels to wipe off their cloths.
About 25 minutes later we were all back in a relatively respectable state. Tom still had some chocolate stains on his t-shirt, but he could hide those under his jacket. We found the member of staff in her office checking her face book page. After a brief chat we were back out in the park. It was a strange experience walking through the park after it had closed. Most of the lights were out, leaving us to walk through a dark twilight, it was an eerily quiet contrast compared to the fun and lively atmosphere we’d normally experience here. Me and Tom were happy to walk hand in hand, slightly apart from the rest of the group, this was a place that would always hold happy memories for us.

So that’s it. The story of what was to slightly misquote one of the great philosophers of our time “the greatest summer of my life, so far.”
Shortly after that reality had to rear it’s ugly head, as we all returned to university, and we had more to worry about than our part time jobs and having fun. What didn’t change though was the love and affection me and Tom developed for one another during the summer. Although things haven’t always been perfect, from that point on neither of us has ever wanted to be with anyone else. We’ve both now graduated, and have found jobs, and have got our own place together. He’s in the lounge now as I type this.

There’s one last thing you should know. A few months ago it was my birthday, we went out at the weekend, but on the day itself Tom brought me my favourite Chinese meal for dinner. For desert he brought out a whipped cream pie, just like the ones use at Northbrook Park. He told me to look for a surprise hidden in the cream. In there was a small leather jewellery box, which contained a silver ring with a red ruby on it. Tom then got on one knee and asked me a very sweet and beautiful question, and I said yes.

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A WAM lover living on the South coast of England. As well as WAM I also use a lot of master/sub style bondage in a lot of my stories.
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