Kronos Waits For No Man: Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of this series that takes place over the same weekend as my previous Bianca’s Messy Awakening series. This part doesn’t actually reveal any major surprises from that series, so unlike the last 2 parts of this series I can say you can read this with no fear of spoilers.
This story pretty much came about by accident. I’ve never thought about doing a pie fight story before. Initially it was just going to be a short introduction to allow for a brief cross over of the 2 series taking place, but as I got more ideas, and introduced some new characters it became a short story in it’s own right.

There are times when a girl struggles to look her best. After being tied up by your husband and covered with custard pies and a new cocktail named after your role play alter ego is one of them. Well it just won’t do for Caroline Kronos to go around looking like that. So after (eventually) being untied I’d returned to my room to shower the mess and smell off me, because Caroline Kronos would never go around smelling of alcohol.
Coming out of the shower I was as fresh as a daisy, with a slight hint of Tom Ford Black Orchid perfume. I changed into a waist cinching corset with red and black vertical stripes and a short tutu style black skirt. If at that point you’d think I’d wear anything other than sexy stockings and sky high stilettos than I’m afraid you don’t know Caroline Kronos very well.
Not surprisingly Caroline Kronos had no problem getting all the attention she wanted in the pre event drinks last night. Now though the event was in full swing, and half the attendees had some sort of extravagant dress of costume standing out from the crowd was a much harder proposition. Caroline Kronos though isn’t the sort to just lie down and let things happen though (unless Oliver Wolf is involved) so I had a plan to do something about it, even if it meant leaving behind the temptation of Oliver Wolf’s soft, warm lips and heading down to the Chocolate Heaven Café to meet with a few old friends.

I hope your adequately prepared as it’s time for you all to meet the Burlesque Beauties. As these wet and messy events became resort wide, and people started to dress up it wasn’t a huge surprise when people of similar styles started to run into each other and form their own groups. In my case it was with other people who adopted a burlesque look.
The unofficial leader of our group was Yvonne Ananka. A lady in her mid 50’swho enjoyed playing the stern and controlling Madame of the group, although we all knew she really had a heart of gold. She wore a dress with a white corset like top section with black lace trim, held up by some thick shoulder straps, and a knee length black satin skirt.
Second in command at around the same age was Raquel Tejada, the feistiest member of our group, who revels in shocking people with her outrageous sense of humour. She also made her living as a tailor, which had come in useful for making outfits for some of the performances we put on.
Next was Valerie Tomb, a beautiful Chinese woman a number of years younger than me. She wore a turquoise corset emblazoned with an Oriental dragon design to match her heritage.
The youngest member in a dark green corset dress was Marie Buccaneer, who we’d all taken under our angel/devil wings when she’d seen what we were doing and wanted to give it a try herself.
Our most recent recruit, wearing a pink and black corset used the burlesque name Stephanie Vampire, although I knew her more by here real name Lisa. I’d made friends with her and several others back in University. In fact it was her and her friend Nicola who’d first introduced me to the world of wet and messy. I’d now sort of returned the favour by introducing her to the world of Burlesque role play. Unlike me she didn’t dress up the whole weekend, but enjoyed getting together for some of our group activities. The subject of me dressing up did come up in conversation.
“Wow! I saw you all dressed up in the bar last night” said Marie. “I can’t believe your brave enough to do that.”
“Well a girls got to flaunt what she’s got” I smiled.
“From what I heard you were flaunting more than is decent” said Yvonne.
“Go easy on her Yvonne” said Raquel. “You’re only young once.”
“Not that old age has cooled your flames Raquel” Yvonne replied.
“Have you been tempted to put on a show of your own then Marie?” asked Stephanie.
“I’m guessing it’s for this boy we got talking too last night” said Valerie. “A new slave called Twisted Genius.”
“You hoping for a one on one?” asked Stephanie.
“I might have had a polite word with the handlers” said Marie.
“How about we both get dressed up tonight and approach him” said Valerie. “I doubt there’s any man who could resist the idea of having 2 Burlesque Beauties at his disposal.”
“Well there’s so much more you can do with 3 people than 2” said Raquel.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about” said Yvonne.
“Really!” exclaimed Raquel. “I could draw you a diagram. In fact I could draw you lots of diagrams.”
“No Raquel” said Yvonne. “Now come on. I’m sure they don’t want you involved, being a pain in the backside.
“Nothing wrong with a pain in the backside” said Raquel. “It means you’ve had a good time.

I’m sure you’ll appreciate me moving things on at this point, to the main reason for us meeting up. It wasn’t just to socialise or for the attention we got walking around together, although those were both good reasons. The Burlesque Beauties were down as one of the teams in the pie-land games pie fights. I’ll spare you the boring stuff about registration and skip to a little before the our first fight, where we were up against a team of 5 ladies dressed up as either doctors, nurses or police women known as The Emergency Sirens. They were a team who’d been in the games several times before like us. There was a question over whether they’d participate this time as one of their usual members was watching from the side lines being 7 months pregnant. I made a mental note to offer my congratulations in person at some point. Luckily for the Emergency Sirens an appropriately dressed slave called Nurse Bianca was available meaning they had the minimum 5 members needed to make a team. I found myself talking to her just before the start of the first fight.
“Have you done anything like this before?” I asked.
“No” she said. “This is my first time at one of these conventions. All I’ve done before is some self gunging sessions, and a one on one with someone called Bad Attitude this mourning.”
“I know him” I said. “We’ve both been attending for a while. Does that make you a lesbian WAM virgin?”
“I guess so” she giggled.
“Well it’s always fun robbing someone of their virginity” I smiled. “Do you have any questions about what we’re about to do?”
“Well I understand the basic idea of what’s going to happen” she said. “Both teams have a load of foam pies in their team colour to use in the fight.”
“Dark red for us, dark blue for you” I said. “Sadly it’s only paper plate and foam pies, but if they used more expensive pies this would never be a free to enter event.”
“What I don’t understand is the scoring system, and why you and me have to hold on to a cream pie each” she said.
“Well to be honest the scoring is mostly for the audience and organisers to hold the format together. The only team who take the scores that seriously are the Bridezillas, which might have something to do with why they never finish in the top half.” I said “Each team is rewarded up to 100 points per fight. 40 of which are dependent on how messy you get your opposition. The other 60 are awarded for style, with more points being awarded if you put on a more entertaining fight. Whichever team accumulates the most points by the end is the winner.”
“Why have we been us two been given a cream pie then?” she asked.
“As part of the entertainment a person from each team starts off the fight every time” I said. “Every team member should get at least one go. Officially it drawn at random, but quite a few reoccurring grudge matches conveniently occur, so I get the feeling it’s not really random.”
Thinking about it, it’s an awfully convenient coincidence I happen to be drawn up against Nurse Bianca.
“What do we do then?” she asked.
“Basically we both go out and insult and trash talk one another, until we respond by pieing each other. That’s when the official start of the pie fight. It then goes on until the judges sound the end klaxon.” I said.

Very shortly we were given the signal to move from out from the bench where we were waiting at the back of the lawn and onto the lawn itself to one of several areas marked as the boundaries for a pie fight. There was a huge cheer from the on looking crowd as we all strutted out to the centre. That’s not as easy as it sounds on a soft lawn in high heels, but we were all well versed of walking sexily in heels so didn’t let that phase us. Several of us stopped to pose, twirl and blow kisses to the crowd, lapping up the attention. Normally Caroline Kronos would have been right there beside them, but for this fight I took things easy as I was heading to the centre of the area holding a cream pie. I was expecting to start things right there, but our team captain Yvonne spoke up first.
“Me and the Emergency Sirens team captain Dr Cahill have had a little discussion, and have both agreed to a handicap for both teams” she called out. “Could the youngest member of both teams, Marie Buccaneer and Nurse Ratchet, quickly head over to the other team so the handicap can be implemented.”
I watched as Marie nervously headed over. I saw the 2 ladies dressed as police women take Marie’s arms and pull out a pair of handcuffs. Marie let out a nervous laugh as her hands were handcuffed behind her back. I looked over and saw Raquel and Valerie tying up Nurse Ratchet’s hands in a similar manor using some thick ribbons.
“What am I supposed to do now?” asked Marie as she came back over.
“I’m sure you’ll be all right” said Yvonne. “Now don’t complain or we’ll leave you like that when it’s over.”
“It’s good practice dear” said Raquel. “As you get older there will be times that being able to do things in handcuffs will be a useful skill.”
With those fun and games over it was time for Caroline Kronos and Nurse Bianca to officially start things.

“What are you lot wearing?” I called. “Those slutty costumes would have looked tacky at a Halloween party last month. Now there’s no excuse to be dressed like that.”
“You are aware of the irony of calling someone slutty while walking around in your underwear” said Nurse Bianca. “Or do you not know what irony is?”
“How about some newcomer giving it all that, and then being thoroughly trounced in her first pie fight” I said. “How would that be for irony?”
“How about the fact I’m the nurse, yet I clearly have less experience with dealing with STD’s than you do.” she replied.
“That’s rich coming from someone with friction burns on their vagina” I said. In case your wondering I do come with some insults like that one prepared.
“You can’t say that when dressed like a cheap whore” she said.
“Cheap!” I exclaimed. “This is a custom made outfit. It cost more money to buy than you make all year.”
“Well you can make very good money going out on the game” she answered.
With an exaggerated pantomime look of indignation I responded to that last comment by smashing Nurse Bianca in the face with the pie I was holding. I certainly wasn’t going to hold back on the newbie, and made sure to hit with enough force and accuracy to completely cover her face. In keeping with the spirit of things I stood there miming a pantomime laugh, until I myself got a mouth and face full of cream and pastry crust as Bianca took her opportunity to hit me with her pie.

As fun as starting things off is, it leaves you at a disadvantage at the start of the fight, especially if the opposition is quick off the mark. Before I’d even had a chance to rub the cream out of my eyes I was hit squarely in the face by a thick foam pie. With my sight still obscured and my mouth still involuntarily open in shock that pie was quickly followed up by a pair of pies sandwiching either side of my head. It was only after that initial barrage that I was able to wipe my eyes and look for revenge.
Nurse Bianca had shown her inexperience in dropping her cream pie after hitting me. I still had my foil tray, which still had all the crust and a decent amount of cream. I immediately noticed Officer Francis of the Emergency Sirens was distracted as she and Stephanie Vampire were trying to pie the other while avoiding a pieing themselves. Seeing my opportunity I quickly stepped up behind Officer Francis and dumped the remaining contents of the foil tray over her head, spilling cream and pastry crumbs over her auburn hair. Doing this also had the added bonus of distracting her enough to allow Stephanie Vampire to cleanly pie her in the face.
Holding on to the tray I spotted the huge mounds of foam that had fallen onto the ground. I bent down to scoop as much foam into the tray as I could. Unfortunately bending over like that left me in a vulnerable position which Officer Muldoon spotted and took advantage of by lifting up my skirt and pieing me firmly on the arse. Unluckily for her I was now holding a foil tray filled with 5 inches of thick red and blue foam. She turned to get away, but wasn’t quick enough off the mark. I put my arms around her, holding the pie with both hands in front of her face, just long enough to tease her before bringing the pie up, making sure to firmly rub it across her face, leaving it completely coasted with a thick layer of foam.
At this point there was a brief lull in proceedings as everyone headed over to their teams respective area to reload on pies. We all took the opportunity to give our faces a quick wipe, or in the case of the restrained Nurse Ratchet and Marie Buccaneer get someone else to wipe it. Being handcuffed hadn’t dulled Marie’s enthusiasm too much, as she still picked up a pie off the table which she held alongside her right hip. Everyone else took a pie in each hand and lined up walking back towards the centre. The Emergency Sirens had a very similar idea, and had lined up opposite us. Looking up and down even after wiping our faces most of us were still fairly messy. Any attempts to have styled your hair before hand had gone out the window, and everyone had quite a bit smeared on their cloths as well. As if we could read each others thoughts we all ploughed in simultaneously. I found myself face to face again with Nurse Bianca. We both went to pie each others face at the same time. We both ended up with pies in the face while blindly smearing foam across the other. She smeared the pie up and over my hair while I smeared mine down to smear her exposed cleavage with foam. She responded by hitting me in the chest with her second pie, while I smeared the contents of my second pie in her hair.

All the pies being used up didn’t signal the end of the fight. What followed was several minutes of chaos as everyone madly grabbed for handfuls of foam either wiped off themselves or scooped off the ground and attempted to wipe it or throw it at members of the other team. Stephanie Vampire and Officer Francis ended up wrestling each other in a pile of foam on the ground, completely covering each other from head to toe in a thin layer of foam.
Not surprisingly the restrained Marie Buccaneer and Nurse Ratchet were taking a lot of messy abuse, with just their eyes and mouths being visible through the thick layer of foam covering their head. They were still determined to give as good as they got though, and while they couldn’t pie anyone in the face quite a lot of their opponents were getting large amounts of foam smacked into their arses.
Meanwhile the 2 team captains, Yvonne Ananka and Dr Cahill had centred in on each other and were both wading in aggressively, determined to completely mess up the other. Seeing that you wouldn’t believe they were good friends when not on the field of combat.
This continued on for a couple of minutes before the big air horn blast was heard, signalling the official end of proceedings. Once everyone had used what was in their hands things settled down, and their was a lot of laughing and hugging between all the contestants as we surveyed what a mess we’d made of each other. Marie and Nurse Ratchet had their restraints removed and took the chance to get a little revenge for all the foam they’d been covered with.
“So how was your first time Nurse Bianca?” I asked.
“Really fun” she giggled.
“Well I hope we didn’t tire you out” I said. “We’ve all got to get cleaned up for fights with 3 other teams before the games are over.”
“Really” she smiled.
“Before you head to the sidelines do you want to get a photo of us together?” I asked. “My husband’s watching in the audience, so if you give me a few details I can send you a copy.”
“O.K.” she said.
We headed slightly away from the central area to be a little closer to where Oliver Wolf was standing, so I could point him out to Nurse Bianca.
“I’m surprised by how many married couples I’ve met so far” she said.
“Really” I said. “What did you expect then?”
“I don’t know exactly” she said. “Maybe a younger, rowdier crowd.”
“Well everyone likes to let their hair down, and put their everyday lives behind them for a few days, not just the young” I said. “Me and him particularly like to explore sides of ourselves we couldn’t show with the kids around” I said.
“Sounds like you have fun” she said.

It was at that point the announcement was made that signalled we should clear our area of the playfield so it could be quickly prepared for the next fight. We all headed back to our waiting areas where a number of clean towels were available to clean at least some of the foam off. For those interested after several fights taking place over the pie fight hour the Burlesque Beauties eventually finished off 3rd out of 7 teams taking part. As I mentioned before though it really wasn’t about the winning, but the fun we had taking part that counted, not that Caroline Kronos would ever struggle to find something good to occupy herself.

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A WAM lover living on the South coast of England. As well as WAM I also use a lot of master/sub style bondage in a lot of my stories.
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