Bianca‘s Messy Awakening: Chapters 6,7, + 8

Once again, here’s another warning that this series consists of one continuous story. Although we’re not quite into major spoiler territory yet there is quite a bit here where you may not fully understand what’s going on if you’ve not read the previous parts.
This is where the story really starts to develop. It was coming up with the ideas in chapter 6 that changed this project into from a number of linked short stories in to a long ongoing story.
In contrast chapter 8 was one of the ones I struggled for ideas with most. For much of the development it was just some notes with a couple of different ideas for substances to get messy with. In the end I tried a few ideas that placed some restrictions on myself, but once I started writing I was able to put myself in the minds of the characters and the scene flowed out almost organically. After the various problems initially coming up with ideas it was gratifying to eventually come up with what was one of my favourite scenes to write.

Chapter 6:

It’s hard to believe that I was feeling a little down while sitting in a luxury hotel room, after a day of fun, but that’s the situation I was in. For those who’ve just joined me I’ve had a wet and messy fetish for a long time, which I’ve kept secret from everyone I know, even my husband Brandon. Recently though I signed up for a wet and messy enthusiast weekend at Westbrook Manor House in the role of a slave, someone who attends for free, but has all their activities assigned to them. I spent the day not just participating in some fun and enjoyable messy activities, but also sharing our mutual love of getting messy with a lot of great people I met.
Why was I feeling down then? Have you ever been on a great holiday, then felt disappointed when you came back and had to face everyday life again? That would be a close approximation to how I felt then. I was having a great time, but knowing in less than 24 hours I’d be driving back home to a life where I kept my wet and messy fetish a secret was getting to me.
I decided I didn’t want to be stuck in my room all evening, and with my slave duties over for the day I was free to wander around the resort, so I changed into a green dress I‘d brought for the evening and headed downstairs.

I was pleasantly surprised to find quite a bit was going on downstairs. It was pleasantly busy, and a few enquires taught me there were several restaurants and bars operational around the manor. I opted for one of the main bars. I reached it and found a pleasant bar with wooden floors and furnishings. There were a number of landscape paintings around the walls. In the background laid back rock music played creating an ambience.
I was getting my bearings when I saw Bad Attitude and Dead Ringer waving me over. They were sitting in a group on a brown sofa, each with a half eaten burger and fries on the coffee table in front of them. They’d both dressed up for the evening, Bad Attitude had put on a frilly shirt and waistcoat, while Dead Ringer was now sporting a leather corset top and a pair of designer glasses, and had styled her shoulder length brunette hair. I was quickly introduced to the rest of the group, including Lampwick who I recognised and his boyfriend Figaro. After the initial introductions I was happy just ordering my drink and a peanut butter and chilli burger from the bar, and sitting back and relaxing as the banter went on, and different people came and went.

It was a little under an hour later when a girl who obviously knew Bad Attitude and Dead Ringer came up. She looked like one of the younger attendees looking to be in her mid twenties. She had clearly made an effort for the evening with her make up and styled long blond hair. She was wearing black stiletto heels and a tight fitting black dress with a short skirt, open back and an opaque lace panel on the front that showed off a fair amount of her midriff and torso.
“Hi guys” she said.
“Hi Sam” Dead Ringer replied. “How’s the resort business going?”
“Had some problems with some marine themed decorations requested for a wedding last week” Sam replied.
“What happened” Dead Ringer asked.
“We were trying to decorate the pool with the requested marine theme, but some of the old marine equipment that should have floated sunk to the bottom” Sam said.
“You mean you had a buoy with a bad altitude” smiled Dead Ringer.
This resulted in a groan from Bad Attitude as he buried his face in his hands.
“You two had that prepared didn’t you” he groaned. “And look, poor Nurse Bianca doesn’t even know what we’re talking about.”
Actually I had Googled it thanks to the free wifi here. I’d also Googled my own avatar, which turned out to be a mistake.
“Are you Nurse Bianca?” Sam said. “I don’t believe we’ve been introduced yet. I’m the resorts owner Sam Westbrook. I’ve had a lot of requests to put you in the dunk tank again” she said.
“You’re the resorts owner?” I asked.
“I took over from dad when I graduated university” she said.
“Don’t let her play innocent” said Bad Attitude. “This place wasn’t the place you see today when she took over.”
“That’s true” Sam replied. “When I took over this was just a tourist attraction. We barely had enough people coming to see the house to cover the cost of maintenance. I managed to convince investors to put up the money to turn this place into a luxury resort. It took a lot of work, but we’ve become successful enough that I can run this place how I want without interference, and no-one questions the odd anomaly like these events held on normally quiet weekends for instance.”

Sam sat down with us, and I was quite happy to just sit back and listen to their stories, until;
“Are you alright Bianca?” Dead Ringer asked. “You seem a little quiet tonight.”
“Oh, it’s nothing” I said.
“Is something wrong?” asked Sam. “I heard you were enjoying yourself.”
“It’s not that” I said. I paused to take a sip of my drink. “It’s just that this is the first time I’ve not had to hide my love of WAM. Knowing I’ll be going back to hiding it again soon is hard to deal with.”
“It’s OK” said Sam, putting a reassuring arm on my shoulder. “You’ll always be welcome here.”
“Don’t you have a boyfriend or husband to share things with?” asked Dead Ringer.
“I’m married, but I’ve not told him I’m into this” I replied. I took a breath before continuing in a very quiet voice; “He doesn’t know I’m here.” I said a tear welling in my eye.
“Tell us what happened” said Dead Ringer. I took another sip of my drink to compose myself.
“I’ve tried to introduce the idea to him. I’ve flirtily suggested the idea of him covering me in custard, or using whipped cream, but he’s just thought I was just mucking about, and not taken it as a serious suggestion. I’ve always been afraid to talk about it further” I said.
“It’s OK” said Sam. “What your going through isn’t as uncommon as you might think. Everyone is so taboo about talking about sex that many are afraid to be who they really are, even when there’s nothing to be ashamed about consenting adults expressing themselves. Instead many people try to repress part of their personality, and all too often they end up expressing themselves in other ways, through frustration or other negative outlets. You don’t need to feel bad for just being who you are.”
“I guess” I said. “I really don’t know what to do now though.”
“You need to accept this part of yourself, and not be afraid to admit to it” Sam said. “You need to talk to your husband and open up, so you can find a positive outlet to express yourself” she continued.
“I’d like to” I said. “I’m just worried about Brandon getting upset, or freaked out if I tell him.”
“I understand that” said Bad Attitude, putting his arm around Dead Ringer. “Telling Patti here about my own wet and messy fetish is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. You think it should be easy to talk to someone you love, but your opening up in a major way, and risking them rejecting a part of your personality.”
“It was worth it though” continued Dead Ringer (or Patti). “Him trusting me to open up made it a lot easier for me to be open about my fantasies of him watching me while I flirted with another man, or him flirting with another woman while I flirted with another man. Once we’d done this we were both able to discuss what we were and weren’t comfortable with, and both express ourselves in ways we’d been afraid to before. The chances are there are fantasies and desires Brandon has that he’s been afraid to tell you.”
I nodded in agreement.
“Once we’d done this it wasn’t just our sex lives that changed, although that did get a lot better” Dead Ringer smiled. “The feelings of passion and love we felt greatly intensified when we both opened up and expressed a part of ourselves we normally keep hidden. I’ve never loved anyone else with the intensity that opening up to this man here created.” she said, while giving Bad Attitude a loving look.
“Do you feel a bit better?” asked Sam, patting me on the shoulder.
“I do, thanks” I said, taking a deep breath. “I’m definitely going to talk with Brandon about this when I get home.”
“I hope you do, I think we all want to see you back here at future events.” said Dead Ringer.
“Are you OK now?” asked Sam “I’ve got an appointment I want to keep soon, so need to make a move.”
“I should be OK” I said.
“We were planning to head over to the central marquee for the Karaoke party soon” said Bad Attitude. “You can come if you want. It might help take your mind off things for a bit.”
“No I’m OK” I said. “I’ll be ready to call it an early night soon. Thanks a lot though, you’ve been a lot of help.”

Chapter 7:

It was the next day, and I was down in the ballroom where an extensive breakfast buffet had been set up. I was feeling a lot better than I had been last night. I wasn’t quite back to normal, but I was determined to have a good time today, and just as determined that I would tell my husband about this, which had lifted the weight of uncertainty off my mind. I’d been instructed to be back in my Nurses Uniform at this point, and thanks to what had to be a minor miracle by the resorts guest laundry service I had a number of passably clean uniforms to choose from. I was currently eating breakfast at one of the tables, exchanging stories with a group of girls I recognised from one of my pie fights yesterday. As breakfast went on I noticed that most people were staying on, even with their meal finished, and quite a few were congregating around the stage at the far end of the room. I soon found out why as the room broke out into a polite round of applause, and those who had been sitting down stood up to view things. Coming on to the stage were a number of people in either smart business dress, or a uniformly identical t-shirt. I recognised Rebecca among them, and a few other people who’d been running some of my activities yesterday. One of the smarter dressed individuals stepped forward holding a microphone.

“Good morning” he said.
“Good morning” the crowd replied nonchalantly.
“That wasn’t very good” he said. “Lets try again. Good morning”
“Piss off” someone immediately shouted, provoking laughter from most of the room.
“I’m afraid I’m not doing requests” the man chuckled as the laughter died down. “For those of you who don’t know me I’m Michael. I’m in charge of the events planning team that’s been brought in to what has to said is one of our more unusual events we do 2 times a year.” There was another round of applause.
“The main speeches will be given during the closing ceremony, but I always like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for being here.”
There was more applause.
“And to thank all the events team, and all the other staff for doing all the work they do that makes these events a success each time” There was an even louder round of applause.
“Of course at this point we always give some special thanks to a group who we won’t necessarily have a chance to thank later, and that’s all the people who’ve put themselves forward as slaves for the weekend. Now some people might think they’ve got an easy time with their reduced costs, but it takes a certain amount of dedication to always be ready to get messy on demand, and have other people choose what you do sometimes missing out your own favourite activities, so I think they deserve a big round of applause.” There was another round of clapping and cheering. While this was going on I noticed 4 of the handlers picking up a wicker basket that they were passed from just off stage.
“As has become a tradition we like to give a special thanks and welcome to our first time slaves; Pretty N Pink, Fourth Angel, Twisted Genius and Nurse Bianca.”
I flushed as I heard my assumed name called out, and the people around me faced me and clapped. One of the baskets was brought over from stage and handed to me, it contained a bottle of wine, a gift box and an array of upmarket chocolates and biscuits, and most notably a few appropriate items such as a bottle of chocolate sauce and cartons of custard.
“You’ll be able to enjoy your presents in your room later” Michael continued. “As a way of welcoming you all into our community it’s become tradition to ask first time slaves to take part in the post breakfast entertainment.”

One of the handlers looked after my hamper as I was nervously led up to the stage to a round of applause. Joining me were two other women and one man. As we were led up I saw 4 wooden palettes, with something concealed under a tarpaulin wheeled onto the stage. I looked out at what must have been a couple of hundred people. I saw a few I recognised. Bad Attitude and Dead Ringer weren’t hard to spot, and I saw Sam chatting with a pair of men, one of whom was wearing a Venetian style opera mask, the other one’s face was obscured by the man in front of him.
“OK, I’ll explain what’s going to happen” said Michael. “You might have noticed at the back of the room we have an area where 4 special one on ones are due to take place.”
I had noticed some stuff at the back of the room, but hadn’t clicked it was for immediate use.
“We’ve ranked those one on ones to most pleasant to least pleasant” Michael continued. “Which one you will depend on how well you do in the next 10 minutes.”
As he said this the 4 tarpaulins were pulled off to reveal 4 round black plastic tubs, just over a meter in diameter, and about 35cm deep. Each one was filled with a white lumpy substance up to 5cm from the top.
“I hope you haven’t eaten too much” said Michael, “As we have a lot of porridge for you 4. What’s going to happen is we’re going to weigh you, don’t worry we won’t tell anyone, and then well put you in a tub each. You’ll then have 3 minutes to put on as much weight as possible by either eating, or covering yourself in the porridge.”
There was a cheer from the audience at this announcement. I was taken behind one of the tubs where a set of scales was located, I was a little reluctant about revealing my weight, but it was only seen by Rebecca who noted it down. I was then helped into the pool by a couple of members of staff where I knelt down. I found myself wading in a thick and gloopy liquid, that clung onto my body in large thick lumps. I looked down the line to see the other 3 participants in a similar position.
“Are you ready?” Michael called out. “Go!”
There was a cheer from the crowd. I lowed my face down to eat a mouthful of porridge, while scooping a load up in my hands and emptying it over my head. I stayed kneeling down like for the first 50 seconds or so eating mouthfuls of porridge and scooping it over my head and back. It was then that I’d spotted Twisted Genius had stuck his legs out over the side to submerge his upper body lying face down in the porridge. I slipped around in the porridge, I opted to stick my legs over while face up so I could just lie back to submerge myself completely under the porridge. I raised myself back up, dripping in white splodgey porridge. At that point I felt a load dripping into my cleavage, which gave my a good idea. I lied back again, with just my head above the porridge, I then unzipped my dress down to my belly button, and scooped as much porridge under my dress as possible, before zipping it back up as far as possible. I was short on time at this point so I pushed myself back, sitting with my back against the side, and then borrowing and idea from Caramel Mocha yesterday, I pulled my stockings open at the top, to fill my stockings up with as much porridge as possible. When the 10 seconds countdown started I bent my knees and slid back down to submerge myself under the porridge one last time.
There was a huge cheer as the time up was given. It took 2 handlers to steady me, and stop me slipping over in my heels. I looked up and down the line and exchanged glances with Twisted Genius. It looked pretty clear we’d be the top 2. Fourth Angel had merely waded around with her head above the porridge. Pretty N Pink had put some handfuls over her head, but hadn’t placed her head under it. Rebecca came over to weigh me again, and give the results to Michael.

“Here are the result of the breakfast challenge” announced Michael. “In fourth place with 1820 grams is Fourth Angel. In third place with 1985 grams is Pretty N Pink, and in Second place with 3460 grams is Twisted Genius. That makes the winner with an impressive 4725 grams is Nurse Bianca.
Rebecca came over to lead me to the back of the room. It took me and Twisted Genius notably longer to reach it as quite a lot of people in the crowd wanted to both congratulate us and introduce themselves. As we got over one of the other handlers came up to meet Rebecca.
“They’re complaining about stripping to their underwear” she said. “Apparently they didn’t read the disclaimer, or listen when I specifically warned them to be prepared for this.”
“It’s why I’m wearing a vest” chimed in Twisted Genius.
I had also considered this and opted for smart but modest underwear. Considering my uniform and stockings were currently filled with porridge removing them wasn’t something I had a huge problem with once I was through the barrier put out to show the area for my one on one. My area currently just had a tall narrow chair in it. Sat in it I saw 4 trolleys of mess wheeled past. One had numerous tins of black treacle and a bucket filled with feathers, one had a load of eggs, flour and shaving foam on it. The next that I saw taken to Twisted Genius’s area had several jugs of savoury foods like baked beans, mushy peas, gravy and chopped tomatoes. I smiled when mine was brought over, it contains several jugs and bowls of desert items, and a number of especially made pies.
“You look like your looking forward to this” observed Rebecca.
I nodded in agreement.
“The person who’ll be getting you should be over in a second. I just need to put these on you. You should keep them on until your told otherwise” she said.
She took a pair of swimming goggle out of her pocket, and after giving my face a quick wipe slipped them on over my eyes. It was then I discovered the lens of the goggles had been painted over, in effect leaving me blindfolded.

Chapter 8:

I waited blindfolded in my seat, nervously for an unknown amount of time. I could hear the conversation of others, and the occasional moan and shriek from my fellow slaves. Then I heard footsteps coming towards me. As my breathing deepened in anticipation I held my hands in my lap, in order to resist the temptation of lift off my goggles for a peak. I felt an affectionate hand stroking my shoulder, that slowly worked it’s way down my arm and took a grip of my wrist. I felt my other wrist taken as well, and both hands positioned behind my back. I willingly held them there as I felt the touch of cold metal on my wrists, followed by the exciting sound of handcuffs clicking into place. I felt an eager wave of excitement as I became at the mercy of this mystery man.
I waited in anticipation. I felt a hand placed on my shoulder, a teasing touch of a soft cool substance on my chin. I eagerly reached out with my tongue and licked a beautiful tasting mouthful of cream. I then felt the cream slowly being tilted up, rising up the surface of my face, until it was completely engulfed in cream. After several enjoyable seconds I felt the cream being taken away again, leaving a cool layer on my face. I then felt a handful of cream being tenderly rubbed over my right cheek and then my left, followed by a hand gently stroking my hair. I then felt a finger tenderly caress my lips as it placed a small piece of pastry in my mouth which I eagerly devoured.
Next I felt a hand on my chin slowly tilt my face up. I took a few deep breaths in anticipation, then felt a warm thick liquid being poured over my head. It started at the centre, causing the liquid to cascade down through my hair on either side of my face. I then feel the liquid moving forwards, until it’s near the front of my head and starts to slowly cascade down my face. As it reaches my lips I could taste a heavenly chocolate sensation. My face was soon engulfed, and I felt the chocolate drip off my face down onto my breasts. My breathing quickened and my nipples hardened as the chocolate seeped into my bra, and my breasts became totally covered in the chocolate flavoured liquid. As I felt the stream continue to be poured over me it continued to drip down my body. I felt it slowly drip down, coating my stomach, and finally settling as a warm and gooey pile in my lap. As the pouring stopped I felt a familiar tender hand on my cheek, that slowly caressed the chocolate over my face and hair. I then felt the hand continuing down my body, massaging my neck, a quick teasing stroke of my breasts, and more chocolate being rubbed into my stomach. I then felt both hands being used to deposit chocolate on my legs, and massage them until my legs were coated in chocolate.

There was then a brief pause, allowing my to regain a little of my composure. I played with the handcuffs, secretly glad they were there to enforce the self control I was struggling to hold on to. Soon I felt those fingers again, slowly smearing something on my lips. I nervously licked it off and recognised the taste of banana custard. I felt a hand rest on the left side of my face, then my face was suddenly engulfed as a custard and pastry pie was firmly pushed in my face. I pulled on my handcuffs as I felt a wave of pleasure, and slowly tilted my head back as I felt his hand slowly sliding the crumbly pastry down my face, and eagerly accepted as several pieces were slid into my mouth. I quickly felt another pie strike me in the chest, and then felt my body being leaned forward so a pie could be placed on my back. I then felt a pair of hands slowly massaging the thick custard and crumbly pastry across my back. I gave out some quiet involuntary moans of pleasure. He responded by placing a hand on my shoulder to keep my leaning forward. I then felt another thick liquid being slowly being over my back. I involuntarily struggled in my handcuffs as I was hit by the sensation. I then felt a hand on each hip, that slowly massaged the thick and gooey liquid over them. I continued to moan, loader and with more frequency as the hands worked their way up my spine, firmly massaged my shoulders, and finally found their way to a sweet spot of mine between the shoulder blades. I felt the intensity of the pleasure I felt grow until I tilted my head back and let out a loud involuntary moan I was taken over by a huge wave of pleasure that passed through my body.

I leant back, taking in the pleasure, and letting my breathing and heartbeat return to normal. I could still here the murmur of the crowd, and feel the sensation of the many substances now clinging onto my skin. I tensed a little as I heard the footsteps approaching again. I felt him gently lower himself onto my lap, and could hear his own measured breathing inches in front of my face. I felt a hand on the side of my face, slowly tease it’s way down my body, stopping at my breasts to stroke them in a circular motion, before stroking down my side, before descending to where I felt a firm grip off my bottom as the hand teasingly slid away. I then felt his fingers on my chin again, lightly tilting my head back again. I smiled in anticipation, waiting for what was next. I felt a sticky but runny substance flow down my forehead and over my cheeks. I tasted a little with my tongue and recognised the taste of sweet runny honey. I sat there for the next minute enjoying the sensation of layer after layer of honey dripped down my face. After the drizzle stopped I felt some fingers wipe across my lips, and a quick affectionate warm kiss placed on them. I leant back shaking my head as I felt a guilty wave of pleasure as the man raised up off my lap, and I heard him slowly walking away.

I don’t know how much time I was left handcuffed, blindfolded and covered in mess. I was more than happy in my own little world. I eventually heard the sound of a woman in heels walking towards me. I was a little surprised when I recognised Sam’s voice.
“You look like you had fun” she said.
I blushed and smiled, unable to give more of an answer.
“Looked almost as good as a particularly good session I had yesterday” she said.
She came over and lifted my goggles up. I blinked as my eyes readjusted to the light. As Sam unlocked my handcuffs I found myself cringing a little. Taken in as I was I’d forgotten that fact their were people watching. Thankfully most of them had dispersed at this point. Looking round I saw the other 3 new slaves had already gone. In the centre of the room I saw a crowd. In which an inwards looking circle had formed of small groups standing around a person kneeling in a kids paddling pool. I saw a man dressed as a chef going round talking to each group, and instructing the people in it to pour or rub stuff over the person kneeling down.
“What’s that?” I asked.
“It’s cookery class” Sam said. “They make different recipes with a human as the central ingredient.” She offered her hand to help me stand up.
“Would you be able to do us a big favour?” asked Sam. “There’s been a bit of a last minute hitch, and we’ve had to squeeze some of your activities close together. If we provide you with a robe to wear could you quickly shower using the ones in the gym across the hall so I can take you there?”
“I guess so” I said. A little surprised by the request.
“Thanks a lot” she said. “I’ll make it up to you this afternoon with something nice I promise.”

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