Northbrook Park: Part 2

“You will be careful won’t you.”
“Careful! I was planning to stick my fingers in a plug socket, but now you’ve told me to “be careful” I might reconsider this action” I replied.
“Just make sure you stay safe.”
That’s me talking to my mum, who still fusses over me, despite the fact I’m now at University. I was getting a little impatient, as her and dad were supposed to have left for their weekend away 30 minutes ago, but were waiting around to double and triple check numerous things. It was already mid afternoon on Friday and I was waiting for them to go so I could run a few errands. My boyfriend Tom was coming round tomorrow and we had a few special plans.

Two weeks ago we’d been to our local theme park, Northbrook Park, where I’d ended up taking part in a charity pieing, (it’s a long story) which included a private session with Tom after he agreed to a charitable donation of his own. Since then I’d promised him another go this weekend. What I hadn’t told him was I’d been online and been introduced to the world of wet and messy. It turned out I wasn’t the only person to enjoy, and even get turned on by getting messy. There were lots of sites dedicated to the subject. From them I’d got quite a few ideas for making pies, and on other messy substances to use.
I’d looked around the house to decide where this should take place, and the kitchen seemed the best bet. True, the bath would be easier to clean up afterwards, but there wasn’t a suitable table in the bathroom, and space would be limited. I’d secretly brought a large plastic tarpaulin on e-bay to protect the floor from the worst of the mess.

“O.K, you know the number to call if there’s a problem.”
“Yes Mum.”
I gave them a 20 minute head start before getting in my own car for a bit of a shopping trip. My first stop was a local erotic boutique, on one of the back streets a short distance from the city centre. I didn’t need anything to wear for the messy session, but I wanted something for afterwards, as Tom was staying the night. I brought myself a black satin chemise, plus I saw a pair of red platform sandals with a 5 inch stiletto heel on special offer. The thought of sending Tom wild by wearing them all evening was enough to make me buy them.
My main purchase though was over in the bondage and restraints area. I had the wrist restraints I sneaked away from our time at Norwood Park still but I didn’t want to risk getting them dirty. There was by a surprising array of restraints, including some bizarre ones for spreading legs and hog-tying people. I didn’t want anything that complicated. In contrast though I rejected the low end novelty ones. Some of them looked like they’d be damaged by the messy substances, plus most of them had some sort of emergency mechanism that would allow someone to escape. I realized a lot of the psychological arousal I got from being imprisoned would be lost if I knew I could easily escape. Instead I brought 2 pairs of secure steel handcuffs. I only needed the one pair for the messy session, but I realised 2 pairs would give us more options in the bedroom later.

My main trip though was to a large supermarket at the edge of the next town. I chose this one partly because it would have a larger range than the smaller ones in the centre, but mainly because I hoped no one I knew would be there and see the embarrassing contents of my trolley. The dairy isle was first where I brought a few cans of squirty cream and a large bottle of milk. I had a few other things to get around the store, such as a pack of paper bowls, and several large bars of chocolate. I also had a quick look in the baking isle and spotted a can of squirt pink cupcake icing that went in the trolley.
The long life desert isle though was where I’d brought the most stuff. I’d seen both instant whip and dream topping recommended as messy pie fillings online, so I got several packets of dream topping. I looked over the various flavours of instant whip available but was naturally drawn to the chocolate one. I also got a couple of plastic bottles of strawberry ice cream sauce and a couple of tins of rice pudding. The last item on my list was the custard. I smiled when browsing it and I spotted some chocolate flavoured custard along with the regular custard. I placed a number of cartons of each in my trolley. I then had to embarrassingly make my way through the checkouts, where I tried to avoid making eye contact with anyone. I was at least glad I hadn’t spotted anyone I knew.

The next day I had told Tom to come around in the evening. I still had to do my part time job, even though it was the summer holidays at University. Still I couldn’t complain too much, the money from the extra hours I’d done the last few weeks had been very useful. I did pretty much everything on auto-pilot as my mind was elsewhere, thinking of what was coming in the evening.

I got back about 90 minutes before Tom was due to come round. I’d already set up the tarpaulin in the kitchen, but still had some work to do. The first thing I did was break up the chocolate and place it in the microwave. I then got out the electric whisk and milk to make up the dream topping and instant whip, and poured it in to the paper bowls. With them in the fridge I took the now melted chocolate out of the microwave, I mixed in some golden syrup from the cupboard to create a thick chocolate sauce that I poured into a large jug.

With that done I had a little bit of spare time so I went up to my room to do my hair and make up. As I sprayed on some hairspray I smiled knowing what a contrast this was to the state I knew I was going to end up in. After that I took a pair of handcuffs out from my side draw and headed back downstairs. I took everything out of the cupboard, opening cartons and tins where necessary, placing everything on one of the counters. It had been long enough for the dream topping and instant whip to set, so I took them and the trifles out and placed them on the kitchen table. Looking at the pies in the paper plates I decided to give them all a topping of squirty cream. Holding one in my hand I found I was very tempted to pie myself in the face with one right there.

I decided to send Tom a text to find out his progress.
“R U on your way. You don’t want me 2 start without U. N xx.”
The reply came back very quickly.
“I’ll B 20 min. N joy your freedom while it lasts”
I giggled at the reply. I’d had an idea of what I wanted to do so sent one last text.
“The doors open. Come strait in. I’m waiting 4 U in the kitchen.”
I then took the front door off the latch, and stripped off all my clothing on the way back to the kitchen. I took the handcuffs and clicked around my left wrist. I then reclined on the tarpaulin with my hands behind my back. I put the right cuff in position, and paused as I realised this was the point of no return, with one last deep breath I clicked the cuffs into place. I laughed knowing Tom was coming round to completely cover me in mess, and there was now no way of me getting out of it.
I was enjoying the anticipation until a few minutes later when;
“Is anyone in? Your front doors open.”
Oh my God, that sounded like;
“It’s me Lisa, I was just passing on my way home from work.”
“I’m just in the middle of something, can you come back later” I flusteredly replied.
“Are you OK? You sound rather flustered.”
I panicked as I heard her footsteps. The key to the handcuffs was up on the table where I couldn’t reach them.
“Don’t come in!” I yelled.
It was too late though as the door opened. There was an obvious look of surprise on her face, but as she took in the scene a huge grin appear on her face.
“Tom’s coming round, you need to go.” I said, hoping that this wasn’t going to cause me to much embarrassment in the future. To my annoyance instead of leaving she came further into the kitchen to get a closer look at the pies on the table and the other items on the counter. I got a huge surprise though when she started removing her own shoes and cloths, stripping down to her underwear.
“What are you doing?” I yelled.
“There’s enough stuff here for both of us” she replied.
“What? Why?” was my confused reply.
“I’ve been trying to get Richard to do something like this for ages” she answered. “All we’ve used so far is some squirty cream. Any more and he gets weirded out.”
Tom had mentioned how her boyfriend was the most reluctant when offered a private pieing session at Norwood Park and had to be encouraged to do it. Still.
“You can’t just come in here though” I said.
“I think I should be here” she replied. “You’ve left yourself in a very vulnerable position in your enthusiasm here. What if it there had been a delivery or salesman coming to the door instead of me. Plus what if Tom does get carried away? Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great guy, but if he get’s carried away and takes things too far you’d be in big trouble.”
“You didn’t say anything to Donna when she told us she let her boyfriend handcuff her to her bed last week” I queried.
“They’ve been together several years, not 3 and a half months. Plus it was when her parents let him stay over. If anything did go wrong she could have screamed out and her parents would have been banging on her bedroom door.” She replied.
I begrudgingly realised she had a point, even though I did trust Tom I had taken a few risks in my enthusiasm that could have ended badly. I still wasn’t that happy about her being there though.
“You’ll owe me money for the pies and custard then” I said. “You’d better not ruin anything.”
“I won‘t” she said.
“Oh, and you see that jug of melted chocolate up their. That’s mine.”

The next 10 minutes were mostly silent, as there wasn’t that much to say in that situation. Well we couldn’t exactly discuss the weather. There was one thing I had to ask though.
“Lisa, I’m guessing you’ve known about your wet and messy fetish for a while.” I said.
“Yes” she gave as a guarded reply.
“So were you planning for us all to be pied at Norwood Park two weeks ago?”
“No. I knew about the charity pieings from the website but I wasn’t too sure about doing it publicly, nor am I in to the whole bondage aspect. The website didn‘t mention the private sessions either. I was planning to take Richard to watch together, to bring him round to the idea of doing something with me, but it wasn’t until we were approached on the day that I decided to volunteer for it” she explained.
“How does Richard now feel?” I asked.
“I think he’s coming round to it. He says he’ll join in with another pie session when we use our free tickets to Norwood in a few weeks. By the looks of it I’ve got at least one friend who’ll want to join me.” She said.
“Shut up” I said slightly embarrassed.
“Hopefully he’ll be open to the idea of getting me messy privately after that.”
At around the time Tom said he’d arrive I heard him call out.
“Are you there sexy sugarplum”
“In the kitchen” I called out, while noticing Lisa smiling at one of Tom’s private nicknames for me.

As Tom made his way over I felt several waves of emotion. Things hadn’t gone completely to plan, but this was still a moment I’d been fantasising about for the last 2 weeks. Hearing how Lisa’s boyfriend had been unsure had put some doubts in my mind. Tom was just expecting to find just me and a load of pies. What would he make of the extras I’d arranged and what would he make of;
“Hi Tom” Lisa giggled.
Turns out I needn’t have worried about Tom’s reaction. He showed a little surprise at Lisa‘s presence, but it put a sweet puppy dog like look on his face, his main focus was clearly me. I realised I wasn‘t the only one who‘d been reliving what happened between us in their mind. I found myself blushing as we made embarrassed eye contact with one another. He took off his shoes and socks and tentatively made his way towards me.
He took two cartons of vanilla custard, and held the one in his right hand about 2 foot above my head.
“Go on then” I said.
He poured the first dollop on my head then paused as I let out a shriek.
“That’s Cold” I shrieked.
Once he realised that was all the problem was he kept pouring and didn’t stop until he’d emptied the contents of both cartons over me. He started with over my head, I tilted it forward to dodge any on my face, but he poured plenty into my hair that very slowly dripped down soaking all of it. With that done he slowly worked his way down the rest of my body pouring it on my breasts and stomach, and then drizzling along both my legs. I slowly panted as I saw how much of my body was coasted in custard slowly dripping down my body.
I got a slight break as it was now Lisa’s turn to get covered in custard. She was able to cover her face with her hands as the custard was poured over her head, but her hair was quickly covered in a yellow film, and formed into a number of wet clumps. After that the custard was poured over body. She used her hands to rub and smear the custard over herself.

Next Tom went over to the table and picked up two pies.
“I believe your both familiar with these” he joked.
I started giggling while playfully struggling in the handcuffs. Lisa moved up beside me, putting her arm around me in a show of solidarity. I took a few deep breaths in anticipation before Tom firmly pushed the pie in to my face. It was one of the white dream whip ones, that resisted the pressure at first, but as Tom smeared it in it left a sticky layer all over my face. Looking over at Lisa I saw a look of shock on her face as she was wiping chocolate instant whip out of her eyes.
“You didn’t tell me this was in the pies” she said.
We both got 2 more pies in the face each, before Tom picked up just the 1 pie and walked behind me, as Lisa broke of her contact, leaving my back exposed as I closed my eyes in anticipation.
“I believe you rather enjoyed your pie massage last time” Tom said.
“Yes” I gasped.
I took a few deep breaths in anticipation, then let out a short scream. Instead of the anticipated pie caressing my back I had one smacking into my arse.
“Aww, don’t tease her” giggled Lisa.
“Oh all right” said Tom. “How about a rice pudding massage for her, and a rice pudding shampoo for you?”
“That’s better” replied Lisa.
Tom took the 2 tins of rice pudding and held one over Lisa’s head, and one above me slightly further back as I leaned forward to make my back an easy target. I then felt a massive splat on my back as Tom turned the tins over, emptying the whole contents on us in one go. After we’d gotten over the shock Lisa started rubbing it in to her hair, while Tom crouched down behind me.
Once again I closed my eyes, but this time I got what I was hoping for. Tom slowly rubbed the rice pudding across my back, firmly massaging my shoulders and neck. Thanks to the slightly lumpy texture of the pudding the sensation was heightened. My breathing got deeper as I let out several moans of pleasure as Tom slid on of his hands around my hips and continued the massage across my stomach.

As Tom moved away I saw his eyes drawn towards my now heaving chest and now rock hard nipples.
“You want to mess up my tits again don’t you” I said looking up at him through my lashes. He gave a nervous nod while picking up a carton of chocolate custard. I leaned back, reclining seductively, my heart pounding as he made his move, slowly pouring the custard over my breasts until they were both completely coated in a thick chocolate mess.
Next he took the other carton and went over to Lisa.
“I reckon it’s time I gave you both your facials” he said.
We both laughed as Tom gently lifted up Lisa’s chin to tilt her face back. He then poured the chocolate custard over her forehead in a large quantity, that caused it to cascade down over her eyes, cheeks and lips. Even with her face covered in a mask of chocolate she still had to keep her head still for a number of seconds until the custard ran out, at which point I saw her open her mouth in an expression of shock, while wiping her eyes.
Tom then went over to pick up the jug containing the melted chocolate.
“Looks like I’ve got something special for you” he smiled.
I braced my arms against the handcuffs, clenching my fists and voluntarily tilted my head back in anticipation. It came out of the jug and the still warm thick sauce slowly dripped down my face. Soon my whole face was covered, but Tom continued to pour on, letting me enjoy the situation for longer.
“I so want to fuck you right now” I gasped.
I heard Tom reply with a nervous laugh, then I just about Lisa whispering.
“It’s O.K, as long as don’t mind me getting the pair of you a little messy.”
I still had to keep my eyes close due to my chocolate facemask, but I quickly felt Tom’s body between my legs, sliding up against me. He started down at my breasts, using his tongue to stimulate my nipples one at a time, while playfully caressing them with his hands. During this I also became aware of a load of squirty cream being sprayed on me from above. This I guess was coming from Lisa, but with Tom coming on to me so passionately that all faded into the background.

Next he moved a little further up, I could hear him breathing at the same deep level I was as he placed a long passionate kiss on my lips.
Next though, with my eyes still closed and my hands still restrained everything else went out of focus. I was completely overwhelmed by the immense sensation of pleasure as Tom thrust up and in to me, and I rocked my hips into and out of him. Even time lost all significance as the sensation became almost unbearably intense, until I let out a number of short involuntary gasps, followed by one loud moan as I came. A few thrusts later and Tom gave out a moan of his own, as his grip on me tightened . It took up both a number of minutes to catch our breath before Tom reached behind me and unlocked the cuff around my left wrist.
This allowed me to finally wipe and open my eyes. I briefly noticed Lisa lying face up on the counter above me, but my main focus was Tom. I placed a warm kiss on his lips as we both collapsed on to the floor.
I have no idea how long we spent in each others arms, nervously gazing into each others eyes. We’d both been overcome by a wave of euphoria, and neither one of us had the willpower to break it’s grip on us.
“You look so beautiful” Tom eventually said.
I smiled nervously as I leaned in and placed my head on his chest.
“I love you” he whispered.
“I love you too” I returned.
“Aaaww, your so sweet together” that was Lisa eventually interrupting us.
I looked up and she was still on the counter, this time lying face down, gazing over the side at us, her face still a mask of chocolate. I noticed she’d actually used some of the messy substances that had been left on the counter on herself. She had some strawberry syrup drizzled on her, and some cream in her hair. Most notable though was the pink cupcake icing that had formed into a gooey string like substance dangling in her hair and over her face.
“I think it’s safe to say you both enjoyed that” we both gave a nervous nod, still a little too overcome with emotion to speak.
“That was the best self service I’ve done in a long time” she smiled. “I’ll let you two lovebirds have a little more time alone while I clean myself up. Don’t take too long, unless you don’t want my help cleaning up in here.”
Lisa’s interruption had broken the wave of euphoria a little, but not dampened my desire to be with Tom.
“What do you want to do now?” I asked, holding up my right wrist that still had the handcuffs dangling from them.
“I hope your not going to take advantage of me. You could quite easily grab me and handcuff me to the table leg there. I’d then be lying on the ground, covered in mess, completely at your mercy” I suggestively continued.

It was another 40 minutes before we finally made our way out of the kitchen. We found Lisa wrapped in a large towel listening to the radio in my bedroom. Once me and Tom had showered and got dressed we all discovered a great advantage at Norwood Park was we didn’t have to clean up our own mess. Thankfully the tarpaulin had done it’s job, so it was mostly getting stuff in to a large bin bag. Lisa had made quite a mess on the counter, so that needed a good scrub. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do next time my mum prepared a meal on there.

With that done it was time for Lisa to go.
“It wasn’t so bad having me here in the end then” she said.
“I guess not” I replied. “You’re going to sort things out with Richard though. I don’t want to have to go on keeping secrets from him”
“Things are getting there” she said “You’ve given me a few ideas to help things along” she said.
After our last goodbyes I went back to Tom who was in the lounge.
“I believe someone promised to treat me to a Chinese takeaway, as I treated him so much” I said.
“I’ll get on the phone, I’ll get your favourite” he replied.
“While your doing that I’m going to go upstairs to get my hair and make up done up really sexy again, and change in to a more comfortable outfit, and put on some less comfortable shoes I know you’re going to love.”

As I sat on the bed in my new black chemise, strapping on my stilettos a thought had struck me. I’d made love to Tom and others before, but when that had ended it had always been enough to satisfy me for the night. Thanks to the intimate connection me and Tom had developed, this was the first time I felt the desire for more. I think we were really falling in love with one another.

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