Kronos Waits For No Man: Part 2

This is the second part of my series set in the same time and place as my Bianca’s Messy Awakening series. Some surprises from that series are revealed here, so if you plan on reading that you may want to do that first.

They say that one of the keys to a successful marriage is making time just for one another. That’s why me and my husband always go away for a spa weekend together twice a year. At least that’s what I tell my parents when they look after the kids for the weekend. What I don’t tell them is the resort we visit, Westbrook Manor, is also hosting a wet and messy fetish weekend, where I get up to all sorts they wouldn’t think of Daddy’s little girl doing. Me and my husband had already got up to quite a bit in the resorts dungeon last night, and quite a bit more in the privacy of our room afterwards.
Of course our parents simply knew us as Ollie and Carol. They had no idea we like to role play alter egos. My husband suave and debonair Oliver Wolf, and me the sultry vixen Caroline Kronos. I was well practiced in getting my hair and make up just right, as well as strutting in my 5 inch high stilettos and fishnet stockings.

I was walking through the corridors of Westbrook Manor. Oliver Wolf had gone ahead of me to prepare. Knowing that he had big messy plans for me I opted to forgo one of my extravagant dresses and instead was wearing a black satin robe that was decorated with dark red roses. Not that Caroline Kronos was worried about modesty, but she wouldn’t give away what she could trade for the finer things like champagne, fine dining and jewellery. Of course it was Oliver Wolf who gave Caroline Kronos the ultimate gift of a ring on her finger. I had a sultry smile on my face thinking about what surprises he had in store for me this mourning. Before that though I wanted to check in with a couple of friends who were down in the old servants quarters used for one on one sessions during these messy weekends. Not surprisingly though I ended up running into someone else I knew before I got their.
“Hi Rebecca. How’s it going?” I asked.
Rebecca was one of the hired event organisers, who’s main job was ensuring various slaves and volunteers all attended their activities. We’d met before at previous weekends.
“Relatively smoothly so far. A few problems with the new slaves, which wasn‘t totally unexpected” Rebecca replied.
“Anyone I should look out for?” I asked.
“I think you’ll see the new Nurse Bianca during the pie fights later” she said.
“I’ll try to show her the ropes” I smiled.
“It’s funny. Nurse Bianca was my biggest concern. A newbie who only arrived this mourning, who I couldn’t sit down and talk with yesterday to confirm various details sounded like a potential problem. She’s been no trouble at all so far, even when faced with quite an extreme situation. Instead it’s been problems with the new Fourth Angel’s boyfriend trying to get involved in someone else’s one on one. Luckily the people involved were O.K once he’d been dispatched” she said.
“Well I hope we don’t cause you too much trouble” I said.
“Don’t worry. This makes a nice change of pace from the corporate team building I’m usually stuck with every week” she said.
“Any chance we’ll tempt you into giving it a go?” I asked.
“I’ve got to admit I’m very tempted by the chocolate fountain that’s been set up. I might see if I can give that a go once I finish work” she said.
“That’s definitely on my to do list” I said.

With that distraction over I was able to make my way to where I was first heading where my friends Sam and Figaro were conversing.
“Are you sure your O.K Figaro?” asked Sam. “Your not missing anything are you?”
“No” he said. “We were just going to watch Bad Attitude play some silly game with one of the slaves. I’m much more interested in checking out your new cutie.”
“Hi Sam” I said. “I like your dress.”
That was true. I’m used to seeing her in either business wear for work, or more casual jeans and t-shirts. Right now she was wearing an ice blue, strapless ball gown decorated with streaks of crystals running across it. From here waist a ruffled multi layered skirt cascaded down to the ground. She’d also done her hair in a formal bun and was wearing a long pair of sparkly earrings.
“Thanks. I’m really looking forward to messing it up” she said with a naughty giggle.
I looked around and noticed their was more mess than average for a one on one, with 10 large buckets of custard, caramel sauce and chocolate and other messy desert items. I reckon Sam must have ordered extra on top of what of what Caramel Mocha paid for.
“I take it things went well last night then” I smiled.
“Yeah” she said. “We’re planning to meet for dinner tonight, and I’m very much looking forward to surprising him with this.”
“I wish I could stay” I said, “but I’ve got a session booked in the dungeon.”
“That reminds me” said Sam. “Did you and Ollie sneak into the dungeon last night?”
“Ollie and Carol didn’t go down to the dungeon” I sneakily said.
She pursed her lips slightly, but quickly caught on to what I was saying.
“What about Oliver Wolf and Caroline Kronos?” she said. “Before you answer, bear in mind we do have CCTV down their. What do you think that saw?”
I gasped, opening my mouth in shock. “People saw us together!” I panicked.
“CCTV that covers the entrance and where we keep the wine locked up” she grinned. “We saw you entering and leaving 40 minutes later.”
“What!” I exclaimed.
“Well I couldn’t let that little indiscretion go completely unpunished” she grinned.
“40 minutes. I expected more from Oliver Wolf” said Figaro.
“When someone can turn you on as good as he can you don’t have the willpower to take it slow” I jested. “I guess you’ve never done that to someone?”
“I don’t have nearly as much experience in the bedroom as you Caroline Kronos” he jested.
“On a more serious note” said Sam. “Next time could you at least check with us. It’s not a huge issue as you didn’t create any unscheduled work for the cleaners, or disrupt anyone else’s plans, but if people just start using the facilities without asking it will degenerate into a free for all.”
“All right, I’ll tell Oliver Wolf to be a bit more careful with his surprises in future.” I said. “I hope your little surprise also goes well.”
“I’ll tell you all about it darling” said Figaro.

I left the two of them chatting, and made my way to my own plans. As I walked a warm tingle came over me as I felt my inhibitions drop and my confidence grow as the Caroline Kronos part of my personality took over.
Caroline Kronos confidently walked into the dungeon and looked up and blew a kiss towards the CCTV camera I‘d not spotted last night. I approached where Oliver Wolf waited and undid the belt on my robe to open up the front and reveal what I had underneath. I wore a red satin bra with some black lace trim around the cups. The straps were mealy thin strips of the same material, it was fastened at the front with more strips of satin tied into a bow. I’d forgone the g-string that came with the lingerie set, and was just wearing the 3 inch thick garter belt made from the same red material and had a short transparent black lace skirt and a couple of suspender straps hanging from it that were holding up my fishnets.
“My-My Caroline Kronos” said Oliver Wolf. “Where did you get THAT outfit?”
“This old thing” I smiled. “It’s just something I had knocking around the back of my wardrobe. You should see me when I want to get some attention.”
“You must really want me to try some sweet Caroline” Oliver Wolf smiled.
“Oh you don’t want me if you want sweet” I said. “If you want to taste me you need to be prepared for something really hot and devilishly spicy.”
“You better take your robe off then, as I’m as hot as you can handle” Oliver Wolf replied.
I slowly took my robe off and hung it over the folding screen. I took the chance to look around our chamber. I was pleased to see a large number of pies on the desk. They had foil trays about 9 inches in diameter, and were all topped with a thick layer of shaving foam hiding their fillings. I also saw a large glass jug containing a thick red liquid. At first I wondered where I was going to go, now the wooden horse from last night had been removed, but then I looked down on the ground and got my answer. Down their was a flat board, about 7 foot long and 3 foot wide, padded with a black leather like material. At either end were 2 ornamental iron frames, that looked perfect for tying someone to. I was about to get a first hand demonstration as Oliver Wolf took me by the hand and laid me down on it. He then reached for 4 red and white polka dot scarves on the table and mounted my lap. He took my right wrist and wrapped a scarf around it in a knot. He then wrapped the scarf around my wrist twice more before tying it place with a secure double knot, ensuring my state of bondage would remain secure.
“You’ve done this before haven’t you?” I smiled.
“I want to make sure your going nowhere fast” Oliver Wolf replied.
He quickly had my wrists tied up and then knelt down at my feet to tie both my ankles to the frame. He then paused to look me over. I made a playful attempt at escape, enjoying the sight of Oliver Wolf getting turned on by the site of my now defenceless form. He lied down alongside me to murmur in my ear.
“I’ve got you now Caroline Kronos” Oliver Wolf said. “There’s now no way for you to avoid being completely covered from head to toe in pies.”
I let out a small giggle in anticipation of what was to come.
“How about I do something nice for you first?” Oliver Wolf said.
He then reached down, and slipped a hand up my skirt. I closed my eyes back and tilted back my head, overcome with pleasure as is hand delicately stroked my crotch. I submitted all control as I felt two of his fingers penetrate deeper, slowly and rhythmically rubbing the inside of my vagina. I let out a number of quiet moans, that got shorter and deeper over the course of several minutes, until I pulled tightly on all the scarves holding me captive, let out a deep moan, and let my body go limp as I was overcome by the sensation of euphoric pleasure.

I breathed deeply, my chest heaving. I looked up to see Oliver Wolf standing in a controlling position over me, holding a pie in his hand.
“How did I end up with a beautiful girl like you?” Oliver Wolf asked.
“Maybe it because you really know how to show a girl a good time” I replied.
With that he threw the first pie, I gasped with pleasurable shock as it hit me in the stomach. Pink blancmange custard seeped out from the upturned pie tray. I saw Oliver Wolf looking on intently as I wriggled about, until I’d dislodged the pie tray from my stomach.
With that Oliver Wolf took aim again. I burst into an uncontrolled fit of laughter as first a pie was thrown into my crotch and then another one splattered onto my breasts. I was barely given time to recover before 3 more pies were thrown at my body, hitting me in the legs and stomach and chest again. Only then did he pause to survey his handiwork.
“Well it wasn’t really worth you getting all dressed up in the end was it” smiled Oliver Wolf.
I stuck my tongue out at him and said; “Well at least you’ve left my hair and make-up alone.”
“Don’t worry I’m working my way up to that” Oliver Wold replied. “First though lets take off that little skimpy bra of yours so I can mess up those breasts properly.”
I watched, driven wild with anticipation as Oliver Wolf slid the dressing screen over the entrance of our chamber to ensure our privacy. My heart pounded as he knelt down beside me and slowly undid the bow on the front of my bra and exposed my rock hard nipples. He took a handful of custard and foam and slowly caressed it across my breasts. I closed my eyes savouring the heavenly sensation. Next I felt his lips press against mine as he delivered lots of short sweet kisses. I felt his warm breath on my face as his hand reached up my skirt again. I was powerless to do anything but lay their as his fingers penetrated me and I quickly came a second time.
“That didn’t take long” smiled Oliver Wolf.
“Your just so good” I purred.
“What are you going to be like when I pie your face” Oliver Wolf said.
“Why don’t you find out?” I suggested.
He grabbed a pie, and knelt down beside me, holding the pie only a short distance from my face to ensure a good first shot. I closed my eyes waiting in anticipation. I was hit by the shock of a thick deep pie engulfing my face. Oliver Wolf picked up the foil tray and I blinked opened my eyes and gasped, every inch of my face now completely covered in thick chocolate custard.
“Enjoying yourself?” Oliver Wolf asked.
“Yeah” I replied.
“I don’t know how you can still look so beautiful” Oliver Wolf replied.
“A girls got to do her best” I said while suggestively licking the chocolate off my lips.
I saw Oliver Wolf take a foil tray from the floor and fill it with handfuls of mess off the floor, filling it with a multi coloured sloppy mess. He took aim and threw, this time hitting slightly to the side, engulfing the side off my face. At that point Oliver Wolf took full advantage of my defenceless state. He showed no mercy as he subjected me to a barrage of pies and handfuls of custard and foam. Some hit my body but the majority were successfully aimed at my head which was soon dripping with custard and resting in a huge mountain of foam. The sensation of being helplessly tied up and having to take such an extreme barrage had reduced me to a giggling hysterical mess. This was totally out of character for Caroline Kronos, but as just Carol I couldn’t help it.
“Oh my God” I gasped as once again I felt Oliver Wolfs hand up my skirt, and once again his fingers penetrated me. I realised I’d been robbed of any will of my own as he gently stimulated me once again, my breathing got slow and deep and my heart pounded until very soon I was once again I braced myself and gasped as I was emotionally consumed once more.

Thankfully I was given a couple of minutes to regain some of my composure. I lay there with my eyes closed as my breathing and heartbeat returned to normal. It didn’t stay that way for long though. As soon as I felt Oliver Wolf lower himself so he was know kneeling with me between his legs my heart again started to beat with anticipation.
“So did you enjoy our little warm up Caroline Kronos?” Oliver Wolf asked.
I smiled and nodded as he wiped my face, allowing me to open my eyes again.
“I hope your ready for the main event” Oliver Wolf said while holding up the glass jug containing the mysterious red liquid.
“Have you brought me something nice?” I smiled.
“I thought you’d never ask” Oliver Wolf said. “I had a word with the bar staff here. They’ve made up a jug of a special cocktail I’ve invented I call the Caroline Kronos.”
“Really” I smiled.
“It’s a special blend of pureed strawberries and cranberries mixed with champagne, bourbon, and flavoured with cinnamon.” said Oliver Wolf.
He let a small trickle pour from the jug into my mouth so I could taste it. I first tasted the bitter cranberries, but these only made the taste of the strawberries and champagne even sweeter when their contrasting taste hit. As I swallowed it left an invigorating burning spicy sensation from the alcohol and cinnamon.
With my tasting over Oliver Wolf drizzled more over my face, being careful to avoid my eyes, but covering my cheeks, before cheekily running his tongue over them. Then he wiped the foam and some of the custard off my breasts and stomach and proceeded to cover them in the thick red cocktail. I smiled, taking in the pure, joyful sensation as he teasingly ran his tongue across me. He paid particular attention to my erect nipples, ensuring he stimulated my already heightened state of arousal.
Oliver Wolf saved the last of it so I could have one last taste of my namesake cocktail, before putting the jug back on the table.
“I hope that’s got you in the mood” said Oliver Wolf before placing a warm lingering kiss on my lips.
I closed my eyes and let a sultry smile come over my face. Soon I felt what I’d been desiring almost since I’d been tied up. Oliver Wolf’s large erect cock penetrating my body. I totally submitted control as it slowly gyrated back and forth, penetrating deeply with each thrust. I’d already been made to cum three times so very quickly everything became a blur as I softly moaned as I was overcome by extreme pleasure.
My wrists pulled on the scarves securing them, as I automatically tried to create a little separation and gain some respite. At that particular moment though Oliver Wolf was in control, and I was quickly back in a heightened state of arousal as he continued to thrust back and forth. This time I responded by gyrating my own hips, thrusting them against his body. My reward was an audible moan of pleasure from Oliver Wolf every time I thrust into him. We continued to take it in turns to thrust into each other, until after several thrusts from him we both let out gasps as I came, while simultaneously feeling him ejaculating inside me. He slowly rested his head on my shoulder as we both collapsed, physically and emotionally spent.
Fast forward to several minutes later. I was still tied up, now enjoying being tenderly held by my husband. He shifted his position to look me tenderly in the eye.
“You had enough?” Oliver Wolf asked.
“Everything I wanted and more” I replied.
“Wow” Oliver Wolf smiled. “I gave Caroline Kronos all she could handle. I must be doing something right.”
“Don’t think I’ll forget this” I sultrily replied. “When I get you in our room tonight I’m going to tie your hands behind your back and give you everything you can handle.”
“I’ll look forward to that” Oliver Wolf replied. He glanced at his watch. “We’ve got about 10 more minutes before I have to untie you. At least if your going to get cleaned up and looking good in time for your next appointment.”
“I hope you’ll be watching” I said.
“You know I won’t be able to resist” said Oliver Wolf.

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A WAM lover living on the South coast of England. As well as WAM I also use a lot of master/sub style bondage in a lot of my stories.
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