Northbrook Park: Part 1

Hi, I’ve been writing for a while on other sites, and have decided to add my stories to telly gunge. Partly due to some issues with other sites, partly to get my stories more exposure, and also being a British writer it makes sense to target a site with a high proportion of British viewers.
I’ve currently done 3 series of note. I’ll be uploading one story from each series at regular intervals over the upcoming weeks.

One thing I like to do is write author intros about the stories and writing of it. Sadly the original intros for my Northbrook Park series were lost due to some technical issues with another site. These were my first ever WAM stories I wrote down, which came about from my love of theme parks. It developed quite a lot from a simple messy scene when I developed the characters and their relationships more. Reading back over them I still think they hold up well now.


We were coming to the end of our first year at university, and me and my friends were looking forward to some time to unwind in the summer. That’s why me and my 3 best friends, Holly, Lisa and Donna decided to all visit our local theme park, Northbrook Park, with our boyfriends about a week after the end of term.

As well as spending some time unwinding with my friends, I was also looking forward to some time with my boyfriend Tom. We’d been dating for about 3 months, and I was starting to really like him, and wanted to see our relationship get a little more serious. That’s why I chose to dress a little less practically than I normally would for a theme park. I chose a black dress with an open back, and a mid thigh swirling skirt. On my feet I had a pair of 3 inch, thick heel, pink strappy sandals.

We got to the park with a plan in mind, involving some of the big roller coasters and rides. I also wanted to do the ghost house where I’d be able to hold on to Tom, and the log flume where hopefully he’d hold on to me. Our plans changed though when we were approached by a member of staff in the main entrance street.
“Do you want to volunteer for a charity fund raiser in Medieval World today?” she asked. “If you brave some time in the torture chamber you get a free pair of tickets to come back later in the season. There‘s room for up to 4 people at a time”
She handed us a leaflet that had a couple of pictures on it. One of which showed a man in a set of stocks with several white blobs splattered around him. It took me a few seconds to realize what she was asking, but I wasn’t the first to reply.
“We get pies thrown at us then?” enquired Lisa. “It sounds fun, we‘ll give it a go” she continued while indicating herself, me and the other 2 girls.
I saw Holly giggling at the idea, Donna looked a little nervous, like I felt.
“What about our cloths and hair? I asked.
“You’ll be able to clean up afterwards, you‘ll all have a changing room to yourself, and we provide a change of cloths if you want it” replied the staff member.
“ Go on, it will be a great laugh” encouraged Lisa.
“We’ve had a cancellation today so have a free slot starting shortly, which I’m desperately trying to fill up. I can take you over there now, and you can decide what to do before it starts. We can always just do the session with 2 or 3 of you if not all of you want to do it. At least then we wouldn‘t be forced to cancel” said the staff member. “I’ll show you backstage, and there’ll be someone to arrange things with your guests.”

We then followed the staff member over to Medieval World. Once there, after a quick “good luck” or “enjoy yourself” from our boyfriends we were taken to a backstage area. We were taken to a room where there was a large make up table and mirror, and two shower cubicles in the corner, along with a pile of large towels. There was also a large dressing screen and two tables up against the walls, the longer of which a large assortment of cheap looking cloths on.
“This is your main dressing room” said the member of staff. “It will be kept locked when your not here, so it’s safe to leave your things here. We’ve provided alternate clothing you can change in to if you don‘t want to get your current cloths dirty. You’ll each have a member of staff with you during your session, who’ll have a towel to wipe your face if needed at regular intervals. All the cream we use is safe, unless your lactose intolerant, but if you’re worried about your eyes there are swimming goggles to wear in the draw of the dressing table. I’ll be back shortly with the other staff members to take you out.”

After that it was Holly who went over to look at the cloths available first. It was mostly a random collection of unfashionable worn looking t-shirts and shorts.
“There’s not much here to wear” she said “I reckon we should just stay as we are.”
“What about our cloths?” Asked Donna.
“We can just wipe if off afterwards” answered Lisa, “Lets not worry about our cloths and the goggles, and just go out and enjoy ourselves.”
“Oh, OK then” Donna giggled nervously.

I was getting nervous myself, but now the other 3 had all said they were going to go ahead with it I didn’t want to be the one to chicken out. I just hoped it wouldn’t be too bad as the other 3 joked and giggled with one another. Thankfully it wasn’t that long a wait until the member of staff returned. As she came back I saw 4 other members of staff wearing black t-shirts and eye masks, to make them look like the torturers, waiting behind her in the corridor. She was also holding a large envelope, and some pieces of A4 paper.

“OK, I have your free park tickets in this envelope” she said, “I’ll leave them for you on the table here. I also have a disclaimer you need to sign here that says you’ve understood everything that’s going to happen, and that you agree to it. After that you should go out in to the corridor where your 4 of my colleagues are waiting. You should pick one each who will blindfold you and take you to their part of the chamber to put you in the appropriate piece of equipment. Choose carefully”

I was the third one out, both Lisa and Holly being keener than me and Donna. Still waiting outside were two female members of staff. I chose one who put a blindfold she was holding on me, and took my arm to lead me down the corridor.
“Looking forward to this?” she asked me.
“Not really” I nervously replied.
“Don’t worry” she reassured me, “I’ve had quite a few nervous people the last few days, but they all ended up enjoying themselves and having fun.”

Up ahead I could here a load of people clapping and cheering. I felt a curtain that we walked through, that resulted in an increase in volume. I was led forward slightly and told to go up a small step. I was then asked to kneel down on both my knees. I knelt down and felt a padded surface under me.

At this point I’d been nervous about being pied, and not stopped to think about the fact I’d be put in some sort of imprisonment. Now I felt my heart pounding and my breathing getting heavier as the reality of what I’d let myself in for set in. I felt both my arms taken, each by a different person, and felt a leather strap put around each of my wrists. There was then a little fiddling around as they were securely tightened. My hands were then placed behind my back where there was a few more adjustments before I was told they were in place. I tried to move my hands, but had very little room. I realised behind me was a 2 foot chain attached to the ground, that my wrists had been padlocked to, keeping me stuck kneeling down with my hands behind my back.

At this point my blindfold was removed and I could see around me. I was kneeling on a raised platform covered in a rubbery red cloth. About 5 foot in front of me was a fence, along which a load of visitors to the park had lined up. To my left and right I could see my 3 friends. Donna was to my right being strapped in to what looked like a large x-shaped piece of wood. Her to wrists we secured above her head at the two top corners of the X, and her ankles were being strapped to the two bottom corners. The other two were to my left, Holly was the furthest away locked up in set of stocks securing her head and hands in place. Her long blond hair draped down from her head in front of the stocks. Lisa was next to me sitting in an ornate looking wooden chair. I noticed some leather straps securing her wrists to the arms of the chair and her ankles to the chair legs.

At this point there was another cheer as I heard someone behind me. It was the staff member who blindfolded me earlier. She was pushing a trolley consisting of 3 shelves. On the top was a steel money box, the rest of the space on the trolley was taken up with the pies. They consisted of round foil trays containing a pastry crust. In them was a 3 inch high mound of whipped cream. Drizzled on the top were some random swirls of chocolate sauce. I involuntarily giggled quietly at the thought of all those pies being thrown at me. I didn’t have to wait long, as there were several people eager to purchase a pie. I looked up to see someone right in front of me holding one of those pies. I braced myself and took a couple of quick deep breaths as the pie was thrown. It was aimed right at my head. I just managed to turn my head, but it still splattered hard in to the side of the head , causing me to give out a gasp. The cream stuck to my cheeks and hair as the foil and pastry tray fell to the ground.

This was far from the end though as the pies continued come. A lot struck me in the chest and lap creating a messy pile of cream and pastry. I managed to shake a little off, but with my hands padlocked behind my back cleaning myself wasn’t easy. Some people though continued to aim at my head, luckily I had a little room to move so I could avoid a direct hit, but I still had quite a few indirect hits messing up my hair and still getting quite a bit on parts of my face. I should have felt totally humiliated, but instead I found myself smiling and actually enjoying myself. The staff member I talked to had been right when she said it would be fun. The pies on the trolley ran out very quickly, which resulted in the member of staff coming over with a towel to check on me. I told her I was OK and didn’t need anything wiped.

As the next trolley was brought up I looked up a realized that my boyfriend Tom was first in line to buy some pies from it. He brought 3 of them and was quickly standing in front of me, holding a pie, with 2 more on the fence in front of him. My heart really started to pound as I gave him a sultry look while leaning back and playfully struggling in my restraints. He took aim and threw. The pie hit me directly in the face. As the foil and pastry dropped a gooey white layer was left behind, not that I had much time for this to set in. Tom hardly gave me time to catch my breath before his second pie struck me. That really caught me by surprise as I still had my eyes closed from the first pie, so the impact of it was a real shock. Tom didn’t stop there though as the second was quickly followed by the third. Only then did I get a short respite to shake some of the cream off my face so I could open my eyes. I didn’t expect him to be so merciless, yet despite the thick white layer of cream that now completely covered my face I was really enjoying myself. As the pieing went on I found myself holding still for more people so I could experience being pied in the face again.

As this was going on my 3 friends also got to enjoy themselves. Lisa strapped in the chair got almost completely covered from the waist up, and had a huge pile of cream and pastry on her lap. I also noticed while watching her that I wasn’t the only one wilfully letting myself be pied in the face, as I saw her bracing herself for a direct hit a few times. Holly in the stocks though didn’t have much choice where the pies hit. She had quite a bit of protection from the stocks for her body, but her head and long hair were getting completely covered in cream. Donna strapped to the large X on my right though could move a little to avoid a direct hit to the face, but was getting a lot of pies thrown at her body. By the look of it some of the men in the crowd had spotted she was wearing a low cut top and throwing pies at her chest. By the looks of it quite a bit of cream was ending up down there.

It was during the 4th trolley of pies that the crowds started to die off, once those had been sold and no more brought out the room started to empty.
“Did everyone enjoy that?” called out Lisa.
The response was several Yeses and a lot of laughter.
“We have some news for you ladies” I heard someone behind us call out. “As a way to raise extra money for our charity we offer our volunteers friends and guests a chance for a private session after the public one. In your case all 4 of your friends took us up on our offer.”
I then heard someone to my right. My heart skipped a beat as I looked and saw Tom pushing another Trolley of pies. My already heavy breathing got even heavier as I was now visibly panting in anticipation of what was to come.

“Looking forward to this” Tom asked as he took a pair of pies from the trolley.
I found myself speechless so could only reply with a huge grin. He held one of the pies a few inches in front of my face, letting me get a close up view for the first time. Rather than pie me strait away he just held it there, building up the tension even more.
“Go on then” I said, almost begging him to pie me.
He made me wait a few seconds before pieing me. He pressed the pie squarely into my face, firmly holding it there, completely engulfing my face for several seconds. He then twisted the pie, rubbing the cream in, before sliding the pie up my face to the top of my head, smearing in cream all the way. I let out a gasp only to find he hadn’t become any more merciful as he engulfed my face with the second pie before I had a chance to get over the shock of the first.

I had a short chance to catch my breath as he walked back to the trolley to get more pies. He came back with another pair, but this time he held on to the left of my head and one to my right.
“Ready?” He asked.
“Yes” I replied.
He firmly pushed both pies into either side of my face. He slowly slid both pies forward spreading the cream around completely engulfing all but my mouth in the thick cream. He held them in place for several seconds before releasing the hold so I could shake off the pastry tray. I gasped as he gently wiped the cream out of my eyes so I could open them again before going back to the trolley.

This time he only took the one pie and walked behind me. I braced myself for a pie in the back of the head. Instead he placed the pie on my exposed back, and started rubbing it all over my back. He then removed the foil, and started massaging the cream and pastry across my back. I started deliberately struggling in the restraints as I found doing this enhanced the pleasurable sensation of this. I started giving out some quiet moans of pleasure as his hands firmly massaged my neck, shoulders and all the exposed parts of my back. He did this for a couple of minutes before standing up again.

I was going to ask for him to do that again where I heard a flirty scream. I looked over to see that Holly’s boyfriend had taken advantage of her vulnerable position in the stocks, and had lifted her skirt up and pied her arse.
“That’s a good idea” I said.
The chain behind me meant my arse was hard to get to, but my skirt in front of me was completely vulnerable. I opened up my legs a little and used my eyes to sultrily suggest this to Tom. He hesitated a little as he picked up the next pie, a little unsure what to do.
“Go on” I encouraged.
He came forward and bent down and slowly lifted the hemline of my skirt with his left hand to reveal the lacy dark purple knickers I was wearing today. I braced myself as the pie in his right hand came in. As he rubbed it I clenched my fists, tilted my head up and closed my eyes as the sensation overwhelmed me.
“Keep doing that” I panted.
As he continued I gave out a number of involuntary moans, until I came with the most intense orgasm I’d ever had.
“Pie my tits” I gasped. Forgetting about our 6 friends in the room in the intensity of the moment.
Tom didn’t hesitate this time as he slid the shoulder straps on my dress down to reveal both my tits. He didn’t leave them exposed for long though, as he picked up two pies and smothered one on each of my tits, covering every part of them in cream.

He then held still for a minute or so, while we both longingly looked each other in the eye, while catching our breath. He smiled as his hand wiped the cream from my face as he leaned in and pressed his lip against mine. I closed my eyes and pressed my own lips back on to his, and delicately pushed my tongue out, gliding it along his lips and along the surface of his tongue. As I pulled mine back a little he placed his left hand on the side of my face and returned the favour with his tongue.

I don’t know how long it was before Tom reluctantly stepped back, but if my wrists hadn’t been restrained behind my back I don’t think I would have let him go. He wasn’t going to unlock me though. Not while there were still pies on the trolley. Not that I minded having a few more pies in my face, and massaged in my back, and I didn‘t mind when he rubbed another 2 on my tits.

Looking right I saw Donna’s face was now smothered in cream, her boyfriend having given her the pie directly to the face she had tried to avoid earlier. Apart from that though her boyfriend was going easy with the pies, not holding them against her, or rubbing them in that much. Instead he was taking advantage of Donna being tied to the cross to do some French kissing, accompanied by some groping and arse smacking. Judging by Donna’s reaction I wasn’t the only one getting turned on by what was going on. Lisa was the messiest of all of us, not that she seemed to mind, as she was actively encouraging her boyfriend to get her as messy as possible, even encouraging him to re-use some of the cream that had fell on the floor. Holly was protesting a little as her boyfriend continued to pie various parts of her body, but they didn’t have much conviction behind them, as she was clearly guiltily enjoying herself really.

“One more pie, then I can let you go” Tom said showing me a key that was in one of his pockets.
“You sure there aren’t any more?” I quietly replied, not wanting the others to here me.
“I’m afraid not. I could always leave you here for the afternoon session” he joked.
I giggled at the thought.
“Well I‘ll have the house to myself for the weekend in a few weeks. You can always come round and tie me up and pie me then” I suggested.
That put a large smile on his face.
“Think I can trust you though?” I flirtily asked. “There’ll be no-one else there then to stop you taking advantage of me while I’m in this vulnerable defenceless position”
His reply to that was to place the last pie in my face. He took full advantage of it, holding it on my face for several seconds before rubbing it over the rest of my head.

After that he decided he‘d let me enjoy myself for another minute or two before finally unlocking the padlock keeping my hands behind my back.. I was finally able to pull my dress back up, stand up and wipe some of the cream off. I looked at my wrist restraints, and decided to leave them on for now. I hoped I’d be able to keep them as a little memento of my time here. Holly and Lisa were already free, and Donna was free after one last passionate kiss from her boyfriend.

As we went through the curtain the members of staff who led me and Donna out were waiting. One took the boys away while the other took us back to our changing room.
“The staff didn’t see anything did they?” I quietly whispered to Lisa.
“Like you getting carried away” she joked. “I saw them check on us a few times, but they didn’t watch or anything.”
“Wow!” said Donna, speaking to all of us. “I’ve never been tied up before, but I found it a real turn on.”
“Don’t worry. You weren’t the only one getting turned on” Lisa replied putting her hand on my shoulder. I covered my face with my hands in embracement.

We were shortly back in the changing rooms. Donna and Holly grabbed a few towels to wipe down their cloths, before being heading into the showers first. Lisa was asking the staff member some questions, allowing me to sneak the wrist restraints in to my handbag. While waiting for Donna and Holly I found myself looking in to the dressing room mirror, smiling at the state I’d ended up in, and re-living several of the more intimate moments I’d just had with Tom in my mind. I never imagined this would be how we’d become closer as a couple, but now it had happened I had no regrets.

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A WAM lover living on the South coast of England. As well as WAM I also use a lot of master/sub style bondage in a lot of my stories.
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