Kronos Waits For No Man: Part 1

This is a series that has spun off from my original Bianca’s Messy Awakening Series. I had a lot of unused ideas for scenes, and after a few experiments this was the end result.

Does that mean you need to read my Bianca’s Messy Awakening series first? It’s hard for me to say but I don’t think it is necessary to have read it, but there will be a few things you won’t understand the significance off, plus you’ll know less about the location and some of the characters. There are some surprises that will be given away here, and more major spoilers due in future stories, so if you plan to read that series (shameless plug) I’d recommend doing that before reading too far into this one.

How did this come about then? When writing my last series I got to know the world and characters, and had lots of ideas for things that were going on away from the main character and story. I had several false starts trying to put these ideas in a story, until I came up with a new idea for a character, using some ideas I already had in mind, to incorporate into the main story. This part introduces some of the new characters, reveals a few things about my previous series, and ends with what I think is a good messy bondage scene.

My story starts innocently enough on Friday lunchtime, but not so innocently down in a dungeon. O.K, that’s not strictly accurate, normally it’s the wine cellar of Westbrook Manor. Twice a year the manor hosts a special convention for wet and messy fetish enthusiasts. A lot of attendees, myself included, help out by volunteering to help set things up. Currently I was helping set up the dungeon, setting up devices of restraint and torture. Who knows what horrific sounds will emanate from such a place.
Pom Bears! Who has pom bears in their packed lunch?
Whats wrong with pom bears? Their nice.
That’s not what I had in mind. The first voice was me. The lover of the teddy bear shaped potato snack, cheese n onion flavour, was my friend Marvin, who I was currently taking a lunch break with, along with his wife Patti. You may have encountered them before under their more widely known alternate names of Bad Attitude and Dead Ringer. I’ll explain more about that in a minute.
Pom bears are a kids snack I said.
Oh, dont let the advertisers tell you what to and what not to eat. Its bad enough theyve decided what we eat for breakfast Bad Attitude replied.
What do you mean? I asked.
Well you know how if you have sausage, hash brown and beans for breakfast no-one bats an eyelid, yet if you have a burger, wedges and mushy peas everyone thinks its odd, even though its a very similar meal. Thats because at some point advertisers started telling us what food was and wasnt appropriate for breakfast. Instead of ignoring them and deciding for ourselves what to eat when we all went along with it explained Bad Attitude.
He read about this on-line said Dead Ringer. Now he insists on eating cupcakes in the mourning and muffins in the evening, just to buck the system.
O.K, about those names. The official reason is to prevent any potential future embarrassment for attendees. Although filming and serious photography are forbidden without the participant’s permission, some snapshots and written accounts are unavoidable. By using peoples assumed avatar instead of their real name you hopefully avoid any future embracement. For some people all they do is choose a nick name, often based on a favourite popular culture reference. For some though it’s a chance to temporarily assume a new persona or identity.
Take my husband for instance, normally he’s just a regional sales manager, but here he can put on a tailored suit and shirt and become the dashing and debonair Oliver Wolf. Me, I can stop being Carol, the regions third best performing insurance sales person, and become the sexy vixen known as Caroline Kronos.
Of course the transformation doesn’t just happen instantly. This being Caroline Kronos’s first chance to play in a while I’d spent a fair amount of time preparing. I’d put on a red corset, tightly cinched in at the waste, and extravagantly decorated with black lace and ribbons. I had a matching layered red skirt, that was devilishly short at the front, but had a cascade of fabric at the back that draped down to my ankles. This was decorated with a black bow that wiggled when my hips did. Of course I’d not forgotten accessories in the form of a jet black choker, lace gloves and of course fishnet stockings and suspenders. Of course Caroline Kronos wouldn’t dream of stepping outside without her red and black 5 inch stilettos.
Of course with all that effort put into my dress I wouldn’t neglect my hair and make up. I’d pinned my normally free flowing black hair up into a 50’s retro bob, and put on a pale foundation to accentuate the whiteness of my skin. This was a stark contrast to the dark red lipstick and dark cat eye effect make up I wore.
“My-My Caroline Kronos. Your looking beautiful tonight” my husband jested.
“I’m definitely out for a good time” I teased making lusty eyes at him. “As long as your not a naughty boy I might let you join in later.”

I let my husband go downstairs ahead of me. I spent a leisurely 20 minutes making a few final touches, and just kicking back. Normally I would have made a move sooner, but Caroline Kronos would never dream of turning up to somewhere on time.
I slowly walked downstairs and across the bar, taking short, slow, deliberate steps while exaggerating the swaying of my hips. I felt a warm tingle of energy as I felt numerous eyes looking my body up and down. I ordered myself a colourful cocktail from the bar, and scanned around it. I spotted a group of my friends standing together and strutted towards them. Standing there holding their drinks were Bad Attitude and his wife Dead Ringer, Lampwick and his husband Figaro, and the resorts manager and heir to the estate Sam Westbrook.
“Looking good” said Lampwick.
“Good enough to get you interested” I asked.
“You know your not my type” he replied.
“I don’t know” I smiled. “I reckon I could sort you out properly, and get you back on the right track”
“Some of our tracks have limited access darling” joshed Figaro.
“Speaking of which, it sound likes Sam’s finally met someone” said Dead Ringer.
“What happened?” I asked.
“I got talking with this very nice guy called Caramel Mocha earlier” said Sam. “He was clever and funny, yet independently minded. Then just as things were going well he said he had to go over and talk to some old friends of his family.”
“A man playing hard to get. That’s not fair” said Figaro.
“I wouldn’t mind so much, but why did he have to talk to that spoilt rich kid Scarlet Blakely” asked Sam.
“YOU have a problem with spoilt rich kids” exclaimed Bad Attitude.
“I work hard, and have made the most of the opportunities I was lucky enough to have” said Sam. “You can’t accuse me of being spoilt surely.”
“Is it like the disdain I have for fundamentalist Christians as a moderate Christian?” asked Bad Attitude.
“What do you mean?” asked Sam.
“Well thanks to these nutters you get on the news I’m now wary of telling people I’m a Christian” explained Bad Attitude. “People now assume that Christian means homophobic, evolution denying bigot. Not someone who doesn’t put too much emphasis on materialism and believes in not being a dick to other people.”
“Speaking of sin, what are you planning to do about Caramel Sam?” asked Dead Ringer.
“Well he said he’d come and find me later” said Sam.
“Is that it?” said Dead Ringer. “Why not use your influence here to move things along?”
“You’ve got your tablet with all the schedules on it haven’t you?” said Figaro. “Why not have a look at what he’s got planned for tomorrow?”
Sam gave out a nervous giggle, and took her tablet from out her handbag. Several off us looked over her shoulder as she brought up the schedules, and filtered it down to show Caramel Mochas plans.
“There you go, he has 2 one on one sessions booked for tomorrow. One’s a mud one out in the woods, the other involves lots of desert substances in the servants quarters. Why not volunteer yourself for one of them?” asked Dead Ringer.
“I’m a bit nervous about just turning up like that” said Sam.
“If it helps we haven’t got that much planned for tomorrow mourning, so if you want one of us to be there for support we can” suggested Figaro.
“I’ll let you know later. I’ll see if he finds me again and how that goes” Sam said.
“O.K, text us later. We’re going to be heading over to watch the cabaret show some of the guests are putting on in the marquee soon” said Figaro.
“I wouldn’t mind seeing that. What about you Bad?” asked Dead Ringer.
“I’ll pass this time Dead Ringer” he said. “I said I’d meet Seven Seeds here later.”
“Oh no, your not going to spend all night arguing about who was better between the Raiders and the Rolling Stones again” said Dead Ringer. “Seriously Sam, if anything like that starts just get up and leave. Otherwise you’ll be stuck listening to them all night.”

As they departed I also made my excuses to depart from the group, even though I was only going to sit at the bar. This wasn’t a problem though as they all understood Caroline Kronos needed to be positioned there. I perched myself on a stool at the bar, my legs slightly apart, fully aware some people would see my red sequined knickers. I gazed around the bar giving a sultry smile to anyone I made eye contact with. Carol would never act this outrageously in public, but it came naturally to Caroline Kronos. Soon I was approached by a smart and debonair gentleman.
“Caroline Kronos” he said.
“Oliver Wolf” I replied.
“How did a girl like you get let into a classy joint like this?” he asked.
“Well they say that good girls go to heaven, but us bad girls go everywhere” I replied.
“I’m sure heaven can wait” he said. “I’m told your more into the sinful pleasures of this mortal coil.”
“I don’t know what your talking about” I smiled. “Perhaps I need a man of experience to show me.”
“I know just what to do with you” he said. “Why don’t you finish your drink, and I’ll take you somewhere I can show you a thing or two.”

Not surprisingly it didn’t take me long to finish my drink. I was already a little moist in excitement of what was to come. We were soon walking hand in hand to the central lobby. I was surprised though when instead of leading me upstairs he took me to the entrance to the dungeon.
“Where are you taking me?” I asked.
“I thought this would be the right place for a bad girl like you” said Oliver Wolf. “I made a few arrangements so we could get some use of where we’ve got booked tomorrow mourning tonight.”
I shuddered in anticipation, playing out several scenarios in my head. He took me down the steps and to one of the more secluded areas of the dungeon where our chamber had been set up. On the table I eyed a leather paddle and a white and blue porcelain bowl half filled with water and a number of towels. To one side a folding screen decorated with a picture of a cherry blossom had been set up. The main piece of furniture had been set up in the centre though. It looked like a vaulting horse. It came up to a little below my waist, it had a black padded leather top, from there the 4 legs spread out at a slight angle. On two of the legs I noticed a couple of leather straps.
“Why don’t you take that dress off, and I’ll show you what I do with bad girls” suggested Oliver Wolf.
“I hope they’ll be spanking involved” I smiled back.
“That dammed UK government has made that illegal” Oliver Wolf retorted.
“You don’t have to be afraid to brake the rules with just me around” I smiled back.
I stepped behind the screen and deliberately took my time removing first my corset top and throwing onto the top of the screen to make sure Oliver knew I was now topless. I then removed my skirt and threw that alongside my top. Once I’d made him wait long enough I confidently strutted out in just my heels, stockings, and red sequined knickers.

At first he paused, overcome by the beauty Caroline Kronos presented to him. Oliver Wolf soon regained his composure though and firmly took me by the arm and bent me over the vaulting horse. It was low enough to force me to spread my legs out on the floor so I could rest on it. The majority of my torso then rested on it, but my head and shoulders reached over the edge. He took my wrists and secured them to the legs of the vaulting horse with the leather straps. I looked up him, suggestively licking my lips as he surveyed me, now helplessly secured in place. He slowly walked behind me, and firmly grabbed my arse with both hands, taking full advantage of my helpless position to get a really good feel. He then pulled the back of my knickers down to below my arse, leaving it completely exposed. I gave out an involuntary shudder of excitement as he went over to the table and picked up the leather paddle.
“Are you ready for your punishment you naughty girl?” he asked.
Before I could answer he gave me a hard smack on the arse. I let out a moan of pleasure as a wave of excitement shuddered through my body. I looked up at him as he paced around me, hoping the next wave of pleasure would come soon. He didn’t make me wait too long, as I soon felt another smack and another wave of excitement. This continued on for the next several minutes as my heart started to race, and the pleasure I felt grew and grew.
“You had enough yet?” Oliver Wolf asked.
“I don’t know” I replied in a sultry voice, while wiggling my bum.
He continued to walk up and down, spanking me at random intervals until I was dripping wet in excitement, pulling at the leather straps in frustration of the unfulfilled desires I now felt.
“What shall I do with you now” Oliver Wolf asked.
“Use you imagination” I said. “You’ve got me at your mercy”
“It’s about time I got you good and dirty, you naughty little girl” he said.
A huge grin came across my face as he reached into his jacket and pulled out a can of shaving gel.
“Looks like I’m going to get very dirty tonight” I said.
I watched as he sprayed a large blob of the green gel into his left hand. He then dipped that hand in the bowl of water. I then put my head down and closed my eyes. I felt his hands on the lower half of my back, slowly rubbing across them, turning the gel into a thick wonderful feeling cream. I took a deep breath and shuddered with pleasure as I felt his hands work their way across my back and onto my hips, where he continued to rub the cream over.
I looked up as he went back over to the table for another handful of gel, and I heard the exciting sound of his hand splashing into the water again. This time he rubbed his hands together, lathering up the gel, before placing his hands on my shoulders. He started by rubbing the cream across my shoulders, and then used his fingers to firmly rub the muscles of my shoulders, before continuing up. I felt a heavenly wave of pleasure overcome me as he massaged my neck.

We exchanged suggestive glances as he got another handful.
“I so want to get out these restraints right now” I said.
“What would you do?” he smiled.
“I’d grab you, tear all your cloths off, and I wouldn’t let go off you until I’d felt your cock inside of me” I said.
“I’ll look forward to that” he said.
His next move was to smack both his cream covered hands on to my already sensitive arse. I groaned in pleasure as he slowly rubbed the cream over both my cheeks. I gasped as his fingers worked their way deep into my crack and made contact with my anus. I tilted my head back, bracing myself as a result of the shock I felt.
I panted heavily as he returned to the table to reload on gel. This time he went for my right leg, rubbing the gel across my fishnets, causing the creamy froth to seep through and cover my legs. I watched on, completely at his mercy as he proceeded to rub it down my other leg, and then down both my arms, turning me into a cream covered mess.
After doing this Oliver Wolf took a second to pause, and wash his hands in the water, and dry them with one of the towels.
“You look like your enjoying yourself you dirty little strumpet” Oliver Wolf said.
“You really know how to treat a woman” I replied.
“What’s it like to have all that gel rubbed all over your body” Oliver Wolf asked.
“It feels really good” I said.
He came over and knelt down in front of me, placed a hand on each of my cheeks and placed a passionate kiss on my lipstick tinted lips. I pressed my own lips back as hard as I could, and stuck my tongue out until it brushed up against his tongue. I let out a quiet muffled moan as our two tongues caressed each other. All too soon he broke contact. This time he got another handful of gel, and lathered up both hands again. Once again he knelt down and placed his hands on my cheeks and gave me another passionate kiss. I once again aggressively returned the passion as he rubbed the creamy lather over my cheeks, chin, nose and forehead. The feeling of this made me want to kiss him even harder. I longed for my wrists to be freed so I could pull him close to me.
I was so breathless I couldn’t speak when he eventually stepped away. I waited eagerly as he took more gel and lathered it up. This time he rubbed his hands over the top of my head. I gasped as he shampooed in the messy lather. I gave out a joyous giggle as he repeated the process several times until my once perfectly styled hair became completely saturated with the creamy mess. I giggled with joy as he went over to the desk and picked up the can of gel.
“There’s still a little left” Oliver Wolf said. “I reckon your backs now wet enough for me to spray the rest strait on.”
“My backs not the only part of me that’s wet” I leered.
I shuddered as he took the can in his right hand and sprayed the gel on my back, and rubbed it across my back in a large arc. The can quickly emptied and he dropped the can and continued to massage me with both hands. He started working his way down my body, again teasingly rubbing my arse.
“Go on. Spank me again!” I said.
He gave me a number of firm, exciting smacks to my arse, before his hands continued to work their way up. He rubbed my hips, then both his thumbs pressed deeply into my spine, working their way up my back. He then slid a hand to each shoulder and firmly rubbed them, causing my body to shudder with pleasure.
“Did you enjoy that” Oliver Wolf asked.
“Why don’t you let me go, and I’ll show you how much I enjoyed it” I leered.
He didn’t hang around after this invitation. He unbuckled the leather straps around my wrists. Immediately I was up and grabbed him, pressing my lips against his in a passionate embrace. I felt his hand caressing my breasts, I returned the favour by unbuttoning some buttons of his shirt and rubbing my hand across his chest. I moved my head back looking him in his dark eyes.
“Come here” I said taking him by the hand and leading him behind screen. I placed another passionate kiss on his lips, and reached down and undid his belt and unbuttoned his trousers. I let them drop, and slid off his briefs while he slid down my already half off knickers. I put my arms around him as he slid his fully erect cock inside of me. At this point neither of us wanted a slow passionate fuck. We both wanted an intense screw, with satisfaction as soon as possible. I thrust my hips rapidly into him, while he rapidly thrust his cock deep into me. My breathing quickly got deep and rapid. Very quickly I reached my peak of sexual arousal. I held onto his shoulders and let out a long quiet squeal as I was overcome by the sensation of a fantastic orgasm. A few thrusts later and he gave out a groan of his own as I felt him cum inside of me.

It was several minutes later before we both regained our composure a little.
“Well that was fun” he said.
I smiled at him and placed a short kiss on his lips.
“I suppose I’d better get myself cleaned up” I said.
We both grabbed a towel from the table to wipe ourselves down. I especially was going to need to shower properly, but we were both able to towel down enough to walk away presentably. I was also able to clean myself up enough to mean I could put my corset and skirt back on without messing either one up.
“I’ll let you go ahead a clean up properly” he said. “I’ll make sure everything’s cleaned up properly here, and swap the furniture back over.”
“Why do you need to swap the furniture around?” I asked.
“You’ll find out when you come down here tomorrow mourning Caroline Kronos” he said.

I walked away from that dungeon with an obvious naughty smile on my face. Now don’t get me wrong. We still have a great love life as just plain Ollie and Carol, but it is still beyond words at times like this when we can leave our normal lives behind for the weekend and be someone we’d normally never dare to me. We’d already had an amazing time, and this was just the start of the weekend. Who knows what me and my alter ego Caroline Kronos would get up to the rest of this weekend.

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A WAM lover living on the South coast of England. As well as WAM I also use a lot of master/sub style bondage in a lot of my stories.
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