Bianca‘s Messy Awakening: Chapters 1,2 + 3

This series came about after a bit of a break from writing. I finally got in to the habit of writing again with the short story Eastbrook Park. You’d be forgiven to think I was on another break after that, but after a few false starts, including a spoof WAM horror film called Pancake Day (You’ll be battered to death) I started working on a very large novel length project, the results of which you can now read.

Like my Northbrook Park trilogy it started as a list of messy situations to use in a serial, but soon developed into a story one I got to know the characters. In this case it was one long story that took place over 48hours, that saw me going back and editing quite a few parts, which I couldn‘t have done if I‘d uploaded in sections.

There is still plenty of WAM based action though, although if all your after is a quick fix WAM story you may want to go elsewhere, for everyone who’s interested though read on.

This first chapter has a fair bit of set up of the characters and location of the story, and features a WAM scenario that’s a variant on an idea I originally had for a scene in the afore mentioned Pancake Day. I think it works well as a fun WAM scene and an introduction to some of the characters.

Chapter 1:

In the time I’d known Brandon he’s always been good to me as a boyfriend, lover and for just over 3 years now husband. There’s always been one thing I‘ve been scared to reveal to him though. For many years I’ve had what’s known as a wet and messy fetish, where I enjoy being covered in various messy substances. Brandon though has never been that keen, I‘d suggested it in a joking way a few times, but he‘s said it sounded silly, and I’ve never had the courage to push it further. I’ve had to make do with finding out about it online, and the occasional self gunging when he’s not been around. Things changed a few months ago when I read an online report of someone who’d attended an organised wet and messy weekend a few hours drive from where we lived. After a bit of asking around someone sent me an e-mail with details of the event. There were a number of options available, but the one that caught my eye was the option to volunteer as one of the events slaves, where I‘d spend much of the weekend in different messy scenarios. I also factored in that people who volunteered as slaves attended for free. It sounded like a lot of fun, and a way to experience getting messy a bit more, so I couldn‘t resist trying for the role.
To be honest I’d applied not really expecting to be accepted. I’d been asked to send some clear recent photos, and to answer some personal questions about myself. I think I look pretty good for 32. I have a fuller figure, but my large breasts, curvy arse and long wavy blonde hair still gets me attention, but I was really expecting someone younger to be picked. To my surprise they got back to me with a more detailed application, where I was given a more detailed description of what to expect. I was also asked to pick what I’d wear for the weekend, with the warning I’d need several changes of clothes. I saw several options of dress including business suits and smart formal wear, but what caught my eye was the option to dress up in costume, which is something I’ve enjoyed plenty of times with Brandon. I like the way the costumes show off my curves, and let me adopt a sexy persona. I settled on one of my favourite costumes and brought a number of nurse uniforms from my local fancy dress shop. This choice of costume influenced me when I was asked to choose an avatar, or false name to adopt for the event. This was to avoid the future embarrassment of your real name appearing in a report or with a photo. I decided I liked the name Nurse Bianca.

That’s what led to me driving up to Westbrook Manor on Saturday mourning, instead of the business trip I told Brandon I was on. I was surprised by how grand it was. I knew they had the use of a resort complex for the weekend, but didn’t expect a full size manor house, with large gardens. On showing my paperwork I was directed to the back entrance where I was met by a smartly dressed girl who introduced herself as Rebecca, who took me to my room, which was large and luxuriously furnished. It was the nicest room I’d stayed in since my honeymoon.
“You’ve read and signed your paperwork” she asked.
“Yes” I said nervously handing it over.
“It says here your down to act as a slave for both days. That means you’ll need to stay in your quarters here when not engaging in your assigned activities until 7 tonight, and from breakfast until 5 O clock tomorrow afternoon. This is to ensure we can always find you, so you don’t miss any of the activities planned. Those other times your not expected to perform the role of a slave, and can move around and mingle freely. You can order food and drink to be delivered to your room from our kitchens when your not on duty.” She continued. “I will be your main handler. Me, or another handler will escort you around the resort to all your activities. For some activities I will be fitting your with restraints such as hand and leg cuffs. While you are physically restrained there are strict rules for all visitors regarding treatment of you. If anyone does break those rules they will be banned from this and future events with immediate effect. However you should expect to be subject to some flirtatious touching, and some activities will involve some spanking and whipping although not to more than a light level without prior discussion. Your profile says you have some experience of this. You may also be stripped to your underwear during some of the activities. You do understand, accept and consent to this”
“I do” I replied. I was a little nervous about this. The idea of a man other than Brandon doing anything like this troubled me a little. I knew though the main emphasis was on the messy activities, so hoped this wouldn’t be a major issue.
“OK, it says here you are happy with all the messy substances on the list on the application form except paint and wallpaper paste. It also says you’ve chosen to wear a nurses costume” she continued.
“I’ve got several costumes in my suitcase, as suggested” I replied.
“Good, you will be expected to wear it whenever your acting as a slave, unless I instruct you otherwise. What you wear in the evenings is up to you. OK, the last thing I have to ask is for you to recite the safe signals you were asked to learn” she said.
“The world yellow, or 3 short sharps yelps is to ask someone to calm down. Red or 4 yelps is stop and follow any instructions I give. If I yelp 5 times, or say the phrase infra red I want an activity to end immediately, all restraints removed, and to be brought back here as soon as possible” I said.
“Good, that’s all the official bit over then” she said, her tone becoming a lot less business like. “So have you done anything like this before?”
“Some stuff on my own, in the bathroom at home, nothing this major” I answered.
“You should enjoy yourself. Sam Westbrook the resorts owner is very enthusiastic about this. That’s how these weekends got set up in the first place. We’ve got all sorts of activities set up around the resort. Of course as a slave yours are assigned to you, based on how many people we need where.” She said.
“Do people volunteer for things then?” I asked.
“A lot of people do come here to be gunged, some also come just to watch, or to cover others in gunge themselves. We invite people to volunteer as slaves for the whole weekend to ensure there’s enough people for all the activities, plus there’s people who like a slave for a one on one scenario. These sessions are open for people to watch, but allow someone to partake in a pre-determined scenario like we offer at the cookery classes or circus school for instance, or to ask for a specific scenario between themselves and a slave. We assign slaves based on who we think will be the best fit. Your first activity is a one on one with Bat Attitude down in the Old Servants Quarters.”
I think she saw the look of interpretation flash across my face.
“Don’t worry, that names a reference to one of his favourite songs.” she explained. “He’s a regular to these events, and a nice guy as well. We don’t allow people we don’t trust access to slaves in a helpless position.”
“I can trust him then” I asked.
“He’s been here a while and never done anything untoward. Unless you count humiliating someone with messy substances, but that’s what you signed up for” she replied.
A naughty smile flashed across my face at the thought of this. She took this pause in the conversation to look at her watch.
“By my calculation you’ve got about 50 minutes until I’m scheduled to collect you. You should use this chance to freshen up and get changed. If you do need anything you can contact guest service with the phone next to your bed.”

Chapter 2:

It was just under 50 minutes later and I was looking at myself in the mirror. I’d taken a quick shower, and was now in my costume. It consisted of a figure hugging white uniform with a zip up front, and a skirt just about long enough to provide some modesty. I’d only done the zip up some of the way, leaving a fair amount of my cleavage exposed. I’d also put on the matching hat, white hold up stockings, and a pair of zip up, knee high white boots, with a chunky 5 inch platform heel. There was a knock at the door.
“It’s me Rebecca. Are you ready?” I heard.
“I’m coming” I said.
I went to open the door and she stepped through. She was now holding a small bag.
“Hi” she said. “Looking good I see.”
“Thanks” I nervously replied.
“I have one thing to check. Bad Attitude has suggested I put the cuffs on you now, instead of when you get to the Old Servants Quarters, and that you keep them on until your brought back here. His idea of a joke in my opinion. I’ve got a second handler downstairs to help me escort you there, so your not left vulnerable. Are you OK to do that? Don’t worry if your not, this isn’t a usual request.”
“I guess I’m OK, as long as your sure it’s safe.”
“OK” she said reaching in the bag. “Can you hold your hands behind your back?”
I closed my eyes and held out my hands, and heard the familiar sound of handcuffs clicking into place, I giggled nervously, this was the first time in a long time anyone other than Brandon had done anything like this to me. I then felt further restraints added, as cuffs clicked into place around my boots, and then a chain was brought out to padlock the 2 sets of cuffs together. After taking a few steps I found this stopped me lifting my arms, and pulled the ankle cuffs tighter, restricting me to steps of no bigger than 6 inches as I walked.
Rebecca took me out my room, and to the lift, where we met up with another of the organisational team. He did seem like an unnecessary precaution though, I obviously got quite a few people stopping to look, but it caused less fuss than I first imagined. I mentioned this to Rebecca and she said my costume wasn’t unusual here, as quite a few people chose to dress up, and with quite a lot going on, me be escorted around chained up wasn’t that big a deal.

Once in the Old Servants Quarters we walked past a number of open doors on the right hand side. Most rooms had the same layout, of a large plastic sheet on the floor and a desk or table against one wall. I spotted several people already in the rooms already getting messy. Usually one person was having different items poured over them by someone, quite a few also had people watching from the edge of the room.

That was the blueprint followed by the room I was taken in to. Sitting on a bench near the wall were 2 men, and a woman holding on to one of their arms. The desk in the corner had a number of towels that obviously had something hidden underneath them. Leaning on the desk chatting to the other people was who I rightly guessed was Bad Attitude. He looked to be in his late 30’s. He was heavily built, in a person with great character and presence way. He had long dark hair, wore dark denim jeans and a black t-shirt with a logo on it I didn’t recognise. He’d obviously gone for a rocker look, which could have come across as a bit mid life crisis, but on him seemed a natural fit.
“You’ve finally brought us our plaything” he joked to Rebecca as we entered. “I’m guessing your Nurse Bianca, I’m Bad Attitude. These are a few friends of mine, Sorrento, his wife Verona, and the other one is Lampwick.”
“As you’ve probably guessed your first activity is one Bad Attitude has put together” explained Rebecca.
“It’s an idea I got watching the Saw films” he joked.
“Do you want to get her ready, so I can do my final checks?” Rebecca asked.
“No problem. Lampwick, could you give me a hand getting her into position”
Bad Attitude came forward and place a hand under each of my armpits, while Lampwick held both my ankles. This allowed them to tip me forward until I was lying belly down, facing in the direction of the bench. Bad Attitude then crouched down beside me and bent my legs up, and then inserted a padlock into the links of the chain, effectively shortening it, leaving me on the ground in a hog tie position. I struggled a little, but found I had very little movement. I was now completely at the mercy of those around me.
“Are you OK?” asked Rebecca.
“She’s fine” said Bad Attitude, while playfully patting me on the bum.
“OK. Remember despite him joking around we don’t want to cause you any real distress, so remember the codes if there is a problem. You 4 try not to frighten the new girl too much. It looks like your in for quite the initiation, but try to have fun.”
With that Rebecca left. I found I was grinning, my heartbeat rising in anticipation.
“Hello Nurse Bianca. Do you want to play a game?” Bad Attitude joked. “I’ll explain what you have to do. We’re going to play 3 5 minute rounds, at the end of which you’ll receive a gunging. The worse you do in each round the worse it will be. In each round there will be 4 sets of gunge, and 12 jelly babies to find. For each 4 jelly babies you find you’ll receive one less item of gunge at the end of the round. Sounds simple right?“
“Sort off” I answered.
“Of course chained up as you are you won’t be able to use your hands to find anything. You’ll have to search with your face, and pick things up with your teeth. Of course doing this could get you face pretty messy” he continued.
I shook my head giggling at the thought of this.
“Shall we get started then. For the first round I’ve got 4 bottles of sticky strawberry ice cream syrup to pour over you at the end. To avoid some of them you need to search in this.”
In front of me he placed a huge glass bowl containing a huge trifle. I could see a thin layer of cake at the bottom, topped with jelly, blancmange and a thick layer of whipped cream. On top were drizzles of chocolate sauce, glacier cherries and hundreds and thousands.
“You should say thanks to Verona for this” he said. “She made this for you especially.”
“Thanks” I giggled.
I felt a wave of nervous guilty pleasure as I looked at the trifle. Not just because I’d be putting my face in it, but this would be the first time I’d ever get messy with anyone else present. All 4 of the others had taken a seat on a bench, and Sorrento had taken a stop watch out.
“Are you ready?” he asked.
“Hang on” I said taking a few deep breaths to compose myself. “Okay.”
With one last grimace I plunged my face down into the trifle. Immediately my face was engulfed in the cool thick cream. Very quickly I felt a lump where my nose was. I lifted my face and saw one of the jelly babies now sticking slightly out of the cream. I opened my mouth slightly and pushed in, I managed to grab the jelly baby in my mouth, along with a load of beautiful tasting whipped cream. I lifted my head up and discarded the jelly baby to one side, before looking up at the 4 onlookers with a smile. By searching around in the cream I found another 3 jelly babies. At this point I realised I’d have to dig deeper. I plunged my face into the jelly and blancmange. This had a much firmer texture, meaning I had to work to push my face down. Doing this also meant pushing my face deeper into the cream, meaning all of my face was now getting thickly covered, and much of it was now coating my hair. After digging through the jelly and cake I found the remaining jelly babies had settled at the bottom of the bowl. 8 times I braced myself, reached down and retrieved one of them. I looked up at the 4 others, licking my lips and smiling with glee.
“Are you done?” Bat Attitude asked.
“I might have a few of those cherries” I said. They let me grab and eat a few cherries and mouthfuls of cream before they took it away.
“Well that’s 12 jelly babies in 4 and a half minutes. That means only 1 bottle of syrup for you” said Bad Attitude.
“You can give me the rest if you like” I suggested.
“Really” he said.
“It’s not like I can stop you” I said.
I closed my eyes as he came over. I felt the warm, thick and sticky substance being slowly drizzled on to my head. As more was poured on the top of my head I felt drops of it slowly fall down my head, leaving sweet red streaks down my hair and face. After the first 2 bottles he started to drizzle it across my exposed arms and into my hands, leaving a wonderful feeling warm gooey pool in them that slowly seeped through my fingers. The last bottle he pored over my legs, leaving my stockings soaked in the sticky red syrup.

“Are you ready for the next round?” Bad Attitude asked.
I nervously nodded.
“Lets see what your penalty for this round is then.”
He went to the table and brought over 4 large cartons of ready made custard. I shook my head nervously.
“For every 4 jelly babies you fail to find it’s a carton of custard. Think you’ll enjoy that?”
“No” I smiled.
“Lets find out what you have to do shall we” he said.
He left the cartons down on the floor in front of me and brought over an opaque round plastic container. It was about 16 inches in diameter, 4 inches deep, and had a flat bottom.
“Off course ready made custard is never as nice as the stuff you make yourself.” said Bad Attitude. “That’s why we made you this.”
He put the tub down in front of me, and I could see inside was a load of thick yellow custard, that came up to an inch below the rim. I smiled at the idea of all that custard on my face and in my hair. I looked up eagerly.
“Go” came the command.
I plunged my head down, the custard was pleasantly warm. As I pushed down I felt the custard solidify under the pressure. I lifted my face up and gasped as my face and hair dripped in the sticky yellow liquid. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and plunged down more slowly. This time I managed to brush my face on the bottom. I slowly searched around, the entire front half of my face submerged. I quickly felt the first jelly baby with my left cheek. I moved my lips around, and quickly grabbed it. I lifted my head and opened my eyes, custard dripping from my mouth. After a second composing myself I dropped the jelly bean by the side of the bowl.
I continued to search for a number of minutes. I’d managed to find 7 when I felt one just as I was given a 10 second count down. I quickly rushed to grab it and just about managed to lift out the eighth before time ran out.
I looked up as the others surveyed the custard covered mess I’d become.
“Did you enjoy yourself? Asked Verona.
“Yes” I giggled.
“I think we’ll call that 8” said Bad Attitude. That means I get to pour 2 cartons of custard over you. Is that enough or do you want more?” he asked.
“I can‘t stop you” I said.
I took a few deep breaths as he opened and picked up the first two cartons. I gasped in shock as the custard hit me. This custard was unwarmed and felt cold. I took a breath to compose myself as the custard was slowly poured on my head, and teasingly dripped down my hair.
At this point I decided I wanted some poured over my face, so as he picked up the next 2 cartons I rolled onto my side, and then with a little push rolled over onto my back. I was now lying on the ground, with my knees bent and my arms secured behind my back looking directly up at the cartons of custard. I licked my lips in anticipation. I closed the eyes as he slowly tipped it over. I gasped as the cold custard hit my face, but then felt a wave of pleasure as it slowly coated my face in an even thicker layer than before. Once my face was coated I felt the stream move down my body, first pouring onto my neck, and then further down. I repeatedly let out a number of involuntary moans of pleasure as I felt the custard pour onto the exposed part of my cleavage, and seep further down. I felt the trickle of custard end, but stayed lying back with my eyes closed, drawing out the sensation of pleasure. After about a minute I opened my eyes to see Bad Attitudes face looking down on me.
“You ready for the next round?” he asked as he bent down and wiped my face with a towel.
“Why are you doing that?” I asked.
“You’ll need a clean face for what I’ve got for you next” he said.

Chapter 3:

Turning over was now a little more difficult, as I was now lying in a puddle of slippery custard. After a bit of sliding about I managed it though and was lying back on my belly, looking up, my heart beating in anticipation.
“Your forfeit for this round will be a nice surprise. Lets just say it’s the messiest item yet. To avoid it you have to find the jelly babies in this” he explained.
In front of me he put down another plastic bowl. I gave out a little gasp as I saw it was filled with flour. I lowered my face down, but stopped as I burst into an uncontrolled fit of giggling. I tried to compose myself but every time I tried to lower my face I was overcome by childish glee.
“Are you all right” asked Verona.
“I can’t believe I’m actually doing this” I squealed. “Can one of you just push my face in?”
Bad Attitude placed his hand on the back of my head. After one last check to make sure Sorrento was ready with the stopwatch he pushed my head down into the flour. He took the chance to push my head down firmly so my entire face was held in the flour for several seconds. It had a cool, soft and fluffy feel to it. I lifted my head, white dust falling from my face. With the initial nervous tension broken I was able to go in, using my cheeks to dig a large hole to search in the flour. After I’d dug about an inch down I spotted a jelly baby. Unlike the last 2 rounds where I could just pick it out, here I had to dig with my chin and nose to free the jelly baby, so I could pick it up. I spent a glorious number of minutes searching through the flour. Even when the time was called I didn’t want it to end, so I rested my head sideways on the flour like a pillow. I gave out a quiet moan as a wave of pleasure took over my body. I’d have happily have just stayed there for a while, but being chained up I had to submit to other peoples ideas.
“Ready for your final forfeit” Bad Attitude asked. “Well need you to be kneeling for this one.”
I slowly nodded. As Bad Attitude went to the table Lampwick and Sorrento came over and put a hand under each of my armpits to tip me back up to a kneeling position. I saw Verona whisper something in Sorrento’s ear, which he smiled at. She then proceeded to remove her t-shirt, stripping to her bra, and knelt down beside me, giggling as she put an arm around me. I saw Sorrento take a pair of handcuffs out the pocket of his jacket.
“Hang on” she said. She reached for the zip on the front of my uniform, undoing it down to my belly button, exposing my bra and my torso. She then playfully held her hands behind her back and allowed Sorrento to click the handcuffs on her wrists. Sorrento then went up to Bad Attitude standing about 6 feet in front of us, holding what looked like 2 large aerosol cans, one of which he handed to Sorrento.
“What is that?” I asked.
“Have you heard of Avalanche Spray Foam?” he replied.
I shook my head.
“It’s what they use to spray people with foam on TV and theatres. It’s not as thick as shaving foam, but it can be sprayed from a distance. Plus it will absolutely cover someone very quickly. Are you regretting agreeing to this now Verona?”
We both giggled as with deliberate slowness they removed the lids and took aim. They deliberately waited to increase the nervous tension. Then they let rip. Immediately I was shocked as a torrent of foam instantly coated my entire face. I felt the stream move down my torso and started to involuntarily struggle in my restraints.
“Are you all right?” Bad Attitude asked, pausing to check.
“That stuffs really tickles” I squealed in reply.
Having established my struggling wasn’t because of huge discomfort the barrage continued. Very quickly my entire torso and face was covered, but that didn’t stop layer upon layer being added. After a couple of minutes the first can was used up. For the second can they both stood in closer. Not only did this make it even more ticklish, but it allowed them to focus more with their aiming, allowing them to completely cover my hair, and spray areas like my neck, legs and even under my arms. By the time they finished and wiped my eyes I was hit by another uncontrolled fit of giggling. I looked down to see my entire body covered in a thick layer of foam. I looked over at Verona, and gasped as we exchanged glances and could see the state we were both in.
“Are you two enjoying yourselves?” Bad Attitude asked.
There was some nodding and giggling in response.
“Well the good news Bianca is your first session of the weekend is over. We’ll let Rebecca know so she can take you back to your quarters and get cleaned up.”
“I think I just saw her walk past” Lampwick chimed in. “I’ll go and find out”
As Lampwick nipped off Sorrento came over to steady Verona so she could stand up. I watched on a little enviously for the next few minutes as they played and flirted with each other while Verona was still handcuffed and covered in foam.

“She’s just collecting another slave. She’ll be along for Bianca as well in a minute” explained Lampwick upon his return. “You’ll probably want to go down Bad Attitude, seeing as it’s Dead Ringer.
“I’ll be back in a minute” he replied, before briskly walking out the doorway.
“What about her?” asked Verona. “You can’t just leave her on the floor”
“How about we carry her to the mirror in the corridor” suggested Lampwick. “Then you 2 girls can see what you look like.”
Lampwick and Sorrento placed an arm under each of my armpits, but this time lifted me up a foot or so above the ground, and carried me to an ornamental mirror in the main corridor, where I was able to look in disbelief at the messy foam covered blob looking back at me.
A few minutes later I spotted Rebecca coming down the corridor, who was accompanied by Bad Attitude, who had an affectionate arm around another woman. I couldn’t tell much about what she looked like normally due to the fact she was completely covered in a lumpy blue slime from the knees up. I could just make out the remnants of a torn t-shirt, her shoulder length hair, a pair of denim hot pants and a pair of old sneakers. Noticeably her arms and legs were chained up in a similar way to mine were.
“Oh come on you lot, you could at least let her walk” called out Rebecca. She came over with a key to undo the padlock between my ankles and wrists. I wasn’t in a major hurry to get free, but now some of the excitement had worn off my legs were cramping a bit, so I was happy to be able to straiten them and walk, all be it in a restricted manor, again.
“This is Nurse Bianca I told you about. This lady here is my wife Dead Ringer” explained Bad Attitude.
“Hi” she said. “I’d shake hands, but that’s not possible right now.”
“Your wife?” I exclaimed. “How come you wanted to gunge me then?”
“They don’t let slaves have more than one session with their partners per weekend” he replied.
“Looking at what you’ve done your lucky anyone wants one session with you” said Dead Ringer.
“That‘s nothing compared to what I‘m going to do with you tomorrow mourning“ he replied.
“Is that a promise?” she leered.
“What happened to her?” asked Rebecca pointing at Verona.
“There was some leftover stuff, and she suggested it” explained Sorrento.
“If your nice I’ll let you keep me handcuffed and take me back to our room” Verona said, looking at Sorrento flirtily.
“Speaking of handcuffs, why is Nurse Bianca chained up in exactly the same way I am, and also having to wear them while walking through the ground. Did you exchange ideas with Seven Seeds?” asked Dead Ringer.
“I thought you liked being shown off to other men” replied Bad Attitude while giving her an affectionate pinch on the bottom.
I got noticeably more attention on my way back to the quarters than on the way. Not just because we made a more noticeable group now, but because quite a few people who knew Bad Attitude and Dead Ringer stopped to say hello. Bad Attitude opted to stay with the group, or more specifically Dead Ringer as we were hurried along by Rebecca, rather than stop for a longer chat though. He was allowed as far as the lift, where I learnt non slaves aren’t allowed to join slaves in their rooms during duty hours. Rebecca said this was to prevent any distractions that would stop us getting ready for our activities, although Dead Ringer reckoned it was to ensure we got a moments peace at some point. Once there our hand and leg cuffs were removed and I was taken back to my room and told to clean up, and get ready for my next activity.

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