An NHP Discussion: Best Device?

A while ago, there was a vote about the best dunking from GYOB. So, why not have a discussion about the best gunging from NHP?

Well, simply because NHP had a number of different gunging devices, so I can see such a vote being a LOT more contentious! Plus, I believe there are quite a few clips that have yet to surface. Still, let’s have a look at the devices. The clips I’m using are just the ones which I think best show them off.

Gunge Tank (no foam):


Gunge Tank (with foam):


Car Wash:


Trip Around the Great House:


Panel Beaters:


I’ll share my thoughts after there’s a few comments on here. Here’s the poll, by the way.

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15 Responses to An NHP Discussion: Best Device?

  1. TG says:

    Here are my thoughts on the methods without picking a winner (yet):

    Gunge tank sans foam: The fate of this device in the discussion will hang on whether its use on Saturday Roadshow is included, since a lot of its finest moments happened there. Best gunging: Charlotte

    Gunge tank with foam: I know a lot of wammers dislike the foam because “it spoils the view”, but personally I like the gungee being engulfed. Best gunging: Nicola Stapleton.

    Car wash: Only four women went through: Anthea Turner, Gloria Hunniford, Anneka Rice and the pearly queen. The method gave good coverage because there was nowhere for the person to duck. Best gunging: Anthea Turner

    TTATGH: The most exciting method as the gunge built up in stages and you were never sure what was coming round the corner! When it went to plan it could be very messy, but it also had the potential to disappoint. Best gunging: Photo finish between Carol Vorderman and Jenny Hull.

    Panel Beaters: Pros: you could fit several people on and there was a large quantity of gunge. Cons: gunge tended to be very thin. Best gunging: Roger Black girlfriend.

    Plus you forgot:

    The number cruncher: Involved intrepid members of the public and the gunge was a penalty for losing (or gambling unwisely). Best gunging: Margie

    The Hot House: Inconsistent as the methods varied. Best gunging: Karen Pickering

    Audience gungings: Not really a device but collection of several methods: tanks and balloons from above, seats descending below, and stuff being sprayed at the sitting ducks in the audience. Best gunging: blonde sprayed with ‘blood’


    • I deliberately omitted the Number Cruncher since, as a device, it’s basically the same thing as the foam-free gunge tank.

      As for the Hot House and audience gungings, as you said, there were several devices and methods used so it would involve either putting up a load of options which either weren’t used much (or possibly never even used at all on women), or grouping them all into one inconsistent bundle each.


      • TG says:

        Personally I wouldn’t equate the Number Cruncher with the classic gunge tank. Even if we leave aside the game element of the NC, the victim is standing instead of seated. Also the NC sometimes had mess that sprayed out from the telephone keypad. So it is rather different. Just my 2p.


  2. henrylee1 says:

    Tank with foam for me. While a lot of the gungings suffer from a lack of aftershot, that’s not the fault of the tank.


  3. eps992001 says:

    Here is my list in reverse order.

    5) Gunge Tank Without Foam.
    Delivered some great gungings, the one VXS used as an example is one of my all time favourite gungings, but it’s bottom of my list because it’s nothing that we hadn’t seen before (or since).

    4) Panel Beaters.
    Could have been brilliant, especially if they’d ever used it to gunge an all female celebrity panel, but whilst the delivery of the gunge was decent, the studio lighting for all the clips I’ve seen was dark and made it hard to actually view the gunging, or maybe that’s just the poor quality of the youtube clips.

    3) Gunge Tank with Foam.
    I’m one of the people who felt that the foam obscured the gunging itself, especially in the Nicola Stapleton clip, by the time the gunge starts to fall you can hardly see her through all the foam.

    2) Car Wash.
    I’m really torn between this and the Trip Around the House for my favourite. As TG said, there was no hiding place for the ‘victim’ going through the car wash. Another nice feature was the brushes giving the ‘victim’ a ‘wash’ before the main event. If only the British public had voted for the female bus driver rather than the fat male taxi driver to experience the ride!!

    1) Trip Around The Great House.
    This made it as my number one mainly due to the epic double gunging of Jenny Hull, in a great setup. This device also gave some of the most memorable gungings in my opinion. Vorderman, Jenny Hull, Annabel Giles, The Village Girl and the girl from the Horoscope Vote.


  4. Max Odrive says:

    Well, it’s the age-old problem – I can’t see any poll! But that aside, my favourite is definitely the rising-foam gunge tank. I believe Messyworld have built one of these, but it seems to have been passed over in favour of their carwash. The Trip Round the Great House was often fantastic, but equally often it was dark and difficult to see what was going on, and even worse in some of the surviving LQ clips.


  5. supersarahm says:

    This one is a dilemma. I have gone for the tank (no foam of course!) for its beauty in its simplicity if you like. And also because of its place in history. However there’s no doubt that the trip round the great house offered better coverage.


  6. MCPridz says:

    The Trip for me always by far


  7. thewhitelady316 says:

    The classic tank is my number one. Simple yet incredible effective. I like the foam-filled one in practice but it never delivered a decent clip. But I just like the idea of somebody being walled off in a little glass cubicle, very much the center of attention, knowing exactly what they are in there for. It’s almost ritualised, really; the altar of the gunge gods.


  8. grandmasterjellytot says:

    Think can remember part the voting build up in Nichola Stapleton but based on fact can clearly recall seeing it originally gone for the car wash. Anthea’s gunging being one all time favs along with Anneka’s first. Just really need see good quality clip of her 2nd one again as used to have it from Wammonkey.


  9. Probably should have gotten to this sooner!

    I went with the car wash. It was a bit more than the gunge tank, but didn’t overdose on the spectacle the way that I felt the trip around the house did. The trip was good too, and both were a huge influence on some of my device ideas from my stories, but when it comes down to it, I felt the trip just didn’t seem to deliver in quite the same way when it came to the actual gunging. As for the tank, it had been done before and since equally well.


  10. henrylee1 says:

    The trip around the great house seemed to me to add a lot of pointless build up- it only really got good once they got to the fireplace.

    Reading through the poll and replies made me realize just how much more effort they used to put into gungings back in the golden age. These days the bog standard tank is considered the pinnacle of what we can expect from a mainstream find.

    For some reason the thread also inspired me to go back and watch the panel beaters clip where the female rugby players escape the gunge, one of my all time Ones That Got Away. Perfectly recreated the gut-punch feeling I had as a kid.


    • yuck53 says:

      On the middle point, it is interest how in reality they are only three methods for actual application of gunge but an inspired mechanism can really refresh any one of them, especially the first two.

      Those three can be described as dropped on, dropped in and pitched at.

      Despite that list Noel Edmunds only ever used the first of these except on one short lived occasion the less said of which the better.

      I’m probably going to go with the Car Wash, the Trip Round the Great House was theoretically great, but they made it so thematic you could never qite be sure what was going to happen, the Car Wash was pretty dependable as a mechanism.


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