Putting together a “Who we are” page

Short version:

I want to make a page that introduces new readers (and hopefully contributors) to the wide, wide world of TellyGunge, from its roots to its present form. To do that I need to know who the community thinks are the biggest names on the site, and what the site means to you. DISCUSS.


Long version:

I’m thinking of making a page about what the blog is, some of its history and who some of the bigger names on here are. Here’s how each of those sections would be broken down.

First off, what the site is. Now, the site itself is described by TG (the person) as “The free and open blog about messy ladies”, and that’s a fine summary, but what that entails would be expanded and elaborated on in this “Who we are” page. This would include things like:

  • The sharing of videos and screenshots of women getting messy, primarily in television shows.
  • How we’ve had messes from other media also end up on here such as music videos, movies and even comic strips on occasion.
  • The wide range of messy fiction present on the site.
  • The discussions about WAM in general we’ve had from time to time.

This leads into the history of the blog, from how it started as another medium for clips and pictures to be shared through, to how it branched out into other areas, and to its place now as one of the foremost sites for what’s now dubbed “mainstream WAM”. Notable events like the GGPs and Brucegate would also get a mention.

Finally, the issue of the “big names”. I have twelve people I’d consider to be the “big names” on here, but I’m sure people would disagree with some of them, and even more would say I’m missing people out. After all, that’s a vague term, but that’s a necessity when dealing with the wide range of content available on here. Or is it? So there’s a discussion point – who are the “big names” on the blog, and why?

Once that’s settled, the people mentioned in the list of names would need to be described to the reader, and that’s where introductory paragraphs would come in. Things that I’d mention in my own introduction would be:

  • My body of work (not just stories, but also things like Music Monday or the various discussions),
  • Why I choose to write those things in particular,
  • Which other WAM sites I’m on and any WAM-related social media accounts I hold
  • What my actual interest in WAM is,
  • And some of my non-WAM interests.

I’d leave introductions up to the people mentioned if they wanted to do them. If they wanted to let someone else write them, that would be fine. If they just wanted to say something along the lines of “I exist, here’s what I contribute” and leave it at that, that’s also fine. If there’s anything in the above list I’ve missed out, feel free to say, though some stuff I’ve deliberately omitted. Anonymity, y’know…

The reason I’m bringing this up instead of going straight ahead and making this is that while I lead the community here, I am not the actual community itself. Such a page would have to reflect the wide array of talents and personalities that this single interest of messy women has brought forward. As such I feel it is my duty to ask you all what this site is to you all and who you all think are the main players here, just as it is my duty to try and get as many readers and contributors as possible. After all, how many potentially great authors are just out there lurking, unsure if this is the right platform to share their stories? We may never know for sure, but by getting plenty of clear information about who we are out to them, we can make sure that number goes down for the right reason: because they want to write for us.



About VanillaXSlime

So I'm a WAM author (Suzi's Slop Drop, The Kayotics, The A-Z of Gunge II, Goo Your Own Way, miscellaneous other stuff), the administrator of https://tellygunge.wordpress.com, a fan of metal, punk and gothic music, an occasional cosplayer and bassist. Twitter: https://twitter.com/VanillaXSlime ECG: http://www.ecgunge.net/forums/index.php?showuser=10391 UMD: http://umd.net/profile/vanillaxslime
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18 Responses to Putting together a “Who we are” page

  1. Show us yours and I might show you mine…(list, that is)


  2. TripleWAM says:

    Sounds like a great idea, I would very much like to see it happen. I’m also curious to see who you consider the ‘big names’ of the site to be. And by ‘big names’, do you just mean authors or other contributors too, like those who regularly post on the finds pages and other discussions?

    As one of the original contributors under my old name, I have seen the site grow massively (even with my many abscences!) I remember when I first came across the site, it was after realising that TG’s old Youtube channel had been taken down. One quick google search to try and find answers, and I came to this site. That was the start of me becoming a fairly active member of the WAM community, actually signing up for accounts on various sites, something I hadn’t done before that point. I’ve said it before a few times and I’ll say it again, this site is one of the best (if not THE best) WAM online communities out there, and I am proud to be a part of it. The site has been responsible for so many new discoveries, whether it be stories or clips. For me, it’s hard to think what it would be like without this site now it has become such a prominent part of the online WAM community in my opinion. Keep up the great work everyone, and cheers to TG for starting all this! And Vanilla, you’re doing a grand job as the new admin. May the site experience many more years of great stories, discussions and WAM clips!


  3. My list as it stands. The order’s incidental, and doesn’t reflect notability/importance. It’s a mix of authors and clip posters, though other factors are also involved.
    – Myself
    – TG
    – PML
    – Byron McSteele
    – MCPridz
    – EPS992001
    – Thewhitelady316
    – Bishopberkley
    – TripleWAM
    – Rich
    – WAM Jake
    – MessySoMessy
    – Blackonyx1991


  4. TG says:

    Sounds a bit cliquey if you ask me. The blog being “free and open” means that we should value everybody’s contribution, big or small, rather than trying to work out who is a “big name”.

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  5. henrylee1 says:

    I’m of the view that “the free and open blog about messy ladies” is all the site needs as a description.

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    • Mr. Deeds says:

      I concur with TG and henrylee, the ‘big names’ idea seems guaranteed to upset/marginalize those contributors (and I say that as a new contributor with no expectation of featuring on it) who don’t make the cut and the existing site introduction seems sufficient to me. That’s just my two cents though!


  6. BucketOfGoop says:

    It’s nice to know 13 people have bigger internet penises than me.


  7. dirtydubfox says:

    Why don’t you stop doing this tedious shit and start collecting clips again? TG was always about creating a space for content, you’re about creating a club. A boring little circle-jerk club. This site has gone downhill, bring back TG!


    • byronmcsteele says:

      I agree with TG that the idea feels a little cliquey and unnecessary – I think the best introduction to the blog about messy ladies is to see clips, stories and discussion about messy ladies – however, I appreciate Vanilla’s intent here is to encourage contributors to come forward with new content and he doesn’t deserve criticism for it.

      As both VXS and TG note, this is the free and open blog about messy ladies, and new contributors are always welcome. If you believe there’s a gap that needs filling, then step into it.

      In my opinion, the site has recently undergone a bit of a creative resurgence in terms of the stories, and Vanilla’s encouragement of writers has been part of that. And there’s a whole range of people still regularly posting videos and alerts in the Finds section. This remains a great site for WAM.

      However, the simple fact is that nobody is able to put in the level of effort TG was devoting to the site when it was at its most active. Running this site is a labour of love, and it’s a thankless task – It is not reasonable to expect VXS, or TG, or anybody else to dedicate themselves to scouring the web on a constant search for clips for your pleasure.

      If people chipped in with two or three finds, or made an effort to download videos they found, the site would be awash with content.

      But comments like this one aren’t going to help. If I spent three years painstakingly capturing and posting clips on the blog and the biggest reaction I got was a litany of complaints over an Ed Balls joke, or if I encouraged some new content with a story competition and all I got was criticism over the rules, or if I spent hours writing a story only for it to be slammed because the story contained two lines of male WAM, it wouldn’t inspire me to post more content. I’ve got to say, it makes me think twice about hitting publish on anything I think about posting.

      So I sympathise with you (in the sense that who here doesn’t want more clips of messy ladies?), but this kind of behaviour is likely to have the opposite effect. If you want more clips, offer some kind words when you do see something you like, and chip in when you can. The more the merrier.

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    • Considering this isn’t the first comment you’ve made with much the same tone and “message”, I’m just going to put it simply. There’s nothing wrong with criticism. The majority of the comments on here have been criticism, but the way that you go about it is disrespectful as hell. So, you’ve got three things you can do.

      Option 1: Show a bit of respect, even towards people you don’t necessarily like for whatever reason. I’m sure you’ve got valid points but without putting them in a respectful manner, nobody worth a damn is going to take them seriously. I certainly am not.

      Option 2: If you’re not willing to go with option 1, you could just keep quiet.

      Option 3: If you’re not willing to go with option 1 or 2, you can keep this attitude up until the point that I decide to shut you up.

      I think it’s in our mutual interests to go for option 1. I’d rather not go for option 3, but I’m not afraid to either. On the other hand, option 2 requires absolutely zero effort from either party. Food for thought.


  8. For the most part, this has been a good discussion thus far. I didn’t intend for the idea of a “Who we are” page to come across as elitist or as some kind of e-peen measuring contest, but I do see how it could come across that way. I’m not going to completely rule out the idea, but I’m not going to act on the idea any further than this any time soon.


  9. MCPridz says:

    Yay I’m in the top 12


  10. TG says:

    I’ll point out that authors can write an introductory piece about themselves in the “about…” section that appears at the bottom of their posts (some have already done so).


  11. dirtydubfox says:

    Stick it up yer shitter.


  12. wamjake says:

    I’m a little late to the party but I’m not overly concerned with certain people being recognized. In fact, the only person I think who should be singled out would be Roy L Pudding in a, “Don’t be THAT guy” kind of way. You know, at the time I wasn’t especially bothered by his antics here, although they did seem to be getting more and more antagonistic, but I’ve recently read in another forum that he’s been making trollish posts on youtube for years now. What a damn shame.


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