Kirsten’s Tale Part 3: Awakening

This isn’t really a WAM story as such. It’s really more of an interlude.

The Cleansing Room was next door to the studio the ladies had their fun in. It was a fairly large square room with a bench along each side. It was originally designed for Top of the Slops for the teams to clean up in, but the series ended before it could be completed. Rather, Slop Drop and Goo Your Own Way gungees (be they guests, staff or indeed Suzi herself) would use it to clean off. Natalie and Suzi sat on one side while Kirsten sat on the other. Suzi hit a big green button labeled “ACTIVATE”.

“What happens now?” asked Kirsten. Before a verbal answer could come, she felt a thick liquid hit her from above. She let out a surprised little yelp as it trickled over her. She could see that the others had closed their eyes and were deliberately smearing it all over themselves. No wonder – it had a slight soapy smell. She figured that was probably what it was. She began to rub the soap into every part of her body she could. It quickly turned into a white foam, which just as quickly gained color as it lifted the gunge from her hair and skin.

Barely a moment later a shower of warm water rained down on the three women. They rinsed their hair and clothes, but found that gunge was only flowing out of their hair and off their skin. “Oh, this isn’t good,” Natalie frowned as the water drenched her. “This stuff’s supposed to be universal.”

“Found its limits, huh?” Suzi pondered as she rinsed herself off. “I’m really not surprised. This gunge is supposed to be the best stuff you’ve ever made.”

“You should use it more,” suggested Kirsten.

“As much as I’d love to do a series of Slop Drop or something using this stuff, I doubt we’d get as many people on the show if we’re going to completely ruin their clothes,” Natalie frowned, rubbing her top in a failing attempt to try and get some of the gunk out of it.

The water stopped, and the side walls opened up to reveal a pair of huge fans. With a deafening whir they span into life and sent a breeze of warm air through the room. The water flew off the three women, their hair waving around in the warm wind. As quickly as the breeze started, it stopped, leaving them bone dry (barring the slimy coating on their clothes). “You weren’t kidding about the clean-up facility here!” Kirsten giggled.

Natalie smiled at the vindication and praise from her guest. “I’m glad you approve.”

“I guess you feel fulfilled now?” asked Suzi, waving her hair out of her face and then looking to the rocker girl. Even the wind had done nothing to shift the thick goo from Kirsten’s clothes, or from the clothes she and Natalie had on. She sighed and suddenly felt really relieved that she’d packed some spare clothing.

Kirsten thought for a moment. The whole thing had been incredibly fun for her. Certainly, she felt like she’d had the full GYOB experience she’d missed out on in a roundabout way. However, there was something else. “Yeah, except now I feel like I should gunge someone else!”

“Got someone you want to get your own back on, huh?” Suzi giggled.

Kirsten nodded, her heart pounding with excitement once again. “Yeah. I’d love to gunge…”

I have someone in mind for each of the poll options. I’m going away for a while for work reasons. Poll closes when I’m back, and I’ll reveal who it would have been for each.

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  1. Poll’s closing Saturday evening (UK). Results will be up then, along with story feedback. Part 4 will follow soon after.


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