W is (also) for… (by Mintsuko)

ahhhhhh fuck it’s like 957 words.


As the next guest came onstage and passed a glance at the immense mess that had been delivered to Tiffany, she idly looked down at where her feet would be, if she could see them. So much of the incredibly weird mixture of over twenty kinds of slimy things… With one hand, Tiffany wiped a stray trail of a previous gooping that had been falling down her face, too close to the corner of her mouth for comfort. “Almost done, right?” she asked with obvious exhaustion in her voice. The pool around her had multiplied in size since the first few letters, and almost doubled since the halfway point.

“Right,” Amanda confirmed, as Tiffany glanced at the guest next to her, who smiled widely and nervously with two hands covering her face. “For W, we’ve got another musician, all the way from Japan.”


“Representing ‘W’, we have Waka, vocalist of the all-female visual-kei band Danger*Gang! This is a rarity in a male-dominated genre, as far as I’m told.”

As Amanda spoke, Waka took her hands away from covering her face, to wave excitedly at both the girls. “It is a pleasure to be here and to meet you both,” she added, her pronunciation more like that of an accent given that English was a second language for her. Nevertheless, she seemed excited, although not quite as dressed up as was usual for her. Instead, she wore a white t-shirt, fittingly with a graphic of a dripping, bright pink pair of lips, cut-off jean shorts, and a pair of black bracelets on one wrist. Before anything else, though, Waka took the time for a slight bow to the two of them.

Amanda’s smile grew as well, partly from the politeness, and partly from the hints of nervousness in their foreign guest’s behavior. “Is your band doing well, by the way? Although I haven’t heard of Danger*Gang before, I was told the band has been around a long time.”

“Yes, we are doing very well! We are planning a tour soon,” Waka’s voice seemed bubblier now, and her smile was even wider as she tilted her upper body to one side briefly, arms lifting from her sides and toes pointed upward, in a cute pose.

“That’s great!” Amanda replied. “Maybe you’ll get some new fans out of your appearance here. Also, I am loving that shirt.”

At that, Waka looked down, her fingers holding the shirt out straighter. As she giggled, she turned to face Tiffany, who may not have appreciated the symbolism as much as Amanda did. At that, Amanda’s smile slightly changed to a smirk.

“So, for the next gunging, we’ve got something thin and red, and not for the underage,” she announced eagerly, one hand hovering near the lever.

Tiffany’s posture relaxing when she hadn’t even realized she’d become tense — maybe it was a good thing that one of the last few substances was thin. As Waka glanced between the two of them curiously, Tiffany spoke up. “Wine, right?”

Amanda raised her hand dramatically in preparation to push the lever down. “Absolutely,” she laughed a bit, as she let her hand fall quickly to grab the lever and pull it. Tiffany, of course, shut her eyes as the red wine splashed down from above, with very few worries about wine stains due to a good amount of the large slimy mess the wine washed down her body and ran past. Puddles of red formed in the mixture below her, and although a large amount of mess still remained all over her form, parts of the thin wine dripped steadily off her arms and down with parts of the previous slimings. It wasn’t quite the shower she wanted, though.

Waka stared incredulously at poor Tiffany’s plight, covering her mouth in surprise. Only for a moment, though, as she began to laugh at the knowledge that it’d soon be covering her, too. She looked to Amanda during the laughter, her eyes glancing to the lever and back, slightly uncertain, but definitely still eager.

“Ready or not, here it comes,” Amanda smiled wide once more, and pulled the other lever with more force than grace. Although Waka did look up to see the barrel of wine tipping, she quickly looked back down and closed her eyes tightly as the red wine spilled out of the bucket and all over her body. The wine clearly wet her hair, and it stuck to her face as the rest of the wine splashed onto her shoulders, staining the majority of the white shirt, and rolling right on down her bare legs to pool at her feet. As the last trickle of wine fell from overhead, unexpectedly, Waka lifted her head and opened her mouth to catch them on her tongue, even as the wine soaked through her clothes. Although she’d seemed unprepared, she also didn’t seem to be minding, and when the drips stopped, she opened her eyes and lowered her head to look at the other two, laughing and wiping her face.

“That was kind of fun,” she remarked, decidedly shaking some of the extra wine off. “Thank you for having me!”

“Glad to have you,” Amanda replied, as Troy stepped onstage, waving Waka to follow him to the photoshoot. “Enjoy the photos!” Amanda finished, before Waka waved again, some wine from her arms flung off in the process.

As she picked up the wine bottle in the photoshoot area, Waka held it with one arm while her other hand, still dripping, hovered just above her face, and three of her fingers splayed out in a W-shape. One large smile later, and —


“Perfect.” And without hesitation, this brings us to the ne-x-t contestant…


So that was Mintsuko’s contribution to the A-Z and her first celebrity WAM story. I’ll be writing my comment on it later. Hopefully I won’t be the only one.

Fun fact: It was actually Mintsuko who gave me the name VanillaXSlime, so she’s actually pretty important!

About VanillaXSlime

So I'm a WAM author (Suzi's Slop Drop, The Kayotics, The A-Z of Gunge II, Goo Your Own Way, miscellaneous other stuff), the administrator of https://tellygunge.wordpress.com, a fan of metal, punk and gothic music, an occasional cosplayer and bassist. Twitter: https://twitter.com/VanillaXSlime ECG: http://www.ecgunge.net/forums/index.php?showuser=10391 UMD: http://umd.net/profile/vanillaxslime
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One Response to W is (also) for… (by Mintsuko)

  1. It’s stories like which one that show just how eclectic the celebrity choices have been in the A-Z this year. Aside from a few GGP nominations, the entire visual kei genre has gone completely ignored on here. Circushorse’s entry adds to this by having the first Bollywood starlet story (as far as I know), and while Victoria’s not the first wrestler to be featured in a story here, she’s the first in a long time. Add in a mix of usual and unusual choices from TG, PML and myself and I think you can see why I consider this a really eclectic set of celebrities.

    I think Waka here is one of the most niche people in the A-Z – after all, the only other story to feature a visual kei musician is one of mine, and that’s still unfinished after literally years. Outside of that, all you’ve got are some of my old GGP nominees. That in itself is neither a good thing nor a bad thing. Still, it’s good that she got a decent introduction before getting messed.

    I also like the level of detail here. Yes, it’s 951 words, whereas A was “just” 666 (I say “just” but both are more than the average original A-Z story), but it doesn’t feel like it’s that long. However, it is long enough to really make the image clear in the reader’s head. This is impressive, especially considering what I said about Waka before. As a personal taste thing, it’s also nice to see all three women just enjoying themselves. While I have enjoyed seeing Tiffany growing a bit fed up, I do think it would have worked better earlier on.

    As for how I think it could improve, I actually think Amanda and Tiffany were a bit soft on Waka, almost uncharacteristically so. Nearly every other guest got a bit more of a ribbing from them, with some of the other metal and rock chicks (such as Charlotte, Quinn and Sierra) getting a bit of it simply for being in the metal scene (or allegedly being in it, in Sierra’s case). After all, visual kei is a look used almost exclusively by Japanese metal bands and fans, so I’d probably be fairly safe to assume that Danger*Gang is a metal band.

    In short, what we’ve got here is a fantastic effort from the woman without whom I wouldn’t have a username. So, regardless of what you think of the story, you can thank her for that!


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