The Ice Bucket Challenge Challenge

We haven’t had a GGP this year, so how about we have ourselves a little friendly competition? I call it “The Ice Bucket Challenge Challenge”. To take part, you simply have to write a single chapter story about someone taking the Ice Bucket Challenge. The rules:

1: The story must be about a woman (or women) taking the challenge. 16+ (in appearance for non-humans), humanoid. By humanoid I mean humans, Time Lords, elves, vulcans, angels etc. – you’ll see why I say that in rule 3.

2: The bucket(s) can only contain water, ice or a mix thereof. There also cannot be mess from any other sources.

3: You can use celebrities, original characters or other fictional characters, but each will have their own vote.

4: Finally, to enter either post the story on here, email it to me at vanillaxslime (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk, or PM it to me on EC Gunge. If you email or PM, make sure to tell me the title and the pen name you wish to be credited as.

5: One entry per category per person.

6: You have until September 30th 2014. Get writing!

Any questions?

About VanillaXSlime

So I'm a WAM author (Suzi's Slop Drop, The Kayotics, The A-Z of Gunge II, Goo Your Own Way, miscellaneous other stuff), the administrator of, a fan of metal, punk and gothic music, an occasional cosplayer and bassist. Twitter: ECG: UMD:
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11 Responses to The Ice Bucket Challenge Challenge

  1. oink says:

    I’m going to nitpick because it’s fun. I have no intention of writing a story.

    Can the bucket be made of something messy that disintegrates at the exact right time? Certainly you could have the bucket fall on her head to turn on any bucket-on-head fetishists, so why not have the bucket be messy?

    Can the victim be an alien that secretes massive amounts of slime when cold (to protect against freezing, of course)?

    If the victim is a werewolf, is age measured in human years or dog years? (OK, that one’s not at all serious.)


    • Nope on the bucket thing. Not sure how that would be possible anyway!

      No on the alien slime thing. Technically that would be bodily fluids.

      And werewolves would be measured in human years. If it was 16+ in dog years they’d only be 2.something in human years. That’s just wrong, dude!


  2. dirtydubfox says:

    This site has gone downhill since TG left. “1: The story must be about a woman (or women) taking the challenge. 16+ (in appearance for non-humans), humanoid. By humanoid I mean humans, Time Lords, elves, vulcans, angels etc. – you’ll see why I say that in rule 3.” What the fuck is this, you freaks?


    • We’ve had stories about video game characters requested from time to time. Like I said, it makes sense with rule 3. It gives people more options (and I must stress OPTIONS). Whether people go for it or not, we’ll wait and see. I personally won’t be.

      Still, nice to see such open minds in a niche fetish community…

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      • thewhitelady316 says:

        To be fair, the idea that it must be a woman is a touch closed-minded as well. But being turned on by a wet elf is far from freakish. What a strange reaction. Now I’m tempted to write a story about Galadriel, who will probably extend the challenge to Arwen, Gandalf and Treebeard.


        • Ideally I wouldn’t have that rule either. I don’t see a story about male wetlook winning its poll anyway, just due to the target audience of the site.

          Still, thanks for the support. I’d love to read about Galadriel, if you do it. Thanks also to aim and various followers on Twitter I’m too lazy to look up and mention by username!

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    • Mr. Deeds says:

      Tellygunge turned into a Tumblr community so gradually I didn’t even notice…

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  3. oink says:

    By angels, you mean Weeping Angels, right? Man, if I cared about this I could probably come up with something horribly neckbeardy.


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