Twitter Trouble

This post hopefully doesn’t apply to most readers and even more hopefully will be heeded by those it does apply to.

Since there’s been a huge outcry on ECG, I feel I need to address a particular issue. Specifically, the incessant badgering of people to get gunged via Twitter.

I speak for gunge fans everywhere when I say that it’s not on. If you are participating in such behaviour, I highly recommend that you desist, take a long look at yourself and think about your actions. What you are doing is tantamount to harassment. Consider what it would be like if someone pestered you online about their unusual interest. I’ll give you a clue: really admitting at best, incredibly creepy or even disturbing at worst.

I won’t go on about damaging the community’s reputation or about spoiling future televised gungings. I’m not 100% sure either is likely and even if it is, plenty of ECGers have voiced that opinion already. However, your actions are making people question their interest in gunge and even making some wish they weren’t involved in the community. Given the ability to do more, I would, as decent people should not feel put off by the abysmal behaviour of a minority group.

I will plug this on Twitter and ECG. I heartily recommend as many people as possible go on to repost this elsewhere.

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So I'm a WAM author (Suzi's Slop Drop, The Kayotics, The A-Z of Gunge II, Goo Your Own Way, miscellaneous other stuff), the administrator of, a fan of metal, punk and gothic music, an occasional cosplayer and bassist. Twitter: ECG: UMD:
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7 Responses to Twitter Trouble

  1. “Creepy tweets, like any form of contact is pretty poor – think of it as being a super fan outside appearances and every time not screaming or after an autograph but just asking if they’d get gunged. You wouldn’t do it in person…” — Iain from ECG putting it damn near perfectly.

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    • BucketOfGoop says:

      Yes but that’s the thing about the interweb, you’re anonymous behind a screen and can be as creepy as you want, it brings out a darker, uglier side of human beings (or just gives special needs people like Samon Jake more of an unmoderated outlet). I doubt a lot of trolls give a damn whether they’d do something in public or not. Until charges are pressed they’re going to keep doing it I’m afraid.


      • thewhitelady316 says:

        I have to be a bit PC and point out the problematic nature of referring to harassers as ‘special needs’, but I understand the sentiment. It is the double-edged sword of the connectivity and relative anonymity of this great network. On the one hand, it provides ample opportunity to annoy others with little or no consequence, but on the other, how many of us lived in fear of being the ‘only one’ and some sort of freak until finding sites and communities like this one? Unfortunately, the less savoury members of such communities tend to be the most noticeable, or most talked about.

        Anyway, I commend VanillaXSlime and the TG crew for taking a stand, symbolic as it may be, against wam-related harassment on social media.


  2. I don’t know how many of us visit UMD. In fact, I know a lot of us detest the place, but it’s worth pointing out that quite a few of them are getting sick of this behaviour too. In fact, they’re getting sick of “socially inept” behaviour in the WAM community as a whole, and the worst of it goes far beyond the issues I talked about in the opening post. I doubt that it’ll completely end but good on the people of UMD for standing up against it.


    • Fatpizzaman from UMD: “Socially inept people are found everywhere on the internet, not just in WAM. It’s sad that there some people who go ruining the interest in our fetish for others.

      …The internet is a fool’s paradise for socially inept people, because they lack the confidence to be able to say the same nasty and stupid things to people’s faces in real life for the fear of getting them smacked in.

      It doesn’t matter whether they are mentally ill or mentally healthy, if you don’t learn how to behave in cyberspace then eventually you will end up being very lonely in both your cyber life as well as real life and you will have only yourself to blame for it.”


    • aim11111 says:

      May I inquire into why there is a disdain for UMD? I personally do not frequent it so do not understand


      • I don’t hold any disdain for it myself either so I’m not entirely sure I get it either. I mean, I know they focus more on videos made for WAMmers by WAMmers rather than stuff from the mainstream like us, but to hate them for it seems a bit much.

        Then again people hate me for reasons including being rational and being slightly open-minded, so what do I know?


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