Kirsten’s Tale Part 2: The Dream Comes True

This story is purely a work of fiction. It does NOT describe real events and the characters are fictional. Any resemblance to real events or persons is coincidence. The events and activities described in the story may NOT be legal, ethical or safe. This site does NOT endorse or recommend their enactment.

It was a dry day in Mudford, though quite overcast. Kirsten was stood outside the Panicked Productions compound, eagerly awaiting something. That something was actually a someone, and they arrived after about fifteen agonising minutes of waiting. “About time, Nat!” Kirsten said with a slight laugh as she embraced the familiar blue-haired woman. The two enjoyed a brief, but tight hug. As Kirsten let go, she spied a brunette woman she thought she recognised but couldn’t quite place. “Aren’t you going to introduce your friend?”

“It’s fine, I’ll introduce myself. I kind of like not being recognised for once!” said the woman, her green-eyed gaze looking Kirsten up and down. “I’m Suzi Harrison, the host of SSD,” she said, offering her right hand.

“I’m Kir–” the guitarist started, shaking Suzi’s hand. She was slightly taken aback by how forward the aspiring starlet was. After all, kissing a woman’s hand was the act of charming dandies and lecherous perverts who wrongly believed themselves to be said charmers.

“Oh, I know who you are, sweetie. I saw the episode. It was great! Mei’s reaction was priceless!”

“You didn’t see what happened next,” Kirsten said, looking to Natalie. The Welsh girl’s face turned bright red. “That was priceless!”

Natalie cleared her throat. “It’s probably lucky that I’m a good swimmer.”

“I see! Well, I’m sure the gunge couldn’t have been as horrible as they play it up to be!” Suzi smiled. Little did she know that the director of GYOB was more sadistic than Mr. Vanilla and Ivy at their worst combined! “I’m quite impressed at how much gunk they’ve been using lately though. If they keep it up, they might just surpass my show!”

“Oh, I’ll never ever let that never happen, love!” grinned Natalie.

“Sick!” Suzi nodded contently. “Anyway, we’ve got a friend of yours to gunge. Kirsten… Can I call you Kirsty?”

Kirsten flinched a little. Suzi was really friendly. It was quite unexpected. “Sure, Kirsty is fine!”

“Sweet. Did you bring a change of clothes, Kirsty?”

Kirsten shook her head. “I don’t mind walking home all gooey! I’m sure Mudford’s seen far stranger things!”

Suzi giggled. “I like your way of thinking! Okay, this way.”


Kirsten’s heart felt like it would burst as she entered the room Suzi and Natalie had prepared. It had a bit of a haunted dungeon aesthetic, black walls and even a fake skeleton next to the centrepiece of the room. What a centrepiece it was too! It was a huge, circular pool of lime green gunge with a hot pink love heart drawn in the middle. There were little splodges of other colours too, like purple, blue, yellow, orange and white. Above it was a chair, but rather than a ramp there was a tower of five plastic pumpkins. There was also a small booth with a lever in it. Across from the tank was a desk with a control panel, sort of like a sound desk at a concert. “Wow! It looks amazing!” Kirsten gasped.

“Aww, you’re too kind, sweetie!” Suzi blushed, slipping her black flip-flops off.

“We decided to give you a slightly different GYOB experience. What’s the earliest gunk dunk you remember?” asked Natalie.

Kirsten racked her brain. “I remember when they had just one ramp. This is new to me though.”

“This is based on a really early version of the Gunk Dunk. In this game, the adult had 30 seconds to answer questions correctly and light up the pumpkins. If they all got lit, then gunge would drop on the kid,” Suzi recalled.

“Sounds easy enough. Did the aldult still go in though?”

“It wasn’t that easy. All the questions had obvious answers beginning with a certain letter, but you couldn’t use that letter,” Suzi explained.

“Sounds tricky. I guess we’ll play that? Who’s asking the questions and who’s in the gunge tank then?”

Natalie reached into her purse and pulled out a silver coin. “Flip for it.”

“Sure. I call tails,” said Suzi.

Natalie flipped the coin and covered it. When she saw the result, she tutted. “Guess I’m it then!” she sighed, undoing her boot laces. She slipped her massive boots off, then peeled her socks off, revealing her feet. They had a nice blue polish on them, matching her hair. She treated over to the gunge tank and shut herself in.

“Kirsty, you know the rules. Shoes and socks off, then take your seat!”

Kirsten nodded and slipped her checkered Vans off. She eagerly hopped up onto the seat and thrust her bare feet into the colourful goo. Unlike the stuff on GYOB, it actually had a strangely nice aroma, sort of fruity. It felt kind of warm too, and really thick. She ran her feet back and forth, swirling it between her toes, over the tops of her feet and onto her soft soles. The bottoms of her skinny black jeans clung tightly to her ankles. She raised her left foot up and watched the gunge make a stringy formation as it slowly tricked off her foot, her black pedicured nails barely visible under the opaque colours. It didn’t even seem to run from her jean leg. “I am so ready for this!” she grinned.

“Good!” Suzi smiled as she stood at the control desk. She pressed some buttons. “You’ve got thirty seconds, you can’t give an answer beginning with B and I’ll only take your first answer. Time starts after I finish the first question. What’s the opposite of fixed or repaired?”

“Out of order.”

The bottom pumpkin lit up. “Right! What’s your nationality?”


Another pumpkin lit up. “Name a musical instrument with four strings.”

“Oh, err… Ukulele!”

“Ooh, you’re good!” Suzi smiled as she lit the middle pumpkin. “What do Carlsberg make?”


Suzi thought for a moment. “Yeah, I’ll have that.” The penultimate pumpkin lit up. In the gunge tank, Natalie was defiantly pouting. There was still fifteen seconds left and Kirsten had nearly won an gunging for her. Suzi decided to go with a sadistic question. “Best band ever?”

“That’s so unfair! I can’t say the right answer!” Kirsten protested. “Oh wait, my t-shirt isn’t really me! This one!” she said, pointing at it.

The pumpkin lit up. “I’m giving you that for creative loophole use! Heads up, Nat!” Suzi said as she and Kirsten looked to the gunge tank.

“I hate you both!” Natalie called out as thick, warm orange gunge dropped on her. It was remorseless, and splashed on the top of her head. Her dreaded pigtails went from voluminous to sagging in seconds. Her choice of top was soon rendered highly questionable too, as the gunge ran down her face and between her breasts. Perhaps a nice black faux-leather vest top with cobalt blue detail wasn’t wise, seeing as it turned bright orange on the outside and into a good gunge holder inside. Her thin blue miniskirt stood no chance, as it fell to the floor despite her belt. Thankfully her black leggings stayed in place, even if they were soaked right through. All she could do was smile and curl her toes as the gunge made a deep puddle at her feet. Outwardly it seemed like she was playing the role of the good sport, but in reality she was plotting a way to get even with Suzi. Revenge would have to wait, though. After all, a mere gunging wouldn’t be enough to get Suzi!

Finally the gunge stopped. “How do you feel, Nat?” Suzi asked.

“Never better, or slimier,” Natalie sighed as she let herself drip.

“Well, slimy is good, but I think you’ll feel better in a moment when you pull that lever and make Kirsten’s wishes come true!”

Natalie didn’t need telling twice. Kirsten held her breath and curled up, cannonballing into the colourful goop. With the forward momentum from the tipping chair, she splashed right through the middle of the heart design, leaving a colourful hole. She let herself sink and roll in the thick gunk until her feet touched the bottom, before triumphantly rising up like a geyser of colour. She raised her arms skyward as more gunge fell on her head. It was sky blue and she couldn’t resist the urge to massage it into her already goopy hair, cooing merrily. “You two need to feel this! It’s so good!” she giggled, undoing the top button on her jeans to let the gunge onto her legs.

Natalie couldn’t help smiling at Kirsten’s unabashed enthusiasm. “We spent ages getting the consistency right.”

“We hoped to make our best gunge ever,” added Suzi.

Kirsten sank into the gunge with a grin. “I love it! Thank you so much for doing this!”

“You’re welcome, sweetie!” the one remaining clean woman smiled.

“I’m just wondering something though. Why are you barefoot even though you’re not getting gunged?” asked Kirsten.

“I’m always barefoot when I host stuff anyway. Most of the time I end up gunged anyway, but aside from that it feels homely,” Suzi explained.

“Well I think you should be gunged!” Natalie grinned under her orange coating. “After all, the rest of us have been!”

The tank door popped open. “Come get me then!” Suzi taunted. She hadn’t dressed particularly impressively, having expected to get messy as usual anyway. She wore a plain white t-shirt and tiny denim miniskirt which occasionally flashed her white and blue horizontal-striped panties as she ran from gungy Natalie, who was trying to match speed with balance – not easy when covered top to toe with orange ooze. The slimy cybergoth wasn’t going to give up though, and threw herself at the brunette beauty. Suzi yelped as they fell to the ground in a sticky orange heap. She tried to wriggle free but the sticky gunge combined with Natalie’s considerable strength (for such a relatively petite girl) made it impossible. She could only giggle as the Welshwoman’s slimy hands and arms smeared goo all over her. Escape wasn’t possible, so she resigned herself to the fact she was to join Kirsten in the pool. She and Natalie walked over but at the last minute, she alerted her position. “If I’m going in, I’m taking you with me!”

“Does my face look bothered, love?”

“I can’t tell from all the gunge.”

“Exactly.” Natalie didn’t so much push Suzi in as jump in pulling Suzi with her. A lot of the orange dissipated into the assorted colours, but it seemed that most of it clung to Natalie, leaving her a multicolored mess.

Suzi was looking quite a lot like a Pollock work herself, and was smiling and laughing throughout her time in the slime. “You don’t really appreciate it by just testing it with your hand!”

“Feels great, doesn’t it?” Kirsten smiled, splashing the others. She giggled and cringed as the others splashed her back, before turning on each other. Strangely, it seemed to ripple really well, making the little splash fight look rather frenzied. Soon the three women realised they were as gooey as they’d ever be. Kirsten swam close to the others and put her right arm around Natalie’s shoulders followed by her left around Suzi. “This has been the best experience of my life. Thank you both,” she said, holding their gooey bodies close to her own. The others put their arms around Kirsten and smiled as one last payload of gunge washed over them. It was a rainbow deluge. The red and orange splashed Suzi; the yellow, green and blue covered Kirsten; and the indigo and purple splattered Natalie. Truly, this was a gunging none of them would forget.


To be continued (again)

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2 Responses to Kirsten’s Tale Part 2: The Dream Comes True

  1. wamlover6707 says:

    Is it wrong I’m feeling jealous over this great story?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. MessySoMessy says:

    An excellent second part, I love the way you went retro with this gunge and a bit different to what we usually have on TG. I love the fact it had a fruity aroma to is aswell, makes a change. Can’t wait for the next one!


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