Feedback catchup, feedback catchup~

Let’s spread some fiction-based cheer
Feedback catchup, feedback catchup~
‘Cause finally Vanilla’s here!

Yeah, I’m not even going to try hiding the fact I’m a brony from you guys anymore. Don’t worry though – I am not going to write pony-based WAM fiction! I’m an open-minded guy, but not that open-minded!

Dear Dirty Diary Parts 3 and 4A: “Nobody on TV gets gunged naked”. I kind of think that a lot about WAM stories when exactly that happens, and it really breaks my immersion. No offence to anyone who writes that stuff, but it’s really not my thing. Save the naked gungings for the straight-up porn/smut imo. I don’t think you were deliberately commenting on that, but I appreciated that nonetheless! Seconding the appreciation for Aberdeen as the choice of setting, by the way. Nice to see a Scottish city that isn’t Glasgow or Edinburgh getting a look-in in fiction, especially since Aberdeen’s my birthplace! I also appreciate the reference to The Cure in part 4A. Other than that, I can only really parrot the others and the feedback I gave before. Not much else to say really, keep it up! 🙂

(As for the text size thing, it is because you’re posting them as Asides rather than normal posts. I don’t say this often, but Yuck is right!)

T is (also) for: I’ve already spoken about the series as a whole, so I’ll use the feedback on this one to compare this A-Z with the previous one. I love how much better this one is compared to the last. Here’s a great one to compare, since both T’s have the same author. First of all, the chapters are longer. This means we get a better idea of how Tiffany and the celebs react to the goo (which also gets more detail). It’s also nice to see you return to your roots a bit. Can’t wait for X (or U or V, of course – already read W myself!).

Huh, not as much fiction to catch up on as I thought (or to be honest, hoped!). Still can’t wait to see what else everyone’s warped minds come up with though! 😀

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So I'm a WAM author (Suzi's Slop Drop, The Kayotics, The A-Z of Gunge II, Goo Your Own Way, miscellaneous other stuff), the administrator of, a fan of metal, punk and gothic music, an occasional cosplayer and bassist. Twitter: ECG: UMD:
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2 Responses to Feedback catchup, feedback catchup~

  1. TG says:

    I’d forgotten I’d also done T on the first series. I guess the reason this one is better is that I got to choose the celeb and the substance myself, whereas last time I was bound by PML’s choices.


  2. thewhitelady316 says:

    Glad you’re liking the Diary, Vanilla. Seems you’re not the only Aberdonian around here either. Funnily enough the line about getting gunged on TV naked was meant to be a remark on my own feelings (similar to yours) about nudity in wam stories. To each their own, of course, but for me it has always seemed a bit backwards. Once you’re already naked, all a gunging is going to do is cover you up, and while I tend to write wam with a vein of sensuality throughout, I like to imagine the antics are at the same time fun and feasible. Nothing wrong with a bit of smut or porn if you’re in the mood, but I suppose I just find it more satisfying when a fantasy is somewhat grounded rather than rushing into an orgy or something.


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