Whats in a Pie?

Smushing Tin

Ok let’s get back to basics, wikipedia says that a pie is:

a baked dish which is usually made of a pastry dough casing that covers or completely contains a filling of various sweet or savoury ingredients.

In the world of Wam, Pies don’t need to be baked, they don’t often have a casing, but they always contain a filling. We are talking about a delivery tool for mess into face, and there are lots of variations. Even though regular wammers will be au fait with most of these, I’ve had some requests to write about what’s best to use if you are new to messy play. So I’m going to take a look at the various Pies you see going into people’s faces, and their strengths and weaknesses.


  • Tin Foil –

    The more traditional plate to contain a pie, this will ensure your pie never falls apart, makes a great sound on impact, and looks great contrasted to the creamy contents flying out from under it. However get the delivery wrong and this could cause some pain! Is usually the first thing discarded. The more traditional plate to contain a pie, this will ensure your pie never falls apart, makes…

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So I'm a WAM author (Suzi's Slop Drop, The Kayotics, The A-Z of Gunge II, Goo Your Own Way, miscellaneous other stuff), the administrator of https://tellygunge.wordpress.com, a fan of metal, punk and gothic music, an occasional cosplayer and bassist. Twitter: https://twitter.com/VanillaXSlime ECG: http://www.ecgunge.net/forums/index.php?showuser=10391 UMD: http://umd.net/profile/vanillaxslime
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4 Responses to Whats in a Pie?

  1. BucketOfGoop says:

    Great article.


  2. oink says:

    Don’t forget raw meringue.


  3. yuck53 says:

    Cheesecakes sit on what, to my knowledge a called biscuit bases. Also my understanding of American cream pies is that, at least in part, they’re not actually made with cream but with a form of custard that’s rather thicker than regular custard. Or I may have understood wrongly.


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