Esto es Guerra True or False Game

I think it’s a true or false game, anyway. Didn’t have the sound on when I watched this, but I think I understood the question about “Adolfo Hitler”. Anyway, this clip’s a touch frustrating in my opinion. The first person to get messed is a girl, whom dodges most of the gunk. The second’s another girl, who gets a powder mess (the idea of which has grown on me somewhat lately, but still isn’t what I particularly like). The third’s a man. The fourth’s a girl who also dodges her mess, but then gets a second bucket to make up for it, which she doesn’t get to dodge – definitely the highlight here! Fifth’s a man. Enjoy (or endure).

Also, I can’t help feeling that the first girl should have been given a second mess.

(Credit goes to gungeking3000 at ECG for the find.)

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2 Responses to Esto es Guerra True or False Game

  1. henrylee1 says:

    It is indeed true or false, which you’d think would be a quickfire game but as with all things EEG they drag it out so the mess is minimal. I’m only slightly bitter…

    I hope that this game is a recurring one, because probability means that we’ll great some good mess. Personally powder doesn’t do anything for me, unless combined with something wet/messy.


  2. Pie-Pie says:

    Pretty below average scene tbh. I’m glad we’ve had something though as I’d just about given up – so thanks for posting VXS.

    The first woman that dodged is Natalie Vertiz – the one I often reference as the hottest on either show (and perhaps one of the hottest I’ve ever scene get messy, back when she did). Always dodges any mess lol. Only time she was got (and gotten good), was back when they did the cake ingredients thing ( – 5th clip down, around 12th minute). Even in the pie games she’d only get a small amount.

    If only they’d bring back the head dunking game and she’d be chosen to play (and played properly), would be a dream scene for me.


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