Discussion: Ruining the Moment

There’s nothing wrong with complaining once in a while, so let’s complain about what ruins otherwise good messy scenes for us. The usual rule about being respectful applies, of course. Anyway, here are my instant turn-offs.

  1. Protective clothing – headgear and waterproofs, specifically. What’s the point of messing someone up when it’s not going to make contact with the gungee’s hair/skin/clothes?
  2. Bad delivery. There’s very little that’s more irritating than only one litre of a 10l bucket splattering the intended target. Even GYOB isn’t exempt here – looking at you, Frances!
  3. An incomplete messing. I’m probably a bit more tolerant of this one than most, but I like a good transition from clean to messy. I like to see my gungees clean, getting messed, then post-messing. Nichola Stapleton on NHP’s a classic example of this. We see her before she gets gunged, then while she’s getting gunged and that’s it. Other ways this can fail include shoddy camera work or editing.
  4. Hosiery. I just don’t care much for messy socks/tights/stockings.
  5. An unattractive gungee. It’s probably a horrible thing to say, I get that, but I’d feel dishonest if I didn’t say it.

There’s probably a few things people might have expected on here too, but aren’t. Here’s why I omitted them.

  1. Goggles and glasses. I know these technically fit in the “protective clothing” category, but I really don’t mind the smaller swimming-type goggles. I wouldn’t use them in a scene of my own design, though. Glasses can actually be a great part of a trashing in my opinion. There’s something a bit enticing about a helpless gungee, and losing the ability to see properly adds to that. Larger goggles are a no-no for me though.
  2. Shoes. It’s no secret that I have a foot fetish and that I greatly prefer a barefoot gungee, but shoes aren’t an instant turn-off. After all, if they’re not open-toed then you can fill them. If they are, then they aren’t exactly effective at offering protection from the mess.
  3. A male presence. This is probably the most controversial and hardest to really define. Basically, I don’t have a problem with there being a man or men in a messy scene so long as the woman/women get at least half of the mess, or as long as the focus is on the female(s). I’ll elaborate. A man gunging a woman is great. A man and woman getting gunged together is okay so long as it’s follows those rules I mentioned before. A man getting gunged followed by a woman getting gunged (or vice-versa) is fine too. That’s what fast forwarding is for – so you can skip over bits of a video you don’t want to see. I’ll go into more detail on this one (or any, but especially this one) if asked but for now, that’s all I can think of on this one.

I’m curious to see who agrees and disagrees with my list, if anyone. I’d also love to see other people’s lists.

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11 Responses to Discussion: Ruining the Moment

  1. wamjake says:

    This discussion has the potential to be all over the map. Person preference is just so… personal. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another or anyone else, even.

    Me? I don’t have as much a hang-up with protective headwear. My first pick is a woman with long hair, down and well made, with it being the secondary target (caught in the crossfire) and messed that way. An occasional shot directed at the top of the head is fine but the primary target needs to be the face region. Shorter hair or hair done up in buns or even pony tails isn’t a deal breaker and in fact, I can even appreciate a good scene where the target’s hair is completely covered up in a swim cap or in wraps like in some of those old Mega Match clips. I do think it detracts from the moment, but it doesn’t kill it.

    However, for me, goggles and eyewear do. Even those small ones. For me they ruin it. Someone posted what would have otherwise been an amazing moment recently on that clown show. One female was forcefully shoved face first into a bowl of thick cream. The eyewear, which were relatively small, kind of killed it for me, though. Otherwise it was funny with just a slight hint of cruelty, but not excessively so. Coverage would have been excellent, too. Part of this whole thing for me I think is the humiliation factor. Which is why most of those U.M.D. producer-style videos where the WAM model is pretending (poorly) to “get off” on having some shit dumped on her — that’s pretty much an instant turn off for me. I think it’s why sometimes the mainstream stuff just works a little better than much of what producers make. On some level it registers they’re there for a paycheck and have little emotional investment in what’s going on. Props to the producers, like Rich, who try at least to emulate or create slapstick style moments and focus on that. Sometimes it works, other times it’s still missing a little something. With the mainstream stuff, you have the reality-style moments, like EEG or the gameshows, where that’s not an issue (although, it’s well documented here the plethora of OTHER issues they have…) and then the sitcom style moments which tend to have a little more potential for me, I think. Maybe it’s because they’re there being pied and such and it’s just a show, not a WAM shoot where the primary purpose is for them to sit in a chair being pied for 15 minutes… which is something I don’t think any producer could ever hope to capture, either. If one ever put out a 30 minute video with 1 pie or whatnot, we all know they’d be out of business (although someone hilariously said that’s what they wanted a few weeks back on the U.M.D., fucking amazing what goes through some people’s minds).

    Anyway, for me, I’ll take a 5/10 getting a masterfull pieing with her reacting amazingly and solid camerawork over a 9/10 diva mucking things up somehow (pie to chin, immediately wiping everything, crying, running away, fighting back like a wild hyena, etc, etc, etc…). What do I look for?

    – Nice target
    – Good consistency to the pie. My favorite is the South American-style cream. Sticky and thick but not excessively so
    – A decent coverage spread. Eyes, nose, mouth being the minimum. Optimal would be a hit smeared or smashed good enough to cover the sides of the face & head past the ears and the top of the head.
    – A good reaction. No instant wiping, feigned or real “shock” initially and from there it can go in several directions (the classic Moose from Ycdtotv “acceptance”, more shock, a big genuine smile, etc, etc…)
    – Camerawork. It’s fine to get a reaction shot of the audience or other characters but get the meat of the pieing.

    .. that’s about it. I don’t care about feet or anything else, really. Give me the 5 points I listed above and I’ll be a happy camper.


  2. One more that I forgot to mention until Iain from ECG mentioned it on Twitter – Blatantly micromanaged scenes. Let the gungee react how she wants to react, I say.


    • thewhitelady316 says:

      That is something I find rather baffling. I’m pretty laid back and accepting, wam’s fun to watch in general and it doesn’t have to be the perfect person or perfect scene; sometimes the set-up can be a bit inspiring or the reaction engaging regardless of the end result. Still, one thing that really grinds my gears is when a scene is dictated by the voice of the director. A suggestion once or twice is fine, but if you write dialogue and actions for your actor and then recite the script for her and tell her what to do with her body the entire time, you know I can hear that, right? Why write a scene with some kind of story only to shoot you telling your actor what the script says before they repeat it? At that point we’re not seeing a scene, we’re seeing a table read, then you dump a bucket of slime over the actor for no apparent reason. The slime probably brought us to the clip in the first place, but I just don’t get why you’d add the rest if you’re going to do it so artificially. It’s like making a TV show to capitalise on the Batman franchise without including Batman or any of the real characters, what are you even doing? Oh, crap…


  3. henrylee1 says:

    This is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time- the ‘goldilocks zone’ of mainstream WAM. For a planet to support human life it has to be in the Goldilocks Zone- not too hot and not too cold, not too much gravity and not too little. It has to have a mix of gases in a fairly narrow spectrum.

    In the same way, for a mainstream WAM scene to be considered great I think there are criteria, all of which you’ve already touched on.

    I think at an absolute minimum you need:

    (a) an attractive female gunjee (I think the very act of being gunged makes a woman hotter but there are limits)

    (b) a good covering of something messy

    (c) a decent recording. I’m willing to bet that loads of gungings have gone unrecorded over the years. We’re probably at the best time ever for this with decent cameras on phones and everything seeming to go on social media. Still, the amount of out-of-focus, pixelated gungings on Youtube is a great shame. An example of this is the recent Phoenix pub gunge vote in Coventry, where there is a video of one of the girls’ gungings with a table in the way and the other girl’s gunging unrecorded.

    (d) a proportionate amount of protective clothing. Swimming goggles don’t faze me but a poncho, hood, science-lab glasses and welly boots? Get tae fuck. I’ve noticed that American school slimings are bad for this.

    then, for maximum points:

    (e) auxiliary factors. For me, this is bare feet. For others I know it’s socks, for others it’s hair being thoroughly covered.
    (f) the context. I think I got this fetish from watching GYOB and NHP as an impressionable little ‘un so a woman gunged for losing a game or a vote is Nirvana for me.

    Hit all these criteria and you have a very happy Henry Lee. Hit some and not others and it can still be a decent scene. A couple of recent examples that hit all of the above: The UCB vote and Hazel’s gunging on BB last year.

    Sadly hitting the minimum possible criterion that we can probably all agree on: a female gunjee seems rare enough.


    • henrylee1 says:

      Sorry, got carried away and forgot that this was about things that make a WAM scene bad rather than good. Take the opposite of all my criteria!

      On the question of men being involved, it depends on how involved they are. If they’re gunged but separately I don’t really mind (e.g the recent gunge a linguest), but if for example they join women in the same gunge tank then it writes the whole thing off for me. For example, the L&K presenter vote gunging was ruined for me by the bloke joining Katy and Sarah in the tank.


  4. I can’t disagree with most of the above sentiments. I realise we’re not trying to reach a consensus here – just speaking our brains.

    Feet seem to be an area where people diverge most. My preference would be stockings and high heels but that’s just icing on the cake. I’d be mainly focussed on the head/face so would really turned off by anything to do with the feet.

    I agree with Wamjake about wanting there to be a humiliation element – to this end, I don’t like any of the sexualised ‘getting off on it’ stuff but for me it also ruins it a little if the girl is trying to be a ‘good sport’ like waving, smiling, gyrating, making a show of tasting the substance or generally acting ‘zany’ or ‘wacky’. Self pies also fall into this category.

    The caveat to this is that if other elements (the attractiveness of the girl, the quality of the mess) are good it mitigates all that. A case in point for me is Rich’s Slapstickstuff which, despite the zaniness and self pies, remains phenomenally good.

    Poor acting is annoying but if the girl is at least trying to act humiliated/mortified/annoyed I’ll take that in mitigation.

    Any other really sexualised elements turn me off, such as nudity or ball gags, gimp suits etc.

    Tattoos. Anything other than something small and discreet totally puts me off.

    Males. Great if they are doing the wamming. Not if they are getting wammed.

    Females. I prefer one female to be the sole recipient of the humiliation, not so keen on multi-player free for alls or tit-for-tat exchanges.

    This is why a good scene from a mainstream movie or kids TV show remains generally beats purpose produced WAM hands down for me. That and the much higher production values.


  5. circushorse says:

    Definitely a big personal preference question, and the kind that can be hard to explain the reasoning behind, but very interesting to see where people land on certain sort of perennial issues.

    For instance, I’m in the camp that doesn’t mind eye-protection, but really any sort of head covering is a pretty big disappointment. I think that’s tied into my other big deal-breaker, which is the recipient obviously having a horrible time… The gaping caveat to that is in the case of a comeuppance, or as a forfeit in some kind of game, which is essentially the same thing. Situations like TV and movies, that are obvious manufactured are generally alright, but anything too far down the pure humiliation path tends to ruin a moment for me. Which is where the goggle thing ties in I suspect. For me, I don’t mind things that provide a bit of comfort or protection if it keeps the experience from being too awful. That said, too much protective clothing definitely feels like cheating…

    It’s funny how views on things like this, that aren’t always rational, can end up being self-contradicting. On the plus side, I think the general lack of mess on TV and film has gone a long way to making us, as a loose community, pretty accepting of whatever we find. For better or worse, beggars can’t be choosers.


  6. I think like, well, pretty much everything fetish related – your fetish is personal to you and there’s not really a right or wrong view (providing it’s legal 😉 )

    I also have similar views on a lot of points above.

    Protective clothing does pretty much nothing for me. Small goggles I can be touch and go on, but stuff like full macs, hair caps, etc. are out.

    and of course there are so many cases where you see so much go to waste, or clips cut short and are like noooooo….

    The attractiveness of a girl, well, I can be a bit all over on here depending on other factors.
    For the best part, sure I prefer girls I find attractive, but I can also kinda get off by a girl I don’t particularly find attractive getting a good gunging and feeling it’s a makeover/improvement 😉


  7. Max Odrive says:

    There’s a clip just up on youtube – I won’t link to it as there are kids in it – that is a *back* view of a gunging. What the hell is the point of that?!!


  8. yuck53 says:

    Ah, WAM scenes are hard to set up and easy to ruin. I generally try be be glad of any WAM scenes provided because a woman getting gunged is still a woman getting gunged. Here are my responses to the above observation.

    1. If the woman is gunged in the company of a male I will try to draw by attention to the female. There are scenes however when the man is clearly receiving the most attention from the people producing the scene which is a process which often seems unreasonable.

    2. Goggles. I can’t see what difference the size of goggles makes I accept goggles but the diminish the quality of the scene because they make the gunge look dangerous and because they can make the gungee a lot harder to read.

    3. Protective (or intrusive) clothing should be an obvious no, no to anyone. Scenes where potential mess victims do not actually receive mess can hardly be considered WAM scenes usually.

    There are other things but I’ll need to consider those more.


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