Mess in video games?

We’ve seen WAM in all kinds of media – art, animation, television (no shit!), movies, sequential art, music videos and even pornography. So, it’s got me pondering what the ultimate WAM videogame would be like.

Here are a few games which come to mind for me as potential inspiration. The first is Above Average Guy, a flash game which pits you against your will in a Japanese gameshow. I’ve not finished it, but there were no messy elements in it. However, the “plot” sounds a lot like more than a fair few WAM stories nevertheless.

Another one which comes to mind is the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot. In it, there’s a scene where Lara escapes capture by diving into a chest-high pool of blood. Two things came to mind when I first saw it. First of all, eww. Second, the way the blood sticks to her for a while after (and the way Lara’s appearance as a whole gets rougher throughout the game) is pretty fantastic. I’d imagine similar technology or whatever could be used in a more… pleasant setting.

On a much lighter note, I think Nintendo have a fair few games where one could get inspiration. I’ve been playing Mario Kart 8 a lot lately, and it features underwater sections (and on one track, an underhoney section) as well as an item that summons a squid to shoot ink at your opponents to impede their vision. Here’s a video of the aptly named Sweet Sweet Mountain track. Nintendo also recently announced a game called Splatoon. Basically, it’s a game where you and three other people battle four other people to cover a map in your team’s colour of goo. The trailer’s here.

The only thing I think we’re really missing is the idea of using mess as a forfeit/punishment. I’m not as into that as some of the others here, but I don’t think the perfect messy videogame would be complete without it. However, the setting of AAG (some kind of bizarre game show) with the light-hearted kookiness of MK8 or Splatoon and mess delivery of Tomb Raider could be a good starting point. So, now I need to flesh it out a bit.

So, this gameshow would have you and one other person working together to complete various minigames, with messy consequences for the losing team. You’d have a selection of characters to choose from with different stats, as well as a character creation option. The characters could also have their own distinct personalities, with a set of archetypes for player created characters (snob, loner, shy, friendly, joker etc.). As for the actual look, I’d go with a fairly realistic look but verging towards the bright and colourful.

Anyone got their own ideas for a messy videogame?

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17 Responses to Mess in video games?

  1. oink says:

    in before Wreck It Ralph/Sugar Rush


  2. terroristpie says:

    there’s a game on PlayStation released a couple of years ago called “Buzz Quiz World” it’s a gameshow game (if that makes sense?) where one round has a gunge dunk in it.


    • Super Dave says:

      I think another version of Buzz had a round with people getting pied when they’re eliminated from the quiz or they get an answer wrong.

      Also, at least one of the Rumble Roses games had a mud wrestling mode to it. It wasn’t very good since the mud only clung to the wrestlers for like a few seconds and then disappeared, and it was just like a paint job over their skin anyway. Not great, but worth mentioning.


  3. TellyGunge says:

    Back in the 90s I had an Acorn A3000 (in fact still have it gathering dust somewhere). There was a game that was basically Wheel Of Fortune but had the two players sat in gunge tanks. The player who failed to guess the word got gunged. There was a male and a female character. The graphics were pretty naff – basically a static sprite (bitmap) that turned to green from top down as the gunge poured – but the woman was quite prim and proper looking and looked in need of a good gunging.

    There was also a single-player mode where you could play against the computer, and the game actually showed a computer in the gunge tank (electrical hazard!).


  4. BucketOfGoop says:

    If only…


  5. In the game Injustice: Gods Among Us the Joker has a Super move called Let’s Be Serious where he throws a pie in the opponent’s face. Choice of Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Zatanna, Harley Quinn, amongst others to take aim at…

    Harley Quinn herself also has a Super Move which has her planting a “Pie Bomb” between her opponent’s legs.


  6. Mr Mockle says:

    The excellent Timesplitters 2 on the PS2 had a water Fire Extinguisher among its arsenal of playable weapons which did no damage other than putting out fires. It was possible to create some great “shootout” battles featuring the hotter female characters soaking each other. If only they had a splurge gun instead: I’m much more a pie/slime guy than a wetlook fan and the paintball effect wasn’t the same.


  7. yuck53 says:

    There’s the ending of Bart Vs. The World too, in which Bart gets to pie other Simpsons’ characters.


  8. Pie-Pie says:

    Does anyone know of any WAM fiction about video game characters? I’m not really into cartoon/video game WAM but this thread has made me recall when I was younger and how Yuna and Rikku of Final Fantasy X/X-2appealed a lot to me in this way. It’d be great if there was something out there!

    I once potentially found some on a yahoo group – WAM Anime Funland – but I couldn’t actually access any stories?


  9. I never thought of Splatoon as video game wam until I read this. I just thought it looked like a fun multiplayer game. Maybe my wam subconscious made me like it.

    That game helped convince me to buy a Wii U. (Along with Nintendo having great first party games.)


  10. I know I am really late here but I had a thought; what about a game like Thief, where you sneak into places to rob people, but instead of avoiding guards you avoid messy traps.

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  11. pml89 says:

    Must have missed this one first time round…

    One game that could have mess is Portal 2. Later in the game where you have to place portals to spray the various coloured goos around, which you can position so that they spray over the female protagonist Chell. Of course, since the game is first person, you can’t see anything, and there’s no after-shot, but a cool thing nonetheless (and tbh, I never really spotted this at first, my friend pointed it out to me while I was playing).


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