Nivea “Bring It On” advert

Bring on the rhyming, though it might annoy you
Bring on the sliming (I wish that was true)
Bring on the water at the start of the clip
Bring on the powder paint, that stuff’s somewhat hip
Bring on the aftershot… Oh wait, there’s only a brief ‘un
Bring on the… Nope, sorry, with the paraphrasing of the advert, I’m done.

In all seriousness, this advert’s been on a fair bit recently. Our sensitive-skinned protagonist shows just how much water, make-up (though the second lot looks a lot like powder paint) and… beard, I guess, her skin can take because she uses this stuff. They are brief shots, as you’d expect from a 29-second TV ad that has to show off the actual product. It’s still good if you like face mess, of course.

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