Talking about gunge to non-WAMmers

I’ve seen people on other communities talk about how gunge is some sort of alien concept that no non-WAMmer would ever be able to understand or appreciate. I simply do not believe this is the case, and I’ve experienced very fun conversations about gunge with people who (as far as I could tell) aren’t WAMmers.

It basically boils down to six points, which I go into far more detail about on my blog.

  1. Bring it up when the conversation gives you a decent opening, rather than out of nowhere.
  2. Be confident.
  3. Keep it innocent.
  4. Expect the chat to be light-hearted in nature.
  5. Let the topic go at some point.
  6. Although usually you’ll have a pleasant conversation, not everyone will like talking about gunge. If that happens, respect that and move on.

Hopefully this will help people.

I didn’t simply reblog this because when I tried, I accidentally reblogged to my own blog and now can’t do another reblog. Come on WordPress, why would anyone ever want to reblog stuff to the blog it originated on? :/

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