TellyGunge’s new code of conduct

1. Profanity is no longer banned, but isn’t encouraged either.

2. Disappointing clips can and should be criticised without using hateful language against the participants or wishing violence upon them.

3. All members of the community are to be treated with civility, even when you disagree with them. Personal attacks, name-calling and swearing will not be tolerated.

4. No individual member is an arbiter of what is or is not worthy of posting or discussion.

5. The existing ban on impersonation and sock puppetry stands.

6. Being a prolific poster does not exempt you from following rules 1-5.

7. Those who break the rules will be put under moderation or, in severe cases, banned.

8. There’s a big internet out there. If you don’t like the rules, go elsewhere.

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Hunter of WAM media, author of WAM fiction, founder and administrator of the independent and community-led blog
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16 Responses to TellyGunge’s new code of conduct

  1. Roy L. Pudding says:

    I find it comical how this place is where folks come to who are turned on by seeing women get messy, be it clothed or nude, and the links are posted here for all to view and masturbate, but words like c*** and f*** are forbidden/under fire. I also surmise the sock puppetry is/was being done by Vanillaslime?


  2. Roy L. Pudding says:

    “2. Disappointing clips can and should be criticised without using hateful language against the participants or wishing violence upon them.”

    Congratulations Telly, this place just turned into the UMD mentality.


  3. pml89 says:

    Alright, I let your comments through (albeit censuring the swearing which this very post has forbid you from using) to let you have your say, but now let me have mine.

    First of all, this is not the UMD, neither should we be dismissing the UMD. They are great at what they do, in particular providing a platform for producers to interact with their customers. They provide a place where you can find the latest videos, find something to fit your particular niche. Due to their bigger size, attraction and longevity, they do attract lesser characters, but overall, they still have a place in this internet community that is worth preserving.

    This place on the other hand is more about the other side of wam, the non-commercial side. There are two main things that pop up on this blog are stories and video finds. We are different to the money driven UMD, and that’s fine, we all have our place.

    I don’t frequent the finds page much (I’m much more interested in the stories), but I do go there from time to time, and the comments don’t look good. Calling any producer (either WAM like Rich, or TV ones like that show you post finds for) c***s is very offensive, and is deserving of a ban. There are ways to get your view across without resorting to crude language. It’s naive to say “can’t we be nice and play along”, but you should probably tone it down before we actually do ban you.

    Word of advice as well. VanillaXSlime is a long standing member of this blog, someone who is very reasoned with his comments. He has produced many stories/finds over the years, and actually possesses editorial powers on this blog (like me and a few others). Stop trying to antagonise him, because the simple fact is you will lose out. The sockpuppetry was done long before you started posting here, and we do watch for it to prevent it happening again. VXS was not involved in that. He is simply someone who as taken offense to your comments, and has decided to tell you that. You would be wise to listen.

    Ultimately this blog will survive either way, so my suggestion to you right now is to tone it down, keep providing the excellent finds for everyone, and to let everyone make their own contribution to this blog equally.


  4. henrylee1 says:

    It’s a shame it’s had to come to this, but the rules seem reasonable.


  5. Roy L. Pudding says:

    Vanillaslime is a male? Really?


    • I suppose I am. I’d love to know what gave you the impression that I wasn’t.


      • Roy L. Pudding says:

        Everything. Your behavior, choice of words, viewpoint, issues with clips & others & elsewhere all sound so feminine. Wow,I’m truly surprised. In that case dude, get outside & do man things, not live online and spend all your time here. As Pink Floyd said TEAR DOWN THE WALL ! And BTW, I am pretty much out of here and I’m not going to hold any further grudges against you or Telly G, this was a good place until people got fussy about language (mine really) and I guess its become someplace I can’t be myself and speak my colorful opinions. If I do post I’ll try to ease up but also i won’t go after you Vanilla. Consider this a clean slate to start with.


        • thewhitelady316 says:

          Is it wise to start a clean slate with “go outside and do man things”? What’s not manly about using a computer? Typing’s only for the womens still?


  6. Mrsqwish says:

    If I could just chime in to a second.. I think this whole thing was a little blown out of proportion.. A little cultural difference if you will.. It’s a fairly well known people of the UK throw around the c word like nothing. Now I’m American and I. Our culture that word is a big deal for some reason I think that’s where the major misunderstanding all stemmed from. That being said.. Roy pudding comes across like a complete maniac at times.. But I like it lol and I like him. The dude speaks his mind and contributes a hell of a lot more than most anyone. Just cuz he goes a little nuts sometimes is no reason to go all politically correct on everyone. I mean just look at what this website is.. Just my .2 cents


  7. wamjake says:

    Ok, back to the pies and slime and mess!


  8. BucketOfGoop says:

    Good…no more misogynistic BS, back to the relevant stuff.


  9. Can’t argue with them rules. I particularly agree that no one should presume to be the arbiter of anyone’s taste. I always found Roy very entertaining because I assumed he was playing a character of sorts. I realise that May not have been the case and my heart goes out to any of you who have found yourself on the receiving of such negative, high expressed emotion.


  10. supersarahm says:

    Good idea, I like the new code. Look forward to the conversation returning to its WAM focus.


  11. Amended article 1 of the code of conduct. Fuck censorship!


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